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Topps - 2018-19 UEFA Champions League TOPPS NOW Starting XI

2018-19 UEFA Champions League TOPPS NOW Starting XI
24 cards

A new set of Champions League NOW cards being issued in the run-up to the Champions League Final on 1 June, 2019 in Madrid.

17 May, 2019
2018-19 UEFA Champions League TOPPS NOW Starting XI Manager
XI-1.  Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  Print run = 79
XI-2.  Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool)  -  Print run = 92
2018-19 UEFA Champions League TOPPS NOW Starting XI Goalkeeper
XI-3.  Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  Print run = 81
XI-4.  Alisson Becker (Liverpool)  -  Print run = 89
20 May, 2019
2018-19 UEFA Champions League TOPPS NOW Starting XI Left Back
XI-5.  Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  Print run = 
XI-6.  Andrew Robertson (Liverpool)  -  Print run = 
21 May, 2019
2018-19 UEFA Champions League TOPPS NOW Starting XI Right Back
XI-7.  Kieran Trippier (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  Print run = 
XI-8.  Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)  -  Print run = 

Chada S.A. (Spain) - Album Deportivo - Reportajes Fotograficas Tabay (1948-49) (02) - Checklist

Album Deportivo - Reportajes Fotograficas Tabay
Chada S.A. (Chicles Tabay)
234 cards

Paul Bowditch has provided scans of all the album pages and I've been able to compile a checklist though for the most part I've only recorded the sports where the cards aren't football scenes but there are a few exceptions. Many of these cards are currently available on eBay - emilyclare_123. Paul has translated the advert that appears in the album:
"Have you tried two Tabays, instead of a pipe?  You will be like any smoker, of those who say that there is nothing like a good pipe, and yet there is something that can replace it with advantage.  Yes sir;  try chewing a couple of Tabays and convert your eight pipes daily into four tabletop pipes."
Further photos can be found in the earlier post published last month: Chada S.A. (Spain) - Album Deportivo - Reportajes Fotograficas Tabay (1948-49).

A-1.  XIV Olympiad London 1948 Gold Medal
A-2.  Football - FC Barcelona v Sittardse Boys (Netherlands)
A-3.  Football - FC Barcelona v Sittardse Boys (Netherlands)
A-4.  Cycling
A-5.  Tennis
A-6.  Ice Skating
A-7.  Football - FC Barcelona v Sittardse Boys (Netherlands)
A-8.  Motor Cycling
A-9.  Tennis
A-10.  Ice Skating
A-11.  Football - Arsenal v Preston North End
A-12.  Football - Tommy Lawton (Chelsea)
A-13.  Weightlifting
A-14.  Football - R.C.D. Espanol 3 Sabadell 3
A-15.  Ice Skating
A-16.  Ice Skating
A-17.  Swimming (Johnnny Weismuller - Tarzan)
A-18.  Boxing (Freddie Mills)
A-19.  Bobsleigh
A-20.  Winter Olympics
A-21.  Ski Jumping
A-22.  Ski-ing
A-23.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 1 Real Madrid 1
A-24.  Boxing - Freddie Mills v Paco Bueno
A-25.  Ice Skating
A-26.  Football - Independiente (Argentina)
A-27.  Football - Sevilla 0 Barcelona 6
A-28.  Football - Valencia 1 Bilbao 2
A-29.  Boxing - Freddie Mills v Paco Bueno
A-30.  Football - Atlético Bilbao 2 Sabadell 0
A-31.  Hockey
A-32.  Table Tennis
A-33.  Table Tennis
A-34.  Football - San Sebastian 0-6 Barcelona B
A-35.  Rowing
A-36.  Football - Espanol 2 Alcoyano 2
A-37.  Winter Olympics Medalist
A-38.  Football - Oviedo 2 Sabadell 1
A-39.  Football - Espana 2 Portugal 0
A-40.  Cycling
A-41.  Tennis
A-42.  Ski-ing
A-43.  Basketball
A-44.  Football - César (Espana 2 Portugal 0)
A-45.  Football - Espanyol 2-0 Real Madrid
A-46.  Football - Queens Park Rangers v Jack Stamps (Derby County)
A-47.  Ice Hockey
A-48.  Horse Racing (Grand National)
A-49.  Athletics
A-50.  Rowing
A-51.  Football - Barcelona 2 Atlético 2
A-52.  Motor Racing
A-53.  Football - Espanyol v FC Barcelona
A-54.  Football - Real Madrid 1 Atlético Madrid 1
A-55.  Football - Team Photo (Club de Futbol Barcleona - Campeon de Liga 1947-48)  -  4 times bigger than the other cards with pre-printed autographs below the team photo
A-56.  Football - Team Photo (Valencia CF)
A-57.  Football - Team Photo (Club Atlético de Madrid)
A-58.  Football - Sevilla 1 Sabadell 3
A-59.  Football - Stade Francais 2 Atlético de Madrid 1
A-60.  Football - Bilbao 0 Barcelona 3
A-61.  Tricycles
A-62.  Motor Cycling
A-63.  Football - Wembley Stadium
A-64.  Aviation
A-65.  Athletics
A-66.  Hockey
A-67.  Hockey
A-68.  Rugby
A-69.  Athletics
A-70.  Motor Racing
A-71.  Basketball
A-72.  Snooker
A-73.  Football - Espana 2 Ireland 1
A-74.  Athletics
A-75.  Football - Mahnchester United win F.A. Cup v Blackpool 4-2
A-76.  Football - Espanol 2 Murcia 0
A-77.  Boxing - Joe Louis & Jersey Joe Walcott
A-78.  Football - Serpis de Alco (Team Photo)
A-79.  Rugby
A-80.  Hockey
A-81.  Football - Espana 2 Ireland 1
A-82.  Football - Espanol 1 Real Madrid 0
A-83.  Football - Atlético Madrid 2 Barcelona 0
A-84.  Motor Racing
A-85.  Motor Racing
A-86.  Football - England v Italy (Stan Mortensen)
A-87.  Football - Celta 5 Atlético de Madrid 5
A-88.  Cycling
A-89.  Football - Barcelona
A-90.  Football - Barcelona, Vigo, Madrid
A-91.  Football - Espana 3 Suiza 3
A-92.  Horse Racing
A-93.  Wood Chopping (Aizkolaris)
A-94.  Cycling
A-95.  Cycling
A-96.  Motor Racing
A-97.  Tennis
A-98.  Golf
A-99.  Wood Chopping (Aizkolaris)
A-100.  Football - Barcelona, Vigo, Madrid
A-101.  Scrambling
A-102.  Cycling
A-103.  Boxing (Joe Louis v Jersey Joe Walcott)
A-104.  Boxing (Tony Zale v Rocky Graziano)
A-105.  Boxing (Tony Zale v Rocky Graziano)
A-106.  Football - Team Photo (Sevilla Club de Futbol - Campeon de Espana 1948)  -  4 times bigger than the other cards
A-107.  Cycling
A-108.  Water Ski-ing
A-109.  Cycling
A-110.  Cycling
A-111.  Athletics
A-112.  Cycling
A-113.  Tennis
A-114.  Athletics
A-115.  Athletics
A-116.  Athletics
A-117.  Swimming
A-118.  Football - Asturias 3 Leon 2 (Mexico)
A-119.  Boxing - Freddie Mills
A-120.  Football - Austria 3 Suecia 2
A-121.  Cycling
A-122.  Water Polo
A-123.  Swimming
A-124.  Athletics
A-125.  Wrestling
A-126.  Wrestling
A-127.  Show Jumping
A-128.  Football - 1948 Olympic Games Medal Ceremony - Sweden v Yugoslavia
A-129.  Athletics
A-130.  Athletics
A-131.  Athletics
A-132.  Athletics
A-133.  Athletics
A-134.  Athletics
A-135.  Athletics
A-136.  Athletics
A-137.  Athletics
A-138.  Athletics
A-139.  Show Jumping
A-140.  Yachting
A-141.  Cycling
A-142.  Football - Wally Barnes (Arsenal)
A-143.  Athletics
A-144.  Swimming
A-145.  Swimming
A-146.  Boxing
A-147.  Boxing
A-148.  Football - Sabadell 2 Tarragona 3
A-149.  Football - Barcelona 4 Sporting de Portugal 1
A-150.  Football - Espanol 4 Atlético de Madrid 1
A-151.  Football - Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 2
A-152.  Football - Barcelona 5 Coruna 1
A-153.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 6 Oviedo 0
A-154.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 1 Sevilla 1
A-155.  Football - Barcelona 5 Oviedo 2
A-156.  Boxing
A-157.  Stock Car Racing
A-158.  Stock Car Racing
A-159.  Athletics
A-160.  Motor Racing
A-161.  Motor Racing
A-162.  Swimming
A-163.  Football - Espanol 0 Oviedo 0
A-164.  Football - Sabadell 1 Barcelona 0
A-165.  Football - Barcelona 4 Valencia 3
A-166.  Football - Real Madrid 3 Espanol 1
A-167.  Football - Tarragona 2 Barcelona 2
A-168.  Football - Sabadell 1 Atlético de Madrid 3
A-169.  Football - Espanol 5 Valladolid 1
A-170.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 4 Alcoyano 0
A-171.  Football - Barcelona 4 Alcoyano 0
A-172.  Sailing
A-173.  Sailing
A-174.  Hockey
A-175.  Athletics
A-176.  Boxing (Freddie Mills)
A-177.  Wrestling
A-178.  Wrestling
A-179.  Wrestling
A-180.  Boxing
A-181.  Ice Hockey
A-182.  Football - Barcelona 2 Sevilla 1
A-183.  Football - Espanol 1 Alcoyano 1
A-184.  Football - Real Madrid 6 Celta 0
A-185.  Football - Barcelona 5 Bilbao 2
A-186.  Football - Sabadell 2 Espanol 0
A-187.  Football - Gordon Bradley (Leicester City)
A-188.  Parque Zoologico
A-189.  Jiu-Jitsu
A-190.  Football - Kjell Rosen, Birger Rosengren, Gunnar Gren
A-191.  Ice Skating
A-192.  Rowing
A-193.  Athletics
A-194.  Tennis
A-195.  Football - Real Madrid 5 Sabadell 1
A-196.  Rugby
A-197.  Football - J. Flewin (Portsmouth F.C.)
A-198.  Football - Valladolid 2 A.I.K. de Suecia 4
A-199.  Dancing
A-200.  Cycling
A-201.  Swimming
A-202.  Wood Chopping
A-203.  Horse Racing
A-204.  Boxing
A-205.  Ice Skating
A-206.  Boxing
A-207.  Football - Real Madrid 5-0 Benfica (Benfica Team Photo)
A-208.  Football - Club Atlante de Méjico
A-209.  Football - Espanol 1 Barcelona 1
A-210.  Football - Barcelona 1 A. Boldklub 1
A-211.  Biathlon
A-212.  Boxing (Joe Louis)
A-213.  Scrambling
A-214.  Scrambling
A-215.  Ice Skating
A-216.  Cycling
A-217.  Boxing
A-218.  Athletics
A-219.  Ski-ing
A-220.  Show Junping
A-221.  Parque Zoologico
A-222.  Football - Team Photo (Atlético de Bilbao)
A-223.  Football - Team Photo (Vasco de Gama)
A-224.  Football - Atlético 0 Real Madrid 2
A-225.  Football - Atlético 2-1 Espanyol
A-226.  Football - Espana 1 Bélgica 1
A-227.  Motor Racing
A-228.  Athletics

Pins Illustrated - Superstars Soccer Pins Collection No. 1

Superstars Soccer Pins Collection No. 1
Pins Illustrated
20 cards/badges

The cards and badges were packaged together. The cards state "Collection No. 1" but a second collection was never released.

Superstars Soccer Pins Collection No. 1 - Cards
Superstars Soccer Pins Collection No. 1 - Badges

1.  Neville Southall (Everton & Wales)
2.  Ally McCoist (Rangers & Scotland)
3.  Alan McLaren (Hearts & Scotland)
4.  Tony Adams (Arsenal & England)
5.  Dean Saunders (Aston Villa & Wales)
6.  Mark Hughes (Manchester United & Wales)
7.  Chris Waddle (Sheffield Wednesday & England)
8.  Alan Shearer (Blackburn & England)
9.  Nigel Clough (Liverpool & England)
10.  Paul McStay (Celtic & Scotland)
11.  Lee Sharpe (Manchester United & England)
12.  Matthew Le Tissier (Southamtpon & England)
13.  Les Ferdinand (Queens Park Rangers & England)
14.  David Batty (Leeds United & England)
15.  Paul Gascoigne (Lazio & England)
16.  Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest & England)
17.  Eoin Jess (Aberdeen & Scotland)
18.  Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur & England)
19.  Mark Hateley (Rangers & England)
20.  Ian Wright (Arsenal & England)

Topps - Match Attax 101 (04)

Match Attax 101
? cards

These tins are currently on sale on Topps' website and due for dispatch after 29 May. The tin includes a Jesse Lingard Gold Limited Edition card as well as exclusive Hometown Heroes cards.
It seems that all the players in this collection will have players in unbranded jerseys - all the details photoshopped out, similar to what they used to do with their World Cup Match Attax collections.

Upper Deck - Manchester United (2003-04) (03) - ManUscripts - Ryan Giggs

Manchester United
Upper Deck
100 base cards

Here are the three Ryan Giggs cards.

Manchester United - ManUscripts - Red (#/39)
PARALLEL:  Manchester United - ManUscripts - Black (#/25)
PARALLEL:  Manchester United - ManUscripts - Gold (#/11)

RG.  Ryan Giggs

Philip Neill - (079) Footy Star (02) - Original Artwork

(079) Footy Star
Philip Neill
10 cards

From time to time Phil Neill sells original artwork, usually A4 size and here are some example from this collection. The complete checklist can be found here - Philip Neill - (079) Footy Star.

Glasgow Evening Times - Wall-Pics - J. Fallon, Goalkeeper

Glasgow Evening Times
Unknown number

Another item given free with the Evening Times in the 1960's or early 1970's. Thanks to John Flynn for providing the photo.

J. Fallon, Goalkeeper (Celtic)