Saturday 12 November 2022

Morrita (Netherlands) - PSV (Cigar Bands)

30 cigar bands

PSV - Blue, with Gold border
PSV - Green, with Gold border
PSV - Orange, with Gold border
PSV - White, with Gold border
PSV - Yellow, with Gold border
PSV - Blue, with Silver border
PSV - Green, with Silver border
PSV - Orange, with Silver border
PSV - White, with Silver border
PSV - Yellow, with Silver border
PSV - Blue, with White border
PSV - Green, with White border
PSV - Orange, with White border
PSV - White, with White border
PSV - Yellow, with White border

1.  Nilis    
2.  Nikiforov  
3.  Nistelrooij 
4.  Ooijer    
5.  Rommedahl   
6.  Skerla   
7.  Stinga
8.  v.d. Weerden     
9.  Valkcx    
10.  Addo  
11.  v. Bommel    
12.  Vogel    
13.  Waterreus     
14.  Wielaerts   
15.  Xavier   
16.  Kolkka   
17.  Kralj    
18.  Attram   
19.  Bouwma   
20.  Brandts   
21.  Bruggink  
22.  Demo  
23.  Dirkx   
24.  Doelen   
25.  Faber  
26.  Fuchs    
27.  Gerets    
28.  Heintze   
29.  Iwan   
30.  Khokhlov    

Pedigree Books / Shoot Top 20 UK Teams - Shoot Player Profile Cards

Shoot Player Profile Cards
Pedigree Books / Shoot Top 20 UK Teams
10 cards

Ten circular cards (8cm dia.) included with the hardcover book Shoot Top 20 UK Teams (ISBN 9781906450-03-8). Thanks to Steve Marsh for providing scans of the cards shown here.

Willy Sagnol (Bayern Munich)
John Terry (Chelsea)
Kolo Toure (Arsenal)
Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)
Gianluca Zambrotta (Barcelona)
Marek Jankulovski (AC Milan)
Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich)
Christoph Metzelder (Real Madrid)
Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
Carles Puyol (Barcelona)

Topps - Match Attax 2022/23 (15) - RBS1-RBS9 - FC Salzburg

Match Attax 2022/23
500+ cards

An illustrated checklist of the FC Salzburg cards, I'm not sure if these cards will be released as the card number prefix is 'RBS' when UEFA list the club name as FC Salzburg. Even though everyone knows the team as Red Bull Salzburg the cards should have the prefix of 'FCS'. The checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax 2022/23 (05) - Checklist.

Panini - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (04) - Update Stickers - Spain

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
638/670 stickers

Panini published a graphic showing all 26 players in Spain's World Cup squad. 18 are already included in the collection, the missing 8 players are expected to be included in Jugón magazine before the end of the year.
UPDATE (16-12-2022 11:11):  The sheet of 8 stickers is included with the new issue of Jugón magazine (No. 189) currently on sale.

ESP J1.  David Raya
ESP J2.  Dani Carvajal
ESP J3.  Alejandro Balde
ESP J4.  Hugo Guillamón
ESP J5.  Carlos Soler
ESP J6.  Marco Asensio
ESP J7.  Yeremy Pino
ESP J8.  Nico Williams

D.C. Thomson / Adventure / The Hotspur / The Rover / The Wizard - (THO-800/THO-217) World Cup Footballers (02)

(THO-800 / THO-217-1/2/3/4)  World Cup Footballers
D.C. Thomson / Adventure ~ The Hotspur ~ The Rover ~ The Wizard
64 cards

The front cover of issue number 1681 of The Wizard, dated 3 May, 1958, announcing the free gifts that would be available from the following weeks' issue. The complete checklist can be found here - D.C. Thomson / Adventure / The Hotspur / The Rover / The Wizard - (THO-800/THO-217) World Cup Footballers.

J. Baines - Football Cards (99) - J. Briggs

Football Cards
J. Baines
20,000+ cards

These cards are published by J. Briggs at 8 Somerby Street, Leeds and the first is printed by Alf Cooke, also of Leeds. It's likely that by the time the second card was produced J. Briggs was creating his own cards.

J. Baines - Football Cards - J. Briggs

Play Up - Lockwood Clarence
Cheers for Yorkshire County

Friday 11 November 2022

Presidents Choice Trading Cards (USA) - Brush with Greatness - 4th Edition

Brush with Greatness - 4th Edition
Presidents Choice Trading Cards
9 cards (1 football)

These cards are released at 10.00am EST on Friday, 25 November, 2022, featuring the artwork of Jared Kelley. The David Beckham card shows him in Real Madrid colours but the piece of authentic memorabilia comes from his short stint at Paris Saint-Germain in the second half of the 2012-13 season. 

Brush with Greatness - 4th Edition - Bronze 1/1
Brush with Greatness - 4th Edition - Silver 1/1
Brush with Greatness - 4th Edition - Gold 1/1
Brush with Greatness - 4th Edition - Sapphire 1/1 - Twitter exclusive - Muhammad Ali only
9 cards

BWG-28.  Muhammad Ali (Boxing)
BWG-29.  Jim Brown (American Football)
BWG-30.  Mario Lemieux (Ice Hockey)
BWG-31.  Meadowlark Lemon (Basketball)
BWG-32.  David Beckham
BWG-33.  Reggie Jackson (Baseball)
BWG-34.  Annika Sorenstam (Golf)
BWG-35.  Picabo Street (Ski-ing)
BWG-36.  Andre Agassi (Tennis)

Palmera (Spain) - Album de los Clubs de Primera Division de Liga (1945-46)

Album de los Clubs de Primera Division de Liga
154 cards

Quiles (C.D. Alcoyano)
Pitarch (C.D. Alcoyano)
Gil (C.D. Alcoyano)
Cano (C.D. Alcoyano)
Bolinches (C.D. Alcoyano)
Botana (C.D. Alcoyano)
Segarra (C.D. Alcoyano)
Vidal (C.D. Alcoyano)
Quisco (C.D. Alcoyano)
Costa (C.D. Alcoyano)
Pérez (C.D. Alcoyano)

Pérez (A. Aviación)
Riera (A. Aviación)
Aparicio (A. Aviación)
Gabilondo (A. Aviación)
Machín (A. Aviación)
Cuenca (A. Aviación)
Martín (A. Aviación)
Taltavull (A. Aviación)
Juncosa (A. Aviación)
Campos (A. Aviación)
Vázquez (A. Aviación)

Lezama (A. Bilbao)
Bergareche (A. Bilbao)
Oceja (A. Bilbao)
Celaya (A. Bilbao)
Bertol (A. Bilbao)
Nando (A. Bilbao)
Iriondo (A. Bilbao)
Panizo (A. Bilbao)
Zarra (A. Bilbao)
Gárate (A. Bilbao)
Gainza (A. Bilbao)

Velasco (Barcelona C.F.)
Elias (Barcelona C.F.)
Curta (Barcelona C.F.)
Raich (Barcelona C.F.)
Sanz (Barcelona C.F.)
Gonzalvo II (Barcelona C.F.)
Valle (Barcelona C.F.)
Escolá (Barcelona C.F.)
Martín (Barcelona C.F.)
César (Barcelona C.F.)
Bravo (Barcelona C.F.)

Higinio (C.D. Castellón)
Mauri (C.D. Castellón)
Martinez (C.D. Castellón)
Esteban (C.D. Castellón)
Laborda (C.D. Castellón)
Santaolaria (C.D. Castellón)
Arnau (C.D. Castellón)
Soria (C.D. Castellón)
Basilio (C.D. Castellón)
Domenech (C.D. Castellón)
Piza (C.D. Castellón)

Simón (R.C. Celta)
Mesa (R.C. Celta)
Deva (R.C. Celta)
Fuentes (R.C. Celta)
Ortiz (R.C. Celta)
Yayo (R.C. Celta)
Retamar (R.C. Celta)
Muruaga (R.C. Celta)
Paiño (R.C. Celta)
Areitio (R.C. Celta)
Roig (R.C. Celta)

Trias (R.C.D. Español)
Teruel (R.C.D. Español)
Casas (R.C.D. Español)
Veloy (R.C.D. Español)
Jorge (R.C.D. Español)
Fábregas (R.C.D. Español)
Ortí (R.C.D. Español)
Hernández (R.C.D. Español)
Morales (R.C.D. Español)
Calvo (R.C.D. Español)
Agustí (R.C.D. Español)

López (R. Gijón)
Gayol (R. Gijón)
Sión (R. Gijón)
Tamayo (R. Gijón)
Tamargo (R. Gijón)
Cervigón (R. Gijón)
Cholo-Dindurra (R. Gijón)
Domingo (R. Gijón)
Pío (R. Gijón)
Molinuco (R. Gijón)
Sánchez (R. Gijón)

Roberto (Hércules C.F.)
Macía (Hércules C.F.)
Salas (Hércules C.F.)
Tarrago (Hércules C.F.)
Aldai (Hércules C.F.)
Sierra (Hércules C.F.)
Macala (Hércules C.F.)
Jaro (Hércules C.F.)
García (Hércules C.F.)
Pina (Hércules C.F.)
Periche (Hércules C.F.)

Bañón (R. Madrid)
Clemente (R. Madrid)
Corona (R. Madrid)
Moleiro (R. Madrid)
Ipiña (R. Madrid)
Huete (R. Madrid)
Alsúa (R. Madrid)
Alonso (R. Madrid)
Pruden (R. Madrid)
Belmar (R. Madrid)
Vidal (R. Madrid)

Lerín (R. Murcia)
Sierra (R. Murcia)
Novo (R. Murcia)
Torrents (R. Murcia)
Romo (R. Murcia)
Narro (R. Murcia)
Domenech (R. Murcia)
Bescos (R. Murcia)
Gastón (R. Murcia)
Martínez (R. Murcia)
Tito (R. Murcia)

Arguila (R. Oviedo)
Jugo (R. Oviedo)
Penedo (R. Oviedo)
Sansón (R. Oviedo)
Diestro (R. Oviedo)
Sirio (R. Oviedo)
Antón (R. Oviedo)
Goyín (R. Oviedo)
Cabido (R. Oviedo)
Herrerita (R. Oviedo)
Emilín (R. Oviedo)

Busto (Sevilla C.F.)
Joaquin (Sevilla C.F.)
Villalonga (Sevilla C.F.)
Alconero (Sevilla C.F.)
Félix (Sevilla C.F.)
Eguiluz (Sevilla C.F.)
López (Sevilla C.F.)
Arza (Sevilla C.F.)
Araujo (Sevilla C.F.)
Herrera (Sevilla C.F.)
Campos (Sevilla C.F.)
Eizaguirre (Valencia C.F.)

Álvaro (Valencia C.F.)
Juan Ramón (Valencia C.F.)
Ortuzar (Valencia C.F.)
Monzó (Valencia C.F.)
Asensi (Valencia C.F.)
Epi (Valencia C.F.)
Amadeo (Valencia C.F.)
Mundo (Valencia C.F.)
Igoa (Valencia C.F.)
Gorostiza (Valencia C.F.)

Topps - Footballers ~ Stadium Club (1992-93) (03) - Promotional Cards

Footballers ~ Stadium Club
200 cards

Intended to be an illustrated checklist of the promotional cards but I haven't been able to find scans of the first four cards. The checklist for the collection can be found here - Topps - Footballers ~ Stadium Club (1992-93).