Saturday 27 September 2014

Panini - Euro 88

Euro 88
267 stickers

A few variations of album covers with this collection, here's the United Kingdom album. The International version is the one seen mostly outside the United Kingdom, but in Germany it is available with an overprint indicating the version that comes with a special poster to hold 28 extra mini stickers that were attached to Coca Cola bottles (both sides of the poster are shown above). The checklist for the extra 28 stickers can be found in this blog. 
In 2011 the collection was re-issued over a period of weeks in Switzerland.

1.  Berni (Mascot)
2.  Berni (Mascot)
3.  Official Poster
4.  Official Emblem
5.  Russia 1960
6.  Lev Jashin
7.  Spain 1961
8.  Amaro Amancio
9.  Italy 1968
10.  Luigi Riva
11.  West Germany 1972
12.  Gerd Muller
13.  Czechoslovakia 1976
14.  Ivo Victor
15.  Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
16.  West Germany 1980
17.  France 1984
18.  Michel Platini
19.  Euro 88 Map
20.  Euro 88 Map
21.  Munich
22.  Munich Stadia
23.  Dusseldorf
24.  Dusseldorf Stadia
25.  Frankfurt
26.  Frankfurt Stadia
27.  Gelsenkirchen
28.  Gelsenkirchen Stadia
29.  Hamburg
30.  Hamburg Stadia
31.  Hannover
32.  Hannover Stadia
33.  Koln
34.  Koln Stadia
35.  Stuttgart
36.  Stuttgart Stadia
37.  Berni (Mascot)
38.  Berni (Mascot)
39.  Berni (Mascot)
40.  Berni (Mascot)
41.  Berni (Mascot)
42.  Berni (Mascot)
43.  Berni (Mascot)
44.  Berni (Mascot)
45.  Team (West Germany)
46.  Team (West Germany)
47.  Team (West Germany)
48.  Team (West Germany)
49.  Mascot (West Germany)
50.  Badge (West Germany)
51.  Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany)
52.  Eike Immel (West Germany)
53.  Bodo Illgner (West Germany)
54.  Jurgen Kohler (West Germany)
55.  Matthias Herget (West Germany)
56.  Guido Buchwald (West Germany)
57.  Franco Foda (West Germany)
58.  Hans Pflugler (West Germany)
59.  Michael Frontzeck (West Germany)
60.  Thomas Berthold (West Germany)
61.  Andreas Brehme (West Germany)
62.  Stefan Reuter (West Germany)
63.  Hans Dorfner (West Germany)
64.  Wolfram Wuttke (West Germany)
65.  Lothar Matthaus (West Germany)
66.  Olaf Thon (West Germany)
67.  Uwe Rahn (West Germany)
68.  Pierre Littbarski (West Germany)
69.  Rudi Voller (West Germany)
70.  Klaus Allofs (West Germany)
71.  Jurgen Klinsmann (West Germany)
72.  Team (Italy)
73.  Team (Italy)
74.  Team (Italy)
75.  Team  (Italy)
76.  Mascot (Italy)
77.  Badge (Italy)
78.  Azeglio Vicini (Italy)
79.  Walter Zenga (Italy)
80.  Stefano Tacconi (Italy)
81.  Giuseppe Bergomi (Italy)
82.  Ciro Ferrara (Italy)
83.  Franco Baresi (Italy)
84.  Roberto Tricella (Italy)
85.  Riccardo Ferri (Italy)
86.  Giovanni Francini (Italy)
87.  Paolo Maldini (Italy)
88.  Luigi De Agostini (Italy)
89.  Salvatore Bagni (Italy)
90.  Luca Fusi (Italy)
91.  Fernando De Napoli (Italy)
92.  Giuseppe Giannini (Italy)
93.  Francesco Romano (Italy)
94.  Roberto Donadoni (Italy)
95.  Roberto Manchini (Italy)
96.  Alessendro Altobelli (Italy)
97.  Gianluca Vialli (Italy)
98.  Ruggiero Rizzitelli (Italy)
99.  Team (Denmark)
100.  Team (Denmark)
101.  Team (Denmark)
102.  Team (Denmark)
103.  Mascot (Denmark
104.  Badge (Denmark)
105.  Sepp Piontek (Denmark)
106.  Troels Rasmussen (Denmark)
107.  Lars Hogh (Denmark)
108.  John Sivebaek (Denmark)
109.  Soren Busk (Denmark)
110.  Morten Olsen (Denmark)
111.  Ivan Nielsen (Denmark)
112.  Lars Olsen (Denmark)
113.  Jan Heintze (Denmark)
114.  Henrik Andersen (Denmark)
115.  Jan Molby (Denmark)
116.  John Jensen (Denmark)
117.  Soren Lerby (Denmark)
118.  Per Frimann (Denmark)
119.  Klaus Berggreen (Denmark)
120.  Frank Arnesen (Denmark)
121.  Jesper Olsen (Denmark)
122.  Preben Elkjaer-Larsen (Denmark)
123.  Michael Laudrup (Denmark)
124.  Flemming Povlsen (Denmark)
125.  Claus Nielsen (Denmark)
126.  Team (Spain)
127.  Team (Spain)
128.  Team (Spain)
129.  Team (Spain)
130.  Mascot (Spain)
131.  Badge (Spain)
132.  Miguel Munoz (Spain)
133.  Andoni Zubizarreta (Spain)
134.  Francisco Buyo (Spain)
135.  Miguel Portlan "Chendo" (Spain)
136.  Andoni Goicoechea (Spain)
137.  Manuel Sanchis (Spain)
138.  Genaro Andrinua (Spain)
139.  Julio Alberto Moreno (Spain)
140.  Luis Maria Lopez Recarte (Spain)
141.  Victor Munoz (Spain)
142.  Juan Antonoi Senor (Spain)
143.  Ricardo Gallego (Spain)
144.  Miguel Gonzalez "Michel" (Spain)
145.  Rafael Gordillo (Spain)
146.  Ramon Maria Caldere (Spain)
147.  Rafael Martin Vazquez (Spain)
148.  Francisco Llorente (Spain)
149.  Emilio Butragueno (Spain)
150.  Julio Salinas (Spain)
151.  Jose Maria Baquero (Spain)
152.  Francisco Jose Carrasco (Spain)
153.  Team (England
154.  Team (England)
155.  Team (England)
156.  Team (England)
157.  Mascot (England)
158.  Badge (England)
159.  Bobby Robson (England)
160.  Peter Shilton (England)
161.  Chris Woods (England)
162.  Gary Stevens (England)
163.  Viv Anderson (England)
164.  Terry Butcher (England)
165.  Tony Adams (England)
166.  Mark Wright (England)
167.  Kenny Sanson (England)
168.  Stuart Pearce (England)
169.  Trevor Steven (England)
170.  Peter Reid (England)
171.  Steve Hodge (England)
172.  Glenn Hoddle (England)
173.  Neil Webb (England)
174.  Bryan Robson (England)
175.  Chris Waddle (England)
176.  Peter Beardsley (England)
177.  Gary Lineker (England)
178.  Mark Hateley (England)
179.  John Barnes (England)
180.  Team (Rep of Ireland)
181.  Team (Rep of Ireland)
182.  Team (Rep of Ireland)
183.  Team (Rep of Ireland)
184.  Mascot (Rep of Ireland)
185.  Badge (Rep of Ireland)
186.  Jack Charlton (Republic of Ireland)
187.  Pat Bonner (Republic of Ireland)
188.  Gerry Peyton (Republic of Ireland)
189.  John Anderson (Republic of Ireland)
190.  David Lancan (Republic of Ireland)
191.  Kevin Moran (Republic of Ireland)
192.  Mick Mccarthy (Republic of Ireland)
193.  Paul Mcgrath (Republic of Ireland)
194.  Chris Hughton (Republic of Ireland)
195.  Ronnie Whelan (Republic of Ireland)
196.  Mark Lawrenson (Republic of Ireland)
197.  Liam O`Brien (Republic of Ireland)
198.  Ray Houghton (Republic of Ireland)
199.  Liam Brady (Republic of Ireland)
200.  Kevin Sheedy (Republic of Ireland)
201.  Tony Galvin (Republic of Ireland)
202.  John Byrne (Republic of Ireland)
203.  Frank Stapleton (Republic of Ireland)
204.  John Aldridge (Republic of Ireland)
205.  Niall Quinn (Republic of Ireland)
206.  David Kelly (Republic of Ireland)
207.  Team (Holland)
208.  Team (Holland)
209.  Team (Holland)
210.  Team (Holland)
211.  Mascot (Holland)
212.  Badge (Holland)
213.  Rinus Michels (Holland)
214.  Hans van Breukelen (Holland)
215.  Stanley Menzo (Holland)
216.  Sonny Silooy (Holland)
217.  Ronald Koeman (Holland)
218.  Ronald Spelbos (Holland)
219.  Adrie van Tiggelen (Holland)
220.  Sjaank Troost (Holland)
221.  Joop Lankhaar (Holland)
222.  Aron Winter (Holland)
223.  Frank Rijkaard (Holland)
224.  Berry van Aerle (Holland)
225.  Jan Wouters (Holland)
226.  Arnold Muhren (Holland)
227.  Ruud Gullit (Holland)
228.  Gerald Vanenburg (Holland)
229.  John Bosman (Holland)
230.  Marco van Basten (Holland)
231.  Wim Kieft (Holland)
232.  Johnny van't Schip (Holland)
233.  Hans Gillhaus (Holland)
234.  Team (Russia)
235.  Team (Russia)
236.  Team (Russia)
237.  Team (Russia)
238.  Mascot (Russia)
239.  Badge (Russia)
240.  Valerij Lobanovskij (Russia)
241.  Rinat Dasaev (Russia)
242.  Viktor Chanov (Russia)
243.  Vladimir Bessonov (Russia)
244.  Sergeeij Baltacha (Russia)
245.  Vagiz Khidiatullin (Russia)
246.  Oleg Kuznetsov (Russia)
247.  Aleksandr Bubnov (Russia)
248.  Anatolij Demianenko (Russia)
249.  Sergeij Gotsmanov (Russia)
250.  Pavel Yakovenko (Russia)
251.  Ivan Yaremchuk (Russia)
252.  Sergeij Aleinikov (Russia)
253.  Vasilij Rats (Russia)
254.  Gennadij Litovchenko (Russia)
255.  Alekseij Mikhaijlichenko (Russia)
256.  Igor Dobrovolskij (Russia)
257.  Aleksandrov Zavarov (Russia)
258.  Igor Belanov (Russia)
259.  Oleg Protasov (Russia)
260.  Sergeij Rodionov (Russia)
261.  Paolo Casarin (Referee)
262.  Erik Fredriksson (Referee)
263.  Dieter Pauly (Referee)
264.  Alexis Ponnet (Referee)
265.  Jose Rosa Dos Santos (Referee)
266.  Robert Valentine (Referee)
267.  Michel Vautrot (Referee)

Unknown issuer - FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 Card Collection (Blue border)

FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 Card Collection (Blue border)
Unknown issuer
Unknown number

Lee West has sent in yet another card from an unknown series, issued in Brazil.

Alexis Sànchez (Chile)
Stipe Pletikosa (Croàcia)

Topps / The Sun - Match Attax 2014-15 (3)

Match Attax 2014-15
Topps / The Sun
7 sheets

All seven sheets displayed, with many thanks to Toby for supplying scans of the cards due to be issued from Monday to Friday this week.

Sheet 1 (Saturday, 27 September, 2014)

IM9.  Ki Sung-Yeung (Swansea City)
44.  Stephen Reid (Burnley)
34.  Anders Weimann (Aston Villa)
324.  Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham Hotspur)
354.  Kevin Nolan (West Ham United)
IM5.  Dejan Lovren (Liverpool)

Sheet 2 (Sunday, 28 September, 2014)  -  Thanks to Toby (Tankerton1)

184.  Luke Shaw (Manchester United)
140.  Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City)
IM1.  Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)
218.  Rob Green (Queens Park Rangers)
IM8.  Peter Odemwinge (Stoke City)
76.  Damien Delaney (Crystal Palace)

Sheet 3 (Monday, 29 September, 2014)

107.  Steven Naismith (Everton)
88.  Marouane Chamakh (Crystal Palace)
IM11.  Enner Valencia (West Ham United)
169.  Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City)
IM3.  Oscar (Chelsea)
113.  James Chester (Hull City)

Sheet 4 (Tuesday, 30 September, 2014)

6.  Calum Chambers (Arsenal)
305.  Bafetimbi Gomis (Swansea City)
IM2.  Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa)
250.  Graziano Pelle (Southampton)
IM7.  Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United)
337.  Craig Gardner (West Bromwich Albion)

Sheet 5 (Wednesday, 1 October, 2014)

156.  Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)
166.  Martin Demichelis (Manchester City)
IM4.  Ross Barkley (Everton)
286.  Connor Wickham (Sunderland)
215.  Yoan Gouffran (Newcastle United)
236.  Fraser Forster (Southampton)

Sheet 6 (Thursday, 2 October, 2014)

65.  Ramires (Chelsea)
201.  Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle United)
IM6.  Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City)
110.  Alan McGregor (Hull City)
138.  Marc Albrightpn (Leicester City)
234.  Charlie Austin (Queens Park Rangers)

Sheet 7 (Friday, 3 October, 2014)

54.  Lukas Jutkiewicz (Burnley)
160.  Emre Can (Liverpool)
IM10.  Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)
329.  Jonas Olsson (West Bromwich Albion)
274.  John O'Shea (Sunderland)
264.  Stephen Ireland (Stoke City)

International Master

IM1.  Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

IM2.  Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa)
IM3.  Oscar (Chelsea)
IM4.  Ross Barkley (Everton)
IM5.  Dejan Lovren (Liverpool)
IM6.  Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City)
IM7.  Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United)
IM8.  Peter Odemwinge (Stoke City)
IM9.  Ki Sung-Yeung (Swansea City)
IM10.  Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)
IM11.  Enner Valencia (West Ham United)

Unknown issuer - FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 Card Colection

FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 Card Colection
Unknown issuer
Unknown number

Lee West has sent in another card from an unknown series, issued in Brazil.

Fàbregas (Spain)

Panini (Poland) - T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Adrenalyn XL 2014-2015 (06) - Limited Editions

T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Adrenalyn XL 2014-2015 - Limited Editions
294  cards + 19 LEs

Two more Limited Edition cards, making 19 so far, thanks to Makscollection

Limitowanej Edycji (Limited Edition)

Marcin Budziński (Cracovia Kraków)  - Blister
Dawid Nowak (Cracovia Kraków)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
? (GKS Bełchatów)
Przemysław Kaźmierczak (Górnik Łęczna)  -  shown previously  - Blister
? (Górnik Zabrze)
? (Jagiellonia Białystok)
Serhii Pylypchuk (Korona Kielce)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Kasper Hämäläinen (Lech Poznań)  -  shown previously  - Blister
Łukasz Teodorczyk (Lech Poznań)  - Blister
Ariel Borysiuk (Lechia Gdańsk)  -  shown previously  - Blister
Bartłomiej Pawłowski (Lechia Gdańsk)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Dusan Kuciak (Legia Warszawa)  -  shown previously  - Blister
Miroslav Radović (Legia Warszawa)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Rubén Jurado (Piast Gliwice)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Robert Demjan (Podbeskidzie)  -  shown previously  - Blister
? (Pogoń Szczecin)
Grzegorz Kuświk (Ruch Chorzów)  -  shown previously  - Blister
Filip Starzyński (Ruch Chorzów)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Sebastian Mila (Śląsk Wrocław)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Marco Paixão (Śląsk Wrocław)  -  shown previously  - Blister
Paweł Brożek (Wisła Kraków)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack
Łukasz Garguła (Wisła Kraków)  -  shown previously  - Blister
Bernardo Vasconcelos (Zawisza Bydgoszcz)  -  shown previously  - Starter Pack

Friday 26 September 2014

Unknown issuer - FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014

FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014
Unknown issuer
unknown number

This is one of only two cards I know of from this series. There must be many more.

Mario Götze (Germany)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Unknown issuer (Brazil) - Copa Brasil 2014 cards game (2)

Copa Brasil 2014 cards game
Unknown issuer
71 cards known so far

Lee West has sent in some pictures along with a list of cards he has acquired.

Alejandro Sabella (Tecnico) (Argentina)
Sergio Romero (Argentina)
Javier Mascherano (Argentina)
Maxi Rodrigues (Argentina)
Pablo Zabaleta (Argentina)
Nicolas Otamendi (Argentina)
Marcos Rojo (Argentina)
Fede Fernandez (Argentina)
Jose Maria Basanta (Argentina)
Kun Aguero (Argentina)
Carlito Tevez (Argentina)
Angel Di Maria (Argentina)

Romelu Lukaku (Tecnico) (Belgica) - card is incorrectly named, photo is Marc Wilmots

Victor (Brasil)
Luiz Gustavo (Brasil)
Marcelo (Brasil)

Samuel Eto'o (Camarões)

Jorge Sampaoli (Tecnico) (Chile)

Alvaro Saborio (Costa Rica)
Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica)
Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica)

Yaya Toure (Costa Do Marfim) - card is incorrectly named, photo is Salomon Kalou
Yaya Toure (Costa Do Marfim)
Didier Drogba (Costa Do Marfim)

Reinaldo Rueda (Tecnico) (Equador)

Kyle Walker (Inglaterra)

Raul Albiol (Espanha)
David Villa (Espanha)

Bacary Sagna (Franca)
Franck Ribery (Franca)
Olivier Giroud (Franca)

Asamoah Gyan (Gana)

Luiz Fernando Suarez (Tecnico) (Honduras)

Mohammad Nosrati (Ira)

Alberto Zaccheroni (Tecnico) (Japao)
Eji Kawashima (Japao)
Atsuto Uchida (Japao)
Hiroshi Kiyotake (Japao)
Masahiko Inoha (Japao)
Gotoku Sakai (Japao)
Hiroki Sakai (Japao)
Hajime Hosogai (Japao)
Yasuhito Endo (Japao)
Maya Yoshida (Japao)
Mike Havenaar (Japao)
Yuto Nagatomo (Japao)

Alfredo Talavera (Mexico)
Gerardo Torrado (Mexico)
Pablo Barrera (Mexico)
Carlos Salcido (Mexico)
Javier Aquino (Mexico)
Angel Reyna (Mexico)
Andres Guardado (Mexico)

Robin Van Persie (Holanda)

Stephen Keshi (Tecnico) (Nigeria)
Ahmed Musa (Nigeria)
Joseph Akpala (Nigeria)
Gambo Muhammad (Nigeria)
Azubuike Egwuekwe (Nigeria)
Brown Ideye (Nigeria)
Salomon Kwambe (Nigeria)
John Obi Mikel (Nigeria)
Efe Ambrose (Nigeria)
Efe Ambrose (Nigeria) - card is incorrectly named, photo is Godfrey Oboabona
Emmanuel Emenike (Nigeria)

Miguel Veloso (Portugal)

Fabio Capello (Tecnico) (Russia)
Andrei Arshavin (Russia)

Jozy Altidore (Estados Unidos)
Landon Donovan (Estados Unidos)

Sao Paulo Itaquerao (Untitled - Stadia)
Porto Alegre Beira Rio (Untitled - Stadia)

Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (3)

Premier Gold 2014
150 cards - base set

Three players signing their autogrpah stickers ready for the new collection.

Sunday Mail - (SUN-250-1/SURR-1-1A) Sunday Mail Junior Sports Club (Colour)


SUN-250-2 / SURR-1-1B Scottish Footballers (Colour)
Sunday Mail Junior Sports Club
22 large cards

I've covered the two sets of black and white postcards issued by the Sunday Mail around this period. I have the checklist for the coloured cards but I didn't have a photo to accompany the checklist. Luckily, Brian McEwan sent in this photo. The cards are quite large, measuring 8" x 5" (sorry, I never really got into the metric thing, even though I do use it from time to time). The cards are numbered for reference purposes only, making it easier to do a card count.

  1. George Aitken (Third Lanark)
  2. Willie Bauld (Hearts)   -   link
  3. Bobby Brown (Rangers)   -   amended   -  thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  4. Jim Cowan (Greenock Morton)
  5. Sammy Cox (Rangers)
  6. Jerry Dawson (Falkirk)   -   link
  7. Bobby Evans (Celtic)
  8. R. Johnstone (Hibernian)
  9. Ian McColl (Rangers)   -   amended   -  thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  10. John McPhail (Celtic)   -   link
  11. Jas. Mason (Third Lanark)
  12. Willie Redpath (Motherwell)
  13. Laurie Reilly (Hibernian)
  14. Gordon Smith (Hibernian)
  15. Billy Steel (Dundee)
  16. Willie Thornton (Rangers)
  17. Charlie Tully (Celtic)
  18. Eddie Turnbull (Hibernian)
  19. Willie Waddell (Rangers)
  20. Jimmy Walker (Partick Thistle)
  21. Willie Woodburn (Rangers)
  22. Geo. Young (Rangers)

Topps / The Sun - Match Attax 2014-15 (2) International Masters

Match Attax 2014-15
Topps / The Sun
7 sheets

42 cards (7 sheets of six cards) will be given free with the newspaper starting tomorrow, Saturday, 27 September. The cards are only available from Tesco stores.
International Master cards are exclusive to this release. All the cards are perforated.
Starting tomorrow I'll be including scans of each sheet of cards as they are issued.

International Master

IM1.  Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)
IM2.  Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa)
IM3.  Oscar (Chelsea)
IM4.  Ross Barkley (Everton)
IM5.  Dejan Lovren (Liverpool)
IM6.  Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City)
IM7.  Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United)
IM8.  Peter Odemwinge (Stoke City)
IM9.  Ki Sung-Yeung (Swansea City)
IM10.  Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)
IM11.  Enner Valencia (West Ham United)

Soccer Weekly - 2013 Football Cards (7)

2013 Football Cards
Football/Soccer Weekly - 足球周刊
4 + 2 + 1 cards

I've already shown a number of sets issued by this magazine in 2014 and didn't realise I hadn't included the last few sets from 2013, mostly featuring just about the biggest team in China - Guangzhou Evergrande - and a card of Didier Drogba with his Golden Boot award.

(604) 2013-14(4-1).  Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.
(605) 2013-14(4-2).  Muriqui (Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.)
(606) 2013-14(4-3).  Dario Conca (Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.)
(607) 2013-14(4-4).  Elkeson (Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.)

(608) 2013-15(2-1).  Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.
(609) 2013-15(2-2).  Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.

(610) 2013-16(1-1).  Didier Drogba (2013 Golden Foot)

Topps - World Cup 1982 (03) Martin O'Neill

World Cup 1982
63 cards known

Martin O'Neill (Northern Ireland)

Thursday 25 September 2014

Topps - Match Attax 2011/2012 (6) Golden Moments

Match Attax 2011/2012 - Golden Moments
360 cards

It seems that yesterdays illustrated checklists inspired someone, as I'd like to thank Colin Frazer for supplying images of all these cards.

GM1.  Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur)
GM2.  Dalian Atkinson (Aston Villa)
GM3.  Les Ferdinand (Newcastle United)
GM4.  Chris Sutton (Blackburn Rovers)
GM5.  Matt Le Tissier (Southampton)
GM6.  Jurgen Klinsman (Tottenham Hotspur)
GM7.  Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)
GM8.  Tim Sherwood (Blackburn Rovers)
GM9.  Tony Yeboah (Leeds United)
GM10.  Stan Collymore (Liverpool)
GM11.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
GM12.  Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesbrough)
GM13.  Philippe Albert (Newcastle United)
GM14.  Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
GM15.  Paulo Wanchope (Derby County)
GM16.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)
GM17.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)
GM18.  Paolo Di Canio (West Ham United)
GM19.  Kevin Philips (Sunderland)
GM20.  Thierry Henry (Arsenal)
GM21.  Ledley King (Tottenham Hotspur)
GM22.  Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)
GM23.  Shaun Goater (Manchester City)
GM24.  Jay-Jay Okocha (Bolton Wanderers)
GM25.  Junichi Inamoto (Fulham)
GM26.  Patrick Vieira (Arsenal)
GM27.  Petr Cech (Chelsea)
GM28.  John Terry (Chelsea)
GM29.  Geoff Horsfield (West Bromwich Albion)
GM30.  Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)
GM31.  Andrew Johnson (Everton)
GM32.  Paul Robinson (Tottenham Hotspur)
GM33.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
GM34.  Mamady Sidibe (Stoke City)
GM35.  Jimmy Bullard (Hull City)
GM36.  Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
GM37.  Kevin Doyle (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
GM38.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
GM39.  James McCarthy (Birmingham City)
GM40.  Ashley Williams (Swansea City)