Saturday 14 October 2023

TV Stars magazine - TV Stars presents World Cup Sticker Album (2002)

TV Stars presents World Cup Sticker Album
TV Stars magazine
30 stickers

The album was included with issue 19 of TV Stars magazine. The stickers were stapled as a wrap-around sheet.

1.  Michael Owen
2.  Michael Owen
3.  Darius Vassell
4.  Darius Vassell
5.  Ashley Cole
6.  Ashley Cole
7.  David Beckham
8.  David Beckham, Steven Gerrard & Gary Neville
9.  Nicky Butt
10.  Nicky Butt
11.  Robbie Fowler
12.  Robbie Fowler
13.  Emile Heskey
14.  Emile Heskey
15.  Martin Keown
16.  Martin Keown
17.  Jole Cole
18.  Joe Cole
19.  Nigel Martyn
20.  Nigel Martyn
21.  Danny Murphy
22.  Danny Murphy
23.  Rio Ferdinand & Robbie Fowler
24.  Rio Ferdinand
25.  David Seaman
26.  David Seaman
27.  Gareth Southgate
28.  Teddy Sheringham
29.  Teddy Sheringham
30.  Paul Scholes

Merlin - F.A. Premier League 2003 (04) - Completion Sticker

F.A. Premier League 2003
578 stickers

A scan of the Completion Sticker in situ.

Topps - Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos

Topps has announced that former Brazilian international Roberto Carlos has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with them. Check out one of the most amazing free-kick's ever, against France in 1997.

Futera - Futera Selecta Club - Baines' Football Cards

Futera Selecta Club - Baines' Football Cards
? cards

I don't know if Futera will be announcing a checklist for this collection, that takes it's inspiration from the cards issued by John Baines in the 1880's through to the early 1920's and are only available to Futera's Selecta Club members. I don't have a complete checklist but I will update this list as and when new cards are identified.

Baines' Football Cards - Red #/14
Baines' Football Cards - Green #/7
Baines' Football Cards - Blue #/5
20 cards

JB01.  Roberto Carlos (Brazil)
JB02.  Paolo Maldini (Italy)   -   added 23-11-2023
JB03.  Zinedine Zidane (France)
JB04.  Socrates (Brazil)
JB05.  Johnny Rep (Holland)   -   added 23-11-2023
JB06.  Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany)   -   added 29-10-2023
JB07.  Diego Maradona (Argentina)   -   added 29-10-2023
JB08.  Gheorghe Hagi (Romania)
JB09.  Raymond Kopa (France)
JB10.  George Best (Northern Ireland)
JB11.  Pele (Brazil)   -   added 29-10-2023
JB12.  Jairzinho (Brazil)   -   added 24-10-2023
JB13.  Gerd Muller (West Germany)   -   added 20-10-2023
JB14.  Mario Kempes (Argentina)   -   added 19-01-2024
JB15.  Lothar Matthaus (Germany)   -   added 29-11-2023
JB17.  Michel Platini (France)
JB18.  Zico (Brazil)
JB19.  Dino Zoff (Italy)   -   added 23-11-2023
JB20.  Paul Breitner (West Germany)

Panini - FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Sticker Collection (13) - Update - Spain (02)

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Sticker Collection
580 stickers

The original update sheet appeared in issue 196 of Jugón magazine - a sheet of 9 stickers of Spanish players, but there was a problem. The sheet included four players that didn't go to the World Cup, consequently four players that did go were still missing from the collection. I speculated whether Panini would produce another sheet of stickers with the next issue of Jugón. That didn't happen but the new issue of the magazine, issue number 199, does include another sheet of stickers. The magazine also has another page to be cut out and kept with the album, once the stickers are attached.

J10.  Cata Coll
J11.  Laia Codina
J12.  María Pérez
J13.  Eva Navarro
J14.  Campeonas del Mundo 1/2
J15.  Campeonas del Mundo 2/2

Epoch Cards (Japan) - 2023 Epoch One J-League Holospectra (08)

2023 Epoch One J-League Holospectra
Epoch Cards
50+ cards

A selection of some of the 2023 Epoch One J-League cards have been created in plastic with a holographic finish in very limited numbers. Each card is priced at ¥3,000 and limited to just 10, 20 or 50 copies, with the serial number engraved on the back.
Previous cards can be seen here:

394-H.  SS-048.  Tadahiro Akiba (Shimizu S-Pulse)   -   Limited Edition #/10
400-H.  KA-037.  Gaku Shibasaki (Kashima Antlers)   -   Limited Edition #/10
412-H.  VI-048.  Yuya Osako (Vissel Kobe)   -   Limited Edition #/10
415-H.  BM-020.  Taiyo Horaoka (Shonan Bellmare)   -   Limited Edition #/10
417-H.  BM-022.  Kosuke Onose (Shonan Bellmare)   -   Limited Edition #/10
422-H.  TO-040.  Kota Tawaratsumida (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10
425-H.  TO-043.  Kota Tawaratsumida (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10
437-H.  SS-052.  Takashi Inui (Shimizu S-Pulse)   -   Limited Edition #/10
440-H.  BM-025.  Yuki Ohashi (Shonan Bellmare)   -   Limited Edition #/10
450-H.  TO-044.  Kuryu Matsuki (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10


394-H.  SS-048.  【秋葉忠宏】2023明治安田生命Jリーグ 月間優秀監督賞 8月度(23.9.12)
400-H.  KA-037.  【柴崎 岳】J復帰後初出場(23.9.16)
412-H.  VI-048.  【大迫勇也】首位攻防戦で今季20点目となる先制ゴール(23.9.29)
415-H.  BM-020.  【平岡大陽】先制決勝弾でチームはウノゼロ勝利(23.9.16)
417-H.  BM-022.  【小野瀬康介】J1通算150試合出場(23.9.24)
422-H.  TO-040.  【俵積田晃太】クラブ25周年を祝う劇的プロ初ゴール(23.9.23)
425-H.  TO-043.  【俵積田晃太】クラブ設立記念日に2戦連発となるスーパーゴール(23.10.1)
437-H.  SS-052.  【乾 貴士】静岡ダービーで値千金先制ゴール(23.10.7)
440-H.  BM-025.  【大橋祐紀】自身初二ケタゴール達成(23.10.21)
450-H.  TO-044.  【松木玖生】J1通算50試合出場(23.10.21)

Panini (Spain) - Megacracks MGK 2023/24 (04) - Edición Limitada Top Fichajes - Jugón 199

Megacracks MGK 2023-24
504+ cards

Three new Limited Edition cards are included with the new issue of Jugón magazine (issue number 199), which went on sale a couple of days ago.

Edicion Limitada - Top Fichaje - Jugón #199

João Félix (FC Barcelona)
Isco (Real Betis)
Kepa (Real Madrid)

MB Games - Kick Off Card Game (1981)

Kick Off Card Game
MB Games
56 cards

I didn't think it worthwhile compiling a list of all the cards in this game.

Panini (Spain) - LaLiga Este 2023-24 Digital Collection (02) - 2ª División (02)

LaLiga Este 2023-24 Digital Collection
672 stickers

The pages for the Segunda División are now complete with Panini having added images of all the players. You can find the collection here - LaLiga Este 2023-24 Digital Collection and collectors can pick up a free packet of 6 stickers every 8 hours.