Wednesday 8 May 2013

Prestons, Bolton - Famous Wanderers


Famous Wanderers (postcards)
Prestons, Bolton

Another set of Bolton Wanderers postcards from around the same time as the last collection I featured. The last set consisted of 8 cards, I believe, though I am not certain, that this collection is made up of 12 cards. Any information on other cards in this set would be most welcome.

VI.  William Jennings

Kim Bo-Kyung

Kim B-Kyung

Something a little different this time. South Korean international midfielder Kim Bo-Kyung signed for Cardiff City (카디프 시티) last summer, just before the start of the football tournament at the 2012 Olympic Games. He ws one of the stars of the tournament. He didn't play too much in the first half of the season, but he came into his own later in the season as Cardiff City ran away with the Championship title, winning a number of Man of the Match awards. Kim and Cardiff City will be playing in the Premier League in 2013/14 season.

I noticed that this blog has been picking up a few views from people in South Korea, so I thought I'd make a request for any information on football cards issued in Kim home country. I would be interested in buying/trading any cards that feature Kimbo (as the Cardiff City fans affectionately call him) since he joined my club.

If you have any information on South Korean football cards, please get in touch.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

B.A.B. - Various Football Stickers

Various Football Stickers

An assortment of Football stickers from the early 1970s. The player stickers could be issued by B.A.B. or Northern Trancessories. The others I have no idea about, but I've added them here just in case some collectors might recognise them and have similar stickers on their own collections.

Any help in identifying further stickers would be much appreciated.

More B.A.B. stickers will be feautured in the coming days and weeks.

Preston's, Bolton - The Cup Winners, 1923

PRE-120-1 / The Cup Winners, 1923
Preston's, Bolton

A series of 8 postcards depicting caricatures of some of Bolton Wanderers' 1923 F.A. Cup winning team.

6.  "Billy" Butler
8.  "Bob" Howarth

Daily Mail - Sportraits (different)

Sportraits (newspaper cut-outs)
Daily Mail
Unknown number issued

Roger Pashby has been in touch again:

Hi again Alan,
I notice that you have just uploaded a different type of Sportraits which features a photographic head and cartoon body. Well, here are two that I have featuring Huddersfield Town players Peter Doherty and Bob Hesford in yet another style! This time we have the photographic head, a brief bio and then a cartoon.
I wonder just how many different series there were of these?

Check out Roger's superb collection of Huddersfield Town cards and stickers at Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers, you won't be disappointed.

Peter Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
Bob Hesford (Huddersfield Town)

Blue Ribbon / Soccer Laduma - Blue Ribbon South Africa Soccer Hall of Fame Collection

Blue Ribbon South Africa Soccer Hall of Fame Collection
Blue Ribbon / Soccer Laduuuuuma magazine
South Africa
66 stickers and cards

This collection of 66 cards and stickers began in 2012. The magazine Soccer Laduuuuuma gave away a sheet of 9 perforarted soccer cards that included details of the featured players. Stickers showing the players were given free with Blue Ribbon bread and the collector just needed to attach the sticker to the relevant card. Spare stickers could be attached to a Hall of Fame poster that was given away with the Soccer Laduuuuma magazine. This list contains the names of 60 players, so there are still 6 names missing.
UPDATE (09-02-2018 06:41):  Three names added thanks to an anonymous comment.

Albert 'Bashin' Mahlangu
Alex 'Barnes' Bapela
Amos 'Heel Extension' Mkhari
Andries 'Chaka Chaka' Mpondo
Andries 'Six Mabone' Maseko
Arthur '10111' Zwane
Benni McCarthy
Bernard 'Dabcing Shoes' Hartze
Calvin 'Umkhonto' Petersen
Daniel 'Mambush' Mudau
Des 'Soweto' Backos
Dumisa 'Sphithiphithi' Ngobe
Duncan Crowie
Edward 'Magebts' Motale
Eric Tinkler
Fani 'Didza' Madida
Frank 'Jingles' Pereira
Gavin 'Stability Unit' Lane
Harris 'TV4' Chueu
Helman 'Midnight Express' Mkhalele
Isaac 'Skaes' Kungwane
Jan 'Maolmbo' Lechaba
Jerry 'Jairzinho' Sadike
Jerry 'Rhee' Sikhosana
Jimmy 'Brixton Towers' Joubert
Joel 'Ace' Mnini
Johannes 'Ryder' Mofokeng
Johannes 'Yster' Khomane
John 'Shoes' Moshoeu
Johnny 'Black Sunday' Masegela
Joseph 'Banks' Stlhodi
Lawrence Chelin
Linda 'Mercedes Benz' Buthelezi
Lucas 'Rhino' Radebe
Lucas 'Masterpieces' Moripe
Mark Williams
Mark Fish
Mark 'Lesilo' Anderson
Marks 'Go Man Go' Maponyane
Mlungisi 'Professor' Ngubane
Neil Tovey
Nelson 'Teenage' Dladla
Patrick 'Ace' Ntsoelengoe
Percy 'Chippa Chippa' Moloi
Phil 'Chippa' Masinga
Pollen 'Trompies' Ndlanya
Reneilwe “Yeye” Letsholnyane
Reggis 'Pantsula' Jantjies
Rodney Bush
Shane 'Baba Shane' MacGregor
Steve 'Chippa' Lokoelea
Stuart Lilley
Teboho 'Tebza Ngwana' Moloi
Theophilus Doctor Khumalo
Thomas 'Chincha Guluva' Madigage
Thomas 'Junior' Ngobe
Thomas 'Whos Fooling Who' Hlongwane
Webster 'City Late' Lichaba
Zacharia 'Computer' Lamola
Zane Moosa
Zebulon 'Sputla' Nhlapo
Wilfred 'Silver Fox' Mugeyi   -   added 09-02-2018
Samuel 'Ewe' Khambule   -   added 09-02-2018
Innocent 'Ayoba Yo' Mayoyo   -   added 09-02-2018

Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate - Football Highlights / Voetbal Glanspunte


Football Highlights / Voetbal Glanspunte
Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate
South Africa

Cards from South Africa this time. Turnwright's issued a number of football card collections through the 1960s, Many of the featured players had been imported from the lower leagues in England. Which makes some of these cards the only ones to feature certain club players from England. I only know of card numbers for two of them - the ones in the illustrations. I've no idea how many cards make up a full set.

7.  Bryan Orritt (Durban United)

12.  Francis Exall (Durban United)
Terry Lloyd (Arcadia Shepherds)
Trevor Gething (Arcadia Shepherds)
Brian Tocknell (Arcadia Shepherds)
Jimmy Pearson (Bloemfontein City)
Alan Redpath (Bloemfontein City)
Bobby Braithwaite (Bloemfontein City)
Denis John (Corinthians FC)
Robin Gray (Corinthians FC)
Bob Ridley (Corinthians FC)
George Wootten (Durban City)
Jim Scott (Durban City)
Gary Brown (Durban City)
Jim Scott (Durban City)
George Luke (Durban City)
Colin Shaw (Durban Spurs)
Dave Loveridge (Durban Spurs)
Robin Lowe (Durban Spurs)
Keith Peterson (Durban United)
Adam Thomson (Durban United)
Jack McDowell (East London Celtic)
Michael Fox (Germiston Callies)
Dave Goodwin (Germiston Callies)
Wally Gould (Hellenic FC)
Hugh Maxwell (Hellenic FC)
Gerry Morton (Port Elizabeth City)
George Scott (Port Elizabeth City)
Walter Da Silva (Powerlines FC)
Peter Rath (Powerlines FC)
Stan Forster (Rangers FC)
Willie Donaldson (Southern Suburbs)
John Maltby (Southern Suburbs)
Des Horne (Southern Suburbs)
Henning Joubert (Southern Suburbs)

Monday 6 May 2013

Dorhams Press, Southampton - Football Caricatures (2)

Football Caricatures
Dorhams Press, Southampton

I've heard from Southampton collector Martin Bennett who has been able to supply some more photos of the Dorhams Press cards:

Hi Alan,
I have just found your great website via Nigel Mercer. With my extensive collection of Southampton cards, stickers and other memorabilia I should be able to fill in some gaps in due course. I was very interested in the newly discovered B.A.B. Shields and will need to look out for the Southampton ones which I have never seen. 
In respect of the Dorhams Press caricatures I have the following cards in addition to the Ron Davies you featured, which are attached on a scan.
This set must have been produced around 1971 as both O'Brien and O'Neil joined Southampton in 1970. It is very similar to a 15 card set of caricatures drawn by Ron Davies which were produced by Southern Newspapers Ltd and given away to readers of "The Pink" Sports Echo (scan available if required).
Hope this helps
Martin Bennett

Tony Byrne
Mike Channon
Ron Davies
Hugh Fisher
Tom Jenkins
Joe Kirkup
John McGrath
Eric Martin
Gerry O'Brien
Brian O'Neil
Terry Paine
David Walker

Panini - Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adrenalyn XL (3)

Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adrenalyn XL
12 Limited Edition cards

I've heard from M.A.N. de Maker again with details of some more Limited Editions for this collection:

Hi Alan,
More limited editions for this collection (Panini - Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adrenalyn XL):
   Falcao (Colombia)
   Mario Götze (Germany)
   Manuel Neuer (Germany)
   Mats Hummels (Germany)
M.A.N. de Maker

Limited Edition 

Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Andrea Pirlo (Italia)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 
Xavi Hernandez (Espana)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sverige)
Andreas Iniesta (Spain)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Neymar Jr. (Brazil)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Franck Ribery (France)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Falcao (Colombia)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Mario Götze (Germany)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Manuel Neuer (Germany)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Mats Hummels (Germany)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker

Panini - Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adrenalyn XL (2)

Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adrenalyn XL
8 Limited Edition cards

I've heard from M.A.N. de Maker with details of another Limited Edition for this collection:

Hi Alan,
I saw another limited edition for this collection (Panini - Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adrenalyn XL):
Franck Ribery (France)
A JPG-enclosed (not my picture, though)
M.A.N. de Maker

I have added scans of this new Limited Edition card, along with the other 7 Limited Editions.

Limited Edition 

Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Andrea Pirlo (Italia)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 
Xavi Hernandez (Espana)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sverige)
Andreas Iniesta (Spain)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Neymar Jr. (Brazil)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker
Franck Ribery (France)  Thanks to M.A.N. de Maker

Daily Mail - Sportraits (Photographic)


Sportraits (newspaper cut-outs)
Daily Mail
21 cut outs

Another variation on the Sportraits newspaper cut-outs. I presume these also come from the Daily Mail. These are numbered and although the body is drawn the head is a photograph, a short biography is followed by a facsimile autograph. No. 21 is the highest number I've seen. I don't know if it is significant or just a coincidence that the only ones I know of so far come from the two Manchester clubs.

1.  Les McDowell (Manchester City)
2.  Jack Carey (Manchester United)
13.  Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
16.  Charlie Mitten (Manchester United)
20.  Eric Westwood (Manchester City)
21.  John Aston (Manchester United)

Uruguay - Footballers / Sportsmen

Footballers / Sportsmen
Unknown issuer
Unknown number in set

Another set I know little about. They are circular cards made of tin and have plain backs. Each one shows the sports personality, his name along with the name and flag of his country.

12.  Bobby Charlton (England)
82.  Bobby Charlton (England)    -  Thanks to Arnd from Germany
94.  Gerd Muller (West Germany)    -  Thanks to Arnd from Germany
97.  Bobby Moore (England)
136.  Cassius Clay (U.S.A.)

New York / New Jersey Metro Stars - 2002 Season

New York / New Jersey Metro Stars
New York / New Jersey Metro Stars


I've only seen one card from this season, the one shown above. I presume there are more. Any help in compiling the checklist would be much appreciated.
I'm also looking for details about the set of cards issued in the 1998 season.

4.  Brad Davis
18.  Tim Howard   -   added 15-10-2023

Sunday 5 May 2013

Magic Box - Real Madrid Oro 1902-1996

 144, 179
                                                                    182, 206

Real Madrid Oro 1902-1996
Magic Box

A friend in Spain asked for this checklist, amongts others. I thought I'd make it available to everyone via this blog.

1.  Badge
2.  Palmares Nacional
3.  Palmares Internacional
4.  Presidente
5.  Valdano
6.  Cuerpo Technico
7.  Team 95/96
8.  Estadio Bernaveu
9.  Ailton Penas
10.  Fundador
11.  Primeros Pasos
12.  Primer Pertido Internacional
13.  Documento Historico
14.  Santiago Bernabeu
15.  Santiago Bernabeu
16.  Campo O'Donnell
17.  Campo O'Donnell
18.  Viejo Estadio Chamartin
19.  Nuevo Estadio Chamartin
20.  50th Anniversary
21.  75th Anniversary
22.  Artifices de la Copa de Europa
23.  Miguel Munoz
24.  Luis Molowny
25.  Entrenadores 1
26.  Entrenadores 2
27.  Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu
28.  Sala de Trofeos
29.  Liga 31/32
30.  Liga 32/33
31.  Liga 53/54
32.  Liga 54/55
33.  Liga 56/57
34.  Liga 57/58
35.  Liga 60/61
36.  Liga 61/62
37.  Liga 62/63
38.  Liga 63/64
39.  Liga 64/65
40.  Liga 66/67
41.  Liga 67/68
42.  Liga 68/69
43.  Liga 71/72
44.  Liga 74/75
45.  Liga 75/76
46.  Liga 77/78
47.  Liga 78/79
48.  Liga 79/80
49.  Liga 85/86
50.  Liga 86/87
51.  Liga 87/88
52.  Liga 88/89
53.  Liga 89/90
54.  Liga 94/95
55.  Copa 04/05
56.  Copa 05/06
57.  Copa 06/07
58.  Copa 07/08
59.  Copa 16/17
60.  Copa 33/34
61.  Copa 35/36
62.  Copa 45/46
63.  Copa 46/47
64.  Copa 61/62
65.  Copa 69/70
66.  Copa 73/74
67.  Copa 74/75
68.  Copa 79/80
69.  Copa 81/82
70.  Copa 88/89
71.  Copa 92/93
72.  Supercopas
73.  Copa de la Liga 84/85
74.  Copa de Europa 55/56
75.  Copa de Europa 56/57
76.  Copa de Europa 57/58
77.  Copa de Europa 58/59
78.  Copa de Europa 59/60
79.  Copa de Europa 65/66
80.  Copa UEFA 84/85
81.  Copa UEFA 85/86
82.  Copa Intercontinental 1960
83.  Copa Latinas
84.  Pequenas Copas del Mundo
85.  Bernabeu
86.  Pena
87.  Quintoces
88.  Zamora
89.  Ipina
90.  Juan Alonso
91.  Molowny
92.  Miguel Munoz
93.  Zarraga
94.  Gento
95.  Di Stefano
96.  Rial
97.  Kopa
98.  Puskas
99.  Del Sol
100.  Santamaria
101.  Zoco
102.  Amancio
103.  Grosso
104.  Sanchis
105.  Betancort
106.  Pirri
107.  Velazquez
108.  Miguel Angel
109.  Benito
110.  Garcia Remon
111.  Santillana
112.  Netzer
113.  Del Bosque
114.  Camacho
115.  Breitner
116.  Roberto Martinez
117.  Juanito
118.  Stielike
119.  Valdano
120.  Maceda
121.  Hugo Sanchez
122.  Gordillo
123.  Schuster
124.  Butragueno
125.  Valdano
126.  Cappa
127.  Buyo
128.  Buyo
129.  Chendo
130.  Chendo
131.  Quique
132.  Quique
133.  Hierro
134.  Hierro
135.  Sanchis
136.  Sanchis
137.  Redondo
138.  Redondo
139.  Esnaider
140.  Esnaider
141.  Michel
142.  Michel
143.  Zamorano
144.  Zamorano
145.  Laudrup
146.  Laudrup
147.  Amavista
148.  Amavista
149.  Canizares
150.  Canizares
151.  Contreras
152.  Contreras
153.  Milla
154.  Milla
155.  Nando
156.  Nando
157.  Sandro
158.  Sandro
159.  Raul
160.  Raul
161.  Alkorta
162.  Alkorta
163.  Lasa
164.  Lasa
165.  Rincon
166.  Rincon
167.  Luis Enrique
168.  Luis Enrique
169.  Soler
170.  Soler
171.  Real Madrid B
172.  Real Madrid C
173.  Alvaro
174.  Moran
175.  Garcia Calvo
176.  Maestros del Balon
177.  Di Stefano
178.  Secuestrado
179.  Di Stefano
180.  Gento
181.  Amancio
182.  Internacionales
183.  14 anos despues
184.  Zamoras
185.  Pichichis
186.  Balon de Oro
187.  Bota de oro
188.  Quinta del Buitre
189.  Las dos UEFA
190.  Pentacampeones
191.  El vuelo del Buitre
192.  Coliseo
193.  Juanito Maravilla
194.  Homenajea Butragueno
195.  Partido para la Historia
196.  La Cibeles Mardidista
197.  1995 Un ano muy Blanco
198.  Campeones Liga 94/95
199.  Orgullo de Capitan
200.  Michel
201.  Dos punales
202.  El mas grande
203.  Zamorano
204.  Estrellas Mundiales
205.  Anti-goles
206.  Refuerzos de lujo
207.  Vaya pareja
208.  Comodia de lujo
209.  Joven estrella
210.  Records
211.  Goles
212.  La nueva Quinta
213.  Caracter
214.  Calendro 95/96
215.  El gran sueno
216.  El Futuro