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Panini - UEFA Champions League 2000/2001 (01) - Checklist - Turkey

UEFA Champions League 2000/2001
304 stickers

Mustafa Şahin has provided a checklist for the extra stickers in the Turkish collection along with all the illustrations shown here. Albums in Turkey include two posters - Galatasaray on one and Beşiktaş on the other. The rest of the album is the same as the ones available elsewhere and the main checklist can be found here - Panini - UEFA Champions League 2000/2001 (01) - Checklist.

P1.  Claudio Andre Taffarel (Galatasaray)
P2.  Bülent Korkmaz (Galatasaray)
P3.  Capone (Galatasaray)
P4.  Gheorghe Popescu (Galatasaray)
P5.  Fatih Akyel (Galatasaray)
P6.  Hakan Ünsal (Galatasaray)
P7.  Ahmet Yildirim (Galatasaray)
P8.  Faruk Atalay (Galatasaray)
P9.  Emre Belözoğlu (Galatasaray)
P10.  Suat Kaya (Galatasaray)
P11.  Ümit Davala (Galatasaray)
P12.  Gheorghe Hagi (Galatasaray)
P13.  Ergün Penpe (Galatasaray)
P14.  Okan Buruk (Galatasaray)
P15.  Serkan Aykut (Galatasaray)
P16.  Mario Jardel (Galatasaray)
P17.  Hasan Şaş (Galatasaray)
P18.  Mandingo Dos Santos Marcio (Galatasaray)

P19.  Ike Shorunmu (Beşiktaş)
P20.  Fevzi Tuncay (Beşiktaş)
P21.  Ali Eren Beşerler (Beşiktaş)
P22.  Dmitry Khlestov (Beşiktaş)
P23.  Erman Güracar (Beşiktaş)
P24.  Markus Münch (Beşiktaş)
P25.  Rahim Zafer (Beşiktaş)
P26.  Sead Dost Halilagiç (Beşiktaş)
P27.  Ümit Bozkurt (Beşiktaş) 
P28.  Miroslav Karhan (Beşiktaş)
P29.  Ayhan Akman (Beşiktaş)
P30.  Ibrahim Üzülmez (Beşiktaş)
P31.  Mehmet Özdilek (Beşiktaş)
P32.  Tayfur Havutçu (Beşiktaş)
P33.  Ahmet Dursun (Beşiktaş)
P34.  Fazli Ulusal (Beşiktaş)
P35.  Nihat Kahveci (Beşiktaş)
P36.  Pascal Nouma (Beşiktaş)

Winning Moves / Top Trumps - Spitting Image (2020)

Spitting Image
Winning Moves / Top Trumps
30+3 cards (2 football)

Angela Merkel
Billie Eilish
Boris Johnson
Cristiano Ronaldo
Dominic Cummings
Donald Trump
Ed Sheeran
Elon Musk
Greta Thunberg
James Corden
Joe Biden
Jürgen Klopp
Kanye West
Keir Starmer
Kim Kardashian
Meghan Markle
Michael Gove
Piers Morgan
Prince Andrew
Prince Charles
Prince Harry
Priti Patel
Rishi Sunak
The Pope
The Queen
Tyson Fury
Vladimir Putin
Xi Jinping
Title card
Tops Trumps Whatever you're into / Spitting Image

Euroflash - World Cup USA 94 (02) Albums & Stickers

World Cup USA 94
420 stickers

Gregory Graetz e-mailed me about the two different versions of the Diego Maradona sticker shown here. I have images of four different versions of the album but there must also be at least one more. From the information I've gathered the first sticker seems to have been used everywhere the album was issued, except Sweden and that's where the second sticker comes from, but I haven't been able to locate an image of the album cover. It seems likely that the Swedish version will have a completely different cover design. The checklist for this collection can be found here - Euroflash - World Cup USA 94.
UPDATE (24-03-2021 13:18):  Andrew Hall has provided scans of a version of the stickers with green backs. Does anyone know where these were issued?
UPDATE (29-03-2021 11:48):  Andrew Hall has provided examples of a red backed version of this collection.


Panini - Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 2021 (03) - 011-063 - Fans' Favourite

Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 2021
398+ cards

An Illustrated Checklist of the Fans' Favourite cards. The complete checklist can be found here - Panini - Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 2021 (02) - Checklist.