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David Cope Ltd. - England International Team 1955/1956/1957

England International Team 1955
England International Team 1956
England International Team 1957
David Cope Ltd., Ludgate Cirucs, London EC4
3+ cards

David Cope Ltd. was a turf accountant (posh name for a bookie). The company sent out these birthday cards during the 1950's. I've got information on three of them, but there may be more. Because of the way they were produced, they are often cut down to just the team photo with details on the reverse, which makes them anonymous as there's no information about David Cope Ltd. on this section.

England International Team 1955 (v Wales at Cardiff, October 1955)
England International Team 1956 (v Ireland at Belfast, October 1956)
England International Team 1957 (v Wales at Cardiff, October 1957)

Portsmouth F.C. - Portsmouth F.C. Player Cards (2013-14)

Portsmouth F.C. Player Cards
Portsmouth F.C.
100 cards

Four cards were included with each matchday programme, as a sheet of perforated cards, throughout the 2013/14 season. The set seems to include various subsets

Portsmouth F.C. Player Cards - 01 - 28-07-2013 - Rayo Vallecano

Portsmouth F.C. Player Cards - 02 - 03-08-2013 - Oxford United

05.  Ike Clarke (1948/49 Champions)
06.  Len Phillips (1948/49 Champions)
07.  Jimmy Guthrie
08.  Joe Devera

Portsmouth F.C. Player Cards - 11 - 26-11-2013 - Southend United

41.  Jimmy Dickinson (The Men in Charge)
42.  Frank Burrows (The Men in Charge)
43.  David Kemp
44.  Gavin Mahon

Geo. F. Young & Bro. / Little Rhody Cut Plug (USA) - (N557) National Sports

(N557) National Sports
Geo. F. Young & Bro. / Little Rhody Cut Plug
10 cards

I have been indulging my interest in early American cigarette cards with a multi- sports theme, even though there are no football cards in this small collection. Large cards measuring 98mm x 56mm.

America - Baseball
England - Cricket
France - Billiards
Germany - Bowling
Indian- Lacrosse
Ireland - Hockey
Italy - Croquet
Persia - Board Game
Scotland - Coits
Spain - Tennis

Rookie Trading Cards - Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer
Rookie Trading Cards
? cards

Another batch of cards created with the Rookie Trading Cards app. This post includes MLS players playing for their national teams.

Dax McCarty (Nashville SC)
Shaq Moore (Nashville SC)
Dax McCarty (USA)
Walker Zimmerman (USA)
Tomás Chancalay (New England Revolution)

Epoch Cards (Japan) - 2023 Epoch One Japan National Team Holospectra (01)

2023 Epoch One Japan National Team Holospectra
Epoch Cards
? cards

Here is the first of this season's Holospectra cards featuring national team line-ups.

001-H.  SN-001.  Samurai Blue Starting Eleven v Uruguay (Kirin Challenge Cup) 2023-03-24
002-H.  SN-002.  Samurai Blue Starting Eleven v Colombia (Kirin Challenge Cup) 2023-03-28


001-H.  SN-001.  【SAMURAI BLUE】キリンチャレンジカップ2023 ウルグアイ代表戦 スターティングイレブン(23.3.24)
002-H.  SN-002.  【SAMURAI BLUE】キリンチャレンジカップ2023 コロンビア代表戦 スターティングイレブン(23.3.28)

Epoch Cards (Japan) - 2023 Epoch One J-League Holospectra (02)

2023 Epoch One J-League Holospectra
Epoch Cards
50+ cards

A selection of some of the 2023 Epoch One J-League cards have been created in plastic with a holographic finish in very limited numbers. Each card is priced at ¥3,000 and limited to just 10, 20 or 50 copies, with the serial number engraved on the back.
Previous cards can be seen here:

053-H.  CO-004.  Shinji Kagawa (Cerezo Osaka)   -   Limited Edition #/10
061-H.  KA-007.  Shoma Doi (Kashima Antlers)   -   Limited Edition #/10
063-H.  TO-003.  Lota Tawaratsumida (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10
065-H.  TO-005.  Yuta Arai (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10
067-H.  TO-007.  Teruhito Nakagawa (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10
070-H.  VI-009.  Toya Izumi (Vissel Kobe)   -   Limited Edition #/10
085-H.  TO-011.  Naoki Kumata (F.C. Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/20
099-H.  BM-009.  Shuto Machino (Shonan Bellmare)   -   Limited Edition #/20
122-H.  TO-012.  Naoki Kumata (FC Tokyo)   -   Limited Edition #/10


053-H.  CO-004.  【香川真司】J復帰後ゴール(23.3.12)
061-H.  KA-007.  【土居聖真】J1通算300試合出場(23.3.12)
063-H.  TO-003.  【俵積田晃太】J初出場(23.2.26)
065-H.  TO-005.  【荒井悠汰】Jリーグ戦初出場(23.3.4)
067-H.  TO-007.  【仲川輝人】ホーム・味スタで移籍後初ゴール(23.3.12)
070-H.  VI-009.  【泉 柊椰】J1初ゴール(23.3.18)
085-H.  TO-011.  【熊田直紀】プロ初ゴール(23.3.26)
099-H.  BM-009.  【町野修斗】プロ初ハットトリック達成(J1史上初前半だけで4ゴール)(23.4.1)
122-H.  TO-012.  【熊田直紀】J1リーグ戦初出場(23.4.1)

Friday 14 April 2023

Leaf Trading Cards - 2023 Leaf Vibrance Multi-Sport (01) - First News

2023 Leaf Vibrance Multi-Sport
Leaf Trading Cards
? cards

Leaf Vibrance Multi-Sport returns for a second year, but there's no confirmed release date yet.

Topps - (TOH-10) Football Posters (02)

(TOH-10) Football Posters
18 posters

An illustrated checklist of all 18 posters.