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Unknown issuer (Argentina) - Figuritas Canchita

Figuritas Canchita
Unknown issuer
17x12+1+23 stickers

There are a total of twelve teams represented in this collection, six are the home team ('L' series) and six are the away team ('V' series) and there's one referee (A1), Frankenstein. This allows the collector to decide which two teams will play each other. All the players are cartoon characters, such as Batman, Spiderman, Mighty Mouse, The Phantom, etc. Some are of Argentina origin, like Nippur de Lagash and are not so easy to identify. All are shown wearing the colours of the team they represent. The first 11 stickers for each team are the players and these are intended to be cut from the sticker, each player has a slightly different shape to match the designated position on the field of play. This means that all six 'L1' stickers will be the same shape when cut out. The same goes for the other 22 stickers that are intended to be pasted onto the pitch - 'L2' to 'L11' and 'V1' to 'V11', including the referee.
The album consists of four pages, the front cover, which can be customized with the alphabetical stickers to indicate the two chosen teams, as shown in the examples; the centre pages which features the football field and the back page, which has spaces for the final six stickers of each team and these feature portraits of various cartoon characters, some of which are easy to identify and include The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Laurel and Hardy, etc. I did intend to compile a list of all the characters but this overview is all I have got so far. All the characters are drawn by Felix Saborido and his work has featured previously, a later but similar collection called Gran Match de los Super Famosos.

Jugador Titlular

L1-L11.  Boca Juniors
L1-L11.  Estudiantes
L1-L11.  Newels Old Boys
L1-L11.  Racing Club
L1-L11.  San Lorenzo
L1-L11.  Velez Sarsfield

V1-V11.  Atlanta
V1-V11.  Gimnasia
V1-V11.  Huracan
V1-V11.  Independiente
V1-V11.  River Plate
V1-V11.  Rosario Central

Jugador Suplente

L1-L6.  Boca Juniors
L1-L6.  Estudiantes
L1-L6.  Newels Old Boys
L1-L6.  Racing Club
L1-L6.  San Lorenzo
L1-L6.  Velez Sarsfield

V1-V6.  Atlanta
V1-V6.  Gimnasia
V1-V6.  Huracan
V1-V6.  Independiente
V1-V6.  River Plate
V1-V6.  Rosario Central

Referi (Frankenstein)

Alpha stickers - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z

Canberra United FC - Canberra United FC Player Cards (2015)

Canberra United FC Player Cards
Canberra United FC
21 cards

I can only confirm one card at the moment, ex-Mexican international and Washington Spirit midfielder Verónica Pérez. The backs of the cards are blank.
UPDATE (17-06-2024 16:00):  Serge Bolzonello has provided a complete checklist for this collection. There's lots of great cards relating to Australian soccer on his website - the collecting bug - Australian Soccer Cards.

1.  Lydia Williams   -  confirmed
2.  Catherine Brown   -  confirmed
3.  Julia DeAngelis   -  confirmed
4.  Kendall Fletcher   -  confirmed
5.  Jenna McCormick   -  confirmed
6.  Caitlin Munoz   -  confirmed
7.  Ellie Brush   -  confirmed
8.  Megan McLaughlin   -  confirmed
9.  Grace Gill   -  confirmed
10.  Grace Maher   -  confirmed
11.  Michelle Heyman   -  confirmed
12.  Emma Kete   -  confirmed
13.  Nicole Begg   -  confirmed
14.  Ashleigh Sykes   -  confirmed
15.  Emma Checker   -  confirmed
16.  Tegan Riding   -  confirmed
17.  Verónica Pérez   -  confirmed
18.  Rebecca Kiting   -  confirmed
19.  Nickoletta Flannery   -  confirmed
20.  Melissa Maizelo   -  confirmed
21.  Jodie Taylor  -  never released to the public as she signed for the club but got injured so never officially completed the paperwork and hence not mentioned in the squad and the card never officially released, but does exist   -  confirmed
22.  Georgia Boric
Emma Kete
Megan McLaughlin
Caitlin Munoz
Rae Dower (Manager)
Njegosh Popovich (Assistant Manager)

Topps - UEFA Euro 2024 (17) - ITA1-ITA21 - Italy

UEFA Euro 2024
728 stickers

An illustrated checklist of the Italy stickers. Thanks to Wila75 for the scans. The checklist for this collection can be seen here - Topps - UEFA Euro 2024 (11) - Checklist.

Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 2023/2024 (11) - Reloaded (04)

Calciatori 2023/2024
697+ stickers

The fourth batch of 7 stickers is included with the Sportweek magazine that comes with La Gazzetta dello Sport today (15 June, 2024). I have included the list and will update with additional images as soon as possible.

Calciatori 2023/2024 - Coach of the Month

CM8.  Thiago Motta (Bologna)
CM9.  Simone Inzaghi (Inter)
CM10.  Gian Piero Gasperini (Atalanta)

Calciatori 2023/2024 - Player of the Month

PM7.  Alessandro Bastoni (Inter)
PM8.  Paulo Dybala (Roma)
PM9.  Riccardo Calafiori (Milan)

Calciatori 2023/2024 - La Panini più amata
20 stickers

P5.  Nico González (Fiorentina)

Fuori Raccolta (Panini Digital Collections Coupon)
1 sticker

Calciatori Reloaded