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Liverpool Weekly Courier - LIV-060/LUS-1 Football Favourites in their Club Colours


LIV-060/LUS-1  Football Favourites in their Club Colours
Liverpool Weekly Courier
83 known (60 Footballers)

Superb Edwardian caricatures of footballers, cricketers and rugby players, drawn by L.C. Bennett and dated '09. Each also featuring a signature goblin figure, drawn in pen & ink, each is titled and some come with a verse added, e.g. Arthur Bridgett of Sunderland - 'He's speedy and sporty, He's dainty yet weighty, With courage for forty, And Conscience for eighty, And when England capped him, Hurrah! we all clapped him.' Some, if not all, were issued as postcards and again some, if not all, were also published in booklet form, as can be seen by the above illustration.

What I wouldn't give to include a complete illustrated checklist of this collection!

Ashcroft (Blackburn Rovers)

R. Balmer
Robert Balmer
Baverstock (Bolton Wanderers)  -  Updated
John Baverstock
C.H. Berry
S. Bloomer (Middlesbrough)
Hugh Bolton
John J. Borthwick
J. Bradley (Liverpool)
Arthur Bridgett
Chris Buckley
Thomas Chorlton
Robert Clifford
J.G. Coleman
Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
Mr. W.C. Cuff
John S. Dunlop
B.C. Freeman (Everton)
A. Goddard (Liverpool)
H. Hardman
S. Hardy (Liverpool)
J. Harrop (Liverpool)
William Hogg
A. Iremonger
W. Lacy
E.H. Lintott (Bradford City)
Maconnachie (Everton)
H. Makepeace (Everton)
Mr. E. Mangnall
Peter McBride (Scotland's Goalkeeper - Preston North End)  -  Updated
J.S. McConnachie (Everton)
J. McConnell
J. McDonald
W. Meredith (Manchester United)
H. Middlemiss
Arthur Grenville Morris (Notts Forest)
Capt. Charles Morris
Mr. H.J. Newbould
Ronald Orr (Liverpool)
J. Parkinson (Liverpool)
E. Peake
James Quinn
Raeside (Bury)
L.R. Roose
W. Scott (Everton)
Jack Sharp
A. Shepherd (Newcastle United)
George Stacey
J.M. Stewart
David Stokes
F. Stokes
J.D. Taylor
'Sandy' Turnbull (Manchester United)
R.F. Turner
Colin Veitch (Newcastle United)
Ben Warren
W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
A. Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Mr. Vivian Woodward

M.A. Noble (Cricket)

Schofield Haigh (Cricket)
Jack Sharp (Cricket)
S. Barnes (Cricket)
K.G. MacLeod (Cricket)
Tom Wass (Cricket)
James Iremonger (Cricket)
W.W. Armstrong (Cricket)
C. Blythe (Cricket)
E.W. Dillon (Cricket)
J.S. Heap (Cricket)
C.B. Fry (Cricket)
Montague Alfred Noble (Cricket)
Mr. A.C. MacLaren (Cricket)
S.P. Kinneir (Cricket)
A.O. Jones (Cricket)

T. Barton (Rugby)

G. Dickenson (Rugby)
J. Leytham (Wigan - Rugby)
G. Ruddick (Rugby)
L.B. Todd (Wigan - Rugby)
J.S. Turtill (St Helens - Rugby)
G.F. Tyson (Rugby)


  1. Hi Alan

    WE are proposing to do an update article on these Liverpool Courier cards in the FPCC, the last one being August 1994! Can you tell me who submitted the list of cards produced as we only have a record of some 30 cards. Any information would be appreciated.



  2. Hi
    I have some of the original pen and ink drawings by LC Bennett which these were produced from

    1. Hi Terry,
      That's amazing, would you be interested in allowing me to show some of them on my blog?
      Kind regards,

  3. Alan
    Yes, no problem


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