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Fidass (Italy) - Grande Concorso Caramelle Sport (1945-46)

Grande Concorso Caramelle Sport
231 cards

For the 1945-46 season the Divisione Nazionale was spilt into two sections - North and South. All 14 teams from the Northern section are featured in this collection but some of the teams in the Southern section seem to be missing. At the end of the season Sampierdarenese and Andrea Doria merged to form Unione Calcio Sampdoria (Sampierdarenese and Andrea Doria).

? (Anconitana)

Badiali (Andrea Doria)
Battaja (Andrea Doria)
Bovoli (Andrea Doria)
Carissimi (Andrea Doria)
Di Piazza (Andrea Doria)
Poggi (Andrea Doria)
Rebuzzi (Andrea Doria)
Sacchetti (Andrea Doria)
? (Andrea Doria)
? (Andrea Doria)
? (Andrea Doria)

Citterio (Atalanta)
Colombelli (Atalanta)
Del Medico (Atalanta)
Mamoli (Atalanta)
Meazza (Atalanta)
Schiavi (Atalanta)
Tabanelli (Atalanta)
Zarlatti (Atalanta)
? (Atalanta)
? (Atalanta)

? (Bari)

Arcari (Bologna)
Biavati (Bologna)
Malagoli (Bologna)
Marchese (Bologna)
Pagotto (Bologna)
Reguzzoni (Bologna)
Ricci (Bologna)
Valcareggi (Bologna)
? (Bologna)
? (Bologna)
? (Bologna)

Albini (Brescia)
De Filippis (Brescia)
Mariani (Brescia)
Martelli (Brescia)
Messora (Brescia)
Perazzolo (Brescia)
Rebuzzi (Brescia)
Salvi (Brescia)
? (Brescia)
? (Brescia)
? (Brescia)

? (Fiorentina)

Bertoni (Genoa)
Genta (Genoa)
Neri (Genoa)
Sardelli (Genoa)
Servetto (Genoa)
Sotgiu (Genoa)
Trevisan (Genoa)
? (Genoa)
? (Genoa)
? (Genoa)
? (Genoa)

Achilli (Internazionale)
Barsanti (Internazionale)
Campatelli (Internazionale)
Candiani (Internazionale)
Cominelli (Internazionale)
Fabbri (Internazionale)
Marchi (Internazionale)
Passalacqua (Internazionale)
? (Internazionale)
? (Internazionale)
? (Internazionale)

Borel II (Juventus)
Coscia (Juventus)
Depetrini (Juventus)
Rava (Juventus)
Sentimenti III (Juventus)
Spadavecchia (Juventus)
Tortarolo (Juventus)
Varglien II (Juventus)
? (Juventus)
? (Juventus)
? (Juventus)

Alzani (Lazio)
Carton (Lazio)
De Andreis (Lazio)   -   added 27-03-2024  -  thanks to Max Chinni
Del Pinto (Lazio)
Ferri (Lazio)
Lombardini (Lazio)
Manola (Lazio)
Puccinelli (Lazio)
? (Lazio)
? (Lazio)
? (Lazio)

Antonini (Milan)   -   added 27-03-2024  -  thanks to Max Chinni
Annovazzi (Milan)   -   added 27-03-2024  -  thanks to Max Chinni
Bonomi (Milan)
Cerri (Milan)
Gimona (Milan)
Rosellini (Milan)
Tognon (Milan)
Toppan (Milan)
Zorzi (Milan)
? (Milan)
? (Milan)

Braglia (Modena)
Brighenti (Modena)   -   added 27-03-2024  -  thanks to Max Chinni
Bulgarelli (Modena)
Della Torre (Modena)
Galli (Modena)
Magotti (Modena)
Malinverni (Modena)
Stefanini (Modena)
? (Modena)
? (Modena)
? (Modena)

Barbieri (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)
? (Napoli)

? (Palermo)

? (Pescara)

Soldani (Pro Livorno)
Spagnoli (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)
? (Pro Livorno)

? (Roma)

Amenta (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)
? (Salernitana)

Bertani (Sampierdarenese)
Borrini (Sampierdarenese)
Castelli (Sampierdarenese)
D'Alconzo (Sampierdarenese)
Fiorini (Sampierdarenese)
Parena (Sampierdarenese)
Sandroni (Sampierdarenese)
Ventimiglia  (Sampierdarenese)
?  (Sampierdarenese)
?  (Sampierdarenese)
?  (Sampierdarenese)

? (Siena)

Bacigalupo (Torino)
Ferraris (Torino)
Grezar (Torino)
Loich (Torino)
Maroso (Torino)
Mazzola (Torino)
Ossola (Torino)
Piacentini (Torino)
Rigamonti (Torino)
Santagiuliana (Torino)
? (Torino)

Blason (Triestina)
Colaussi (Triestina)
Gratton (Triestina)
Mlacher (Triestina)
Punteri (Triestina)
Radio (Triestina)
Rossetti (Triestina)
Zanolla (Triestina)
? (Triestina)
? (Triestina)
? (Triestina)

Alberti (Venezia)
Di Gennaro (Venezia)
Grabar (Venezia)
Linzi (Venezia)
Ottino (Venezia)
Renosto (Venezia)
Veneri (Venezia)
Zambelli (Venezia)
? (Venezia)
? (Venezia)
? (Venezia)

Bassetto (Vicenza)
Camolese (Vicenza)
Chiodi (Vicenza)
De Boni (Vicenza)
Gianmarco (Vicenza)
Marchetti (Vicenza)
Mezzadri (Vicenza)
Suppi (Vicenza)
? (Vicenza)
? (Vicenza)
? (Vicenza)

Sneaky Prawn Games - Time Vault Soccer (01) - Rivals: England v Germany

Time Vault Soccer - Rivals: England v Germany
Sneaky Prawn Games
32 cards

There's actually 64 cards in this game, with each player having two cards, both the same.

Alan Ball (England)
Bobby Charlton (England)
Bobby Moore (England)
Geoff Hurst (England)
George Cohen (England)
Gordon Banks (England)
Ian Callaghan (England)
Jack Charlton (England)
Jimmy Greaves (England)
John Connelly (England)
Martin Peters (England)
Nobby Stiles (England)
Norman Hunter (England)
Peter Bonetti (England)
Ray Wilson (England)
Roger Hunt (England)

Andreas Brehme (Germany)
Bodo Illgner (Germany)
Guido Buchwald (Germany)
Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany)
Jürgen Kohler (Germany)
Karl-Heinz Riedle (Germany)
Klaus Augenthaler (Germany)
Lothar Matthäus (Germany)
Olaf Thon (Germany)
Pierre Littbarski (Germany)
Raimond Aumann (Germany)
Rudi Völler (Germany)
Stefan Reuter (Germany)
Thomas Berthold (Germany)
Thomas Häßler (Germany)
Uwe Bein (Germany)

Fort Lauderdale Strikers - Fort Lauderdale Strikers (1983) - P.I.P. - Postal Instant Press

Fort Lauderdale Strikers
Fort Lauderdale Strikers / P.I.P. - Postal Instant Press
6 cards

According to my records there are only 6 cards in this collection.

David Chadwick (Coach)
2.  Alexander Szatmari (Alexandru Sătmăreanu)
9.  Andrew Parkinson
12.  Carl Strong
14.  Steve Wegerle
21.  Tony Whelan

Littlewoods Lotto - Spirit of '66

Spirit of '66
Littlewoods Lotto
1 scratch card

I pinched this image from Steve Marsh's website covering just about everything connected to The Hammers - theyflysohigh.

Bobby Moore

A. Hoyer (Germany) - (20844-857) Serie 857 - Ballspiele

(20844-857) Serie 857 - Ballspiele
A. Hoyer, Mecklenburgischen Margarine-Fabrik, Rostock
6 cards (1 football)

1.  Fußball
2.  Handball
3.  Schlagball
4.  Golf
5.  Tennis
6.  Wasserball

Sticker Stars (Germany) - TSV Siems (2020-21)

TSV Siems
Sticker Stars
189 stickers

Another collection issued in Germany that I don't have a checklist for.

Friday 4 March 2022

Topps - 2021 Topps Major League Soccer (06) - 2022 Topps Industry Conference

2021 Topps Major League Soccer
10 cards

A number of promotional card sets were available to delegates at the 2022 Topps Industry Conference that took place between 27 February and 1 March. One set of cards features promotional cards based on designs in the 2021 Topps MLS and 2021 Topps Chrome MLS collections.

TSMLS-1.  Cade Cowell (San Jose Earthquakes)
TSMLS-2.  Ricardo Pepi (FC Dallas)
TSMLS-3.  Paxten Aaronson (Philadelphia Union)
TSMLS-4.  Daniel Pereira (Austin FC)
TSMLS-5.  Caden Clark (New York Red Bulls)
TSMLS-6.  Julian Araujo (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TSMLS-7.  Diego Chara (Portland Timbers)
TSMLS-8.  Josef Martínez (Atlanta United FC)
TSMLS-9.  Maxi Moralez (New York City FC)
TSMLS-10.  Carlos Vela (Los Angeles Football Club)

Topps - 2022 Topps Industry Conference

2022 Topps Industry Conference
? cards

Delegates to the 2022 Topps Industry Conference that took place between 27 February and 1 March received a selection of silver packets, each containing a special slabbed autograph card. Most seem to be baseball players with some football, Star Wars and Garbage Pail Kids thrown in. Topps have not provided a checklist so I'll just be adding football cards as I come across them.
UPDATE (03-09-2022 18:32):  Scans of two Jamie Vardy cards added.
UPDATE (09-11-2022 17:30):  Scans of the Red and Gold Jordan Henderson cards added, along with the Base and Gold cards of Marco Reus.

2022 Topps Industry Conference #/15
? cards
PARALLEL: 2022 Topps Industry Conference - Red #/10
PARALLEL: 2022 Topps Industry Conference - Gold #/5
PARALLEL: 2022 Topps Industry Conference - 1/1

A-JH.  Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)
A-JVA.  Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)
A-MR.  Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund)

Unela (Israel) - 1958 World Cup (02) - Garrincha

1958 World Cup
Unela / Pam-Pam Chewing Gum
55 wrappers

Bob Lapides has provided scans of two versions of the Garrincha wrapper. The Brazilian ones are usually orange and the English ones are yellow, but this second Garrincha wrapper is yellow. The complete checklist for this collection can be found here - Unela (Israel) - 1958 World Cup.
M.F. dos Santos (Garrincha) (Brazil) - Orange wrapper
M.F. dos Santos (Garrincha) (Brazil) - Yellow wrapper

Chicago Sting - Chicago Sting (1984-85) - Bakers Square

Chicago Sting
Chicago Sting / Bakers Square
6 cards

These cards measure 5" x 7" and were issued during the 1984-85 NASL Indoor season. This checklist first appeared in The Soccer Collector, issue number 28.

0.  Victor Noguiera
4.  Gerry Gray
9.  Manny Rojas
10.  Pato Mergetic
11.  Mark Simanton
12.  Karl-Heinz Granitza

Liam Devlin & Sons Ltd. - (DEV-120/DEV-7) Gaelic Sportstars

(DEV-120/DEV-7) Gaelic Sportstars
Liam Devlin & Sons Ltd.
48 cards

There aren't any football cards in this collection, the Football in question is known everywhere outside Ireland as Gaelic Football. Camogie is a version of Hurling for women. I've never seen a complete checklist for this set so I thought I would try and compile one but I haven't been able to complete it, it's only 75% finished. The two cards shown are numbers 1 and 48.
UPDATE (13-03-2022 17:01):  I've been aided by members of the forum, dedicated to traditional Irish sports like Gaelic football, hurling, Gaelic handball, etc. They have been able to fill a few gaps in my checklist and provide names of a few more that may also feature in the collection. Just four names missing from the checklist.
UPDATE (14-03-2022 16:58):  According to SixtiesKid this checklist now has all 48 sportstars listed, though three names are still missing the card numbers.
UPDATE (19-03-2022 17:53):  This checklist is now complete, O.A.P (Louth) has provided confirmation of card number 32.
UPDATE (28-01-2023 12:54):  I originally had Maired McAtamney as card number 24, a collector then told me that Eileen Naughton is card number 46. Now I've had a comment to say that Maired McAtamney is in this collection. So I've now got two cards listed at number 46. I will try and track down an image of the card.

1.  Mick O'Connell (Football - Co. Kerry)
2.  Tom Long (Football - Co. Kerry)
3.  Seamus Murphy (Football - Co. Kerry)
4.  Gabriel Kelly (Football - Co. Cavan)
5.  Andy Phillips (Football - Co. Wicklow)
6.  John Nallen (Football - Co. Meath)
7.  Jim McKeever (Football - Co. Derry)
8.  P.T. Treacy (Football - Co. Fermanagh)   -   added 12-03-2022  -  thanks to
9.  Pa Connelly (Football - Co. Kildare)
10.  Frank McFeely (Football - Co. Donegal)   -   added 05-03-2022
11.  Cathal Flynn (Football - Co. Leitrim)
12.  Paddy Doherty (Football - Co. Down)   -   added 12-03-2022
13.  Paddy McCormack (Football - Co. Offaly)
14.  Leo Murphy (Football - Co. Down)   -   added 13-03-2022
15.  Gerry O'Malley (Football - Co. Roscommon)
16.  Bill Casey (Football - Co. Dublin)   -   added 13-03-2022
17.  Fintan Walsh (Football - Co. Laois))
18.  James McCartan (Football - Co. Down)
19.  Jody O'Neill (Football - Co. Tyrone)   -   added 12-03-2022
20.  Matty McDonagh (Football - Co. Galway)
21.  Mick Carley (Football - Co. Westmeath)
22.  Frank Lynch (Football - Co. Louth)
23.  Jimmy Whan (Football - Armagh)   -   added 16-03-2022
24.  Des Foley (Football - Co. Dublin)
25.  Tom Cheasty (Hurling - Co. Waterford)
26.  Martin Og Morrissey (Hurling)
27.  Ollie Walsh (Hurling - Co. Kilkenny)
28.  Billy Dwyer (Hurling - Co. Kilkenny)
29.  John Doyle (Hurling - Co. Tipperary)
30.  Christy Ring (Hurling - Co. Cork)
31.  Mick Cashman (Hurling - Co. Cork)
32.  Jimmy Smyth (Hurling - Co. Clare)   -   added 19-03-2022  -  thanks to
33.  Tom Neville (Hurling - Co. Wexford)   -   added 13-03-2022  -  thanks to
34.  Ned Wheeler (Hurling - Co. Wexford)
35.  Liam Devaney (Hurling - Co. Tipperary)
36.  Theo English (Hurling - Co. Tipperary)
37.  Willie Rackard (Hurling - Co. Wexford)
38.  Christy O'Brien (Hurling - Laois)
39.  Joe Salmon (Hurling - Co. Galway)
40.  Willie Hogan (Hurling - Carlow)
41.  John Dowling - Referee (Football - Co. Offaly)
42.  Tom McGarry (Handball - Limerick)   -   added 12-03-2022  -  thanks to
43.  Joe Delaney (Handball - Kilkenny)   -   added 14-03-2022
44.  Joe Maher (Handball - Louth)
45.  Paul Kelly (Football - Co. Donegal)
46.  Eileen Naughton (Camogie - Galway)   -   amended 01-12-2022  -  thanks to Eamonn McBride
47.  Mary Sinnott (Camogie - Wexford)
48.  Una O'Connor (Camogie - Dublin)

Unknown issuer - Shredded Wheat F.C. (Postcard)

Shredded Wheat F.C.
Unknown issuer
1 postcard

A postcard with Shredded Wheat FC's ground in the foreground, with the factory behind. The club disappeared in 1937 but had entered the  F.A. Cup for a number of season's in the early 1930's. I have also found a photograph taken from the opposite direction.

S.19430.  Shredded Wheat Factory, Welwyn Garden City

Thursday 3 March 2022

Borrás (Spain) - (2010-11) Liga el Juego

Liga el Juego
220 cards

I've used images of the Levante cards to illustrate the design used for this collection.

Acasiete (U.D. Almería)
Bernardello (U.D. Almería)
Corona (U.D. Almería)
Crusat (U.D. Almería)
D. Alves (U.D. Almería)
Goitom (U.D. Almería)
J. Ortiz (U.D. Almería)
K. Uche (U.D. Almería)
Macedo (U.D. Almería)
M'Bami (U.D. Almería)
Vargas (U.D. Almería)

Amorebieta (Athletic Bilbao)
David Lopez (Athletic Bilbao)
Gabilondo (Athletic Bilbao)
Gurpegui (Athletic Bilbao)
Iraizoz (Athletic Bilbao)
Iraola (Athletic Bilbao)
Javi Martinez (Athletic Bilbao)
Llorente (Athletic Bilbao)
Muniain (Athletic Bilbao)
San Jose (Athletic Bilbao)
Toquero (Athletic Bilbao)

A. Lopez (Atletico Madrid)
Agüero (Atletico Madrid)
Assuncao (Atletico Madrid)
De Gea (Atletico Madrid)
Diego Costa (Atletico Madrid)
Forlan (Atletico Madrid)
Godin (Atletico Madrid)
R. Garcia (Atletico Madrid)
Simao (Atletico Madrid)
Tiago (Atletico Madrid)
Ujfalusi (Atletico Madrid)

Alves (F.C. Barcelona)
Busquets (F.C. Barcelona)
Iniesta (F.C. Barcelona)
Marcherano (F.C. Barcelona)
Messi (F.C. Barcelona)
Pedro (F.C. Barcelona)
Pique (F.C. Barcelona)
Puyol (F.C. Barcelona)
Victor Valdes (F.C. Barcelona)
Villa (F.C. Barcelona)
Xavi (F.C. Barcelona)

Adrian (Deportivo La Coruna)
Aranzubia (Deportivo La Coruna)
Colotto (Deportivo La Coruna)
Guardado (Deportivo La Coruna)
J. Rodriguez (Deportivo La Coruna)
Laure (Deportivo La Coruna)
Lopo (Deportivo La Coruna)
Morel (Deportivo La Coruna)
Riki (Deportivo La Coruna)
Urreta (Deportivo La Coruna)
Valeron (Deportivo La Coruna)

Callejon (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Chica (R.C.D. Espanyol)
De Le Pena (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Duscher (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Forlin (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Iván Alonso (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Kameni (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Luis Garcia (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Osvaldo (R.C.D. Espanyol)
S. Gracia (R.C.D. Espanyol)
Victor Ruiz (R.C.D. Espanyol)

Boateng (Getafe C.F.)
Casquero (Getafe C.F.)
Cata Diaz (Getafe C.F.)
Collinga (Getafe C.F.)
Gavilan (Getafe C.F.)
M. Torres (Getafe C.F.)
Mané (Getafe C.F.)
Parejo (Getafe C.F.)
Parejo (Getafe C.F.)
Rafa (Getafe C.F.)
Ustari (Getafe C.F.)

A. Aguilar (Hercules C.F.)
A. Paz (Hercules C.F.)
Calatayud (Hercules C.F.)
Cortes (Hercules C.F.)
Drenthe (Hercules C.F.)
Fritzler (Hercules C.F.)
Pamarot (Hercules C.F.)
Pena (Hercules C.F.)
Sendoa (Hercules C.F.)
Tote (Hercules C.F.)
Trezeguet (Hercules C.F.)

Ballesteros (Levante U.D.)
Del Horno (Levante U.D.)
Munúa (Levante U.D.)
N. Gonzalez (Levante U.D.)
Pallardo (Levante U.D.)
R. Jorda (Levante U.D.)
R. Suarez (Levante U.D.)
Robusté (Levante U.D.)
Stuani (Levante U.D.)
Valdo (Levante U.D.)
X. Torres (Levante U.D.)

Arbeloa (Real Madrid)
Benzema (Real Madrid)
C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Casillas (Real Madrid)
Di Maria (Real Madrid)
Higuain (Real Madrid)
Kaka (Real Madrid)
Ozil (Real Madrid)
Pepe (Real Madrid)
S. Ramos (Real Madrid)
X. Alonso (Real Madrid)

Arnau (Malaga C.F.)
Baha (Malaga C.F.)
Edinho (Malaga C.F.)
Elsieu (Malaga C.F.)
Fernando (Malaga C.F.)
J. Gamez (Malaga C.F.)
Juanito (Malaga C.F.)
Juanmi (Malaga C.F.)
M. Gaspar (Malaga C.F.)
Mtiliga (Malaga C.F.)
Welington (Malaga C.F.)

Aouate (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Ayoze (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Cavenaghi (R.C.D. Mallorca)
De Guzman (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Marti (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Nunes (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Ramis (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Ruben (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Tuni (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Victor (R.C.D. Mallorca)
Webo (R.C.D. Mallorca)

Aranada (C. At. Osasuna)
Camuñas (C. At. Osasuna)
Damia (C. At. Osasuna)
Juanfran (C. At. Osasuna)
M. Flano (C. At. Osasuna)
Masoud (C. At. Osasuna)
Monreal (C. At. Osasuna)
Nekounam (C. At. Osasuna)
Pandiani (C. At. Osasuna)
Puñal (C. At. Osasuna)
Ricardo (C. At. Osasuna)

Bakiricoglu (R. Racing C.)
Cisma (R. Racing C.)
Colsa (R. Racing C.)
Diop (R. Racing C.)
Francis (R. Racing C.)
Henrique (R. Racing C.)
Munitis (R. Racing C.)
Rosenberg (R. Racing C.)
Sepsi (R. Racing C.)
Serrano (R. Racing C.)
Tono (R. Racing C.)

Ansotegui (Real Sociedad)
Aranburu (Real Sociedad)
Bravo (Real Sociedad)
C. Martinez (Real Sociedad)
De La Bella (Real Sociedad)
J. Llorent (Real Sociedad)
Labaka (Real Sociedad)
Rivas (Real Sociedad)
Sutil (Real Sociedad)
Tamudo (Real Sociedad)
X. Prieto (Real Sociedad)

Capel (Sevilla F.C.)
Escude (Sevilla F.C.)
F. Navarro (Sevilla F.C.)
Fazio (Sevilla F.C.)
Guarente (Sevilla F.C.)
Jesus Navas (Sevilla F.C.)
Kanoute (Sevilla F.C.)
Luis Fabiano (Sevilla F.C.)
Negredo (Sevilla F.C.)
Palop (Sevilla F.C.)
Zokora (Sevilla F.C.)

Barral (Sporting de Gijón)
Bilic (Sporting de Gijón)
Botia (Sporting de Gijón)
Canella (Sporting de Gijón)
Diego Castro (Sporting de Gijón)
Eguren (Sporting de Gijón)
Gregory (Sporting de Gijón)
Juan Pablo (Sporting de Gijón)
Lora (Sporting de Gijón)
Rivera (Sporting de Gijón)
Satre (Sporting de Gijón)

Aduriz (Valencia C.F.)
Albelda (Valencia C.F.)
Banega (Valencia C.F.)
Bruno (Valencia C.F.)
Cesar (Valencia C.F.)
Joaquin (Valencia C.F.)
Mata (Valencia C.F.)
Miguel (Valencia C.F.)
R. Costa (Valencia C.F.)
Soldado (Valencia C.F.)
Tino Costa (Valencia C.F.)

B. Valero (Villaerreal C.F.)
Bruno (Villaerreal C.F.)
Cani (Villaerreal C.F.)
Capdevilla (Villaerreal C.F.)
Cazorla (Villaerreal C.F.)
Diego Lopez (Villaerreal C.F.)
J. Montero (Villaerreal C.F.)
Marchena (Villaerreal C.F.)
Nilmar (Villaerreal C.F.)
Rossi (Villaerreal C.F.)
Senna (Villaerreal C.F.)

Ander (Real Zaragoza)
Bertolo (Real Zaragoza)
Braulio (Real Zaragoza)
Contini (Real Zaragoza)
Gabi (Real Zaragoza)
Jorge López (Real Zaragoza)
Lafita (Real Zaragoza)
Leo Franco (Real Zaragoza)
Marco Perez (Real Zaragoza)
Obradovic (Real Zaragoza)
Ponzio (Real Zaragoza)

"Kauvit" Chemische Fabrik GmbH (West Germany) - (31117-08) Deutscher Nationalfußball

(31117-08) Deutscher Nationalfußball
"Kauvit" Chemische Fabrik GmbH, Sulzbach-Rosenberg/Opf.
West Germany
71 cards

I think these cards all come from the same collection and they come in three size: 45 x 65mm, 90 x 64mm and 90 x 130mm. I can't find an album relating to these so I might be wrong, which means I'll end up splitting this list into two or more checklist. But for now, I'm happy to keep these all in one place. One more point, some cards are numbered and some are not.

Deutscher Nationalfußball mit Weltmeisterschaftbildern 1954

Edmund Conen
Herbert Erhardt
R. Münzenberg (Alemannia Aachen)
Fritz Walter (1.F​C Kaiserslautern)
Max Morlock (1.FC Nürnberg)
Werner Liebrich (1.F​C Kaiserslautern)
Hans Schäfer (1.FC Köln)
Toni Turek (Fortuna Düsseldorf)
Werner Kohlmeyer (1.F​C Kaiserslautern)
Karl Mai (SpVgg Fürth)
Jupp Posipal (Hamburger SV)
Otmar Walter (1.F​C Kaiserslautern)

Deutscher Nationalfußball Die Besten aus Deutschlands Spitzenklasse!


8.  Richard Herrmann (FSV Frankfurt)
24.  Karl Adam
32.  Willi Schröder (Bremer Amateur)


53.  Rudi Schönbeck (FC St. Pauli)
60.  Gerd Hoffmann (SC Cronenberg)


69.  Deutschland - Luxembourg 4:1

Die Deutsche Weltmeisterschafts-Elf 1954

Helmut Rahn (Rot-Weiß Essen)
Deutschland-Türkei 7:2
Endspiel Deutschland-Ungarn 3:2 (with Max Morlock)
Endspiel Deutschland-Ungarn 3:2 - Deutschland wurde Weltmeister 1954!

Topps - Match Attax Fire - Wave 4 (01) - First News

Match Attax Fire - Wave 4
? cards

More cards designed by Tyson Beck, coming soon... more news as and when it becomes available.

Empire Collections - Vintage Footballers in Colour

Vintage Footballers in Colour
Empire Collections
10 cards

Head and shoulders photos of players with their team, date, place of birth and position given on the numbered backs. Card size 69mm x 36mm. My apologies for the images being of poor quality.

1.  Alan Bradshaw (Blackburn Rovers)
2.  Alf Ackerman (Millwall)
3.  Don Revie (Manchester City)
4.  Ray Sambrook (Coventry City)
5.  Gerry Summers (West Bromwith Albion)
6.  Charles Purves (Southampton)
7.  Brian Bedford (Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic)
8.  Stan Anderson (Sunderland)
9.  Eddie Parris (Bradford Park Avenue)
10.  Frank Soo (Leicester City)