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F.C. Internazionale Milano - F.C. Internazionale Milano Card Collection (2011-12) (Promocard)

F.C. Internazionale Milano Card Collection
F.C. Internazionale Milano / Promocard
32 cards

PC10229.  1/32.  Julio Cesar
PC10230.  2/32.  Ivan Cordoba
PC10231.  3/32.  Claudio Ranieri
PC10232.  4/32.  Javier Zanetti
PC10233.  5/32.  Dejan Stankovic
PC10234.  6/32.  Lucio
PC10235.  7/32.  Giampaolo Pazzini
PC10236.  8/32.  Thiago Motta
PC10237.  9/32.  Diego Furlan
PC10238.  10/32.  Wesley Sneijder
PC10239.  11/32.  Ricardo Alvarez
PC10240.  12/32.  Luca Castellazzi
PC10241.  13/32.  Maicon
PC10242.  14/32.  Jonathan
PC10243.  15/32.  Emiliano Viviano
PC10244.  16/32.  Luca Caldirola
PC10245.  17/32.  Yuto Nagamoto
PC10246.  18/32.  Andrea Poli
PC10247.  19/32.  Esteban Cambiasso
PC10248.  20/32.  Joel Obi
PC10249.  21/32.  Paolo Orlandoni
PC10250.  22/32.  Diego Milito
PC10251.  23/32.  Andrea Ranocchia
PC10252.  24/32.  Lorenzo Crisetig
PC10253.  25/32.  Walter Samuel
PC10254.  26/32.  Cristian Chivu
PC10255.  27/32.  Davide Faraoni
PC10256.  28/32.  Mauro Zarate
PC10257.  29/32.  Coutinho
PC10258.  30/32.  Luc Castaignos
PC10259.  31/32.  Luca Tornaghi
PC10260.  32/32.  Sulley Muntari

Hanks Fußballbilder (Germany) - Internationale Fußballspieler

Internationale Fußballspieler
Hanks Fußballbilder
4 cards

1.  Pelé
2.  Zinedine Zidane
3.  Ronaldinho
4.  David Backham

Panini (Brazil) - CONMEBOL Copa America 2021 Argentina / Colombia (03) - Albums

CONMEBOL Copa America 2021 Argentina / Colombia
369 stickers

I know of six different albums so far. thanks to Elias Patrick Jr. for providing some of the scans.  The checklist can be found here - Panini (Brazil) - CONMEBOL Copa America 2021 Argentina / Colombia (01) - Checklist.

Argentina, etc. - Softcover - Front
Argentina, etc. - Hardcover - Front
Argentina, etc. - Hardcover - Back
Brazil - Softcover - Front
Brazil - Softcover - Back
Brazil - Hardcover - Front
Brazil - Gold Hardcover - Front
Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela - Softcover - Front
Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela - Softcover - Back

Viver (Brazil) - Campeonato Pernambucano 92

Campeonato Pernambucano 92
? stickers

I only have a partial checklist for this collection but without sticker numbers.

Presidente (Sport Club de Recife)
Distintivo (Sport Club de Recife)
Mascote (Sport Club de Recife)
Técnico (Sport Club de Recife)
Gilberto (Sport Club de Recife)
Márcio (Sport Club de Recife)
Givaldo (Sport Club de Recife)
Junior (Sport Club de Recife)
Odair (Sport Club de Recife)
Ailton (Sport Club de Recife)
Gilton (Sport Club de Recife)
Chico Monte Alegre (Sport Club de Recife)
Ataide (Sport Club de Recife)
Erasmo (Sport Club de Recife)
Lopes (Sport Club de Recife)
Moura (Sport Club de Recife)
Hélio (Sport Club de Recife)
Rinaldo (Sport Club de Recife)
Zinho (Sport Club de Recife)
Neco (Sport Club de Recife)

Raimundo Moura - Presidente (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Distintivo (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Mascote (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Erandir Montenegro - Técnico (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Chico (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Ferreira (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Betão (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Malhado (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Ragne (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Paulo C130zar (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Edinho (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Sérgio China (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Henàglo (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Ribamar (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Bianor (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Lourival (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Marcelinho (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Afrânio (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Marcelo (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)
Pessanha (Santa Cruz Futebol Clube)

Presidente (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Distintivo (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Mascote (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Técnico (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Marcos Antonio (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Paraiba (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Cafezinho (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Élcio (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Levi (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Gaucho (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Alemão (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Paulo Roberto (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Artur (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Cléber (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Fagundes (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Jarbas (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Lúcio Surubim (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Nivaldo (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Newton (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)
Bizu (Clube Náutico Capibaribe)

Presidente (Central Sport Club)
Distintivo (Central Sport Club)
Mascote (Central Sport Club)
Técnico (Central Sport Club)
Rogério (Central Sport Club)
Felinho (Central Sport Club)
Glauco (Central Sport Club)
Didi (Central Sport Club)
Jandir (Central Sport Club)
Xepa (Central Sport Club)
Freitas (Central Sport Club)
Mazo (Central Sport Club)
Carlos Alberto Marrom (Central Sport Club)
Lêla (Central Sport Club)
Demoques (Central Sport Club)
Junior (Central Sport Club)
Márcio (Central Sport Club)
Mirandinha (Central Sport Club)
Helinho (Central Sport Club)
Rivair (Central Sport Club)

Panini - CONMEBOL Copa America 2021 Argentina / Colombia (05) - Checklist Chart

CONMEBOL Copa America 2021 Argentina / Colombia Preview
400 stickers

The tournament gets underway tomorrow despite all the problem caused by the pandemic. Colombia were removed as joint-hosts and a little while later Argentina suffered the same fate. There was plenty of speculation about where the tournament could be held, with Mexico and the USA suggested as possibilities, though CONMEBOL eventually decided on Brazil, but that was only ratified a couple of days ago by the Brazilian Supreme Court. Elias Patrick Jr. has provided a checklist chart that can be downloaded and used keep a check on the stickers you have and the ones you still need. His website can be found here - Mundo das Figurinhas. Clicking on this link will automatically download the PDF file -

Upper Deck - World Cup 94 Preview - English/Spanish (13) - Fan Kit

World Cup 94 Preview - English/Spanish - Fan Kit
Upper Deck
2 cards

I am still looking for scans of the version that includes the Upper Deck.

Get an Official World Cup Fan Kit (with Upper Deck logo)
Get an Official World Cup Fan Kit (without Upper Deck logo)

Topps - 2020-21 Topps Tier One Bundesliga (03) - Box

2020-21 Topps Tier One Bundesliga
? cards

The 2020-21 Topps Tier One Bundesliga Box.

Match of the Day magazine - Smilies Sticker Sheet

Smilies Sticker Sheet
Match of the Day magazine
1 sheet

This Similes sticker sheet is included with the current issue of Match of the Day magazine.

Smilies Sticker Sheet

Friday, 11 June 2021

Aldi Süd (Germany) - emoji Collectible Figures

emoji Collectible Figures
Aldi Süd
20 figures

From 25 May to 4 July customers who spend €20.00 or more at all Aldi Süd stores in Germany will receive an emoji collectible figure. A Collection Box is available for €1.99, which includes a mini soccer ball, a fold-out grandstand / fold-out goal and a separate game board. A total of three cool emoji® games can be played with the collection box.

VIP.  Rollandinho  -  Rollandinho – Der goldene Fußball
VIP.  McTrophy  -  McTrophy – Die Teamtrophäe mit Groove
VIP.  Sterni  -  Sterni – Die glitzernde Hüterin
VIP.  Wursty  -  Wursty – Die knackige Belohnung
Stürmer.  Goaldi  -  Goaldi - Die pure Euphorie
Stürmer.  DaChamp  -  Da Champ - Der Bärenstärke
Stürmer.  Zorni  -  Zorni - Der wütende Wirbelsturm
Stürmer.  Shooty  -  Shooty - Der Goalden Goaler
Mittelfeld.  Flaggie  -  Flaggie – Die erfahrene Motivationskünstlerin
Mittelfeld.  Arrrghiieee  -  Arrrghiieee – Der Meister der Vorlagen
Mittelfeld.  Shoccer  -  Shoccer – Die Überraschung
Mittelfeld.  SupaSad  -  Supa Sad – Der emotionale Fußballprofi
Abwehr.  Lovio  -  Lovio - Der Li(e)bero
Abwehr.  Screamy  -  Screamy - Die Schussfrequenz
Abwehr.  Snoozy  -  Snoozy - Der Verträumte
Abwehr.  Jubel Jr.  -  Jubel Jr. - Die Dauer-Ovation
Ordner.  DickesD  -  Dickes D - Die große Einheit
Ordner.  Kirie Schiri  -  Kirie Schiri - Der mit dem besonderen Pfiff
Ordner.  Fouli  -  Fouli – Der faire Bruder
Ordner.  Mauli  -  Mauli – Die richtende Schwester

Poste Italiane (Italy) - Euro 2020 (Postcard)

Euro 2020
Poste Italiane
1 postcard

This postcard is available from today, reproducing the postage stamp that is also available from today, both marking the start of the Euro 2020 competition.

Euro 2020

Panini - UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Edition (07) - Update stickers - Spain (01) - First News

UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Edition - Orange Edition
678 stickers

The July issue of Jugón magazine (No. 172) will include a sheet of update stickers for the Spanish team. At this moment in time that should mean stickers for nine players as listed below, but the Spanish camp is in the middle of a Covid-19 outbreak and I don't know what effect that will have on the squad. They current have six players training in a separate bubble and one or more of them may be called into the Euro 2020 squad.

César Azpilicueta
Diego Llorente
Marcos Llorente
Robert Sánchez
Jordi Alba
Adama Traoré
Pablo Sarabia
Aymeric Laporte

Kepa Arrizabalaga
Raúl Albiol
Rodrigo Moreno
Pablo Fornals
Carlos Soler
Brais Méndez

Leaf Trading Cards - 2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport
Leaf Trading Cards
23+ cards

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport is another on demand collection. Individual cards are available for 10 days at Leaf Trading Cards' website, priced at $7.99 (10 cards = $49.90; 20 cards = $79.800. Final print runs are announced at the end of the sales period. Each card is also avaialble in a variation and as an autograph card.

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport

PS1.  Trevor Lawrence (American Football)  -  Print run = 56,111
PS2.  Justin Fields (American Football)  -  Print run = 10,778
PS3.  DeVonta Smith (American Football)  -  Print run = 7,876
PS4.  Jaylen Waddle (American Football)  -  Print run = 3,140
PS5.  Zach Wilson (American Football)  -  Print run = 17,800
PS6.  Mac Jones (American Football)  -  Print run = 8,777
PS7.  Najee Harris (American Football)  -  Print run = 3,421
PS8.  Travis Etienne (American Football)  -  Print run = 3,328
PS9.  Bryson DeChambeau (Golf)  -  Print run = 16,865
PS10.  Trey Lance (American Football)  -  Print run = 7,900
PS11.  Giannis Antetokounmpo (Basketball)  - Print run = 3,200
PS12.  Trey Sermon (American Football)  -  Print run = 2,100
PS13.  Fernando Tatis Jr. (Baseball)  -  Print run = 3,100
PS14.  Mike Tyson (Boxing)  -  Print run = 4,1965
PS15.  Ja'Marr Chase (American Football)  -  Print run = 2,179
PS16.  Kyle Pitts (American Football)  -   Print run = 3,281
PS17.  Jasson Dominguez (Baseball)  -  Print run = 2,858
PS18.  Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy (Actor)
PS19.  Blaze Jordan (Baseball)
PS20.  Jozy Altidore
PS21.  Kardarius Toney (American Football)
PS22.  Tyson Fury (Boxing)
PS23.  Hideki Matsuyama (Golf)

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport - Variation
23+ cards

PS1.  Trevor Lawrence (American Football) - Reverse Negative  -  Print run = 1,000
PS2.  Justin Fields (American Football) - B/W Background  -  Print run = 500
PS3.  DeVonta Smith (American Football) - "Heisman Winner"  -  Print run = 400
PS4.  Jaylen Waddle (American Football) - No Helmet Stripe  -  Print run = 150
PS5.  Zach Wilson (American Football) - Full Body Image  -  Print run = 935
PS6.  Mac Jones (American Football) - Roll Tide Armband  -  Print run = 450
PS7.  Najee Harris (American Football) - Missing "Pro Set Prospect" Logo  -  Print run = 180
PS8.  Travis Etienne (American Football) - Orange Glove  -  Print run = 170
PS9.  Bryson DeChambeau (Golf) - "The Scientist"  -  Print run = 900
PS10.  Trey Lance (American Football) - Yellow Helmet Image  -  Print run = 509
PS11.  Giannis Antetokounmpo (Basketball) - "Greek Freak"  -  Print run = 259
PS12.  Trey Sermon (American Football) - No Yard Lines on Field  -  Print run = 91
PS13.  Fernando Tatis Jr. (Baseball) - "$340 Million 14 Year Contract"  -  Print run = 193
PS14.  Mike Tyson (Boxing) - "Iron" Mike Tyson  -  Print run = 220
PS15.  Ja'Marr Chase (American Football) - B/W Background  -  Print run = 100
PS16.  Kyle Pitts (American Football) - Missing "Pro Set Prospect" Logo  -  Print run = 175
PS17.  Jasson Dominguez (Baseball) - "The Martian"  -  Print run = 160
PS18.  Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy (Actor)
PS19.  Blaze Jordan (Baseball)
PS20.  Jozy Altidore
PS21.  Kardarius Toney (American Football)
PS22.  Tyson Fury (Boxing)
PS23.  Hideki Matsuyama (Golf)

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport - Autographs

PSA1.  Trevor Lawrence (American Football)
PSA2.  Justin Fields (American Football)
PSA3.  DeVonta Smith (American Football)
PSA4.  Jaylen Waddle (American Football)
PSA5.  Zach Wilson (American Football)
PSA6.  Mac Jones (American Football)
PSA7.  Najee Harris (American Football)
PSA8.  Travis Etienne (American Football)
PSA9.  Bryson DeChambeau (Golf)
PSA10.  Trey Lance (American Football)
PSA11.  Giannis Antetokounmpo (Basketball) 
PSA12.  Trey Sermon (American Football)
PSA13.  Fernando Tatis Jr. (Baseball)
PSA14.  Mike Tyson (Boxing)
PSA15.  Ja'Marr Chase (American Football)
PSA16.  Kyle Pitts (American Football)
PSA17.  Jasson Dominguez (Baseball) 
PSA18.  Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy (Actor)
PSA19.  Blaze Jordan (Baseball)
PSA20.  Jozy Altidore
PSA21.  Kardarius Toney (American Football)
PSA22.  Tyson Fury (Boxing)
PSA23.  Hideki Matsuyama (Golf)

Panini - UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Edition (10) - 6-Sticker Sheet - Germany

UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Edition
678 stickers

A sheet of 6 stickers taken from an album issued in Germany.

364.  Andrej Kramarić (Croatia)
243.  Christopher Trimmel (Austria)
644.  Roland Sallai (Hungary)
16.  Leonardo Bonucci (Italy)
523.  Dani Olmo (Spain)
124.  Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)

The Illustrated War News - V.C. Heroes of the Great War

V.C. Heroes of the Great War
The Illustrated War News
1 print

This print comes from the 7 July, 1915 issue of The Illustrated War News and shows Lce.-Corp. W. Angus at bottom right. He has featured on my blog a number of times, having been included on a number Victoria Cross Heroes cigarette cards. Before the war he played a couple of games for Vale of Leven while on loan from Celtic. He was badly injured during the action that led to the award and after being presented with his medal by King George V, the injured Angus returned to Scotland a National Hero and was presented to packed attendances at Parkhead (Glasgow Celtic) and Ibrox Park (Glasgow Rangers) receiving standing ovations at each stadium. 

Lce.-Corp. W. Angus

Match of the Day magazine - Euro 2020 Journal

Euro 2020 Journal
Match of the Day magazine
1 booklet

A couple of scans of the A5 52-page Euro 2020 Journal booklet included with the current issue of Match of the Day magazine.

Euro 2020 Journal