Saturday 3 May 2014

Topps - 2014 Premier League Official Sticker Collection Pro 11 Competition (2)


2014 Premier League Official Sticker Collection Pro 11 Competition
120 stickers

Please accept my apologies for a little self-indulgence. Cardiff City are relegated from the Premier League today, though it's been 'on the cards' for weeks. Totally unable to play as a team, with 5 or 6 player changes for almost every game since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over. Absolutely dismal - except for the dispalys of David Marshall, a true Bluebird legend. But I've added some lovely cards and stickers to my collection this season, from all over the world. I don't have any of the above cards though, if anyone has any for sale please get in touch.

39.  David Marshall (Cardiff City)

42.  Andrew Taylor (Cardiff City)
43.  Steven Caulker (Cardiff City)
45.  Gary Medel (Cardiff City)
50.  Fraizer Campbell (Cardiff City)
175.  Craig Bellamy (Cardiff City)

Liverpool Weekly Courier - LIV-060/LUS-1 Football Favourites in their Club Colours


LIV-060/LUS-1  Football Favourites in their Club Colours
Liverpool Weekly Courier
83 known (60 Footballers)

Superb Edwardian caricatures of footballers, cricketers and rugby players, drawn by L.C. Bennett and dated '09. Each also featuring a signature goblin figure, drawn in pen & ink, each is titled and some come with a verse added, e.g. Arthur Bridgett of Sunderland - 'He's speedy and sporty, He's dainty yet weighty, With courage for forty, And Conscience for eighty, And when England capped him, Hurrah! we all clapped him.' Some, if not all, were issued as postcards and again some, if not all, were also published in booklet form, as can be seen by the above illustration.

What I wouldn't give to include a complete illustrated checklist of this collection!

Ashcroft (Blackburn Rovers)

R. Balmer
Robert Balmer
Baverstock (Bolton Wanderers)  -  Updated
John Baverstock
C.H. Berry
S. Bloomer (Middlesbrough)
Hugh Bolton
John J. Borthwick
J. Bradley (Liverpool)
Arthur Bridgett
Chris Buckley
Thomas Chorlton
Robert Clifford
J.G. Coleman
Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
Mr. W.C. Cuff
John S. Dunlop
B.C. Freeman (Everton)
A. Goddard (Liverpool)
H. Hardman
S. Hardy (Liverpool)
J. Harrop (Liverpool)
William Hogg
A. Iremonger
W. Lacy
E.H. Lintott (Bradford City)
Maconnachie (Everton)
H. Makepeace (Everton)
Mr. E. Mangnall
Peter McBride (Scotland's Goalkeeper - Preston North End)  -  Updated
J.S. McConnachie (Everton)
J. McConnell
J. McDonald
W. Meredith (Manchester United)
H. Middlemiss
Arthur Grenville Morris (Notts Forest)
Capt. Charles Morris
Mr. H.J. Newbould
Ronald Orr (Liverpool)
J. Parkinson (Liverpool)
E. Peake
James Quinn
Raeside (Bury)
L.R. Roose
W. Scott (Everton)
Jack Sharp
A. Shepherd (Newcastle United)
George Stacey
J.M. Stewart
David Stokes
F. Stokes
J.D. Taylor
'Sandy' Turnbull (Manchester United)
R.F. Turner
Colin Veitch (Newcastle United)
Ben Warren
W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
A. Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Mr. Vivian Woodward

M.A. Noble (Cricket)

Schofield Haigh (Cricket)
Jack Sharp (Cricket)
S. Barnes (Cricket)
K.G. MacLeod (Cricket)
Tom Wass (Cricket)
James Iremonger (Cricket)
W.W. Armstrong (Cricket)
C. Blythe (Cricket)
E.W. Dillon (Cricket)
J.S. Heap (Cricket)
C.B. Fry (Cricket)
Montague Alfred Noble (Cricket)
Mr. A.C. MacLaren (Cricket)
S.P. Kinneir (Cricket)
A.O. Jones (Cricket)

T. Barton (Rugby)

G. Dickenson (Rugby)
J. Leytham (Wigan - Rugby)
G. Ruddick (Rugby)
L.B. Todd (Wigan - Rugby)
J.S. Turtill (St Helens - Rugby)
G.F. Tyson (Rugby)

Good Times Creations / Nick Oldham - Lendas Brasileiras (Brazilian Legends)


Lendas Brasileiras (Brazilian Legends)
Good Times Creations / Nick Oldham
20 cards

Having shown a few cards from a set that Nick Oldham has coming out in the next week or two, I thought I'd include a set issued earlier this year, featuring some of the greatest Brazilian footballers of all time. I don't have a complete checklist for this set, but I will do an update when I get the information. Check out Nick Oldham on Google+.

1.  Ademir Marques de Menezes, Queixada

2.  Zizinho
3.  Didi
4.  Garrincha
5.  Pelé
6.  Tostao
7.  Gerson
8.  Carlos Alberto

Good Times Creations / Nick Oldham - Table Top Legends


Table Top Legends
Good Times Creations / Nick Oldham
32 cards

Due any time is a set of cigarette cards produced by artist Nick Oldham, featuring stars of the forthcoming World Cup depicted as subbuteo footballers. More news and hopefully a complete checklist when they are issued, you can expect Wayne Rooney representing England, plus players like Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Neymar Jr. (Brazil)

Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon)
Javier Hernandez (Mexico) - Football Cards

Football Cards
1 postcard

A one-off advertising postcard showing examples of many rare football cards - including Baines, Bunsen, Crescent Confectionery, Donaldson, top players like John Charles, Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves and Gerry Hitchens along with a variety of clubs like Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Newcastle United and international teams such as England and Brazil.

The Daily Graphic - The Daily Graphic Football Album 1906-7 (2)


The Daily Graphic Football Album 1906-7
The Daily Graphic
56 team groups

Michael McIntyre has sent in a scan of the Burnley team photo from this album.

Friday 2 May 2014

Quieta-Werke GMBH, Augsburg - 31706-03 Fußball 1951/52 Oberliga Süd


31706-03  Fußball 1951/52 Oberliga Süd
Quieta-Werke GMBH, Augsburg
West Germany

It's possible this collection was issued by a number of different companies but I don't know much about the ones issued for this season. Here's a list of all 16 teams, but I only have lists of the players for two clubs. Any help with further information regarding this collection would be much appreciated.

Viktoria Aschaffenburg

TSV Schwaben Augsburg
Eintracht Frankfurt  -  checklist below
FSV Frankfurt
SpVgg Fürth
VfR Mannheim
VfB Mühlburg
FC Bayern München  -  checklist below
TSV 1860 München
VfL Neckarau
1. FC Nürnberg
Kickers Offenbach
1. FC Schweinfurt 05
VfB Stuttgart
Stuttgarter Kickers
SV 07 Waldhof

Adolf Bechtold (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Erich Geier (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Werner Heilig (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Helmut Henig (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Joachim Jänisch (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Heinz Kaster (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Herbert Kesper (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Alfred Kraus (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Kurt Krömmelbein (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Ernst Kudras (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Alfred Pfaff (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Friedel Reichert (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Hubert Schieth (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Egon Schwahn (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Hans Wloka (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Kurt Windmann (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Franz Bachl (FC Bayern München)

Hans Bauer (FC Bayern München)
Rudolf Brandmaier (FC Bayern München)
Josef Frisch (FC Bayern München)
Werner Gutendorf (FC Bayern München)
Hans Hädelt (FC Bayern München)
Ladislav Jirasek (FC Bayern München)
Albert Oßwald (FC Bayern München)
Wilhelm Ostermaier (FC Bayern München)
Johann Resch (FC Bayern München)
Rudolf Scholz (FC Bayern München)
Otto Schwelzer (FC Bayern München)
Josef Seemann (FC Bayern München)
Jakob Streitle (FC Bayern München)
Karl Witt (FC Bayern München)
Dr. Max Schäfer (FC Bayern München)

Tony Sheldon / Sport in View - Sport in View ~ The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom ~ Set 1/7


Sport in View ~ The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom ~ Set 1/7
Tony Sheldon / Sport in View
16/10 cards

Amos Ramsbottom was an artists based in Manchester in the Edwardian period. I'd like to thank ganninalang for allowing me to use his illustrations. Here's a link to the cards he currently has for sale eBay - ganninalang
UPDATE (01-11-2020 14:08):  John Levitt has provided a scan of card number 1 from the first series.

Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 1 - Football

16 cards

1.  Walter White (Bolton Wanderers) 

2.  Joe Leeming (Bury F.C.)
3.  G.W. Smith (N.Z. Rugby Union)
4.  J. Hanson (Oldham Athletic)
5.  Sam James (Broughton Rangers - RL)
6.  R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
7.  W.E. “Walter” Smith (Manchester City)
8.  Albert Spepherd (Bolton Wanderers)
9.  George Stewart (Manchester City)
10.  J. Lomas (Salford - Rugby League)
11.  W. Meredith (Manchester United)
12.  John Baxter (Rochdale Horents - RU)
13.  H.R. Wright (N.Z. Rugby Union) 
14.  Herbert Burgess (Manchester United)
15.  R. Wilson (Broughton Rangers - RL)
16.  S. Greenhalgh (Bolton Wanderers)

Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 2

10 cards

Woolwich Arsenal lose at Clapton, 12 November, 1906

Birmingham Beat the Blades - Birmingham v Sheffield United, 17 December, 1906
England v Scotland at Newcastle United, 6 April, 1907
1907 F.A. Cup Final
Northamapton Town v Bradford Park Avenue, 30 September, 1907
Football in the Fog - Everton, 6 January, 1908
Millwall lose at Bury, 13 January, 1908
A Clever Display by Blackburn Rovers, v Leicester Fosse, 30 November, 1908
Woolwich Arsenal win at Barnsley, 11 March, 1907

Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 3 - Cricket

Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 4 - Cricket
Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 5 - Rugby Union
Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 6 - Rugby League
Sport in View - The Sporting Art of Amos Ramsbottom - Set 7 - Athletics / Lacrosse / Cycling

Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op - TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques (3)


TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques
Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op
39 known

Michael McIntyre has sent in a scan of a Burnley plaque. So that's four that didn't appear on the Ty-phoo/Co-op lists. I wonder if there are any more...

Others known to exist


Tottenham Hotspur

Daily Citizen - (DAI-020) Photographic Supplements - Team Photographs (02) - Burnley


(DAI-020) Photographic Supplements - Team Photographs 
Daily Citizen
72 known

Michael McIntyre has sent in a scan of the Burnley team photo from this collection. It appears in the original list, which you can find here: Daily Citizen - DAI-020 / Photographic Supplements - Team Photographs.

Unknown issuer (Venezuela) - La Vinotinto ~ Copa America 2011


La Vinotinto ~ Copa America 2011
Unknown issuer

1.  Renny Vega
2.  Giacomo Di Giorgi
3.  José Manuel Rey
4.  Oswaldo Vizcarrondo
5.  José Luis Granados
6.  Gabriel Cichero
7.  Nicolas Fedor
8.  Tomas Rincon
9.  Giancarlo Maldonado
10.  Yohandry Orozco
11.  Cesar Gonzalez
12.  Leonardo Morales
13.  Luis Manuel Seijas
14.  Franklin Lucena
15.  Alejandro Moreno
16.  Roberto Rosales
17.  Daniel Arismendi
18.  Juan Arango
19.  Jesús Meza
20.  Grenddy Perozo
21.  Alexander Gonzalez
22.  Dani Hernandez
23.  Salomon Rondon
24.  Cesar Farias (coach)
25.  Team Card
26.  Juan Soto (FIFA referee)
27.  Santa Fe and Mendoza Stadium
28.  Cordoba and San Juan Stadium
29.  Buenos Aires and Salta Stadium
30.  La Plata and Salvador de Jujuy Stadium

Onze - Les 100 Ecussons des plus Grands Clubs du Monde


Les 100 Ecussons des plus Grands Clubs du Monde

Issued in sheets of 4 given free with Onze magazine in France. The sheets listed below are numbered for reference purposes only.

1.  A.E.K. Athens

2.  Ajax Amsterdam
3.  Allianza Lima
4.  Anderlecht
5.  Arsenal
6.  Aston Villa
7.  Athletic Bilbao
8.  Athletico Madrid
9.  Austria Vienna
10.  AZ '67
11.  Banik Ostrava
12.  F.C. Barcelona
13.  Bastia
14.  Bayern Munich
15.  Benfica
16.  Boca Juniors
17.  Botafogo
18.  F.C. Bruges
19.  Carl Zeiss Jena
20.  Celtic Glasgow
21.  Colo-Colo
22.  Cologne (1.F.C. Koln)
23.  Corinthians
24.  Cosmos New York
25.  Cruzeiro
26.  C.S.K.A. Sofia
27.  Dinamo Bucharest
28.  Dinamo Dresden
29.  Dynamo Kiev
30.  Dynamo Moscow
31.  Dynamo Zagreb
32.  Dukla Prague
33.  Eintracht Frankfurt
34.  E.T. Belgrade
35.  Estudiantes
36.  Everton
37.  Fenebache
38.  Ferencvaros
39.  Feyenoord
40.  Fiorentina
41.  Flamengo
42.  Fluminese
43.  Galatasaray
44.  Glasgow Rangers
45.  Gornik Zabrze
46.  Grasshoppers Zurich
47.  H.S.V. Hamburg
48.  Hajduk Split
49.  Hibernian F.C. (Edinburgh)
50.  Honved Budapest
51.  Independiente
52.  S.S., Innsbruck
53.  Inter Milan
54.  Inter Porto Alegre
55.  Juventus
56.  Leeds United
57.  Legia Warsawe
58.  Levski Spartak
59.  Liverpool
60.  Magdeburg
61.  Malmo
62.  Manchester United
63.  Manchester City
64.  Monaco
65.  Borussia Monchengladbach
66.  AC Milan
67.  M.T.K. Budapest
68.  Nacional Montevideo
69.  Nantes
70.  Nottingham Forest
71.  1.F.C. Nurnberg
72.  Olympiakos
73.  O.M. Marseille
74.  Panathaniakos
75.  Partizan Belgrade
76.  Penarol
77.  P.S.V. Eindhoven
78.  F.C. Porto
79.  Rapid Vienna
80.  Real Madrid
81.  Reims
82.  River Plate
83.  A.A. Saint Etienne
84.  Schalke 04
85.  Servette Geneva
86.  Slovan Bratislava
87.  Sporting Portugal
88.  Standard Liege
95.  Valencia
89.  Steaua Budapest
90.  Strasbourg
91.  Torino
92.  Torpedo Moscow
93.  F.C. Twente
94.  Ujpest Dozsa
96.  Vasas Budapest
97.  Vasco de Gama
98.  Wisla Cracowie
99.  Young Boys Berne
100.  F.C. Zurich

Sheet 1

44.  Glasgow Rangers

65.  Borussia Monchengladbach
4.  Anderlecht
26.  C.S.K.A. Sofia

Sheet 2

2.  Ajax Amsterdam

25.  Cruzeiro
47.  H.S.V. Hamburg
49.  Hibernian F.C. (Edinburgh)

Thursday 1 May 2014

Panini - F.I.F.A. World Cup Brasil 2014 Prizm (13)

F.I.F.A. World Cup Brasil 2014 Prizm
200 (Base cards)

Panini have provided images of some autograph cards... I  couldn't resist putting the Pele cards up in a larger size, but as always click on the other photos to see larger versions.

Panini America Offers Stunning First Pics of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Brazil™ Autos

May 1, 2014

by Tracy Hackler

To suggest that the images you’re about to see represent one of the most anticipated viewings in FIFA World Cup™ collectibles history is by no means overstating things. Sitting here less than one week away from the U.S. release of Panini America’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm trading card set, the global anticipation for this bona fide blockbuster seems tangibly electric. And you’re about to get your first look at one of the chief reasons why: The set’s simply sublime autographed cards.
Yesterday, we brought you images of the 50 global soccer legends signing their autographs for the set. Today, we’re bringing you something equally as striking: The first images anywhere of the finished product.
From the beginning, Panini America officials set out to build one of the greatest autograph checklists in the history of soccer trading cards. Just last week, after spending more than a year planning and executing (and spending a small fortune on international shipping charges), the 50th and final signer, Roberto Carlos, finally returned his autographs.
In addition to ensuring that 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm would be 100 percent redemption free, Carlos’ special delivery made Panini America’s crazily ambitious objective a near-miraculous reality. The result? Nothing less than the greatest autograph checklist in the history of soccer cards.
From all-time legends such as Pelé, Franz Beckenbauer and Jürgen Klinsmann, to current superstars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Clint Dempsey, Panini America succeeded in crafting an autograph set for the ages. One look at the gallery below and we think you’ll agree.
For your viewing pleasure, we’ve included images of every autograph card in the set (including base, Prizm and Black Prizm 1/1 versions of some cards) with the exception of Carlos’. (We’ll bring you a glimpse of his card as soon as we get it.)

Enjoy the gallery, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage of Panini America’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm set.

Alexi Lalas
Andrea Pirlo
Arjen Robben
Bobby Charlton
Carlos Valderrama
Clint Dempsey
Cristiano Ronaldo
Daniel Sturridge
Didier Drogba
Diego Costa
Diego Forlán
Eden Hazard
Fabio Cannavaro
Fernando Torres
Frank Lampard
Frank Rijkaard
Franz Beckenbauer
Gerard Piqué
Gianluigi Buffon
Hugo Sánchez
Iván Zamorano
James Rodríguez
Jorge Campos
Jozy Altidore
Jürgen Klinsmann
Lionel Messi
Luís Figo
Luis Suárez
Marco van Basten
Mario Kempes
Mesut Özil
Philipp Lahm
Rafael Márquez
Roberto Baggio
Robin van Persie
Ruud Gullit
Samir Nasri
Samuel Eto’o
Steven Gerrard
Tim Howard
Wesley Sneijder