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Sports Pictures - Sports Pictures Photo Album (Part I)


200 Famous Footballers "Sports Pictures" Photo Album
Sports Pictures
64 pages

You'll find examples of the three different types of photos included in this album - individual players, multiple players and team photos. I was lead to believe there are 64 pages in the book, including the covers but this seems unlikely. The cover states that there are 200 footballers within. The highest page number I have is 40 and, not counting those in team groups, there are over 230 footballers featured.

I'm still missing details for pages 11 and 12. If I get that information I'll probably just update this page.
Paul Briers has been in touch to confirm the book has 64 pages. In the meantime I've added missing page titles. Paul has promised to add more information soon.

1.  Catch of the Season    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          William Davies (Cardiff City, Wales, ex-Swansea Town)
2.  Sunderland Stalwarts    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          G.Oakley (Right Back)
          A.McInroy (Goalkeeper)
          E.England (Left Back)
          A.Andrews (Left Half)
          W.Clunas (Right Half)
          J.Paterson (Inside Left)
          W.Grimshaw (Outside Right)
          C.Parker (Centre Half)
          W.Cresswell (Right Back)
          W.T.Ellis (Outside Left)
3.  Charles Buchan (in Sunderland kit)
4.  Aston Villa's Shining Lights
          T. Jackson (Goalkeeper)
          W.H. Walker (Inside Left)
          T. Smart (Right Back)
          W.J. Kirton (Inside Right)
          A.R. Dorrell (Ouside Left)
          A. McClure (Centre Half)
          R.E. York (Outside Right)
          G.F. Blackburn (Left Half)
          T. Mort (Left Back)
          L.K. Capewell (Centre Forward)
          J. Johnstone (Right Half)
5.  West Bromwich Celebrities
          1.  R. Baugh (from Wolves)
          2.  B. Blood
          3.  T. Mager
          4.  F. Reed
          5.  W. Adams
          6.  T. Glidden
          7.  C. Wilson
          8.  H. Pearson
          9.  S. Davies
          10.  J. Byers
6.  Andrew Cunningham - Scotland's
7.  Left Wing - Alan Morton (Rangers, ex-Queens Park)
8.  Manchester City Cracks
          C. Pringle (Left Half)
          S. Cookson (Right Back)
          J.F. Mitchell (Goalkeeper)
          F. Robert (Inside Right)
          S.W. Austin (Ouside Right - transferred from Norwich)
          H. Barnes (Inside Left)
          T. Browell (Centre Forward)
          J. Elwood (Centre Half)
9.  Men of the Mersey
          1.  A. Harland
          2.  D. Livingstone
          3.  D. Raitt
          4.  W. Brown
          5.  N. McBain
          6.  H. Hart
          7.  S. Chedgzoy
          8.  R. Irvine
          9.  J.G. Cock
          10.  W. Chadwick
          11.  A. Troup
          1.  E. Scott
          2.  T. Lucas
          3.  E. Longworth
          4.  W. Wadsworth
          5.  W. Cockburn (from Stockport)
          6.  T. Bromilow
          7.  A. Rawlings
          8.  D. Shone
          9.  H. Lawson
          10.  H. Chambers
          11.  F. Hopkin 
10.  Joe Smith - Bolton Wanderers'
11.  Left Wing    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          Ted Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)
12.  Wales (International Champions - The men who took Wales to the top of the International Championship of Great Britain.   -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          L to R: Standing: H.P.Evans (Cardiff), M.Russell (Plymouth), A.Gray (Oldham),
          W.Jennings (Bolton), J.Jenkins (Brighton), L.Davies (Cardiff)
          L to R: Sitting: W.Davies (Swansea), I.Jones (WBA), F.Keenor (captain) (Cardiff),
          W.Richards (West Ham), E.T.Vizard (Bolton).
12.  One of Scotland’s Best Teams - Glasgow Celtic    -   updated  -   thanks to Paul Briers
          L to R: Standing: J.McFarlane, A.McNair, P.Wilson, W.McStay, A.McAtee. 
          Sitting: J.Cassidy, P.Gallagher, C.Shaw, H.Hilley, P.Connolly.
13.  Pride of Wales
          1. J. Clennell (Cardiff City)
          2.  F. Keener (Cardiff City)
          3.  J. Evans (Cardiff City)
          4.  W. Hardy (Cardiff City)
          5.  J. Page (Cardiff City)
          6.  J. Blair (Cardiff City)
          7.  Gill (Cardiff City)
14.  "Hardy" Veterans
          Moses Russell (Plymouth Argyle and Wales)
          Albert Iremonger (Notts County)
          Sam Hardy (Notts Forest and England)
15.  Trio of Centre Forwards
          Joe Bradford (Birmingham)
          Tom Roberts (Preston North End)
          Harry Bedford (Blackpool)
16.  Famous Corinthians
          K.E. Hegan (Outside Left)
          J.S.F. Morrison (Right Back)
          F.N.S. Creek (Centre Forward)
          A.G. Bower (Left Back)
          A.H. Phillips (Inside Right)
          A.G. Doggart (Inside Left)
          F.W.H. Nicholas (Outside Right)
          F.W. Ewer (Right Half)
          L.B. Blaxland (Left Half)
          C. Ashton (Centre Half)
17.  Howard Baker - Corinth and Chelsea
18.  Chelsea's Chief Hopes
          1.  J. Priestley
          2.  W. Brown
          3.  J. Harrow
          4.  J. Crawford
          5.  H. Wilding
          6.  S. castle
          7.  T. Meehan
          8.  H.S. Miller
          9.  G. Smith
19.  Andrew Wilson in Various Moods (Chelsea)
          Andrew Wilson
          Andrew Wilson
          Andrew Wilson
          Andrew Wilson
20.  Honoured by Scotland
          1.  W. Cringan (Motherwell)
          2.  T. Cairns (Rangers)
          3.  A. Archibald (Rangers)
          4.  J. McMullan (Partick Thistle)
          5.  D. Morris (Raith Rovers)
          6.  D. Meiklejohn (Rangers)
          7.  J. Smith (Ayr United)
          8.  J. Hutton (Aberdeen)
21.  Interesting Scottish Personalities
          1.  J. Howieson (St. Johnstone)
          2.  J. Dempster (St. Johnstone)
          3.  D. McLean (Dundee)
          4.  W. Paterson (Cowdenbeath)
          5.  W. Wilson (Cowdenbeath)
          6.  J. Miller (Raith Rovers)
          7.  J. Walker (Third Lanark)
          8.  F. Walker (Third Lanark)
          9.  R. Orr (Third Lanark)
          10.  G. French (Morton)
          11.  R. Archibald (Third Lanark)
          12.  T. Jennings (Raith Rovers)
22.  Wednesday's International Halves
          F.W. Kean (England)
          G. Wilson (England)
          W. Collier (Scotland - ex-Raith Rovers)
23.  Brilliant "Blades"
          1.  W. Cook
          2.  H. Gough
          3.  E. Milton
          4.  F. Tunstall
          5.  W. Gillespie (Capt.)
          6.  J. Waugh
          7.  B. Menlove
          8.  D. Mercer
24.  Queens Park (Glasgow)
          J.B. McAlpine (Outside Left)
          D.A. Fyfe (Centre Forward)
          J. MacDonald (Right Half)
          T. Sneddon (Right Back)
          R. Gillespie (Centre Half)
          J. Crawford (Outside Right)
          W. Wiseman (Left Back)
25.  Breezy Brighton Players
          J.W. Smith (Centre Forward) - from Swansea
          G. Coomber (Centre Half)
          R. Dennison (Inside Roght) - from Norwich
          J. Hopkins (Inside Left)
          W.C. Cook (Goalkeeper) - from Plymouth
          J. Jenkins (Left Back)
26.  The Rovers of Blackburn
          R. Sewell (Goalkeeper)
          J. McKay (Inside Left)
          D. Rollo (Rught Back)
          J. Crisp (Outside Left)
          E. Harper (Centre Forward)
          T. Wylie (Left Back)
          H. Healless (Right Half)
          J. McIntyre (Inside Right)
          J. Roscamp (Left Half)
27.  The New Middlesbrough
          1.  Ian Dickson
          2.  E. Smith
          3.  J. Bissett
          4.  A. Cochrane
          5.  R. Wainscoat
          6.  O. Williams
          7.  R.V. Freeman
28.  West Ham "Ironsides" (Team Photo)
29.  Southampton's Defense in Action
          F. Titmus (Left Back)
          F. Shelley (Right Half)
          T. Parker (Right Back)
          T. Allen (Goalkeeper)
30.  Leeds United - For the...
          A. Noble (Outside Right)
          J. Swan (Inside Left)
          T. Duxbury (Right Half) - from Preston
          J. Richmond (Centre Forward)
          J. Harris (Outside Left)
          P.L. Whipp (Inside Right)
          J. Baker (Left Half)
          W. Down (Goalkeeper)
          G. Speak (Left Back)
          E. Hart (Centre Half)
          B. Duffield (Right Back)
          H. Sherwin (Right Half)
31.  First Division - Bury
          D.M. Robbie (Outside Right)
          W. Stage (Inside Right)
          N. Bullock (Centre Forward)
          J. Ball (Inside Left)
          W. Amos (Outside Left)
          F. Heap (Right Back)
          W. Turner (Left Half) - from Southampton
          G. Brooks (Left Half)
          W. Bradshaw (Centre Half)
          W. Richardson (Goalkeeper)
          J. Porter (Right Half)
          T. Adamson (Left Back)
32.  Huddersfield - League Champions
          E. Barkas (Right Back)
          E. Taylor (Goalkeeper)
          T. Wilson (Centre Half)
          S.J. Wadsworth (Left Back)
          W. Watson (Left Half)
          C. Stephenson (Inside Left)
          D. Steele (Right Half)
          W.H. Smith (Outside Left)
          G. Brown (Inside Right)
          C. Wilson (Centre Forward)
          J. Walter (Outside Right)
33.  Newcastle United - Cup Winners
          F. Hudspetch (Left Back)
          C.W. Spencer (Centre Half)
          W. Bradley (Goalkeeper)
          W. Hampson (Right Back)
          W. Gibson (Right Half)
          E. Mooney (Left Half)
          Neil Harris (Centre Forward)
          T. McDonald (Inside Left)
          J. Low (Outside Right)
          S. Seymour (Outside Left)
          W. Cowan (Inside Right)
34.  Wolverhampton - From 3rd to...
          T.W. Phillipson (Centre Forward)
          A. Kay (Left Half)
          H. Lees (Inside Left)
          N. George (Goalkeeper)
          S. Fazackerly (Inside Right)
          G. Getgood (Right Half)
          W. Caddick (Centre Half)
          H. Shaw (Left Back)
          E. Edwards (Outside Left)
35.  The 2nd Division - Portsmouth
          A. Meikle (Outside Right)
          J. McColgan (Left Back)
          D. Watson (Inside Left)
          W. Beedie (Outside Left)
          W.H. Probert (Right Back)
          W.P. Haines (Centre Forward)
          J. Martin (Left Half)
          A. Kane (Goalkeeper)
          J. Mackie (Inside Right)
36.  Airdrieonians - Scottish Cup Winners (Team Photo)
37.  Queen's Island - Ireland's Champions (Team Photo)
38.  "Sid" Puddefoot (Falkirk, ex-West Ham United)
39.  Frank Barson (Manchester United, formerly of Burnley and Aston Villa)
40.  The "Gunners" of Highbury
          1.  Dr. J.A. Paterson
          2.  A. Young
          3.  J. Butler
          4.  J. Mackie
          5.  S. Haden
          6.  J. Ramsay
          7.  A. Kennedy
          8.  H. Woods
          9.  A. Baker
          10.  A. Neil
          11.  J. Robson
          12.  W. Milne

Pages 41-64 are listed here - Sports Pictures (Sports Pictures Photo Album (Part II)

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