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Bassett & Co. - (BAS-22-1) Football (1982-83)


(BAS-22-1) Football
Bassett & Co.
50 cards

1.  Jimmy Rimmer (Aston Villa)

2.  Steve Williams (Southampton)
3.  Derek Parlane (Leeds United)
4.  Billy Ashcroft (Middlesbrough)
5.  Brendan Batson (West Bromwich Albion)
6.  Paul Davis (Arsenal)
7.  Alan Curbishley (Birmingham City)
8.  Romeo Zondervan (West Bromwich Albion)
9.  Trevor Christie (Notts County)
10.  Arnold Muhren (Ipswich Town)
11.  Noel Brotherston (Blackburn Rovers)
12.  Gary Bailey (Manchester United)
13.  Danny McGrain (Glasgow Celtic)
14.  Graeme Sharp (Everton)
15.  Peter Ward (---No Team---)  -  Nottingham Forest kit   -  amended   -   thanks to Lee West (see comment below)
16.  Gerry Armstrong (Watford)
17.  Ronnie Whelen (Liverpool)
18.  Kevin Hird (Leeds United)
19.  Sammy McIlroy (Stoke City)
20.  Tony van Mierlo (Birmingham City)
21.  Howard Kendall (Everton)
22.  Jeremy Charles (Swansea City)
23.  John Robertson (Nottingham Forest)
24.  Steve Perryman (Tottenham Hotspur)
25.  David Cross (West Ham United)
26.  Bruce Grobbelaar (Liverpool)
27.  Jimmy Case (Brighton & Hove Albion)
28.  Frank Worthington (Leeds United)
29.  Robbie James (Swansea City)
30.  Justin Fashanu (Nottingham Forest)
31.  Paul Sturrock (Dundee United)
32.  François van der Elst (West Ham United)
33.  Kevin Moran (Manchester United)
34.  Danny Thomas (Coventry City)
35.  Wayne Clarke (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
36.  Martin O'Neill (Norwich City)
37.  Adrian Heath (Everton)
38.  Stan Cummins (Sunderland)
39.  Martin Jol (West Bromwich Albion)
40.  David Hodgson (Middlesbrough)
41.  Mark Hately (Coventry City)
42.  John Chiedozie (Notts County)
43.  Chris Whyte (Arsenal)
44.  Tommy Caton (Manchester City)
45.  Tony Galvin (Tottenham Hotspur)
46.  Steve Moran (Southampton)
47.  Alan Biley (Stoke City)
48.  Ian Rush (Liverpool)
49.  Iain McCulloch (Notts County)
50.  Gerry Francis (Coventry City)


  1. Hi Alan
    Although he's in Forest's colours card 15 Peter Ward doesn't have a club name on it. At the end of the biography on the reverse it mentions Ward having joined Seattle Sounders, but this was only a loan move. My guess is the information predates Ward's only appearances for Forest in 1982/83 (25 September and 2 October) before a four-month loan spell back at Brighton. I've uploaded images of the front and rear here


    1. Thanks Lee,

      I've amended my list. I never realised he didn't have a club listed below his name.



  2. Hi Alan,
    Card 43, Chris Whyte (Arsenal) actually shows a head and shoulders image of Paul Davis (also Arsenal), although I don't know if this was later corrected. Davis is shown as an action photo on card 6.
    Sean C.


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