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Mundicromo - Las Fichas de la Liga 2015 Official Quiz Game Collection - Campeonato Nacional de Liga 2014-2015


Las Fichas de la Liga 2015 Official Quiz Game Collection
Campeonato Nacional de Liga 2014-2015
Probably 1500 or more

The new Mundicromo collection is out in Spain - lots of superb cards. Spain are always the first country to issue cards. My friends at cromosdefutbol do a superb job of cataloging these cards each season, with all the variations. Check out their website You have to register to get to the juicy bits, but it's well, well worth it. Some of the Limited Edition metalcards are shown above.

Sports Pictures - Sports Pictures Photo Album (Part I)


200 Famous Footballers "Sports Pictures" Photo Album
Sports Pictures
64 pages

You'll find examples of the three different types of photos included in this album - individual players, multiple players and team photos. I was lead to believe there are 64 pages in the book, including the covers but this seems unlikely. The cover states that there are 200 footballers within. The highest page number I have is 40 and, not counting those in team groups, there are over 230 footballers featured.

I'm still missing details for pages 11 and 12. If I get that information I'll probably just update this page.
Paul Briers has been in touch to confirm the book has 64 pages. In the meantime I've added missing page titles. Paul has promised to add more information soon.

1.  Catch of the Season    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          William Davies (Cardiff City, Wales, ex-Swansea Town)
2.  Sunderland Stalwarts    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          G.Oakley (Right Back)
          A.McInroy (Goalkeeper)
          E.England (Left Back)
          A.Andrews (Left Half)
          W.Clunas (Right Half)
          J.Paterson (Inside Left)
          W.Grimshaw (Outside Right)
          C.Parker (Centre Half)
          W.Cresswell (Right Back)
          W.T.Ellis (Outside Left)
3.  Charles Buchan (in Sunderland kit)
4.  Aston Villa's Shining Lights
          T. Jackson (Goalkeeper)
          W.H. Walker (Inside Left)
          T. Smart (Right Back)
          W.J. Kirton (Inside Right)
          A.R. Dorrell (Ouside Left)
          A. McClure (Centre Half)
          R.E. York (Outside Right)
          G.F. Blackburn (Left Half)
          T. Mort (Left Back)
          L.K. Capewell (Centre Forward)
          J. Johnstone (Right Half)
5.  West Bromwich Celebrities
          1.  R. Baugh (from Wolves)
          2.  B. Blood
          3.  T. Mager
          4.  F. Reed
          5.  W. Adams
          6.  T. Glidden
          7.  C. Wilson
          8.  H. Pearson
          9.  S. Davies
          10.  J. Byers
6.  Andrew Cunningham - Scotland's
7.  Left Wing - Alan Morton (Rangers, ex-Queens Park)
8.  Manchester City Cracks
          C. Pringle (Left Half)
          S. Cookson (Right Back)
          J.F. Mitchell (Goalkeeper)
          F. Robert (Inside Right)
          S.W. Austin (Ouside Right - transferred from Norwich)
          H. Barnes (Inside Left)
          T. Browell (Centre Forward)
          J. Elwood (Centre Half)
9.  Men of the Mersey
          1.  A. Harland
          2.  D. Livingstone
          3.  D. Raitt
          4.  W. Brown
          5.  N. McBain
          6.  H. Hart
          7.  S. Chedgzoy
          8.  R. Irvine
          9.  J.G. Cock
          10.  W. Chadwick
          11.  A. Troup
          1.  E. Scott
          2.  T. Lucas
          3.  E. Longworth
          4.  W. Wadsworth
          5.  W. Cockburn (from Stockport)
          6.  T. Bromilow
          7.  A. Rawlings
          8.  D. Shone
          9.  H. Lawson
          10.  H. Chambers
          11.  F. Hopkin 
10.  Joe Smith - Bolton Wanderers'
11.  Left Wing    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          Ted Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)
12.  Wales (International Champions - The men who took Wales to the top of the International Championship of Great Britain.   -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          L to R: Standing: H.P.Evans (Cardiff), M.Russell (Plymouth), A.Gray (Oldham),
          W.Jennings (Bolton), J.Jenkins (Brighton), L.Davies (Cardiff)
          L to R: Sitting: W.Davies (Swansea), I.Jones (WBA), F.Keenor (captain) (Cardiff),
          W.Richards (West Ham), E.T.Vizard (Bolton).
12.  One of Scotland’s Best Teams - Glasgow Celtic    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          L to R: Standing: J.McFarlane, A.McNair, P.Wilson, W.McStay, A.McAtee. 
          Sitting: J.Cassidy, P.Gallagher, C.Shaw, H.Hilley, P.Connolly.
13.  Pride of Wales
          1. J. Clennell (Cardiff City)
          2.  F. Keener (Cardiff City)
          3.  J. Evans (Cardiff City)
          4.  W. Hardy (Cardiff City)
          5.  J. Page (Cardiff City)
          6.  J. Blair (Cardiff City)
          7.  Gill (Cardiff City)
14.  "Hardy" Veterans
          Moses Russell (Plymouth Argyle and Wales)
          Albert Iremonger (Notts County)
          Sam Hardy (Notts Forest and England)
15.  Trio of Centre Forwards
          Joe Bradford (Birmingham)
          Tom Roberts (Preston North End)
          Harry Bedford (Blackpool)
16.  Famous Corinthians
          K.E. Hegan (Outside Left)
          J.S.F. Morrison (Right Back)
          F.N.S. Creek (Centre Forward)
          A.G. Bower (Left Back)
          A.H. Phillips (Inside Right)
          A.G. Doggart (Inside Left)
          F.W.H. Nicholas (Outside Right)
          F.W. Ewer (Right Half)
          L.B. Blaxland (Left Half)
          C. Ashton (Centre Half)
17.  Howard Baker - Corinth and Chelsea
18.  Chelsea's Chief Hopes
          1.  J. Priestley
          2.  W. Brown
          3.  J. Harrow
          4.  J. Crawford
          5.  H. Wilding
          6.  S. castle
          7.  T. Meehan
          8.  H.S. Miller
          9.  G. Smith
19.  Andrew Wilson in Various Moods (Chelsea)
          Andrew Wilson
          Andrew Wilson
          Andrew Wilson
          Andrew Wilson
20.  Honoured by Scotland
          1.  W. Cringan (Motherwell)
          2.  T. Cairns (Rangers)
          3.  A. Archibald (Rangers)
          4.  J. McMullan (Partick Thistle)
          5.  D. Morris (Raith Rovers)
          6.  D. Meiklejohn (Rangers)
          7.  J. Smith (Ayr United)
          8.  J. Hutton (Aberdeen)
21.  Interesting Scottish Personalities
          1.  J. Howieson (St. Johnstone)
          2.  J. Dempster (St. Johnstone)
          3.  D. McLean (Dundee)
          4.  W. Paterson (Cowdenbeath)
          5.  W. Wilson (Cowdenbeath)
          6.  J. Miller (Raith Rovers)
          7.  J. Walker (Third Lanark)
          8.  F. Walker (Third Lanark)
          9.  R. Orr (Third Lanark)
          10.  G. French (Morton)
          11.  R. Archibald (Third Lanark)
          12.  T. Jennings (Raith Rovers)
22.  Wednesday's International Halves
          F.W. Kean (England)
          G. Wilson (England)
          W. Collier (Scotland - ex-Raith Rovers)
23.  Brilliant "Blades"
          1.  W. Cook
          2.  H. Gough
          3.  E. Milton
          4.  F. Tunstall
          5.  W. Gillespie (Capt.)
          6.  J. Waugh
          7.  B. Menlove
          8.  D. Mercer
24.  Queens Park (Glasgow)
          J.B. McAlpine (Outside Left)
          D.A. Fyfe (Centre Forward)
          J. MacDonald (Right Half)
          T. Sneddon (Right Back)
          R. Gillespie (Centre Half)
          J. Crawford (Outside Right)
          W. Wiseman (Left Back)
25.  Breezy Brighton Players
          J.W. Smith (Centre Forward) - from Swansea
          G. Coomber (Centre Half)
          R. Dennison (Inside Roght) - from Norwich
          J. Hopkins (Inside Left)
          W.C. Cook (Goalkeeper) - from Plymouth
          J. Jenkins (Left Back)
26.  The Rovers of Blackburn
          R. Sewell (Goalkeeper)
          J. McKay (Inside Left)
          D. Rollo (Rught Back)
          J. Crisp (Outside Left)
          E. Harper (Centre Forward)
          T. Wylie (Left Back)
          H. Healless (Right Half)
          J. McIntyre (Inside Right)
          J. Roscamp (Left Half)
27.  The New Middlesbrough
          1.  Ian Dickson
          2.  E. Smith
          3.  J. Bissett
          4.  A. Cochrane
          5.  R. Wainscoat
          6.  O. Williams
          7.  R.V. Freeman
28.  West Ham "Ironsides" (Team Photo)
29.  Southampton's Defense in Action
          F. Titmus (Left Back)
          F. Shelley (Right Half)
          T. Parker (Right Back)
          T. Allen (Goalkeeper)
30.  Leeds United - For the...
          A. Noble (Outside Right)
          J. Swan (Inside Left)
          T. Duxbury (Right Half) - from Preston
          J. Richmond (Centre Forward)
          J. Harris (Outside Left)
          P.L. Whipp (Inside Right)
          J. Baker (Left Half)
          W. Down (Goalkeeper)
          G. Speak (Left Back)
          E. Hart (Centre Half)
          B. Duffield (Right Back)
          H. Sherwin (Right Half)
31.  First Division - Bury
          D.M. Robbie (Outside Right)
          W. Stage (Inside Right)
          N. Bullock (Centre Forward)
          J. Ball (Inside Left)
          W. Amos (Outside Left)
          F. Heap (Right Back)
          W. Turner (Left Half) - from Southampton
          G. Brooks (Left Half)
          W. Bradshaw (Centre Half)
          W. Richardson (Goalkeeper)
          J. Porter (Right Half)
          T. Adamson (Left Back)
32.  Huddersfield - League Champions
          E. Barkas (Right Back)
          E. Taylor (Goalkeeper)
          T. Wilson (Centre Half)
          S.J. Wadsworth (Left Back)
          W. Watson (Left Half)
          C. Stephenson (Inside Left)
          D. Steele (Right Half)
          W.H. Smith (Outside Left)
          G. Brown (Inside Right)
          C. Wilson (Centre Forward)
          J. Walter (Outside Right)
33.  Newcastle United - Cup Winners
          F. Hudspetch (Left Back)
          C.W. Spencer (Centre Half)
          W. Bradley (Goalkeeper)
          W. Hampson (Right Back)
          W. Gibson (Right Half)
          E. Mooney (Left Half)
          Neil Harris (Centre Forward)
          T. McDonald (Inside Left)
          J. Low (Outside Right)
          S. Seymour (Outside Left)
          W. Cowan (Inside Right)
34.  Wolverhampton - From 3rd to...
          T.W. Phillipson (Centre Forward)
          A. Kay (Left Half)
          H. Lees (Inside Left)
          N. George (Goalkeeper)
          S. Fazackerly (Inside Right)
          G. Getgood (Right Half)
          W. Caddick (Centre Half)
          H. Shaw (Left Back)
          E. Edwards (Outside Left)
35.  The 2nd Division - Portsmouth
          A. Meikle (Outside Right)
          J. McColgan (Left Back)
          D. Watson (Inside Left)
          W. Beedie (Outside Left)
          W.H. Probert (Right Back)
          W.P. Haines (Centre Forward)
          J. Martin (Left Half)
          A. Kane (Goalkeeper)
          J. Mackie (Inside Right)
36.  Airdrieonians - Scottish Cup Winners (Team Photo)
37.  Queen's Island - Ireland's Champions (Team Photo)
38.  "Sid" Puddefoot (Falkirk, ex-West Ham United)
39.  Frank Barson (Manchester United, formerly of Burnley and Aston Villa)
40.  The "Gunners" of Highbury
          1.  Dr. J.A. Paterson
          2.  A. Young
          3.  J. Butler
          4.  J. Mackie
          5.  S. Haden
          6.  J. Ramsay
          7.  A. Kennedy
          8.  H. Woods
          9.  A. Baker
          10.  A. Neil
          11.  J. Robson
          12.  W. Milne

Pages 41-64 are listed here - Sports Pictures (Sports Pictures Photo Album (Part II)

Philip Neill - (016) International Stars Of Yesteryear 2

(016) International Stars Of Yesteryear 2
Philip Neill
10 cards

Rattin (Argentina)
Cruyff (Holland)
Chumpitaz (Peru)
Riva (Italy)
Coluna (Portugal)
Riviera (Italy)
Beckenbauer (West Germany)
Amancio (Spain)
Vava (Brazil)
Van Himst (Belgium)

Bimbo Bread (Mexico) - Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
Bimbo Bread
12 cards

The cards are given away with bread. Each comes individually wrapped to protect it when inside the packet of bread. The fronts and backs of four cards are shown here. The cards are listed by the statistics recorded on the backs of the cards.

2002-03.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Sporting Club de Portugal)

2003-04.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
2004-05.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
2005-06.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
2006-07.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
2007-08.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
2008-09.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
2009-10.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
2010-11.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
2011-12.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
2012-13.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
2013-14.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Pepsi Cola - Los Angeles Skyhawks (1976)

Los Angeles Skyhawks
Pepsi Cola

A set of 16 cards. Shown above are manager Ron Newman (ex-Portsmouth, Leyton Orient, Crystal Palace and Gillingham) and former Liverpool star Ron Yeats, plus goalkeeper Brian Parkinson who played one game for Everton.

Ron Newman
1.  Brian Parkinson
3.  Ken Fogarty
4.  Mickey Cave
5.  Ron Yeats
6.  Steve Ralbovsky
7.  Jim Rolland
8.  Abraham Cohen
9.  Jim Hinch
10.  Ane Mihailovich
11.  Tony Whelan
12.  Benny Binshtock
13.  Leif Werneid
14.  Steve Cacciatore
16.  Marine Cano
17.  Javier Loza

1.FC Kaiserslautern - 1.FC Kaiserslautern Autogrammkarten (2013-14)


1.FC Kaiserslautern Autogrammkarten
1.FC Kaiserslautern
33 known

Enis Alushi

Mimoun Azaough
Albert Bunjaku
Lucas Dorow
Chinedu Ede
Gerald Ehrmann
Franco Foda
Marcel Gaus
Marco Haber
Dominique Heintz
David Hohs
Mohanadou Idrissou
Ruben Jenssen
Markus Karl
Thomas Kristl
Stefan Kuntz
Srdjan Lakic
Chris Löwe
Karim Matmour
Olivier Occean
Willi Orban
Kosta Runjaic
Frank Sänger
Oliver Schäfer
Erik Schön
Jan Simunek
Kevin Stöger
Marc Torrejón
Wolfgang Wittich
Andrew Wooten
Steven Zellner
Jean Zimmer

D.C. Thomson / Champ - Footballers (2)


D.C. Thomson / Champ
24 cards, 2 sheets of 12 cards

An advert relating to this collection of 24 football cards. You'll find the original checklist here - D.C. Thomson / Champ - Footballers -

Friday 11 July 2014

Panini (Spain) - Megacracks MGK 2014-2015


Megacracks MGK 2014-2015
360 cards

The 2014-15 edition of Megacracks has just been issued in Spain. Details are only just emerging. I will include an initial checklist as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are some illustrations...

360 cards
18 New Generation
27 Favourites
18 Bombers
18 Legends

63 Nuevos Fichajes

West Midlands Collectors Centre - Golden Wolves

Golden Wolves
West Midlands Collectors Centre
24 cards

An illustrated checklist of this collection, that was also available as an uncut sheet.

24 cards
1 uncut sheet

1.  Bert Williams
2.  Roy Pritchard
3.  Terry Springthorpe
4.  Billy Crook
5.  Bill Shorthouse
6.  Billy Wright
7.  Johnny Hancocks
8.  Sammy Smyth
9.  Jesse Pye
10.  Jimmy Dunn
11.  Jimmy Mullen
12.  Malcolm Finlayson
13.  George Showell
14.  Gerry Harris
15.  Eddie Clamp
16.  Bill Slater
17.  Ron Flowers
18.  Norman Deeley
19.  Barry Stobart
20.  Jimmy Murray
21.  Peter Broadbent
22.  Des Horne
23.  Tom Galley
24.  Stan Cullis

Geo. E. Lee, Wolverhampton - Wolverhampton Wanderers - The English Cup Team, 1908

Wolverhampton Wanderers - The English Cup Team, 1908
Geo. E. Lee, Wolverhampton
1 postcard

One of my favourite postcards...

Kenneth Hunt

Fortuna Düsseldorf - Fortuna Düsseldorf Autogrammkarten (2013-14)


Fortuna Düsseldorf Autogrammkarten
Fortuna Düsseldorf
36 cards

Leon Balogun
Ihlas Bebou
Axel Bellinghausen
Charlison Benschop
Adam Bodzek
Mathis Bolly
Dustin Bomheuer
Mike Büskens
Axel Dörrfuss
Tugrul Erat
Oliver Fink
Timo Furuholm
Chhristian Gartner
Giannis Gianniotas
Fabian Giefer
Ben Halloran
Robin Heller
Muhammet Karpuz
Levan Kenia
Uwe Klein
Andreas Lambertz
Martin Latka
Tobias Levels
Stelios Malezas
Genki Omae
Ivan Paurevic
Cristian Ramirez
Oliver Reck
Stefan Reisinger
Michael Rensing
Heinrich Schmidtgal
Bruno Soares
Aleksandar Spengler
Gerrit Wegkamp
Wolf Werner

Topps / D.C. Thomson ~ Victor - Footballers


Topps / D.C. Thomson ~ Victor
1 sheet of 6 cards

1 sheet of 6 cards was given away with issue no. 967 of Victor on 1 September 1979.

336.  Brian Flynn (Leeds United)

340.  Gordon McQueen (Manchester United)
250.  Bob Latchford (Everton)
75.  Peter Shilton (Nottingham Forest)
150.  Liam Brady (Arsenal)
1.  Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)

Magic Marble Sales BV - Winners World Cup 2014 Marbles

Winners World Cup 2014 Marbles
Magic Marble Sales BV
Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK
32 marbles

A collectable collection of marbles, which are available in packs of two. It's also possible to purchase the complete collection for €69 or a Limited Edition version for €199.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Ivory Coast
South Korea
United States

Carrefour - 3D Bleus (3)


3D Bleus

Hugo Vellay has sent in a photo of the poster that was issued on which to collect the cards.

The original illustrated checklist can be found here - Carrefour - 3D Bleus.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate - Footballers, Stadiums, Trophies etc. (2)


Footballers, Stadiums, Trophies etc. 
Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate
South Africa
255 cards

These cards are roughly cigarette card size.

UPDATE (12-12-2018 21:26):  Derek Golson has provided a comment relating to the size and look of the cards. They measure 95mm long by 42.5mm wide and are similar to the Miniature Panel Portraits issued by Topical Times in the 1930s. They are glossy with plain backs.
UPDATE (12-04-2020 13:39):  Eddie Knipe has informed me that there was an album produced with spaces for 255 cards, though there were more cards of Addington F.C. than there were spaces in the album for them. This list includes 249 cards so far.

Blues, George (Addington F.C.)

Chambers, Dick (Addington F.C.)
Donnelly, John (Addington F.C.)
Dougan, George (Addington F.C.)
Duffy, Neil (Addington F.C.)
Hannan, Tommy (Addington F.C.)
Hauser, Henry (Addington F.C.)
Hennigan, Mike (Addington F.C.)
Kitchen, Rodney (Addington F.C.)
Law, Willie (Addington F.C.)
Malone, Frank (Addington F.C.)
McKay, Bobby (Addington F.C.)
McKinney, Vic (Addington F.C.)
Samoullian, Alan (Addington F.C.)
Schutte, Tommy (Addington F.C.)
Smith, Tony (Addington F.C.)
Snedden, John (Addington F.C.)
Spenceley, George (Addington F.C.)

Fielding, John (Arcadia United F.C.)

Gething, Trevor (Arcadia United F.C.)
Goddard, Ernie (Arcadia United F.C.)
Herholdt, D. (Arcadia United F.C.)
Hewie, John (Arcadia United F.C.)
Lloyd, Terry (Arcadia United F.C.)
Matthews, Roy (Arcadia United F.C.)
Tocknell, Brian (Arcadia United F.C.)

Allen, Richard (Cape Town City F.C.)

Coetzee, Roger (Cape Town City F.C.)
Fuller, R. (Cape Town City F.C.)
Kubic, Leon (Cape Town City F.C.)
Livingstone, John (Cape Town City F.C.)
Lovell, Vic (Cape Town City F.C.)
McKenzie, Don (Cape Town City F.C.)
McQuarrie, Andy (Cape Town City F.C.)
Morrison, Jimmy (Cape Town City F.C.)
O'Grady, Bill (Cape Town City F.C.)
Scott, Ken (Cape Town City F.C.)
Walker, Gerry (Cape Town City F.C.)
Wren, Jackie (Cape Town City F.C.)

Allen, Fred (Corinthians F.C.)

Avgitides,  (Corinthians F.C.)
De Castro, Decio (Corinthians F.C.)
John, Dennis (Corinthians F.C.)
Kerr, Bobby (Corinthians F.C.)
Luco, George (Corinthians F.C.)
McKenna, John (Corinthians F.C.)
McMullen, Tommy (Corinthians F.C.)
Moreno, Jose (Corinthians F.C.)
Panaino, Ron (Corinthians F.C.)
Sophos,  (Corinthians F.C.)
Stefanakos, D. (Corinthians F.C.)
Summers, George (Corinthians F.C.)
Yiallouris,  (Corinthians F.C.)

Braithwaite, Bobby (Durban City F.C.)

Brown, Gary (Durban City F.C.)
Dennyschen, Ken (Durban City F.C.)
Forsyth, Dave (Durban City F.C.)
Higgins, Bill (Durban City F.C.)
Hopkins, Errol (Durban City F.C.)
Howieson, Bert (Durban City F.C.)
Jay, Alan (Durban City F.C.)
Kidd, Graham (Durban City F.C.)
Moncur, Jimmy (Durban City F.C.)
Pearson, Jimmy (Durban City F.C.)
Scott, Jim (Durban City F.C.)
Smethurst, Derek (Durban City F.C.)
Willey, Alan (Durban City F.C.)
Wootton, George (Durban City F.C.)

Burns, George (Durban United F.C.)

Chalmers, Bobby (Durban United F.C.)
Cowden, Derek (Durban United F.C.)
Ferguson, Danny (Durban United F.C.)
Gordon, Alan (Durban United F.C.)
Grant, John (Durban United F.C.)
Hancock, Dave (Durban United F.C.)
Irvine, Gareth (Durban United F.C.)
Lightening, Arthur (Durban United F.C.)
Lowe, Robin (Durban United F.C.)
Mann, Ronnie (Durban United F.C.)
McGilvray, Billy (Durban United F.C.)
McGuigan, Frank (Durban United F.C.)
Orritt, Bryan (Durban United F.C.)
Peterson, Brian (Durban United F.C.)
Peterson, Keith (Durban United F.C.)
Smit, Chris (Durban United F.C.)
Thompson, Adam (Durban United F.C.)

Cameron, Alex (Germiston Callies F.C.)

Donaldson, Willie (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Fox, Michael (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Frazer, John (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Galgoezi, George (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Goodwin, Fred (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Hancock, Clive (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Hume, Ronnie (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Jooste, Nick (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Labuschagne, Koos (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Lill, Mickey (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Naude, Charlie (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Orford, Ron (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Robertson, Jimmy (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Scott, Robert (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Smith, Charlie (Germiston Callies F.C.)

Arnaldes, Azaros (Hellenic F.C.)

Custodio, Fernando (Hellenic F.C.)
Danieli, Daniel (Hellenic F.C.)
Dodgers, Andy (Hellenic F.C.)
Dos Santos, Helio (Hellenic F.C.)
Florentzos, Costa (Hellenic F.C.)
Hannan, Tommy (Hellenic F.C.)
Kalagirou, Demos (Hellenic F.C.)
Kitides, Gregory (Hellenic F.C.)
Little, Hutton (Hellenic F.C.)
Maxwell, Hugh (Hellenic F.C.)
Nickolakakos, S. (Hellenic F.C.)
Sevastoupolos, Nikkie (Hellenic F.C.)
Teubes, Melvyn (Hellenic F.C.)
Thomson, Ian (Hellenic F.C.)

Durandt, Cliff (Highlands Park F.C.)

Frickleton, Joe (Highlands Park F.C.)
Gough, Charlie (Highlands Park F.C.)
Hume, Bobby (Highlands Park F.C.)
Jacobitz, Stan (Highlands Park F.C.)
Kalk, Freddie (Highlands Park F.C.)
Kaplan, Julie (Highlands Park F.C.)
Levi, Rafi (Highlands Park F.C.)
McIntosh, Willie (Highlands Park F.C.)
Rufus, Malcolm (Highlands Park F.C.)
Ryder, George (Highlands Park F.C.)
Santoro,  (Highlands Park F.C.)
Stewart, John (Highlands Park F.C.)
Weir, Philip (Highlands Park F.C.)

Blackburn, Keith (Maritzburg F.C.)

Davidson, Robbie (Maritzburg F.C.)
Gibson, Jerry (Maritzburg F.C.)
Gibson, Keith (Maritzburg F.C.)
Hennigan, Mike (Maritzburg F.C.)
Laing, Gavin (Maritzburg F.C.)
Lauderdale, Gordon (Maritzburg F.C.)
Rugg, John (Maritzburg F.C.)
Saunders, Ivan (Maritzburg F.C.)

Fielding, John (Port Elizabeth F.C.)

Fincham, Gordon (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Gallagher, John (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Gallagher, John (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Gray, Matt (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Houston, John (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Hugo, Roger (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Kerr, Peter (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Lewis, Kevin (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Mancini, Terry (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
McClelland, David (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Morton, Gerry (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
O'Hara, Eddie (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Ower, Ian (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Prentiss, John (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Scott, John (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Snowden, Dennis (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Steele, Stan (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Thompson, Jimmy (Port Elizabeth F.C.)

Abietar, Enrique (Powerlines F.C.)

Axpe, Luis (Powerlines F.C.)
Dohnal, Franz (Powerlines F.C.)
Fernandes, Angelico (Powerlines F.C.)
Fernandes, Pedro (Powerlines F.C.)
Louro, Arturo (Powerlines F.C.)
Medina, Vincente (Powerlines F.C.)
Oismuller,  (Powerlines F.C.)
Rath, Peter (Powerlines F.C.)
Rautmann, Walter (Powerlines F.C.)
Sabbionni,  (Powerlines F.C.)
Scherr, Kurt (Powerlines F.C.)
Scott, Neville (Powerlines F.C.)
Tiravit, Alfonso (Powerlines F.C.)

Anderson, Des (Rangers F.C.)

Blanero, Beni (Rangers F.C.)
Davies, Bob (Rangers F.C.)
Forster, Stan (Rangers F.C.)
Gray, Alan (Rangers F.C.)
Jones, Dave (Rangers F.C.)
Koekemore, Ron (Rangers F.C.)
Laing, Alan (Rangers F.C.)
Leon, Moshe (Rangers F.C.)
McLaughlin, John (Rangers F.C.)
Owen, Percy (Rangers F.C.)
Randall, Reg (Rangers F.C.)
Sheavills, Jimmy (Rangers F.C.)
Soekoe, Archie (Rangers F.C.)
Walker, John (Rangers F.C.)

Arluck, Roy (Southern Suburbs F.C.)

Bjornstad, Arne (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Clark, Vic (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Cooke, Bobby (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Hinton, Terry (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Horne, Des (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Joubert, Hennie (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Maltby, John (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Mathews, Ron (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Orritt, Bryan (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Phythian, Dave (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Robertson, Tom (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Santos, Zeco (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Schmidt, Theo (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Sequera,  (Southern Suburbs F.C.)
Shuttleworth, Dave (Southern Suburbs F.C.)

Football Grounds

New Kingsmead (Addington F.C., Durban City F.C., Durban United F.C.)

Hartleyvale (Cape Town City F.C.)
Green Point Stadium (Hellenic F.C.)
Caledonian Stadium (Arcadia United F.C.)
Crusaders Ground (Port Elizabeth F.C.)
Dunswart Stadium (East Rand United F.C.)
Powerlines, Nigel (Powerlines F.C.)
Wembley Stadium (Rangers F.C.)
Balfour Park (Highlands Park F.C.)
Driehoek Stadium (Germiston Callies F.C.)
Rand Stadium (Rangers F.C.)


Dave Marais Floating Trophy

Castle Cup
B.P. League Trophy
U.T.C. Bowl
National Shield

Emblems and Badges

N.F.L. Emblem

Addington F.C.
Arcadia United F.C.
Cape Town City F.C.
Corinthians F.C.
Durban City F.C.
Durban United F.C.
Germiston Callies F.C.
Hellenic F.C.
Highlands Park F.C.
Maritzburg F.C.
Port Elizabeth F.C.
Powerlines F.C.
Rangers F.C.
Southern Suburbs F.C.


Addington F.C.

Arcadia F.C.
Cape Town City F.C.
Corinthians F.C.
Durban City F.C.
Durban United F.C.
Germiston Callies F.C.
Hellenic F.C.
Highlands Park F.C.
Maritzburg F.C.
Port Elizabeth F.C.
Powerlines F.C.
Rangers F.C.
Southern Suburbs F.C.

Altered Cards

Laing, Gavin

Hannan, Tommy
McGuigan, Frank 
Brown, Gary
McGilvray, Billy