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Golden Wonder - World Cup Soccer Shields 1998

World Cup Soccer Shields 1998
Golden Wonder

The shields meausre 41 x 41mm and a special folder was produced to hold the complete collection.

1. Teddy Sheringham (England)
2.  Ian Wright (England)
3.  Paul Ince (England)
4.  Colin Hendry (Scotland)
5.  Kevin Gallacher (Scotland)
6.  Frank Leboeuf (France)
7.  Romario (Brazil)
8.  Matthias Sammer (Germany)
9.  Raul (Spain)
10.  Alessandro del Piero (Italy)
11.  David Beckham (England)
12.  John Collins (Scotland)
13.  Roberto Carlos (Brazil)
14.  Ronaldo (Brazil)
15.  Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany)
16.  Gianfranco Zola (Italy)
17.  Dennis Bergkamp (Holland)
18.  Peter Schmeichel (Denmark)
19.  Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina)
20.  Faustino Asprilla (Colombia)
21.  Nwankwo Kanu (Nigeria)
22.  Gheorghie Hagi (Romania)
23.  Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria)
24.  Carlos valderama (Colombia)
25.  Robbie Earle (Jamaica)
26.  Deon Burton (Jamaica)
27.  Pedrag Mijatovic (Yugoslavia)
28.  Savo Milosevic (Yugoslavia)
29.  Davor Suker (Croatia)
30.  Marcelo Salas (Chile)

Football Pictorial - Top Team Sets

Top Team Sets
Football Pictorial
??? cut-outs

Following on from Football Supporter issuing 60 Super Strikers, the magazine was renamed as Football Pictorial and issued Top Team Sets on the back pages of the magazine. They ran for so long that some teams are featured two or three times.

ARSENAL  - -   1970-07

C. George
B. McNab
P. Storey
J. Sammels
J. Radford
F. McLintock

EVERTON  - -   1970-08

G. West
A. Whittle
J. Royle
J. Hurst
C. Harvey
T. Wright

CHELSEA  - -   1970-09

R. Harris
P. Osgood
A. Hudson
J. Hollins
E. McCreadie
P. Houseman

COVENTRY CITY  - -   1970-10

W. Carr
J. Blockley
D. Clements
B. Glazier
N. Martin
M. Coop

LEEDS UNITED  - -   1970-11

P. Madeley
G. Sprake
J. Charlton
A. Clarke
N. Hunter
M. Jones

MANCHESTER UNITED  - -   1970-12

G. Best
B. Charlton
P. Edwards
J. Fitzpatrick
N. Stiles
D. Law

LIVERPOOL  - -   1971-01

A. Lindsay
P. Thompson
J. Whitham
C. Lawler
A. Evans
E. Hughes

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR  - -   1971-02

M. Chivers
A. Gilzean
D. Jenkins
P. Jennings
S. Perryman

MANCHESTER CITY  - -   1971-03

G. Heslop
F. Lee
T. Book
T. Towers
M. Doyle
C. Bell

LIVERPOOL (2)  - -   1971-04

B. Hall
I. Callaghan
S. Heighway
L. Lloyd
R. Clemence
T. Smith


K. Hibbitt
D. Dougan
B. Shaw
H. Curran
P. Parkes
M. Bailey

ENGLAND  - -   1971-06

R. McFarland
A. Ball
M. Peters
C. Harvey
M. Chivers
G. Banks

NEWCASTLE UNITED  - -   1971-07

B. Moncur
J. Smith
J. MacNamee
J. Tudor
T. Gibb
F. Clark

ARSENAL 2  - -   1971-08

B. Wilson
J. Roberts
P. Simpson
A. Kennedy
P. Marinello
G. Graham

CHELSEA (2)  - -   1971-09

K. Weller
P. Bonetti
D. Smethurst
D. Webb
J. Demspey
J. Boyle

LEEDS UNITED (2)  - -   1971-10

T. Cooper
M. Bates
P. Reaney
J. Giles
P. Lorimer
E. Gray

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 2  - -   1971-11

C. Knowles
J. Neighbour
M. England
M. Peters
A. Mullery
R. Coates

MANCHESTER UNITED 2  - -   1971-12

T. Dunne
B. Kidd
A. Stepney
C. Sartori
W. Morgan
D. Sadler

SHEFFIELD UNITED  - -   1972-01

A. Woodward
B. Dearden
S. Scullion
J. Hope
G. Salmons
E. Colquhoun

BIRMINGHAM CITY  - -   1972-02

T. Francis
B. Latchford
G. Pendrey
A. Campbell
G. Taylor
G. Smith

LEICESTER CITY  - -   1972-03

G. Cross
S. Whitworth
R. Fern
J. Sjoberg
D. Nish
L. Glover

STOKE CITY  - -   1972-04

P. Dobing
T. Conroy
D. Smith
W. Stevenson
--  4 only  --

DERBY COUNTY  - -   1972-05

J. O'Hare
C. Boulton
P. Daniel
T. Hennessey
J. McGovern
R. Webster

MANCHESTER CITY 2  - -   1972-06

T. Towers
W. Davies
A. Oakes
W. Donaghie
J. Corrigan
M. Summerbee


D. Forbes (Norwich City)
G. Paddon (Norwich City)
T. Francis (Birmingham City)
A. Campbell (Birmingham City)
--  4 only  --


D. Wagstaffe
J. McAlle
J. McCalliog
P. Walker
F. Munro
G. Taylor

WEST HAM UNITED  - -   1972-08

T. Brooking
F. Lampard
T. Taylor
B. Bonds
C. Best
B. Moore

NEWCASTLE UNITED (2)  - -   1972-09

S. Barraclough
I. McFaul
T. Green
P. Howard
T. Hibbitt
J. Tudor

BIRMINGHAM CITY 2  - -   1972-10

T. Carroll
R. Hynd
T. Want
B. Hatton
B. Hope
S. Harland

LEEDS UNITED (3)  - -   1972-11

J. Charlton
G. Sprake
P. Madeley
M. Jones
N. Hunter
A. Clarke

LEICESTER CITY 2  - -   1972-12

D. Rofe
J. Farrington
L. Glover
A. Birchenall
P. Shilton
J. Sammels

SOUTHAMPTON  - -   1973-01

H. Fisher
M. Channon
T. Paine
R. Davies
B. McCarthy
J. Steele

IPSWICH TOWN  - -   1973-02

T. Whymark
C. Viljoen
P. Morris
K. Beattie
D. Best
M. Lambert

DERBY COUNTY 2  - -   1973-03

R. McFarland
A. Gemmill
C. Todd
A. Durban
K. Hector
A. Hinton

QUEENS PARK RANGERS  - -   1973-04

D. Clement
M. Leach
D. Givens
T. Mancini
T. Venables
I. Watson

SUNDERLAND  - -   1973-05

B. Hughes
I. Porterfield
D. Watson
D. Tueart
R. Pitt
B. Kerr

BURNLEY  - -   1973-06

F. Casper
P. Fletcher
M. Dobson
M. Docherty
A. Stevenson
C. Waldron

ENGLAND (2)  - -   1973-07

M. Chivers
P. Shilton
D. Nish
P. Storey
B. Moore
C. Bell

WALES (For Ever)  - -   1973-08

M. England
G. Sprake
R. Thomas
P. Rodrigues
J. Toshack
T. Hennesey

(Bonnie) SCOTLAND  - -   1973-09

D. McGrain
W. Donachie
G. Graham
D. Hay
P. McIlroy
J. Holton

MANCHESTER UNITED (3)  - -   1973-10

J. Holton
G. Graham
S. McIlroy
T. Young
M. Martin
L. Macari


J. Sissons
B. Shaw
M. Prederghast
D. Sunley
T. Craig
B. Joicey

EVERTON (2)  - -   1973-12

J. Connolly
D. Lawson
J. Harper
S. McLaughlin
C. Harvey
J. Hurst

ASTON VILLA  - -   1974-01

C. Aitken
B. Little
R. Graydon
C. Nicholl
I. Ross
J. Brown

MIDDLESBROUGH  - -   1974-02

G. Souness
A. Foggon
W. Maddren
P. Creamer
D. Armstrong
S. Boam

- -   1974-03 - not issued

- -   1974-04 - not issued

LIVERPOOL v  NEWCASTLE UNITED  - -   1974-05/06 (F.A. Cup Final 1974)

K. Keegan (Liverpool)
J. Toshack (Liverpool)
R. Clemence (Liverpool)
M. MacDonald (Newcastle United)
B. Moncur (Newcastle United)
T. Hibbitt (Newcastle United)

Futera - Futera League of Champions (2)


Futera League of Champions

These cards were given as prizes during Futera's online card game Futera World Football. The Michael Ballack card sold for $699 and the Johan Cruyff card sold for $1,599.99. Does anyone have information on any of the other cards? 

The cards listed here come from at least three different series - 2010, 2011 and Series3.


3/16.  Eric Cantona (2011)
4/16.  Michael Ballack (Season 3)
6/16.  Alan Smith
8/16.  Cafu  -  the top two illustrations (Season 3)
12/16.  Johan Cruyff (2010)
13/16.  Patrick Viera
15/16.  Rivaldo  -  the bottom two illustrations (2010)


Topical Times - TOP-200-5b/TOA-16-4-c - Footballers - Large (B&W) - Scottish

TOP-200-5b/TOA-16-4-c - Footballers - Large (B&W) - Scottish
Topical Times

John Deakin (St. Mirren)
Patrick Fitzsimmons (Queen of the South)
Archibald Garrett (Hearts)
John Gould (Arbroath)
Jon Hunter (Kilmarnock)
John Jones (Third Lanark)
Joseph R. Kyle (Queens Park)
Malcolm M'Donald (Celtic)
Thomas M'Intyre (Hibernian)
Andrew Murray (Motherwell)
John Patillo (Aberdeen)
Henry Sneddon (Dundee)
Ernest Till (Raith Rovers)
Douglas Herbert Wallace (Clyde)
John Wallace (Partick Thistle)
Robert Wallace (Hamilton Academicals)

Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (15) - The Sun 6-card sheet (3)

Match Attax 2013/14
Topps / The Sun / Tesco

The third of 4 sheets of six cards available from Tesco when you buy The Sun newspaper or present a token printed in that newspaper.

Sheet 3 - PL14-QD3

INT9.  Edin Dzeko (Manchester City)    Superstar
272.  John O'Shea (Sunderland)
337.  James Morrison (West Bromwich Albion)
240.  Jose Fonte (Southampton)
INT8.  Maynor Figueroa (Hull City)    Superstar
INT7.  Mile Jedinak (Crystal Palace)    Superstar

Topical Times - TOP-200-5a/TOA-16-3-39 Footballers ~ Large (B&W) caption at left

TOP-200-5a/TOA-16-3-39 - Footballers - Large (B&W) - caption at left
Topical Times
16 cards

Within a couple of weeks of this collection starting it's run in the magazine, war had broken out in Europe. Topical Times would never again issue football cards. A Scottish version ran parallel to the English one.
UPDATE (05-09-2021 17:25):  Pat has provided the issue date for the cards of Frederick Haycock and George Henry Tadman. The other four cards were issued with the issues dated 9 and 16 September, 1939. 

George Antonio (Stoke City)    - 23 September 1939 - issue #1036
Stanley Bentham (Everton)    - 02 September 1939 - issue #1033
Frank Boulton (Derby County)
William Hart Cairns (Newcastle United)    - 30 September 1939 - issue #1037
Thomes Miles-Cheetham (Brentford)    - 26 August 1939 - issue #1032
Frank C. Chivers (Blackburn Rovers)    - 07 October 1939 - issue #1038
Frederick Haycock (Aston Villa)    - 14 October 1939 - issue #1036
Arthur Housam (Sunderland)    - 23 September 1939 - issue #1036
Donald Howe (Bolton Wanderers)
Fredrick Howe (Grimsby Town)    - 02 September 1939 - issue #1033
George Laking (Middlesbrough)
Joseph Payne (Chelsea)    - 30 September 1939 - issue #1037
Thomas Rowe (Portsmouth)    - 07 October 1939 - issue #1038
David Russell (Sheffield Wednesday)
George Henry Tadman (Charlton Athletic)
    - 14 October 1939 - issue #1036
Dennis Westcott (Wolverhampton Wanderers)   - 26 August 1939 - issue #1032

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Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (20) - Yoan Gouffran, John Ruddy

Match Attax 2013/14
445 cards + 6x3 LE's

Two cards have been updated with the release of four sheets of six cards through The Sun newspaper and redeemable at Tesco. The cards on the left are from the original release and the cards on the right are from the 6-card sheets. The original John Ruddy card shows him wearing the 2012-13 goalkeepers jersey.

214.  Yoan Gouffran (Newcastle United)
217.  John Ruddy (Norwich City)

Football Supporter magazine - 60 Super Strikers

60 Super Strikers
Football Supporter magazine
60 cut-outs

Meausring roughly 135mm x 70mm, these items are cut from the back page of Football Supporter magazine, over ten issues throughout the 1969-70 season. I only know the issue dates for three of the groups, but the others are grouped together as they were issued, I just don't know which months.

Bobby Tambling (Chelsea) - September 1969
Derek Dougan (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  - September 1969
Francis Lee (Manhester City) - September 1969
Ian Moore (Nottingham Forest) - September 1969
Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur) - September 1969
Jeff Astle (West Bromwich Albion) - September 1969

Geoff Vowden (Birmingham City)  A
Roger Hunt (Bolton Wanderers)  A
John Hickton (Middlesbrough)  A
Frank Clarke (Queens Park Rangers)  A
Ron Davies (Southampton)  A
Denis Law (Manchester United)  A

Len Glover (Leicester City)  B
George Best (Manchester United)  B
Peter Osgood (Chelsea)  B
Jimmy Husband (Everton)  B
Matt Tees (Luton Town)  B
Peter Dobing (Stoke City)  B

Ian St. John (Liverpool)  C
John Toshack  (Cardiff City)  C
Barry Bridges (Queens Park Rangers)  C
Harry Burrows (Stoke City)  C
Colin Bell (Manhester City)  C
Alan Gilzean (Tottenham Hotspur)  C

Mike Channon (Southampton)  D
Frank Casper (Burnley)  D
Alan Birchenall (Chelsea)  D
Jim Conway (Fulham)  D
Hugh Curran  (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  D
John Ritchie (Stoke City)  D

Bryan Robson (Newcastle United)  E
Peter Knowles (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  E
John Radford (Arsenal)  E
Joe Baker (Sunderland)  E
Martin Chivers (Tottenham Hotspur)  E
Tommy Baldwin (Chelsea)  E

Ernie Hunt (Coventry City)  F
Terry Paine (Southampton)  F
Keith Weller (Millwall)  F
John O'Rourke (Ipswich Town)  F
Wyn Davies (Newcastle United)  F
Rodney Marsh (Queens Park Rangers)  F

Geoff Hurst (West Ham United)  G
Neil Martin (Coventry City)  G
Bobby Gould (Arsenal)  G
Joe Royle (Everton)  G
Colin Suggett (West Bromwich Albion)  G
Kevin Hector (Derby County)  G

Mick Jones (Leeds United) - May 1970
Ian Hutchinson (Chelsea) - May 1970
Brian Kidd (Manchester United) - May 1970
Bobby Graham (Liverpool) - May 1970
Alan Ball (Everton) - May 1970
Frank Worthington (Huddersfield Town) - May 1970

Johnny Giles (Leeds United) - June 1970
Bruce Rioch (Aston Villa) - June 1970
Malcolm MacDonald (Luton Town) - June 1970
Steve Earle (Fulham) - June 1970
Barry Endean (Watford) - June 1970
George Graham (Arsenal) - June 1970

Topical Times - TOP-170-2/TOA-17-2-36 Miniature Panel Portraits of Football Stars ~ Scottish

TOP-170-2/TOA-17-2-36 - Miniature Panel Portraits of Football Stars - Scottish
Topical Times

The Scottish version of miniature panel portraits. There are at least three cards with variations in players' names, as listed below, with poor pictures of one of each of two of the cards shown above. I was originally hoping to show both versions of the cards.

Andrew Beattie (Preston North End)
J. Caskie (St. Johnstone)
David Christie (Queens Park)
John Evans (Dundee)
Charles Gavin (Arbroath)
David Gemmell (Ayr United)
Robert Hogg (Airdrie)
William Kelly (St. Mirren)
John Kirk (Clyde)
William Love (Albion Rovers)
Matthew Maley (Greenock Morton)
John. M'Culloch (Motherwell)
A. Miller (Hearts)
Arthur Milne (Hibernian)
Peter M'Kennan (Partick Thistle)
Christopher M'Nee (Hamilton Academicals)
Robert Muir (Third Lanark)
Frank Murphy (Celtic)
George Robertson (Kilmarnock)
George Robson (Hearts)
Alexander Sharp (Falkirk)
Alex E. Stevenson (Everton)
William H. Strauss (Aberdeen)
William Thomson (Queen of the South)

Miniature Panel Portraits of Football Stars - Scottish - errors/varieties

J. Caskie (St. Johnstone)
John Caskie (St. Johnstone)

Alex E. Stevenson (Everton)
Alex Stevenson (Everton)

A. Miller (Hearts)
Alex. Miller (Hearts)

D.C. Thomson / Adventure - Adventure Album Part One - The Cup Fighters of 1925

Adventure Album Part One - The Cup Fighters of 1925
D.C. Thomson / Adventure

This booklet was issued with Adventure on  17 January, 1925 (issue number 175). Although it says Part 1 on the cover, the other booklets issued over the following two weeks were called Star Footballers of 1925 and Great Players of Today. If anyone can provide scans and details of the other two booklets please get in touch and I'll including everything here.

A. Baker (Arsenal)

J.H.A. Hulme (Blackburn Rovers)
H. Sherwin (Leeds United)
Harold Hill (Sheffield Wednesday)

Geo. Kay (West Ham United)
J. Evans (Cardiff City)
J. McFarlane (Celtic)

W. Butler (Bolton Wanderers)
D.B.N. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
Joe Cassidy (Bolton Wanderers)
J. Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
E.T. Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)

Tottenham Hotspur v Cardiff City
A. Lindsay  (Tottenham Hotspur)
Jimmy Nelson (Cardiff City)
Jimmy Seed (Tottenham Hotspur)
W. Hardy (Cardiff City)
J. Blair (Cardiff City)

J. McIntyre (Derby County)

C. Poyton (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Eyres (Stoke)
Neil Harris (Newcastle United)
S.C. Puddefoot (Falkirk)

W. Murphy (Manchester City)
W. Weaver (Burnley)
J. Carter (West Bromwich Albion)

W. Clunas (Sunderland)

J. Howieson (St. Johnstone)
B. Menlove (Sheffield United)
W. Harper (Edinburgh Hibernians)

A. Archibald (Rangers)

Huddersfield Town (team group)
Chaplin (Trainer)
T. Wilson
A.W. Smith
W.H. Smith

Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (19) - Ashley Young signed card (W.H. Smith)

Match Attax 2013/14 
Autographed Limited Edition

Not quite as it looked in the advert in the window of W.H. Smith, the autograph is on a label attached to the card. Topps no longer provide on-card autographs, prefering the sticky label approach. It's the way the autographs will look when the Premier Gold collection is released next month.

Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (14) - The Sun 6-card sheet (2)

Match Attax 2013/14
Topps / The Sun / Tesco

The second of 4 sheets of six cards available from Tesco when you buy .
The Sun newspaper or present a token printed in that newspaper.

Sheet 2

INT4.  Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)    Superstar
INT3.  Juan Mata (Chelsea)   Superstar
290.  Ashley Williams (Swansea City)
214.  Yoan Gouffran (Newcastle United)    Variation
101.  Ross Barkley (Everton)
INT1.  Mezut Ozil (Arsenal)    Superstar

Topical Times - TOP-170-1/TOA-17-1-36 - Miniature Panel Portraits of Football Stars

TOP-170-1/TOA-17-1-36 - Miniature Panel Portraits of Football Stars
Topical Times
24 cards

Another collection of the smaller miniature panel portraits. This is the English version, there was also a Scottish version, also checklisted on this site. Illustrations are not to scale.

Wm. Bagley (Portsmouth)  - 20 February 1937 - issue #901

Tom Bamford (Manchester United)  - 06 February 1937 - issue #899
Leslie Boulter (Charlton Athletic)   - 13 February 1937 - issue #900
Frank Broome (Aston Villa)  - 27 February 1937 - issue #902
Horatio Carter (Sunderland)  - 16 January 1937 - issue #896
Bruce Clarke (Fulham)  - 23 January 1937 - issue #897
Peter Doherty (Manchester City)  - 13 February 1937 - issue #900
Torrance Gillick (Everton)  - 23 January 1937 - issue #897
James Hagan (Derby County)  - 23 January 1937 - issue #897
Harry Hanford (Sheffield Wednesday)  - 23 January 1937 - issue #897
Fred Howe (Liverpool)  - 06 February 1937 - issue #899
Bryn Jones (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  - 16 January 1937 - issue #896
Robert Liddle (Stoke City)  - 06 February 1937 - issue #899
John Mahon (West Bromwich Albion)  - 30 January 1937 - issue #898
George Mason (Coventry City)  - 13 February 1937 - issue #900
Ernest Matthews (Bury)  - 30 January 1937 - issue #898
Wm. Mitchell (Chelsea)  - 27 February 1937 - issue #902
Duncan Ogilivie (Huddersfield Town)  - 13 February 1937 - issue #900
Robert Stuart (Middlesbrough)  - 20 February 1937 - issue #901
George Taylor (Bolton Wanderers)  - 20 February 1937 - issue #901
J.E. Thompson (Blackburn Rovers)  - 20 February 1937 - issue #901
Wm. Tremelling (Preston North End)  - 06 February 1937 - issue #899
George Tweedy (Grimsby Town)  - 30 January 1937 - issue #898
Harry Ware (Newcastle United)  - 30 January 1937 - issue #898

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D.C. Thomson / The Rover - THO-350 / THO-50 Stand-Up Famous Footballers ~ All Star Team

THO-350 / THO-50 - Stand-Up Famous Footballers - All Star Team
D.C. Thomson / The Rover

Superb stand-up footballers, measuring 110mm in height. 11 to collect, creating your own All Star team. The first one was given away with issue 48 of The Rover, shown above. It would be more than 40 years before stand-up footballers reappeared in football publications.

C.M. Buchan (Sunderland)   -  27 January, 1923 - issue #48

W. Grimshaw (Cardiff City)   -  3 February, 1923 - issue #49
Alan L. Morton (Rangers)   -  10 February, 1923 - issue #50
John Crosbie (Birmingham)   -  17 February, 1923 - issue #51
Harry Chambers (Liverpool)   -  24 February, 1923 - issue #52
Chas Walters (Tottenham Hotspur)   -  3 March, 1923 - issue #53
John Gilchrist (Celtic)   -  10 March, 1923 - issue #54
Neil McBain (Manchester United)   -  17 March, 1923 - issue #55
Tom Smart (Aston Villa)   -  24 March, 1923 - issue #56
Sam Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)   -  31 March, 1923 - issue #57
Jerry Dawson (Burnley)   -  7 April, 1923 - issue #58

Panini - Adrenalyn XL Champions League 2013-2014 (18) German Glories


Adrenalyn XL Champions League 2013-2014 - German Glories
4 cards

A new sub-set called German Glories, highlighting the 2012-13 UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium between F.C. Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund. 

Team Photo / Road to Wembley 2013 (F.C. Bayern München)
Team Photo / Road to Wembley 2013(Borussia Dortmund)
Players Celebrate / UEFA Club Competition Honours (F.C. Bayern München)
Arjen Robben (F.C. Bayern München) and Ilkay Gundogan (Borussia Dortmund) / UEFA Champions League Final Match Details  -  updated - thanks to Matt

Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (16) - The Sun 6-card sheet (4)

Match Attax 2013/14
Topps / The Sun / Tesco

The last of 4 sheets of six cards available from Tesco when you buy .

The Sun newspaper or present a token printed in that newspaper.

Sheet 4 - PL14-QD4

INT12.  Per Mertesacker (Arsenal)   Superstar

111.  Brede Hangeland (Fulham)
INT10.  Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)   Superstar
268.  Kenwyne Jones (Stoke City)
55.  Petr Cech (Chelsea)
INT11.  Gary Medel (Cardiff City)    Superstar

The other sheets:

Sheet 1 - PL14-QD1 - http://cartophilic-info-exch/match-attax-201314-13.html

Sheet 2 - PL14-QD2 - http://cartophilic-info-exch/match-attax-201314-14.html

Sheet 3 - PL14-QD3 - http://cartophilic-info-exch/match-attax-201314-15.html

International Superstars

INT1.  Mezut Ozil (Arsenal)
INT2.  Christian Benteke (Aston Villa)
INT3.  Juan Mata (Chelsea)
INT4.  Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
INT5.  Shinji Kagawa (Manchester United)
INT6.  Paulinho (Tottenham Hotspur)
INT7.  Mile Jedinak (Crystal Palace)
INT8.  Maynor Figueroa (Hull City)
INT9.  Edin Dzeko (Manchester City)
INT10.  Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)
INT11.  Gary Medel (Cardiff City)
INT12.  Per Mertesacker (Arsenal)

Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (13) - The Sun 6-card sheet (1)

Match Attax 2013/14
Topps / The Sun / Tesco

The first of 4 sheets of six cards available from Tesco when you buy .
The Sun newspaper or present a token printed in that newspaper.

Sheet 1 - PL14-QD1

60.  Andy Carroll (West Ham United)
INT6.  Paulinho (Tottenham Hotspur)    Superstar
217.  John Ruddy (Norwich City)    Variation
INT2.  Christian Benteke (Aston Villa)    Superstar
INT5.  Shinji Kagawa (Manchester United)   Superstar
151.  Mamadou Sakho (Liverpool)

SE Products - 2013/14 A-League + Socceroos (2)

2013/14 A-League + Socceroos
SE Products
Australia, New Zealand
100 base cards + 

The complete checklist...

1.  Checklist 1
2.  Checklist 2
3.  Antony Golec (Adelaide United)
4.  Bruce Djite (Adelaide United)
5.  Cameron Watson (Adelaide United)
5.  Jeronimo Neumann (Adelaide United)
7.  Eugene Galekovic (Adelaide United)
8.  Fabio Ferreira (Adelaide United)
9.  Cassio (Adelaide United)
10.  Jon McKain (Adelaide United)
11.  Marcelo Carrusca (Adelaide United)
12.  Nigel Boogaard (Adelaide United)
13.  Besart Berisha (Brisbane Roar)
14.  Matt Smith (Brisbane Roar)
15.  Ivan Franjic (Brisbane Roar)
16.  Matt McKay (Brisbane Roar)
17.  Jade North (Brisbane Roar)
18.  Liam Miller (Brisbane Roar)
19.  Luke Brattan (Brisbane Roar)
20.  Michael Theo (Brisbane Roar)
21.  Share Stefanutto (Brisbane Roar)
22.  Thomas Broich (Brisbane Roar)
23.  Daniel McBreen (Central Coast Mariners)
24.  Joshua Rose (Central Coast Mariners)
25.  Matl Simon (Central Coast Mariners)
26.  Michael McGlinchey (Central Coast Mariners)
27.  Mile Sterjovski (Central Coast Mariners)
28.  Mitch Duke (Central Coast Mariners)
29.  John Hutchinson (Central Coast Mariners)
30.  Nick Montgomery (Central Coast Mariners)
31.  Trent Sainsbury (Central Coast Mariners)
32.  Marcos Flores (Central Coast Mariners)
33.  Andrew Redmayne (Melbourne Heart)
34.  David Williams (Melbourne Heart)
35.  Golgol Mebrahtu (Melbourne Heart)
36.  Harry Kewell (Melbourne Heart)
37.  Aziz Behich (Melbourne Heart)
38.  Jason Hoffman (Melbourne Heart)
39.  Nick Kalmar (Melbourne Heart)
40.  Patrick Gerhardt (Melbourne Heart)
41.  Orlando Engelaar (Melbourne Heart)
42.  Rob Wielaert (Melbourne Heart)
43.  Adama Traore . (Melbourne Victory)
44.  Adrian Leijer (Melbourne Victory)
45.  Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory)
46.  Kosta Bariiarouses (Melbourne Victory)
47.  Connor Pain (Melbourne Victory)
48.  Gui Finkler (Melbourne Victory)
49.  Leigh Broxham (Melbourne Victory)
50.  Mark Milligan (Melbourne Victory)
51.  Nathan Coe (Melbourne Victory)
52.  Mitch Nichols (Melbourne Victory)
53.  Adam Taggart (Newcastle Jets)
54.  Craig Goodwin (Newcastle Jets)
55.  Emile Heskey (Newcastle Jets)
56.  Nathan Burns (Newcastle Jets)
57.  Joshua Brillante (Newcastle Jets)
58.  Mart Birighitti (Newcastle Jets)
59.  Michael Bridges (Newcastle Jets)
60.  Ruben Zadkovich (Newcastle Jets)
61.  Kew Jaliens (Newcastle Jets)
62.  Michael Thwaite (Perth Glory)
63.  Daniel De Silva (Perth Glory)
64.  Danny Vukovic (Perth Glory)
65.  Jacob Bums (Perth Glory)
66.  Joshua Risdon (Perth Glory)
67.  Scott Jamieson (Perth Glory)
68.  Shane Smeltz (Perth Glory)
69.  Ryo Nagai (Perth Glory)
70.  Ljubo Milicevic (Perth Glory)
71.  Travis Dodd (Perth Glory)
72.  Richard Garcia (Sydney FC)
73.  Alessandro Del Piero (Sydney FC)
74.  Ali Abbas (Sydney FC)
75.  Brett Emerton (Sydney FC)
76.  Terry Antonis (Sydney FC)
77.  Nick Carle (Sydney FC)
78.  Pedj Bojic (Sydney FC)
79.  Rhyan Grant (Sydney FC)
80.  Sebastian Ryall (Sydney FC)
81.  Terry McFlynn (Sydney FC)
82.  Andrew Durante (Wellington Phoenix)
83.  Ben Sigmpnd (Wellington Phoenix)
84.  Carlos Hernandez (Wellington Phoenix)
85.  Glen Moss (Wellington Phoenix)
86.  Jeremy Brockie (Wellington Phoenix)
87.  Leo Bertos (Wellington Phoenix)
88.  Louis Fenton (Wellington Phoenix)
89.  Manny Muscat (Wellington Phoenix)
90.  Pail Ifill (Wellington Phoenix)
91.  Aaron Mooy (Western Sydney Wanderers)
92.  Ante Covic (Western Sydney Wanderers)
93.  Mateo Poljak (Western Sydney Wanderers)
94.  Mark Bridge (Western Sydney Wanderers)
95.  Michael Beauchamp (Western Sydney Wanderers)
96.  Nikolai Topor-Stanley (Western Sydney Wanderers)
97.  Tom Juric (Western Sydney Wanderers)
98.  Jerome Polenz (Western Sydney Wanderers)
99.  Shinji Ono (Western Sydney Wanderers)
100.  Youssouf Hersi (Western Sydney Wanderers)


S01.  Archie Thompson
S02.  Alex Brusque
S03.  Robbie Kruse
S04.  Dario Vidosic
S05.  Tim Cahill
S06.  Brett Holman
S07.  Josh Kennedy
S08.  Tommy Oar
S09.  Mitchell Duke
S10.  Tomas Rogic
S11.  James Holland
S12.  Matt McKay
S13.  Mile Jedinak
S14.  Mark Brescia
S15.  Carl Valeri
S16.  Robert Cornthwalte
S17.  Tomi Juric
S18.  Mark Milligan
S19.  Sasa Ognenovski
S20.  Lucas Neill
S21.  Michael Thwaite
S22.  Luke Wilkshire
S23.  Rhys Williams
S24.  Harry Kewell
S25.  Mirk Schwarzer


AS01.  Shinji Ono
AS02.  Michael Beauchamp
AS03.  Besart Berisha
AS04.  Henrique
AS05.  Nick Carle
AS06.  Alessandro Del Piero
AS07.  Marcelo Carrusca
AS08.  Bruce Djite
AS09.  Mark Milligan
AS10.  Adrian Leijer
AS11.  Craig Goodwin
AS12.  Michael Bridges
AS13.  Andrew Durante
AS14.  Jeremy Brockie
AS15.  Joshua Rose
AS1S.  Michael McGlinchey
AS17.  Jacob Burns
AS18.  Mchael Thwaite
AS19.  Mate Dugandzic
AS20.  David Williams


M01.  Carlos Hernandez
M02.  Tommy Oar
M03.  Eugene Galekovic
M04.  Archie Thompson
M05.  Shane Smeltz
M06.  Marcos Flores
M07.  Mathew Ryan
M08.  Michael Theo
M09.  Erik Paartalu
M10.  Sergio Van Dijk
M11.  Thomas Broich
M12.  Mathew Ryan
M13.  Mathew Ryan
M14.  Carlos Hernandez
M15.  Besart Berisha
M16.  Marco Rojas
M17.  Marco Rojas
M18.  Ante Covic
M19.  Marcos Flores
M20.  Daniel McBreen


TT1.  Tim Cahill
TT2.  Mark Schwarzer
TT3.  Lucas Neill
TT4.  Mak Bresciano
TT5.  Josh Kennedy
TT6.  Mark Milligan
TT7.  Luke Wilkshire


A01.  Eugene Galekovic
A02.  Thomas Broich
A03.  Marcos Flores
A04.  Orlando Engelaar
A05.  Archie Thompson
A06.  Emile Heskey
A07.  Shane Smeltz
A08.  Brett Emerton
A09.  Paul Ifill
A10.  Youssouf Hersi


SS1.  Mark Schwarzer
SS2.  Lucas Neill
SS3.  Harry Kewell
SS4.  Tommy Oar
SS5.  Brett Holrnan
SS6.  Matt McKay
SS7.  Tomas Rogic
SS8.  Luke Wilkshire


CC1.  Sydney FC
CC2.  Brisbane Raar
CC3.  Brisbane Roar
CC4.  Central Coast Mariners