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The Magnet Library - MAG040-1/2 / MBH-2-1/2 Football Teams ~ 1st and 2nd Series (2)

MAG040-1/MBH-2-1 Football Teams
MAG-040-2/MBH-2-2 Football Teams - 2nd Series
The Magnet Library
6 + 4 cards

Small team photos issued in two series, listed previously, but here's a complete illustrated checklist.
UPDATE (17-06-2018 10:21):  The names of the players featured on the Preston North End and Bolton Wanderers cards added, thanks to Roger Pashby who has a new website dedicated to cards like these - 1920s Heaven - Football trade cards of the 1920s.

MAG-040-2/MBH-2-2 Football Teams - 1st Series

Preston North End F.C.   -   11 November, 1922  -  issue no. 770
F. Jeffries, T. Hamilton, T. Duxbury, J. Branston, W. Mercer, A. Doolan, A. Rawlings, W.T. Roberts, R. Woodhouse, J. McCall, G. Sapsford, P. Quinn
Chelsea F.C.   -   18 November, 1922  -  issue no. 771
J. Bell, G. Smith, B. Sharp, Howard Baker, T. Hoddinott, H. Wilding, J. Harrow, G. Dale, H. Ford, J.G. Cook, T. Meehan, R. McNeill
Middlesbrough F.C.   -   25 November, 1922  -  issue no. 772
W. Birrell, J. Carr, P. Donaghy, R. Pender, V. Fox, R.G. Williamson, W. Carr, G. Carr, J. Marshall, A. N. Wilson, S. Davidson, G.W. Elliot, W. Ellerington, T. Urwin, W. Murray
Celtic F.C.   -   2 December, 1922  -  issue no. 773
H. Hiley, W. McStay, P. Gallacher, J. Gilchrist, J. Murphy, J. McMaster, A. McNair, J. McFarlane, S. Glasgow, A. McLean, W. Cringan, A. McAtee, F. McStay, J.M. Murphy, C. Shaw, J. Cassidy, W. Crilly, P. Donnelly
Liverpool F.C. (League Champions, 1921-22)   -   9 December, 1922  -  issue no. 774
H. Chambers, J. McNabb, E. Scott, H. Wadsworth, T. Bromilow, R. Forshaw, W. Lacey, E. Longworth, D. McKinlay, T. Lucas, F. Hopkin, G. Patterson (Sec.), D. Shone, H. Lewis
Bolton Wanderers F.C.   -   16 December, 1922  -  issue no. 775
B. Longworth, H. Nuttall, R. Howarth, R.H. Pym, W.J. Rowley, T.M. Buchan, J.L. Jones, W. Butler, D.B.N. Jack, F. Roberts, J. Seddon, J. Smith, E.T. Vizard, W. Jennings

MAG-040-2/MBH-2-2 Football Teams - 2nd Series

Birmingham F.C.   -   3 February, 1923  -  issue no. 782
R.A. Dale, P. Barton, E. Linley, D. Tremelling, J. Crosbie, J. Daws, F. Foxall, J. Barratt, F. Sharp, A. M'Clure, F. Womack (Capt.), J.W. Jones, J.W. Bradford
Crystal Palace F.C.   -   10 February, 1923  -  issue no. 783
H. Dreyer, Mr. Jones (Trainer), J. Little, J. Alderson, J. Allen, R. Greener, A. Harry, N. Waite, G. Whitworth, W. Morgan, J. Whibley, A. Feebury
The Scottish International Team   -   17 February, 1923  -  issue no. 784
J. Gilchrist (Celtic), W. Cringan (Celtic), J. Marshall (Middlesbrough), K. Campbell (New Brighton), N. McBain (Manchester United), A. Archibald (Rangers), J. Crosbie (Birmingham), A. Wilson (Middlesbrough), J. Blair (Cardiff City), T. Cairns (Rangers), A.L. Morton (Rangers)
The Wednesday F.C.   -   24 February, 1923  -  issue no. 785
F.W. Kean, G.W. Gray, J.E. Davidson, G. Prior, S. Binks, T.W. Brelsford, R. Williams, A. Lowdell, G. Wilson, C. Petrie, J. Lofthouse

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