Sunday 27 April 2014

Kenner - Sportstars (France)


37 ?

I have a list of 33 of the French Sportstars. So I am grateful to Trevor Cotterell who has supplied what looks like a comprehensive list of the French ones. I have Klaus Allofs listed as a Bordeaux player, Trevor has him listed as a Marseille player. He played for both clubs in the 1989 period. Perhaps he is available in the colours of both teams?

I've never seen the back of a French package, so I've no idea if this list is complete.

I've also got a list of 16 that were apparently issued in the Netherlands, but I've never found any that come with different packaging to indicate a separate Dutch collection. It's possible that the International Stars versions from the UK or Germany may have been on sale in the Netherlands.

Basile Boli (AJ Auxerre)

Jean Christophe Thouvenel (Girondins de Bordeaux/Olympique Marseille)
Klaus Allofs (Girondins de Bordeaux)
Jean Michel Ferrei (Girondins de Bordeaux)
Patrick Battiston (Girondins de Bordeaux)
Luis Fernandez (Cannes)
Jean Tigana (Olympique Marseille)
Chris Waddle (Olympique Marseille)
Franck Sauzee (Olympique Marseille)
Alain Roche (Olympique Marseille)
Jean-Pierre Papin (Olympique Marseille)
Manuel Amoros (Olympique Marseille)
Kark Heinz Forster (Olympique Marseille)
Sylvain Kastendeuch (FC Metz)
Jose Toure (AS Monaco)
Glenn Hoddle (AS Monaco)
Youssouf Fofana (AS Monaco)
Susic Safet (Paris Saint-Germain)
Christian Perez (Paris Saint-Germain)
Joel Bats (Paris Saint-Germain)
Daniel Bravo (Paris Saint-Germain)
Gabriel Calderon (Paris Saint-Germain)

Patrick Battiston (France)

Joel Bats (France)
Franck Sauzee (France)
Jean Tigana (France)
Jean-Pierre Papin (France)
Basile Boli (France)
Manuel Amoros (France)
Jean Michel Ferreri (France)
Daniel Bravo (France)
Luis Fernandez (France)
Sylvian Kastendeuch (France)
Eric Cantona (France)
Christian Perez (France)
Daniel Xuereb (France)
Stephane Paille (France)


  1. if anyone has any of these figures, cards or packaged figures for sale or trade, please respond here with contact info!

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  2. I might have some from the italian releases, please contact me at boss[at]gtanetwork[dot]it thank you.

  3. if anyone is interested, i have some of the french figures and cards available for sale or trade. post here or email me at yahooo.

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  4. Hi Tim,

    I collect the various editions of these Sportstars figures and could potentially be interested in some of the French figures you have - my email is


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    still looking for these figures and cards if anyone comes across any of them.


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