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Futera - Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection (1997-98)

Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection
Futera Fans Selection
90 base cards

Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection
PARALLEL: Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection - Silver Foil (Players Edition)
90 cards

1.  Tony Adams – Nicolas Anelka – Martin Keown
2.  Reme Garde – Emmanuel Petit – Chris Kiwomya
3.  Gavin McGowan – Isaiah Rankin -Vince  Bartram
4.  Glenn Helder – Patrick Vieira – David Platt
5.  Lee Dixon – Stephen Hughes – John Lukic
6.  Paul Shaw – Marc Overmars – Luis Boa Morte
7.  David Seaman – Ian Wright – Dennis Bergkamp
8.  Steve Bould – Nigel Winterburn – Ray Parlour
9.  Ian Selley – Scott Marshall – Arsene Wenger
10.  David Seaman
11.  Ian Wright
12.  Dennis Bergkamp
13.  Glenn Helder
14.  Patrick Vieira
15.  David Platt
16.  Tony Adams
17.  Nicolas Anelka
18.  Martin Keown
19.  Steve Bould
20.  Nigel Winterburn
21.  Ray Parlour
22.  Lee Dixon
23.  Stephen Hughes
24.  John Lukic
25.  Rémi Garde
26.  Emmanuel Petit
27.  Chris Kiwomya
28.  Ian Selley
29.  Scott Marshall
30.  Arsène Wenger
31.  Paul Shaw
32.  Marc Overmars
33.  Luis Boamorte
34.  Gavin McGowan
35.  Isaiah Rankin
36.  Vince Bartram
37.  Gilles Grimandi
38.  Marc Overmars
39.  Luis Boa Morte
40.  Arsenal 3 Chelsea 3
41.  Arsenal 4 Sheffield Wednesday 1
42.  Wimbledon 2 Arsenal 2
43.  Arsenal 2 Sunderland 0
44.  Arsenal 3 Tottenham Hotspur 1
45.  Arsenal 3 Tottenham Hotspur 1
46.  Newcastle United 1 Arsenal 2
47.  Arsenal 3 Everton 0
48.  Arsenal 3 Tottenham Hotspur 1
49.  Arsenal 1 Liverpool 2
50.  Arsenal 2 Leicester City 0
51.  Newcastle United 1 Arsenal 2
52.  Arsenal 5 Stoke City 2
53.  Blackburn Rovers 0 Arsenal 2
54.  Arsenal 3 Southampton 1
55.  Dennis Bergkamp
56.  Ian Wright
57.  Paul Merson
58.  Lee Dixon
59.  David Platt
60.  Ian Wright
61.  David Seaman
62.  John Lukic
63.  David Seaman
64.  Ian Wright
65.  Patrick Vieira
66.  Dennis Bergkamp
67.  Tony Adams
68.  Martin Keown
69.  Stephen Hughes
70.  Nigel Winterburn
71.  Lee Dixon
72.  Steve Bould
73.  David Platt
74.  David Seaman
75.  Champions
76.  Liam Brady
77.  Charlie George
78.  David O'Leary
79.  Pat Jennings
80.  Checklist No. 1
81.  Checklist No. 2
82.  Stadium Picture No. 1
83.  Stadium Picture No. 2
84.  Stadium Picture No. 3
85.  Stadium Picture No. 4
86.  Stadium Picture No. 5
87.  Stadium Picture No. 6
88.  Stadium Picture No. 7
89.  Stadium Picture No. 8
90.  Stadium Picture No. 9

Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection - SE prefix
Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection - SE prefix - Back stamped ‘For Promotion Only’
18 cards

SE1.  David Seaman
SE2.  Lee Dixon
SE3.  Nigel Winterburn
SE4.  Patrick Vieira
SE5.  Steve Bould
SE6.  Tony Adams
SE7.  David Platt
SE8.  Ian Wright
SE9.  John Lukic
SE10.  Nicolas Anelka
SE11.  Martin Keown
SE12.  Ray Parlour
SE13.  Rémi Garde
SE14.  Stephen Hughes
SE15.  Dennis Bergkamp
SE16.  Paul Shaw
SE17.  Arsène Wenger
SE18.  Emblem

Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection - Fansmotion (3D)

Dennis Bergkamp (Acknowledges the Arsenal fans as he scores yet again) / Ian Wright (Scores his 200th League Goal - New Year's Day 1997)

Arsenal F.C. - Fans Selection - packet

Ian Wright, David Seaman

Merseyside Police Constabulary / Telewest / Merlin - Merseyside Footballers


Merseyside Footballers
Merseyside Police Constabulary / Telewest / Merlin
24 cards

These are known as cop-a-cards, with 8 each of Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers footballers. The cards are unnumbered and are listed here in alphabetical order by club and then by surname.

Slavan Bilic (Everton)

Michael Branch (Everton)
Danny Cadamateri (Everton)
Duncan Ferguson (Everton)
Howard Kendall (Everton)
John Oster (Everton)
Craig Short (Everton)
Gary Speed (Everton)
Patrick Berger  (Liverpool)
Roy Evans (Liverpool)
Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)
Paul Ince (Liverpool)
David James  (Liverpool)
Steve McMannaman (Liverpool)
Michael Owen (Liverpool)
Karl-Heinz Reidle (Liverpool)
John Aldridge (Tranmere Rovers)
Graham Branch  (Tranmere Rovers)
Danny Coyne (Tranmere Rovers)
David Kelly (Tranmere Rovers)
Gary Jones (Tranmere Rovers)
Lee Jones (Tranmere Rovers)
Alan Mahan (Tranmere Rovers)
Andy Thompson (Tranmere Rovers)

E.G. Elbourne, Plumstead - Woolwich Arsenal F.C. Players and Officials 1906-7 (Postcard)


Woolwich Arsenal F.C. Players and Officials 1906-7
E.G. Elbourne, Plumstead
1 postcard

Woolwich Arsenal F.C. Players and Officials 1906-7

Panini (Spain) - Liga Este 2016-17 (06) - La Liga Logo

Liga Este 2016-17
380+ stickers

I have just discovered that the players and managers that were included in the 1st Edition of this collection were reprinted and issued in the 2nd Edition because the La Liga logo was changed. The 1st Edition stickers have a round La Lia logo like the Cristiano Ronaldo sticker shown above. The La Liga logo was changed to a square one with Santander added, see the example of Nahuel.

Liga Este 2016-17 - La Liga logo (Round)  -  Nuevos I
Liga Este 2016-17 - La Liga Santander logo (Square)  -  Nuevos II

Panini (Spain) - Liga Este 2016-17 (05) - Serie Oro

Liga Este 2016-17
380+ stickers

A special addition to the collection of 16 metallic stickers - Serie Oro, with a chance to win a signed jersey from Griezmann, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

1.  Aduriz (Athletic Club)
2.  Alcácer (Valencia C.F.)
3.  Bale (Real Madrid)
4.  Benzema (Real Madrid)
5.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
6.  Godín (Atlético de Madrid)
7.  Griezmann (Atlético de Madrid)
8.  Iniesta (F.C. Barcelona)
9.  Koke (Atlético de Madrid)
10.  Luis Suárez (F.C. Barcelona)
11.  Messi (F.C. Barcelona)
12.  Modric (Real Madrid)
13.  Neymar Jr. (F.C. Barcelona)
14.  Piqué (F.C. Barcelana)
15.  Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
16.  Soldado (Villarreal C.F.)

PK Chewing Gum / Wrigleys Ltd - (PABH-1) PK Football Facts - Scottish Division 1

(PABH-1) PK Football Facts - Scottish Division 1
PK Chewing Gum / Wrigleys Ltd
10 cards

The Scottish version, to be used with the P.K. League Table, their own version of a League Ladder. Thanks to Paul Chauveau for the information.

Dundee United
Heart of Midlothian
St. Johnstone
St. Mirren

PK Chewing Gum / Wrigleys Ltd - (PABH-1) PK Football Facts - English Division 1


(PABH-1) PK Football Facts - English Division 1
PK Chewing Gum / Wrigleys Ltd
22 cards

To be used with the P.K. League Table, their own version of a League Ladder. Thanks to Paul Chauveau for the information.
UPDATE (29-10-2016 12:22):  Thanks to Nik Yeomans comment below I've looked back over old catalogues and this list has been updated. A couple of teams have been removed (Chelsea and Sheffield United) and a couple added (Notts County and Wolverhampton Wanderers). I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Coventry City
Ipswich Town
Leicester City
Luton Town
Manchester United
Norwich City
Notts County
Nottingham Forest
Queens Park Rangers
Stoke City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United
Wolverhampton Wanderers

FC Schweinfurt 05 - FC Schweinfurt 05 Autogrammkarten (2001-02)

FC Schweinfurt 05 Autogrammkarten
FC Schweinfurt 05
34 cards

M. Gerhardt
Th. Gerhardt
Kleider (Torwart-Trainer)
Popov (Co-Trainer)
Schiele, Schneider
Vasic (Trainer)

Friday 28 October 2016

Futera - Greatest - Newcastle United F.C.

Greatest - Newcastle United F.C.
50 cards

The cards are unnumbered and a limited edition version of this set was issued with gold gilt edges.

Greatest - Newcastle United F.C.
Greatest - Newcastle United F.C. - Gilt Edged
Greatest - Newcastle United F.C. - Uncut Sheet

Andy Aitken
Ivor Allchurch
Peter Beardsley
Frank Brennan
Ollie Burton
Frank Clarke
Andy Cole
Bobby Cowell
Reg Davies
Wyn Davies
George Eastham
Hughie Gallacher
Alex Gardner
Paul Gascoigne
Joe Harvey
Jim Howie
Frank Hudspeth
Kevin Keegan
Dick Keith
James Lawrence
Robert Lee
Wilf Low
Malcolm Macdonald
Roddy Mackenzie
Andrew McCombie
Billy McCracken
Tom McDonald
Alf McMichael
Peter McWilliam
Jackie Milburn
Bobby Mitchell
Bobby Moncur
James Nelson
George Robledo
Bryan Robson
Joe Richardson
Jack Rutherford
Jimmy Scoular
Stan Seymour
Len Shackleton
Alan Shearer
Ronnie Simpson
Charlie Spencer
Bobby Stokoe
Ernie Taylor
Colin Veitch
Chris Waddle
Sam Weaver
Len White
Title card

Los Angeles Galaxy - Los Angeles Galaxy 2016 Player Cards

Los Angeles Galaxy 2016 Player Cards
Los Angeles Galaxy / Herbalife
11 cards

A special boxed set of cards in a limited edition of 20,000, given out to fans on entering the stadium for the final game of the regular season on 23 October, 2016 against FC Dallas. The cards include a message of appreciation from each of the players along with a facsimile autograph. The LA Galaxy website actually created cards for all the players, though it seems only 11 made it to the boxed set. The design might be familiar to baseball card collectors as it's based on the 1989 Topps baseball cards.

3.  Ashley Cole
7.  Robbie Keane
8.  Steven Gerrard
10.  Giovani dos Santos
11.  Gyasi Zardes
12.  Brian Rowe
14.  Robbie Rogers
17.  Sebastian Lletget
20.  A.J. DeLaGarza
26.  Landon Donovan (Legend)
37.  Jelle van Damme

Los Angeles Galaxy 2016 Player Cards - Box

Steven Gerrard, Robbie Keane, Giovani dos Santos, Gyasi Zardes