Sunday, 13 December 2015

TV Tornado - Soccer View Souvenir Cover (1968)

Soccer View Souvenir Cover
TV Tornado
8 covers

Another item that's not cartophilic, but may be of interest to some collectors. I've included other comic covers in the past and I thought I'd include details of these covers of TV Tornado. The comic ran for 88 issues through 1967 and 1968 but the final issue, dated 14 September, 1968, announced that the comic would be merging with TV Century 21. These are the only football covers in the series with the first two not being identified as Soccer View Souvenir Covers.

09-03-1968 - 61.  Billy Wright
13-04-1968 - 66.  Norman Hunter (Leeds United)
20-04-1968 - 67.  George Best (Manchester United)
27-04-1968 - 68.  Charlie Cooke (Chelsea)
04-05-1968 - 69.  Alan Ball (Everton)
11-05-1968 - 70.  Geoff Hurst (West Ham United)
25-05-1968 - 72.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
17-08-1968 - 84.  Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)

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