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Manchester City F.C. - Blue Cards - Manchester City Collector Cards (2006-07)

Blue Cards - Manchester City Collector Cards
Manchester City F.C.
68 cards

Four cards were printed as part of the programmes throughout the season, perforated so that they could be easily removed and collected. I have included a complete list of the cards plus a breakdown of which programmes the cards were included with.

Sam Barkas (Trophy Winning Captains)
Ken Barnes (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Colin Bell (European Winners)
Tony Book (Trophy Winning Captains)
Tommy Booth (European Winners)
Ian Brightwell (F.A. Youth Cup Finalists)
Eric Brook (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Tommy Caton (Ever Presents)
Mike Channon (UEFA Cup Scorers)
Joe Corrigan (City Keepers)
Sam Cowan (Trophy Winning Captains)
Paul Dickov (Play Off Goalscorers)
Sylvain Distin (Ever Presents)
Peter Doherty (Goalscorers)
Willie Donachie (Scotland Internationals)
Mike Doyle (Captains)
Richard Dunne (Captains)
Fionan Fagan (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Shaun Goater (Play Off Goalscorers)
Asa Hartford (Scotland Internationals)
Joe Hayes (Goalscorers)
George Heslop (European Winners)
Andy Hinchcliffe (F.A. Youth Cup Finalists)
Kevin Horlock (Play Off Goalscorers)
Darren Huckerby (UEFA Cup Scorers)
Tommy Hutchison (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Tommy Johnson (Goalscorers)
Bobby Johnstone (Wembley Goalscorers)
Georgiou Kinkladze
Denis Law (Scotland Internationals)
Francis Lee (World Cup Players)
Roy Little (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Rodney Marsh (UEFA Cup Scorers)
Les McDowall (Future City Managers)
Jimmy McMullan (Scotland Internationals)
Neil McNab
William Meredith (Play Off Goalscorers)
Andy Morrison (Captains)
Alan Oakes (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Glyn Pardoe (Wembley Goalscorers)
Roy Paul (Trophy Winning Captains)
Stuart Pearce (Future City Managers)
Terry Phelan (World Cup Players)
Paul Power (Captains)
Niall Quinn (Ever Presents)
Ray Ranson (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Steve Redmond (Ever Presents)
Nicky Reid (F.A. Cup Finalists)
Peter Reid (Future City Managers)
Don Revie (England Internationals)
Claudio Reyna (World Cup Players)
Micah Richards (F.A. Youth Cup Finalists)
Uwe Rosler
Joe Royle (Future City Managers)
Daniel Sturridge (F.A. Youth Cup Finalists)
Mike Summerbee (England Internationals)
Jihai Sun (UEFA Cup Scorers)
Frank Swift (City Keepers)
Fred Tilson (Wembley Goalscorers)
Bert Trautmann (City Keepers)
Dennis Tueart (Wembley Goalscorers)
Paulo Wanchope (World Cup Players)
Dave Watson (England Internationals)
Nick Weaver (City Keepers)
David White (Goalscorers)
Gerard Wiekens
Shaun Wright-Phillips (England Internationals)
Neil Young (European Winners)

Blue Cards - programme insert v Portsmouth City 23-08-2006 - Captains
Andy Morrison 
Richard Dunne 
Paul Power 
Mike Doyle

Blue Cards - programme insert v Arsenal 26-08-2006 - Play Off Goalscorers
Kevin Horlock 
Paul Dickov 
Shaun Goater 
William Meredith

Blue Cards - programme insert v West Ham United 23-09-2006 - Future City Managers
Les McDowall 
Peter Reid 
Joe Royle 
Stuart Pearce

Blue Cards - programme insert v Sheffield United 14-10-2006 - UEFA Cup Scorers
Darren Huckerby
Rodney Marsh
Mike Channon
Jihai Sun

Blue Cards - programme insert v Middlesbrough 30-10-2006 - Goalscorers
David White 
Joe Hayes 
Peter Doherty 
Tommy Johnson

Blue Cards - programme insert v Newcastle United 11-11-2006 - Ever Presents
Steve Redmond 
Sylvain Distin 
Tommy Caton 
Niall Quinn

Blue Cards - programme insert v Fulham 18-11-2006 - England Internationals
Shaun Wright-Phillips 
Mike Summerbee 
Dave Watson 
Don Revie

Blue Cards - programme insert v Watford 04-12-2006 - Scotland Internationals
Denis Law 
Asa Hartford 
Jimmy McMullan 
Willie Donachie

Blue Cards - programme insert v Tottenham Hotspur 17-12-2006 - World Cup Players
Francis Lee 
Paulo Wanchope 
Claudio Reyna 
Terry Phelan

Blue Cards - programme insert v Bolton Wanderers 23-12-2006
Georgiou Kinkladze
Uwe Rosler
Neil McNab
Gerard Wiekens

Blue Cards - programme insert v Everton 01-01-2007 - F.A. Cup Finalists
Roy Little 
Ray Ranson 
Nicky Reid 
Fionan Fagan

Blue Cards - programme insert v Blackburn Rovers 20-01-2007 - Wembley Goalscorers
Dennis Tueart 
Bobby Johnstone 
Fred Tilson 
Glyn Pardoe

Blue Cards - programme insert v Reading 03-02-2007 - F.A. Cup Finalists
Tommy Hutchison 
Eric Brook 
Ken Barnes 
Alan Oakes

Blue Cards - programme insert v Wigan Athletic 03-03-2007 - Trophy Winning Captains
Sam Cowan 
Tony Book 
Roy Paul 
Sam Barkas

Blue Cards - programme insert v Chelsea 14-03-2007 - City Keepers
Frank Swift 
Joe Corrigan 
Nick Weaver 
Bert Trautmann

Blue Cards - programme insert v Charlton Athletic 06-04-2007 - F.A. Youth Cup Finalists
Ian Brightwell 
Micah Richards 
Daniel Sturridge 
Andy Hinchcliffe

Blue Cards - programme insert v Liverpool 14-04-2007 - European Winners
Tommy Booth 
Colin Bell 
Neil Young 
George Heslop

Blue Cards - programme insert v Aston Villa 28-04-2007 - no cards

Blue Cards - programme insert v Manchester United 05-05-2007 - no cards

Panini - Premier League Hall of Fame 2022

Premier League Hall of Fame 2022
? cards

Quote from Panini UK:
Panini are proud to have provided the cards for the #PLHallOfFame inductees. Fans have until midnight on Sunday to vote at for 6x shortlisted players to join Patrick Vieira and Wayne Rooney as the class of 2022.
Keep an eye out on our channels for more info on how you can get your hands on some of these very soon 😉

Wayne Rooney - Active: 2002-2017
Patrick Vieira - Active: 1996-2011
Tony Adams - Active: 1992-2002
Sergio Aguero - Active: 2011-2021
Sol Campbell - Active: 1992-2011
Petr Cech - Active: 2004-2019
Andrew Cole - Active: 1993-2008
Ashley Cole - Active: 1999-2014
Didier Drogba - Active: 2004-2012, 2014-2015
Patrice Evra - Active: 2006-2018
Les Ferdinand - Active: 1992-2004
Rio Ferdinand - Active: 1995-2015
Robbie Fowler - Active: 1993-2008
Vincent Kompany - Active: 2008-2019
Matthew Le Tissier - Active: 1992-2002
Gary Neville - Active: 1993-2011
Michael Owen - Active: 1996-2004,2005-2013
Peter Schmeichel - Active: 1992-1999, 2001-2003
Paul Scholes - Active: 1993-2013
Teddy Sheringham - Active: 1992-2007
John Terry - Active: 1998-2017
Yaya Toure - Active: 2010-2018
Edwin van der Sar - Active: 2001-2011
Ruud van Nistelrooy - Active: 2001-2006
Robin van Persie - Active: 2004-2015
Nemanja Vidic - Active: 2006-2014
Ian Wright - Active: 1992-1999

Chemnitzer FC - Chemnitzer FC Autogrammkarten (2021-22)

Chemnitzer FC Autogrammkarten
Chemnitzer FC
30 cards

Andis Shala
Aschti Osso
Benjika Caciel
Christian Bickel
Christian Tiffert
Daniel Berlinski
David Wunsch
Dominik Pelivan
Felix Schimmel
Furkan Kircicek
Isa Dogan
Jakub Jakubov
Jovan Vidovic
Kevin Freiberger
Kilian Pagliuca
Lukas Aigner
Marc Arnold
Marcel Höttecke
Max Roscher
Niclas Walther
Niklas Hoheneder
Nils Köhler
Okan Kurt
Riccardo Grym
Robert Zickert
Simon Roscher
Stanley Keller
Tim Campulka
Tobias MĂŒller

Panini - Adrenalyn XL Premier League Plus 2021-22 (12) - Bernardo Silva LE

Adrenalyn XL Premier League Plus 2021-22
369+ cards

The Bernardo Silva Edition card is available when spending £10.00 on Premier League product on the Panini website. The complete checklist can be found here - Panini - Adrenalyn XL Premier League Plus 2021-22 (06) - Checklist.

Panini - UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal (04) - Xbox / Playstation Sticker Sheet

Euro 2004
334 stickers

This 4-sticker sheet was given away free with the Xbox and Playstation Euro 2004 games.

21.  Rui Costa (Portugal)
45.  Giorgios Karagounis (Greece)
165.  Igor Tudor (Croatia)
226.  Alessandro Nesta (Italy)

Topps - (TOH-5-1) Footballers - Red Back (1976-77) (04) - Counter Box

(TOH-5-1-1/2/3) Footballers - Red Back
330 cards

A couple of images of the counter box.

Dallas Burn - Dallas Burn (1999) - Memories Sports Photography

Dallas Burn
Dallas Burn / Memories Sports Photography
? cards

2.  Eric Dade
7.  Mark Santel   -   added 01-08-2023
13.  Brian Haynes
22.  Matt Jordan   -   added 01-08-2023

Futera - 2022 April Fool's Day

2022 April Fool's Day
3 cards

Futera got into the spirit of April Fool's Day this year by announcing the availability of these three 'rare' cards on social media!

The Stars

English Bulldog
West Highland White Terrier

Sega / Panini (Japan) - WCCF Footista 2021 (99) - WCCF Footista Comes to an End

WCCF Footista 2021
Sega / Panini

As indicated in a previous post WCCF Footista came to an end in the early hours of 1 April, 2022. The game has been discontinued after 20 years and there will be no more cards released.

Friday 1 April 2022

Panini (Italy) - Adrenalyn XL Activity Album (2021)

Adrenalyn XL Activity Album
Italy, Switzerland, Leichtenstein
72 stickers
18 cards

Although this collection includes 18 Adrenalyn XL cards, they don't feature any footballers (some can be seen on the cover of the starter pack).

Footballers - P prefix - 2 sheets x 12 stickers

P1.  Pepe Reina (Lazio)  -  Glitter Foil
P2.  Marco Silvestri (Verona)
P3.  Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria)  -  Glitter Foil
P4.  Franck Kessie (Milan)
P5.  Takehiro Tomiyasu (Bologna)
P6.  Gianluca Mancini (Roma)  -  Glitter Foil
P7.  Adrien Rabiot (Juventus)
P8.  Andrea Belotti (Torino)  -  Glitter Foil
P9.  Achraf Hakimi (Inter)  -  Glitter Foil
P10.  Alex Sandro (Juventus)
P11.  Giulio Maggiore (Spezia)
P12.  Kevin Strootman (Genoa)  -  Glitter Foil
P13.  Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese)
P14.  Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)  -  Glitter Foil
P15.  Franck Ribery (Fiorentina)  -  Glitter Foil
P16.  Giacomo Raspadori (Sassuolo)
P17.  Hernani (Parma)
P18.  Junior Messias (Crotone)  -  Glitter Foil
P19.  Romelu Lukaku (Inter)  -  Glitter Foil
P20.  Gianluca Lapadula (Benevento)
P21.  Duvan Zapata (Atalanta)  -  Glitter Foil
P22.  Joao Pedro (Cagliari)
P23.  Luis Alberto (Lazio)
P24.  Dries Mertens (Napoli)  -  Glitter Foil

Footballers - P prefix - Sheet 1 - Glitter Foil

P1.  Pepe Reina (Lazio)
P3.  Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria)
P6.  Gianluca Mancini (Roma)
P8.  Andrea Belotti (Torino)
P9.  Achraf Hakimi (Inter)
P12.  Kevin Strootman (Genoa)
P14.  Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
P15.  Franck Ribery (Fiorentina)
P18.  Junior Messias (Crotone)
P19.  Romelu Lukaku (Inter)
P21.  Duvan Zapata (Atalanta)
P24.  Dries Mertens (Napoli)

Footballers - P prefix - Sheet 2

P2.  Marco Silvestri (Verona)
P4.  Franck Kessie (Milan)
P5.  Takehiro Tomiyasu (Bologna)
P7.  Adrien Rabiot (Juventus)
P10.  Alex Sandro (Juventus)
P11.  Giulio Maggiore (Spezia)
P13.  Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese)
P16.  Giacomo Raspadori (Sassuolo)
P17.  Hernani (Parma)
P20.  Gianluca Lapadula (Benevento)
P22.  Joao Pedro (Cagliari)
P23.  Luis Alberto (Lazio)

Footballers - X prefix - 1 sheet - Circular stickers on red background

X1.  Nike Ball (White)
X2.  Nike Ball (Yellow)
X3.  Wojciech Szczesny (Juventus)
X4.  Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan)
X5.  Vanja Milimkovic-Savic (Torino)
X6.  Danilo D'Ambrosio (Inter)
X7.  Robin Gosens (Atalanta)
X8.  German Pezzella (Fiorentina)
X9.  Federico Chiesa (Juventus)
X10.  Theo Hernandez (Milan)
X11.  Manuel Lazzari (Lazio)
X12.  Radja Nainggolan (Cagliari)
X13.  Lorenzo Pellegrini (Roma)
X14.  Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli)
X15.  Alessio Romagnoli (Milan)
X16.  Roberto Soriano (Bologna)
X17.  Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
X18.  Sergej Milimkovic-Savic (Lazio)
X19.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus)
X20.  Nwanko Simy (Crotone)
X21.  Dusan Vlahovic (Fiorentina)
X22.  Luis Miuriel )Atalanta)
X23.  Destony Udogie (Verona)
X24.  Daan Dierckx (Parma)

Football Badges, etc - Unnumbered - 1 sheet - Oval stickers on red background

Scudetto (Bologna)
Scudetto (Genoa)
Scudetto (Lazio)
Scudetto (Roma)
Scudetto (Torino)
Supercoppa (Trophy)
Scudetto (Benevento)
Scudetto (Fiorentina)
Scudetto (Juventus)
Scudetto (Parma)
Scudetto (Spezia)
Coppa Italia (Trophy)
Scudetto (Atalanta)
Scudetto (Crotone)
Scudetto (Inter)
Scudetto (Napoli)
Scudetto (Sassuolo)
Serie A Scudetto (Trophy)
Logo (Serie A)
Scudetto (Cagliari)
Scudetto (Hellas Verona)
Scudetto (Milan)
Scudetto (Sampdoria)
Scudetto (Udinese)

18 x Adrenalyn XL Game Cards

Jarabe Hipofosfitos Climent, Marca Viuda (Spain) - Las Grandes Jugadas de los Equipos Famosos

Las Grandes Jugadas de los Equipos Famosos
Jarabe Hipofosfitos Climent, Marca Viuda / Imprenta Editorial MillĂĄ
12 cards

The cards are unnumbered and the set seems to consist of 12 cards, I've listed the two British teams first and the rest are in alphabetical order. Unlike many sets issued in Spain in the 1920's this one seems to have been issued by just one company. The Dundee v Real Madrid fixture took place on 24 May, 1923 and Notts County played two games against FC Barcelona on 27 and 28 May, 1922.

Dundee-Real Madrid F.C.
Notts County-Futbol Club Barcelona
Athletic de Bilbao-R.S. San Sebastian
C.D. Europa-Athletic de Bilbao
Club Deportivo Europa-Futbol Club Barcelona
Nuremburg 1 F.C.-F.C. Barcelona
R.U. de IrĂșn-F.C. Barcelona
Selecciones de Asturias-Cataluña
Selecciones de Francia-España
Sevilla F.C.-C.D. Europa
Sparta de Praga-Futbol Club Barcelona
Unión Zizcow de Praga-R. Club Deportivo Español

Topps - Premier Gold 2007 (02) - Paper Inserts

Premier Gold 2007
8 inserts

Paper inserts included in the packets, though the illustrated checklist is incomplete - C7 and C8 are missing. I  must thank Martin Bennett for his help and support with this ongoing project.

C1.  Checklist 1
C2.  Checklist 2
C3.  Checklist 3
C4.  England official poster magazine
C5.  F.A. Premier League Sticker Quiz Collection
C6.  Merlin's Kick Off
C7.  How to complete your Premier Stars Collection
C8.  Binder Offer

Cincinnati Riverhawks - Cincinnati Riverhawks (2000)

Cincinnati Riverhawks
Cincinnati Riverhawks
? cards

I only have information on a few cards so far.

Bobo Bokole
Alessio Giacobbone
Philippe Godoy
Mike Mossel
Mark Michalak

Vantella - Football Fixtures 1957/8

Football Fixtures 1957/8
1 booklet known

This fixture booklet features Midlands clubs, but I don't know which ones. The other booklets shown on my blog are from 1955/56 season and they have the names of the featured clubs on the front cover.

Sticker Stars (Germany) - SG Bad Schwartau (2020-21)

SG Bad Schwartau
Sticker Stars
? stickers

A locally issued sticker album that I don't have a checklist for.