Saturday 17 August 2013

Agasta Confectionery Ltd - ΙΤΑΛΙΑ 1990 (4)

Agasta Confectionery Ltd.

Marc Charnley has been busy compiling details of stickers from this collection. We’re now just missing information or confirmation on the following numbers: 28, 30, 33, 35, 43, 69, 72, 82, 87, 100, 101, 117, 128 and 133.

1.  Team Photo (Italy)

2.  Walter Zenga (Italy)
3.  Robert Baggio (Italy)  -   amended (04-04-2015)  -  thanks to Marc Charnley
4.  Gianluca Vialli (Italy)
5.  Giuseppe Bergomi (Italy)
6.  Gianluca Vialli (Italy)
7.  Giuseppe Giannini (Italy)
8.  Team Photo (England)
9.  Peter Shilton (England)
10.  Bryan Robson (England)
11.  Terry Butcher (England)
12.  Chris Waddle (England)
13.  Gary Lineker (England)
14.  Stuart Pearce (England)
15.  Bryan Robson (England)
16.  John Barnes (England)
17.  Chris Waddle (England)
18.  John Barnes (England)
19.  Peter Beardsley (England)
20.  John Barnes (England)
21.  Bryan Robson (England - Manchester United kit)
22.  Des Walker (England)
23.  Stuart Pearce (England)
24.  Gary Lineker (England)
25.  Bryan Robson (England)
26.  Gary Lineker (England)
27.  Team Photo (Brazil)
28.  Taffarel (Brazil) ???
29.  Jose Carlos Mozer (Brazil)
30.  ??? (Brazil)
31.  Valdo (Brazil)
32.  Alemao (Brazil)
33.  Taffarel (Brazil) ???
34.  Carlos Mozer (Brazil)
35.  ???
36.  Romario (Brazil)
37.  Romario (Brazil)
38.  Mazinho (Brazil)
39.  Careca (Brazil)
40.  Romario (Brazil)
41.  Team Photo (USA)
42.  Tab Ramos (USA)
43.  ???
44.  Washington (Brazil)
45.  Peter Vermes (USA)
46.  Paul Caligiuri (USA)
47.  Team Photo (Russia)
48.  Rinat Dasayev (Russia)
49.  Vladimir Bessonov (Russia)
50.  Sergei Aleinikov (Russia)
51.  Igor Dobrovolski (Russia)
52.  Alexei Mikhailichenko (Russia)
53.  Team Photo (The Netherlands)
54.  Ronald Koeman (The Netherlands)
55.  Marco van Basten (The Netherlands)
56.  Frank Rijkaard (The Netherlands)
57.  Hans van Breukelen (The Netherlands)
58.  Ruud Gullit (The Netherlands)
59.  Ruud Gullit (The Netherlands)
60.  Hans van Breukelen (The Netherlands)
61.  Gerald Vanenburg (The Netherlands)
62.  Jan Wouters (The Netherlands)
63.  Ruud Gullit (The Netherlands)
64.  Erwin Koeman (The Netherlands)
65.  John Bosman (The Netherlands)
66.  Marco van Basten (The Netherlands)
67.  Team Photo (Colombia)
68.  Carlos Valderama (Colombia)
69.  ???
70.  Luis Carlos Perea (Colombia)
71.  Carlos Valderama (Colombia)
72.  ???
73.  Carlos Valderama (Colombia)
74.  Eduardo Nino (Colombia)
75.  Nene Higuita (Colombia)
76.  Team Photo (Spain)
77.  Suarez (Spain)
78.  Rafael Vasquez (Spain)
79.  Emilio Butregueno (Spain)
80.  Manuel Sanchis (Spain)
81.  Team Photo (Egypt)
82.  ???
83.  Hossam Hassan (Egypt)
84.  Hossam Hassan (Egypt)
85.  Team Photo (Germany)
86.  Andreas Moller (Germany)
87.  ???
88.  Thomas Hassler (Germany)
89.  Klaus Augenthaler (Germany)
90.  Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany)
91.  Lothar Matthaus (Germany)
92.  Stefan Reuter (Germany)
93.  Team Photo (South Korea)
94.  Kim Joo-Sung (South Korea)
95.  Kim Joo-Sung (South Korea)
96.  Kim Joo-Sung (South Korea)
97.  Team Photo (United Arab Emirates)
98.  Adnan Al Talyani (United Arab Emirates)
99.  Ghanim Mubareak (United Arab Emirates)
100.  ???
101.  ???
102.  Team Photo (Sweden)
103.  Stephan Rehn (Sweden)
104.  Team Photo (Republic of Ireland)
105.  Ronnie Whelan (Republic of Ireland)
106.  Pat Bonner (Republic of Ireland)
107.  Ronnie Whelan (Republic of Ireland)
108.  Tony Cascarino (Republic of Ireland)
109.  Andy Townsend (Republic of Ireland)
110.  Team Photo (Austria)
111.  Gerhard Rodex (Austria)
112.  Tony Polster (Austria)
113.  Team Photo (Belgium)
114.  Enzo Scifo (Belgium)
115.  Jan Ceulemans (Belgium)
116.  Team Photo (Yugoslavia)
117.  ???
118.  Dragan Stojkovic (Yugoslavia)
119.  Team Photo (Argentina)
120.  Diego Maradona (Argentina)
121.  Claudio Cannigia (Argentina)
122.  Diego Maradona (Argentina)
123.  Claudio Cannigia (Argentina)
124.  Diego Maradona (Argentina)
125.  Team Photo (Costa Rica)
126.  Juan Cayasso (Costa Rica)
127.  Team Photo (Romania)
128.  ???
129.  Marius Lacatus (Romania)
130.  Dorin Mateuţ (Romania)
131.  Dorin Mateuţ (Romania)
132.  Marius Lacatus (Romania)
133.  Gheorghe Hagi (Romania)  ???
134.  Team Photo (Czechoslovakia)
135.  Lubomir Moravcik (Czechoslovakia)
136.  Milan Luhový (Czechoslovakia)
137.  Team Photo (Scotland)
138.  Jim Leighton (Scotland)
139.  Mo Johnston (Scotland)
140.  Roy Aitken (Scotland)
141.  Paul McStay (Scotland)
142.  Team Photo (Cameroon)
143.  Stephen Tataw (Cameroon)
144.  Team Photo (Uruguay)

They Think It's All Over - Hancocks Heroes

Hancocks Heroes
They Think It's All Over
Unknown number

I've no idea how many in a set, I think 36 would be the minimum though, covering a wide variety of sports. I have a very poor photo of the Mike Tyson card but I'd rather not use it here. Can anyone supply more details or photos?

1.  Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)
19.  Mike Tyson (Boxing)
34.  Jimmy Greaves (England)
?.  John McEnroe

Friday 16 August 2013

Nike / 90 minutes magazine / Boomerang Media - Football Training postcards

Nike - Football Training postcards
Nike / 90 minutes magazine / Boomerang Media
9 postcards

1.  Andy Cole & Dwight Yorke - Mental Preparation
5.  Edgar Davids - Endurance
7.  Denilson - Stepovers
8.  Christian Vieri - Celebration
9.  Ronaldo - Shooting

Woolworths - Soccaball

Unknown number

Apparently these are 'scratch and match' cards! Anyone?

Steve Bull
John Aldridge
David Platt
Gary Lineker

Brannigans Crisps / K.P. Foods - History of Football Trivia

History of Football Trivia
Brannigans Crisps / K.P. Foods
Unknown number

Crisp packets with a trivia section printed on the packet. Anyone know anything about these? Any crisp packet collectors out there?

Ernie Curtis (Cardiff City) - The first teenager to play on a Final at Wemlbey

Bolton Wanderers F.C. - Star Studded Heroes

Star Studded Heroes
Bolton Wanderers F.C.
Unknown number

I only know of one card, and I don't have a scan available.

Nathan Blake

Youdao Dictionary 有道词典 - UEFA Euro 2012 (2)

UEFA Euro 2012
Youdao Dictionary 有道词典
35 cards

Mark Avenell has sent in the missing names from this collection - 35 cards in the complete set.

The original list of 20 cards:

Cech (Czech Republic)
Eriksen (Denmark)
Rooney (England)
M'Vila (France)
Ribery (France)
Klose (Germany)
Lahm (Germany)
Muller (Germany)
Schweinsteiger (Germany)
Karagounis (Greece)
Chiellini (Italy)
Pirlo (Italy)
Robben (Netherlands)
van Persie (Netherlands)
Pepe (Portugal)
C. Ronaldo (Portugal)
Pavlyuchenko (Russia)
Casillas (Spain)
Iniesta (Spain)
Xavi (Spain)

Mark Avenell's additional 15 cards:

Ozil (Germany)
Lewandowski (Poland)
Arshavin (Russia)
R. Keane (Republic Of Ireland)
Modric (Croatia)
Shevchenko (Ukraine)
Ibrahimovic (Sweden)
Benzema (France)
Torres (Spain)
Silva (Spain)
Balotelli (Italy)
Buffon (Italy)
Gerrard (England)
Sneijder (Holland)
Walcott (England)

Thursday 15 August 2013

Panini - Campeonato Brasileiro 2013

Campeonato Brasileiro 2013

I don't have a complete checklist for this collection yet, but I do have a checklist for the stickers with an 'A' prefix from a section called Artilheiros Inspiradores (Inspiring Goalscorers)

A1.  Reinaldo
A2.  Marcão
A3.  Sicupira
A4.  Carlito
A5.  Quarentinha
A6.  Claudio
A7.  Duílio
A8.  Vanderlei Mior
A9.  Dirceu Lopes
A10.  Fernandes
A11.  Zico
A12.  Waldo
A13.  Araújo
A14.  Alcindo
A15.  Carlitos
A16.  Bita
A17.  Heitor
A18.  Dicá
A19.  Pinga
A20.  Pelé
A21.  Serginho
A22.  Traçaia
A23.  Roberto Dinamite
A24.  Allan Delon

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Top Trumps / Match! magazine - World Football Stars (2)

World Football Stars
Top Trumps / Match! magazine
70 cards

The first part of the collection free with Match! magazine dated 20-26 August and available on Tuesday, 20 August. So we can look forward to 10 cards per week for 7 weeks.

Sergio Aguero (Argentina)
Xabi Alonso (Spain)
Gareth Bale (Wales)
Angel Di Maria (Argentina)
Fernandinho (Brazil)
Hulk (Brazil)
Luka Modric (Croatia)
Wayne Rooney (England)
David Villa (Spain)
Jack Wilshere (England)

Excitement - Perry Colour Books Ltd - EXC-030 / Famous Stars of Sport

EXC-030 / Famous Stars of Sport 
(Excitement - issue 3)
Excitement - Perry Colour Books Ltd

I don't know anything about this item which is listed in the Trade Card Index. Can anyone supply any details?

Kick! magazine - Who Am I?

Who Am I?
Kick! magazine #94
30 cards

Issued with Kick magazine in the United Kingdom, featuring some of the best players in the world.

Sergio Aguero (Argentina)
Gareth Bale (Wales)
Mario Balotelli (Italy)
Christian Benteke (Belgium)
Dimitar Berbatov (Bulgaria)
Andy Carroll (England)
Julio Cesar (Brazil)
Papiss Cisse (Senegal)
Peter Crouch (England)
Jermain Defoe (England)
Cesc Fabregas (Spain)
Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
Steven Gerrard (England)
Joe Hart (England)
Grant Holt (Scotland)
Adam Johnson (England)
Rickie Lambert (England)
Frank Lampard (England)
Juan Mata (Spain)
Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Michu (Spain)
Luka Modric (Croatia)
Franck Ribery (France)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
Wayne Rooney (England)
Luis Suarez (Uruguay)
Robin van Persie (Holland)
Theo Walcott (England)
Jack Wilshere (England)
How to Play card

Birmingham Evening Gazette - These Are Soccer Stars, New Series (3)

These Are Soccer Stars, New Series
Birmingham Evening Gazette

The final two players have been discovered, which completes this checklist. Here's the final list:

1.  David Walsh (West Bromwich Albion)
2.  Jesse Pye (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
3.  Joe Mercer (Everton)
4.  Leon Leuty (Derby County)
5.  Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
6.  George Eastham (Blackpool)
7.  Tommy Walker (Chelsea)
8.  Kevin O'Flanagan (Arsenal)
9.  Fred Ramscar (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
10.  Albert Stubbins (Newcastle United) 
11.  Gerald McAloon (Brentford)
12.  Leslie Compton (Arsenal)
13.  Jim Pemberton (West Bromwich Albion) 
14.  Bryn Jones (Arsenal)
15.  Arthur Turner (Colchester United)
16.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
17.  R. Langton (Blackburn Rovers)
18.  Ray Devey (Birmingham City)
19.  Fred Betts (Coventry City)
20.  G. Wharton (Portsmouth)
21.  William Gorman (Brentford)
22.  Frank O'Donnell (Nottingham Forest)
23.  Neil Franklin (Stoke City)
24.  Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
25.  George Marks (Blackburn Rovers)
26.  Albert Brown (Nottingham Forest)
27.  A.W. Fielding (Everton)
28.  Len Shackleton (Newcastle United)
29.  Fred Steele (Stoke City)
30.  Jack Sankey (Northampton)
31.  Herbert Barlow (Portsmouth)
32.  Jackie Robinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
33.  Jimmy McAlinden (Portsmouth)
34.  James Blair (Blackpool) 
35.  Frank Soo (Luton Town)
36.  Sep Smith (Leicester City)
37.  Jack Oakes (Charlton Athletic)
38.  Dai Jones (Leicester City)
39.  William Kidd (Chesterfield) 
40.  Stanley Matthews (Stoke City) 
41.  James Todd (Port Vale)
42.  George Mountford (Stoke City) 
43.  Thomas G. Jones (Everton)
44.  M. Fenton (Middlesbrough)
45.  George Antonio (Stoke City)
46.  William Shankley (Preston North End) 
47.  Douglas Duncan (Luton Town)
48.  George Drury (West Bromwich Albion)
49.  A.H. Gibbons (Bradford Park Avenue)
50.  George Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
51.  Tom Brolly (Millwall)
52.  Bert Sproston (Manchester City)
53.  Tom Finney (Preston North End)
54.  Ephraim Dodds (Everton)
55.  Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
56.  Alex Herd (Manchester City)
57.  C. Bicknell (West Ham United)
58.  M. Dunkley (Manchester City)

Panini - Scottish Premier League 2012

SPL (Scottish Premier League) 2012

This sticker collection was issued in 2011-12 covering all clubs in the SPL that season. 8 sheets of 6 stickers were issued with the Daily Record and Sunday Mail newspapers. I only have details of two of the sheets and would like to hear from anyone who can add further checklists for these sheets.

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Introduction

1.  SPL Logo (Special)
2.  SPL Trophy (Special)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL

3.  Badge (Aberdeen)
4.  Kit (Aberdeen)
5.  Team (Aberdeen)
6.  David Gonzalez (Aberdeen)
7.  Rory McArdle (Aberdeen)
8.  Ricky Foster (Aberdeen)
9.  Youl Mawene (Aberdeen)
10.  Andrew Considine (Aberdeen)
11.  Chris Clark (Aberdeen)
12.  Rob Milsom (Aberdeen)
13.  Kari Arnason (Aberdeen)
14.  Isaac Osbourne (Aberdeen)
15.  Peter Pawlett (Aberdeen)
16.  Fraser Fyvie (Aberdeen)
17.  Ryan Jack (Aberdeen)
18.  Rob Milsom (Aberdeen)
19.  Fraser Fyvie (Aberdeen)
20.  Scott Vernon (Aberdeen)
21.  Darren Mackie (Aberdeen)
22.  Rory Fallon (Aberdeen)
23.  Josh Magennis (Aberdeen)
24.  Ricky Foster (Aberdeen)
25.  Ricky Foster (Aberdeen)
26.  Badge (Celtic)
27.  Kit (Celtic)
28.  Team (Celtic)
29.  Fraser Forster (Celtic)
30.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
31.  Daniel Majstorovic (Celtic)
32.  Kevin Wilson (Celtic)
33.  Mark Wilson (Celtic)
34.  Charlie Mulgrew (Celtic)
35.  Scott Brown (Celtic)
36.  Kris Commons (Celtic)
37.  Joe Ledley (Celtic)
38.  Ki Sung-Yueng (Celtic)
39.  Beram Kayal (Celtic)
40.  James Forrest (Celtic)
41.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
42.  Beram Kayal (Celtic)
43.  Georgios Samaras (Celtic)
44.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
45.  Mohamed Bangura (Celtic)
46.  Gary Hooper (Celtic)
47.  Scott Brown (Celtic)
48.  Scott Brown (Celtic)
49.  Adam Matthews (Celtic) - All Action Dream Team
50.  Ki Sung-Yueng (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
51.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
52.  Fraser Forster (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
53.  Daniel Majstorovic (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
54.  Kevin Wilson (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
55.  Mark Wilson (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
56.  Scott Brown (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
57.  Joe Ledley (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
58.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
59.  Beram Kayal (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
60.  Georgios Samaras (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
61.  Gary Hooper (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
62.  Kris Commons (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
63.  Charlie Mulgrew (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
64.  James Forrest (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team
65.  Mohamed Bangura (Celtic)
 - All Action Dream Team

Scottish Premier League 2012 - International Talent

66.  David Gonzalez (Aberdeen)
67.  David Gonzalez (Aberdeen)
68.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
69.  Daniel Majstorovic (Celtic)
70.  Ki Sung-Yueng (Celtic)
71.  Beram Kayal (Celtic)
72.  Georgios Samaras (Celtic)
73.  Mohamed Bangura (Celtic)
74.  Badr El Kaddouri (Celtic)
75.  Dusan Pernis (Dundee United)
76.  Andy Kirk (Dunfermline Athletic)
77.  David Obua (Heart of Midlothian)
78.  Junior Agogo (Hibernian)
79.  Junior Agogo (Hibernian)
80.  Thomas Piermayr (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
81.  Thomas Piermayr (Inverness 
Caledonian Thistle)
82.  Zdenek Kroca (Kilmarnock)
83.  Omar Daley (Motherwell)
84.  Dorin Goian (Rangers)
85.  Sasa Papac (Rangers)
86.  Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers)
87.  Maurice Edu (Rangers)
88.  Juan Manuel Ortiz (Rangers)
89.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
90.  Matt McKay (Rangers)
91.  Marcus Haber (St. Johnstone)
92.  Nigel Hasselbaink (St. Mirren)
93.  Nigel Hasselbaink (St. Mirren)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL

94.  Badge (Dundee United)
95.  Kit (Dundee United)
96.  Team Photo (Dundee United)
97.  Dusan Pernis (Dundee United)
98.  Sean Dillon (Dundee United)
99.  Paul Dixon (Dundee United)
100.  Garry Kenneth (Dundee United)
101.  Keith Watson (Dundee United)
102.  Barry Douglas (Dundee United)
103.  Gavin Gunning (Dundee United)
104.  Willo Flood (Dundee United)
105.  Scott Robertson (Dundee United)
106.  Danny Swanson (Dundee United)
107.  John Rankin (Dundee United)
108.  Stuart Armstrong (Dundee United)
109.  Willo Flood (Dundee United)
110.  Danny Swanson (Dundee United)
111.  Scott Allan (Dundee United)
112.  Jon Daly (Dundee United)
113.  Johnny Russell (Dundee United)
114.  Lauri Dalla Valle (Dundee United)
115.  Jon Daly (Dundee United)
116.  Jon Daly (Dundee United)
117.  Badge (Dunfermline Athletic)
118.  Kit (Dunfermline Athletic)
119.  Team Photo (Dunfermline Athletic)
120.  Paul Gallacher (Dunfermline Athletic)
121.  Jason Thomson (Dunfermline Athletic)
122.  Austin McCann (Dunfermline Athletic)
123.  Kevin Rutkiewicz (Dunfermline Athletic)
124.  Alex Keddie (Dunfermline Athletic)
125.  Andy Dowie (Dunfermline Athletic)
126.  John Potter (Dunfermline Athletic)
127.  Gary Mason (Dunfermline Athletic)
128.  Joe Cardle (Dunfermline Athletic)
129.  Martin Hardie (Dunfermline Athletic)
130.  Paul Burns (Dunfermline Athletic)
131.  Craig Easton (Dunfermline Athletic)
132.  Paul Gallacher (Dunfermline Athletic)
133.  Gary Mason (Dunfermline Athletic)
134.  Andy Barrowman (Dunfermline Athletic)
135.  Andy Kirk (Dunfermline Athletic)
136.  David Graham (Dunfermline Athletic)
137.  Steven McDougall (Dunfermline Athletic)
138.  Austin McCann (Dunfermline Athletic)
139.  Austin McCann (Dunfermline Athletic)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Players by Numbers

140.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
141.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
142.  Fraser Forster (Celtic)
143.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
144.  Rory Fallon (Aberdeen)
145.  Garry Kenneth (Dundee United)
146.  Gary Mason (Dunfermline Athletic)
147.  Marian Kello (Heart of Midlothian)
148.  Garry O'Connor (Hibernian)
149.  Chris Millar (St. Johnstone)
150.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
151.  Steven Davis (Rangers)
152.  David Weir (Rangers)
153.  David Weir (Rangers)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL

154.  Badge (Heart of Midlothian)
155.  Kit (Heart of Midlothian)
156.  Team Photo (Heart of Midlothian)
157.  Marian Kello (Heart of Midlothian)
158.  Jamie Hamill (Heart of Midlothian)
159.  Danny Grainger (Heart of Midlothian)
160.  Eggert Jonsson (Heart of Midlothian)
161.  Andy Webster (Heart of Midlothian)
162.  Ryan McGowan (Heart of Midlothian)
163.  Marius Zaliukas (Heart of Midlothian)
164.  Ian Black (Heart of Midlothian)
165.  Andrew Driver (Heart of Midlothian)
166.  David Templeton (Heart of Midlothian)
167.  David Obua (Heart of Midlothian)
168.  Ryan Stevenson (Heart of Midlothian)
169.  Danny Grainger (Heart of Midlothian)
170.  David Templeton (Heart of Midlothian)
171.  Adrian Mrowiec (Heart of Midlothian)
172.  Kevin Kyle (Heart of Midlothian)
173.  Stephen Elliott (Heart of Midlothian)
174.  John Sutton (Heart of Midlothian)
175.  Marius Zaliukas (Heart of Midlothian)
176.  Marius Zaliukas (Heart of Midlothian)
177.  Badge (Hibernian)
178.  Kit (Hibernian)
179.  Team Photo (Hibernian)
180.  Graham Stack (Hibernian)
181.  Callum Booth (Hibernian)
182.  Paul Hanlon (Hibernian)
183.  Sean O'Hanlon (Hibernian)
184.  Ian Murray (Hibernian)
185.  Richie Towell (Hibernian)
186.  David Wotherspoon (Hibernian)
187.  Martin Scott (Hibernian)
188.  Matthew Thornhill (Hibernian)
189.  Lewis Stevenson (Hibernian)
190.  Victor Palsson (Hibernian)
191.  Isaiah Osbourne (Hibernian)
192.  Garry O'Connor (Hibernian)
193.  Ivan Sproule (Hibernian)
194.  Garry O'Connor (Hibernian)
195.  Ivan Sproule (Hibernian)
196.  Leigh Griffiths (Hibernian)
197.  Junior Agogo (Hibernian)
198.  Ian Murray (Hibernian)
199.  Ian Murray (Hibernian)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Star Performers - Hot Stoppers

200.  Ricky Foster (Aberdeen)
201.  Ricky Foster (Aberdeen)
202.  Fraser Forster (Celtic)
203.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
204.  Daniel Majstorovic (Celtic)
205.  Mark Wilson (Celtic)
206.  Marius Zaliukas (Heart of Midlothian)
207.  Chris Hogg (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
208.  Allan McGregor (Rangers)
209.  Lee Wallce (Rangers)
210.  Steven Whittaker (Rangers)
211.  Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers)
212.  Peter Enckleman (St. Johnstone)
213.  Peter Enckleman (St. Johnstone)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Star Performers - Midfield Masters

214.  Kris Commons (Celtic)
215.  Kris Commons (Celtic)
216.  Beram Kayal (Celtic)
217.  James Forrest (Celtic)
218.  Danny Swanson (Dundee United)
219.  David Templeton (Heart of Midlothian)
220.  Manuel Pascali (Kilmarnock)
221.  Keith Lasley (Motherwell)
222.  Maurice Edu (Rangers)
223.  Steven Davis (Rangers)
224.  Juan Manuel Ortiz (Rangers)
225.  Gregg Wylde (Rangers)
226.  Jody Morris (St. Johnstone)
227.  Jody Morris (St. Johnstone)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Star Performers - Super Strikers

228.  Georgios Samaras (Celtic)
229.  Georgios Samaras (Celtic)
230.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
231.  Gary Hooper (Celtic)
232.  Johnny Russell (Dundee United)
233.  Andy Barrowman (Dunfermline Athletic)
234.  Garry O'Connor (Hibernian)
235.  Michael Higdon (Motherwell)
236.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
237.  Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
238.  Steven Naismith (Rangers)
239.  David Healy (Rangers)
240.  Steven Thompson (St. Mirren)
241.  Steven Thompson (St. Mirren)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL

242.  Badge (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
243.  Kit (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
244.  Team Photo (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
245.  Ryan Esson (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
246.  Thomas Piermayr (Inverness Caledoian Thistle)
247.  Ross Tokely (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
248.  Chris Hogg (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
249.  Roman Golobart (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
250.  Graeme Shinnie (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
251.  Kenny Gilet (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
252.  Lee Cox (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
253.  Jonny Hayes (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
254.  Greg Tansey (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
255.  Andrew Shinnie (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
256.  Nick Ross (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
257.  Greg Tansey (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
258.  Nick Ross (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
259.  Gavin Morrison (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
260.  Aaron Doran (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
261.  Richie Foran (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
262.  Gregory Tade (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
263.  Richie Foran (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
264.  Richie Foran (Inverness 
Caledoian Thistle)
265.  Badge (Kilmarnock)
266.  Kit (Kilmarnock)
267.  Team Photo (Kilmarnock)
268.  Cammy Bell (Kilmarnock)
269.  Garry Hay (Kilmarnock)
270.  Patrick Ada (Kilmarnock)
271.  Zdenek Kroca (Kilmarnock)
272.  Leon Panikvar (Kilmarnock)
273.  Rory McKeown (Kilmarnock)
274.  Mohamadou Sissoko (Kilmarnock)
275.  james Fowler (Kilmarnock)
276.  Liam Kelly (Kilmarnock)
277.  Danny Buijs (Kilmarnock)
278.  James Dayton (Kilmarnock)
279.  Gary harkins (Kilmarnock)
280.  James Dayton (Kilmarnock)
281.  Paul Heffernan (Kilmarnock)
282.  Dean Shiels (Kilmarnock)
283.  Manuel Pascali (Kilmarnock)
284.  Paul Heffernan (Kilmarnock)
285.  Ben Hutchinson (Kilmarnock)
286.  Manuel Pascali (Kilmarnock)
287.  Manuel Pascali (Kilmarnock)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - The Boot Room

288.  Rory Fallon (Aberdeen)
289.  Rory Fallon (Aberdeen)
290.  Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
291.  Daniel Majstorovic (Celtic)
292.  Kris Commons (Celtic)
293.  Georgios Samaras (Celtic)
294.  Willo Flood (Dundee United)
295.  David Wotherspoon (Hibernian)
296.  Eggert Jonsson (Heart of Midlothian)
297.  Andrew Driver (Heart of Midlothian)
298.  Allan McGregor (Rangers)
299.  Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
300.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
301.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL

302.  Badge (Motherwell)
303.  Kit (Motherwell)
304.  Team Photo (Motherwell)
305.  Darren Randolph (Motherwell)
306.  Steven Saunders (Motherwell)
307.  Steven Hammell (Motherwell)
308.  Stephen Craigan (Motherwell)
309.  Shaun Hutchinson (Motherwell)
310.  Tim Clancy (Motherwell)
311.  Nicky Law (Motherwell)
312.  Tom Hateley (Motherwell)
313.  Chris Humphrey (Motherwell)
314.  Steven Jennings (Motherwell)
315.  Keith Lasley (Motherwell)
316.  Omar Daley (Motherwell)
317.  Tom Hateley (Motherwell)
318.  Jamie Murphy (Motherwell)
319.  Ross Fprbes (Motherwell)
320.  Michael Higdon (Motherwell)
321.  Jamie Murphy (Motherwell)
322.  Robert McHugh (Motherwell)
323.  Stephen Craigan (Motherwell)
324.  Stephen Craigan (Motherwell)
325.  Badge (Rangers)
326.  Kit (Rangers)
327.  Team Photo (Rangers)
328.  Allan McGregor (Rangers)
329.  Dorin Goian (Rangers)
330.  David Weir (Rangers)
331.  Kirk Broadfoot (Rangers)
332.  Sasa Papac (Rangers)
333.  Lee Wallace (Rangers)
334.  Steven Whittaker (Rangers)
335.  Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers)
336.  Lee McCulloch (Rangers)
337.  Maurice Edu (Rangers)
338.  Steven Davis (Rangers)
339.  Juan Manuel Ortiz (Rangers)
340.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
341.  Steven Naismith (Rangers)
342.  Gregg Wylde (Rangers)
343.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
344.  Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
345.  Steven Naismith (Rangers)
346.  David Weir (Rangers)
347.  David Weir (Rangers)
348.  David Weir (Rangers) - All Action Dream Team
349.  Lee Wallace (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
350.  Lee McCulloch (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
351.  Allan McGregor (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
352.  Dorin Goian (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
353.  Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
354.  Steven Whittaker (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
355.  Steven Davis (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
356.  Gregg Wylde (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
357.  Sasa Papac (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
358.  Maurice Edu (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
359.  Steven Naismith (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
360.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
361.  Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
362.  Kirk Broadfoot (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
363.  Juan Manuel Ortiz (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team
364.  David Healy (Rangers)
 - All Action Dream Team

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Premier Puzzles

365.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
366.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
367.  Picture Puzzler (Aberdeen)
368.  Picture Puzzler (Dundee United)
369.  Picture Puzzler (Dunfermline Athletic)
370.  Picture Puzzler (Heart of Midlothian)
371.  Picture Puzzler (Hibernian)
372.  Picture Puzzler (Inverness 
Caledonian Thistle)
373.  Picture Puzzler (Kilmarnock)
374.  Picture Puzzler (Motherwell)
375.  Picture Puzzler (St. Johnstone)
376.  Picture Puzzler (St. Mirren)
377.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
378.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
379.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
380.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
381.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
382.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
383.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
384.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
385.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
386.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
387.  Picture Puzzler (Celtic)
388.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
389.  Picture Puzzler (Heart of Midlothian)
390.  Picture Puzzler (Hibernian)
391.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)
392.  Picture Puzzler (Rangers)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL

393.  Badge (St. Johnstone)
394.  Kit (St. Johnstone)
395.  Team Photo (St. Johnstone)
396.  Peter Enckleman (St. Johnstone)
397.  Dave Mackay (St. Johnstone)
398.  Callum Davidson (St. Johnstone)
399.  Steven Anderson (St. Johnstone)
400.  Frazer Wright (St. Johnstone)
401.  Alan Maybury (St. Johnstone)
402.  David McCracken (St. Johnstone)
403.  Jody Morris (St. Johnstone)
404.  Chris Millar (St. Johnstone)
405.  Murray Davidson (St. Johnstone)
406.  Liam Craig (St. Johnstone)
407.  Keith Moon (St. Johnstone)
408.  Cillian Sheridan (St. Johnstone)
409.  Francisco Sandaza (St. Johnstone)
410.  David Robertson (St. Johnstone)
411.  Marcus Haber (St. Johnstone)
412.  Cillian Sheridan (St. Johnstone)
413.  Francisco Sandaza (St. Johnstone)
414.  Jody Morris (St. Johnstone)
415.  Jody Morris (St. Johnstone)
416.  Badge (St. Mirren)
417.  Kit (St. Mirren)
418.  Team Photo (St. Mirren)
419.  Craig Samson (St. Mirren)
420.  David van Zanten (St. Mirren)
421.  Darren McGregor (St. Mirren)
422.  Lee Mair (St. Mirren)
423.  Marc McAusland (St. Mirren)
424.  Jeroen Tesselaar (St. Mirren)
425.  Graham Carey (St. Mirren)
426.  Ilias Haddad (St. Mirren)
427.  Jim Goodwin (St. Mirren)
428.  Hugh Murray (St. Mirren)
429.  Steven Thompson (St. Mirren)
430.  Kenny McLean (St. Mirren)
431.  Gary Teale (St. Mirren)
432.  Steven Thompson (St. Mirren)
433.  Gary Teale (St. Mirren)
434.  Steven Thompson (St. Mirren)
435.  Paul McGowan (St. Mirren)
436.  Nigel Hasselbaink (St. Mirren)
437.  Jim Goodwin (St. Mirren)
438.  Jim Goodwin (St. Mirren)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - Football Funnies

439.  Darren Randolph (Motherwell)
440.  Gary Hooper (Celtic)
441.  The Bhoys (Hibernian)
442.  David Gonzalez, Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
443.  David Healy (Rangers)
444.  Marc McAusland, Craig Samson (St. Mirren)

Scottish Premier League 2012 - SPL Celebrations! (Poster)

445.  Scott Vernon (Aberdeen)
446.  Joe Ledley (Celtic)
447.  Ki Sung-Yueng (Celtic)
448.  Gary Hooper (Celtic)
449.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
450.  Ki Sung-Yueng, Joe Ledley (Celtic)
451.  James Forrest (Celtic)
452.  Anthony Stokes, Kris Commons (Celtic)
453.  Jon Daly, Garry Kenneth (Dundee United)
454.  Jason Thompson (Dunfermline Athletic)
455.  Ryan Stevenson (Heart of Midlothian)
456.  Garry O'Connor (Hibernian)
457.  Andrew Shinnie (Inverness Caledonian Thistle)
458.  Paul Heffernan (Kilmarnock)
459.  Robert McHugh, Nicky Low (Motherwell)
460.  Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
461.  Steven Davis (Rangers)
462.  Steven Naismith (Rangers)
463.  Nikica Jelavic, Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
464.  Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers)
465.  Kyle Lafferty (Rangers)
466.  Nikica Jelavic (Rangers)
467.  Cillian Sheridan, Francisco Sandaza (St. Johnstone)
468.  N. Hasselbaink, S. Thompson (St. Mirren)

Daily Record - sheet 1

217.  James Forrest (Celtic)
218.  Danny Swanson (Dundee United)
219.  David Templeton (Heart of Midlothian)
223.  Steven Davis (Rangers)
224.  Juan Manuel Ortiz (Rangers)
226.  Jody Morris (St. Johnstone)

Daily Record - sheet 2

239.  David Healy (Rangers) 
231.  Gary Hooper (Celtic)
230.  Anthony Stokes (Celtic)
233.  Andy Barrowman (Dunfermline Athletic)
232.  Johnny Russell (Dundee United)
240.  Michael Higdon (St. Mirren)

Bravour Zigarettenfabrik, Berlin - 20243-03 / B106-25 ~ Bravour Bilder Film und Sport


20243-03 / B106-25 - Bravour Bilder Film und Sport
Bravour Zigarettenfabrik, Berlin
511 (226 Sport, 285 Film)

This collection was issued in Germany in 1935, the A series cards depicted film stars while the B series concentrated on sporting stars, many of them footballers. A few names missing from the list - B123, B124, B125, B160, B161 and B162, if anyone can help fill a few gaps, please get in touch. There seems to be slight differences in some of the back designs. I don't know if this is significant in any way. Examples are shown above.

B1.  Max Schmeling (Boxing)
B2.  Jack Sharkey (Boxing)
B3.  Willie Wolff (Horse Racing)
B4.  Gustav Jaenecke (Ice Hockey)
B5.  Jonny Weissmuller (Swimming)
B6.  Roman Najuch (Tennis)
B7.  Daniel Prenn (Tennis)
B8.  Ernst Udet (Pilot und Flieger)
B9.  Rudolf Carracciola (Auto Racing)
B10.  William Tilden (Tennis)
B11.  Cilly Aussem (Tennis)
B12.  Helmut Kornig (Athletics)
B13.  Emil Hirschfeld (Athletics)
B14.  Paavo Nurmi (Athletics)
B15.  Dr. Otto Peltzer (Athletics)
B16.  Primo Carnera (Boxing)
B17.  Arthur Jonath (Athletics)
B18.  Young Stribbling (Boxing)
B19.  Mickey Walker (Boxing)
B20.  Jack Dempsey (Boxing)
B21.  Hans Sobeck (Soccer)
B22.  Oskar Tietz (Cycling)
B23.  Rudi Ball (Ice Hockey)
B24.  Sonja Henie (Figure Skating)
B25.  Gene Tunney (Boxing)
B26.  Ottos Schmidt (Horse Racing)
B27.  Johann Starosta (Jockey)
B28.  Ellen Preiss (Fencing)
B29.  Albert Richter (Cycling)
B30.  Helene Mayer (Fencing)
B31.  Hans von Stuck (Auto Racing)
B32.  Manfred v. Brauchitsch (Auto Racing)
B33.  Campbell (Auto Racing)
B34.  E. Henne (Motorcycle Racing)
B35.  Tom Bullus (Motorcycle Racing)
B36.  non football
B37.  non football
B38.  Irmgard v Opel (Turnierreiter)
B39.  Oberleutnant Hasse (Turnierreiter)
B40.  Jauss Jr. (Horse Racing)
B41.  Hans Fromming (Horse Racing)
B42.  Erich Seelig (Boxing)
B43.  Walter Neusel (Boxing)
B44.  Hein Muller (Boxing)
B45.  Hans Schonrath (Boxing)
B46.  Adolf Heuser (Boxing)
B47.  Otto v. Porat (Boxing)
B48.  Heinr. Trollmann (Boxing)
B49.  Hans Ziglarski (Boxing)
B50.  Jakob Dubbers (Boxing)
B51.  Vinzens Hower (Boxing)
B52.  Herbert Donner (Boxing)
B53.  Josef Schleinkofer (Boxing)
B54.  Rudi Ball (Ice Hockey)
B55.  non football
B56.  Megan Taylor (Ice Skating)
B57.  Sonja Henie (Ice Skating)
B58.  Edith Michaelis (Ice Skating)
B59.  Friedl Dauber (Ski-ing)
B60.  Hilde Holovski (Ice Skating)
B61.  Barwa (Speed Skating)
B62.  Ernst Baier (Ice Skating)
B63.  Elli Beinhorn (Aviation)
B64.  Thea Rasche (Aviation)
B65.  Marga von Etzdorff (Aviation)
B66.  Liesel Bach (Aviation)
B67.  Wolf Hirth (Aviation)
B68.  Gerhard Fieseler (Aviation)
B69.  Walter Sawall (Cycling)
B70.  Karl Goebel (Cycling)
B71.  Lothar Ehmer (Cycling)
B72.  Paul Buschenhagen (Cycling)
B73.  Pietro Linari (Cycling)
B74.  Piet van Kempen (Cycling)
B75.  Willi Funda (Cycling)
B76.  Matthias Engel (Cycling)
B77.  Erich Moller (Cycling)
B78.  Adolf Schon (Cycling)
B79.  Victor Rausch (Cycling)
B80.  Gottfried Hurtgen (Cycling)
B81.  Raymond Dieters (Swimming)
B82.  Ingeborg Sjokvist (Diving)
B83.  Calrence Grabbe (Swimming)
B84.  J. Taris (Swimming)
B85.  Dr. v. Barany (Swimming)
B86.  non football
B87.  Olag Jordan (Diving)
B88.  non football
B89.  Helen Madison (Swimming)
B90.  non football
B91.  Dorothy Pointon (Diving)
B92.  Jean Foldeak (Wrestling)
B93.  Rudolf Ismayr (Weightlifting)
B94.  Jacob Brendel (Wrestling)
B95.  H. Gehring (Wrestling)
B96.  Henry Cochet (Tennis)
B97.  Freiherr Gottfried von Cramm (Tennis)
B98.  Martin Plaa (Tennis)
B99.  H. E. Vines (Tennis)
B100.  Hans Nusslein (Tennis)
B101.  Jean Borotra (Tennis)
B102.  Wilhelm Nourney (Tennis)
B103.  Carlos Zabala (Athletics)
B104.  Beccali (Athletics)
B105.  Heinz Brauch (Athletics)
B106.  Erich Borchmeyer (Athletics)
B107.  Willi Welscher (Athletic
B108.  Iso-Hollo (Athletics)
B109.  E. Wegener (Athletics)
B110.  Wolrad Eberle (Athletics)
B111.  Grete Heublein (Athletics)
B112.  Ellen Braumuller (Athletics)
B113.  Eddi Tolan/ Metcalfe (Athletics)
B114.  Harry Voigt (Athletics)
B115.  non football
B116.  Fri. Dollinger (Athletics)
B117.  Lauri Lehtinen (Athletics)
B118.  Kusozynsky (Athletics)
B119.  Adolf Metzner (Athletics)
B120.  Hans Heinz Sievert (Athletics)
B121.  Max Syring (Athletics)
B122.  Babe Diedrikson (Athletics)
B123.  Otto Kohn (Athletics)
   -   updated 10-10-2021
B124.  Inge Braumuller (Athletics)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B126.  Erich Kauer (FC Tennis Borussia)
B127.  Willi Pahlke (FC Tennis Borussia)
B128.  Konrad Patrzek (Tennis Borussia)
B129.  Heinz Emmerich (Tennis Borussia)
B130.  Josef Bergmeier (FC Bayern München)
B131.  Rudolf Hiden (W.A.C. Wien)
B132.  Ricardo Zamorra (Spain)
B133.  Paul Weick (FC Minerva 93)
B134.  Sienholz I (FC Victoria 89)
B135.  Walter Haase (V.f.B Pankow)
B136.  Ernst Fleischer (V.f.B. Pankow)
B137.  Hermann Hahn (Hertha-B.S.C.)
B138.  Alfred Stahr (Hertha-B.S.C.)
B139.  Hans Ruch (Hertha-B.S.C.)
B140.  Ludwig Leinberger (Deutschland)
B141.  Alfred Brink (Hertha-B.S.C.)
B142.  Hans Appel (B.S.V. 92 Berlin) 
B143.  Erich Ballendath (B.S.V. 92 Berlin) 
B144.  Paul Geelhaar
B145.  Karl Hohmann (V.F.L.  Benrath)
B146.  Paul Janes (Fortuna Düsseldorf)
B147.  Willi Handschumacher (Soccer)
B148.  Georg Knöpfle (F.S.V. Frankfurt) 
B149.  Richard Hofmann (Dresden Sportklub)
B150.  Anton Huber (BFC Tennis Borussia)
B151.  Kurt Elsholz
 (B.S.V. 92 Berlin) 
B152.  Sienholz II (F.C. Victoria 89)
B153.  Günther Framke (B.F.C. Blau-Weiss) 
B154.  Stanislaus Kobierski (Fortuna Dusseldorf)
B155.  Hans Stubb (Eintracht Frankfurt)
B156.  Jacob Haringer (Bayern Munchen)
B157.  Oskar Rohr (FC Bayern Munchen)
B158.  Hans Jacob (F.C Jahn-Regensburg)
B159.  Rudolf Gramlich (Eintracht Frankfurt)
B161.  Hans Scherbarth (Hockey)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B162.  Fritz Linke (Hockey)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B163.  Graf v. Czaykowski (Auto Racing)
B164.  Gunther Burgaller (Auto Racing)
B165.  Hans Arenz (Boxing)
B166.  Herbert Hornemann (Boxing)
B167.  Franz Mietschke (Boxing)
B168.  Arth.  Berensmeier (Boxing)
B169.  Erich Campe (Boxing)
B170.  Hans Bernlohr (Boxing)
B171.  Max Baer (Boxing)
B172.  H.  Domgorgen (Boxing)
B173.  Pierre Charles (Boxing)
B174.  Uczudun Paolino (Boxing)
B175.  Don McCorkindale (Boxing)
B176.  Hans Seyfried (Boxing)
B177.  Willi Seissler (Boxing)
B178.  Ernst Riethdorf (Boxing)
B179.  Kurt Ramek (Boxing)
B180.  Otto Kaestner (Boxing)
B181.  Voosen (Boxing)
B182.  Otto Kyfuss (Boxing)
B183.  Karl Schmedes (Boxing)
B184.  Hans Schiller (Boxing)
B185.  Herbert Baechler (Boxing)
B186.  Anton Gaikowsky (Boxing)
B187.  E. Kramer (Wrestling)
B188.  Ernst Mosig (Wrestling)
B189.  Gottfried Gruneisen (Wrestling)
B190.  Stanislaus Badurski (Wrestling)
B191.  Markus Passmann (Wrestling)
B192.  Siegfried Viebahn (Diving)
   -   updated 10-10-2021
B193.  Karl Schubert (Swimming)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B194.  Helmut Fischer (Swimming)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B195.  non football
B196.  K. Küppers (Swimming)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B197.  non football
B198.  non football
B199.  non football
B200.  Hans Dasch (Cycling)
B201.  Adolphe Charlier (Cycling)
B202.  Roger Deneef (Cycling)
B203.  Toni Bauhofer (Motorcycle Racing)
B204.  Tazio Nuvolari (Auto Racing)
B205.  Louis Chiron (Auto Racing)
B206.  Frenz (Tennis)
B207.  Marie Luise Horn (Tennis)
B208.  non football
B209.  Nunoi (Tennis)
B210.  Itoh/Miki (Tennis)
B211.  Bunny Austin (Tennis)   -   updated 10-10-2021
B212.  Jack Crawford (Tennis)
B213.  Helen Wills-Moody (Tennis)
B214.  Printen (Horse Racing)
   -   updated 10-10-2021
B215.  Oberleutnant Sahla (Equestrianism)
B216.  Oberleutnant Momm (Equestrianism)
B217.  Paul Bien (F.C. Blau-Weiss Berlin)
B218.  Hans Brunke (F.C. Tennis Borussia)
B219.  Iwankowski I (F.C. Minerva 93)
B220.  Iwankowski II  (F.C. Minerva 93)
B221.  Ernst Kuzorra (Schalke 04)
B222.  Otto Riehl (Spandauer S.V.)
B223.  Vent (Bochum) (Athletics)
B224.  Otto Imhoff (Athletics)
B225.  Willi Gohrt (Athletics)