Saturday 9 January 2021

Wichita Wings - Wichita Wings 2012-2013

Wichita Wings 2012-2013
Wichita Wings
18 cards

The cards were produced by

Title Card
2.  Chris Lemons
3.  Alex Moseley
4.  Andrew Hoxie
9.  Freddy Moojen
10.  Tiguinho
11.  Geison Moura
12.  Miguel Ferrer
13.  Michael Mesle
14.  Kareem Yearwood
15.  Edvin Worley
16.  Kevin ten Eyck
20.  Brady Bryant
21.  Nic Martinez
23.  Victor Quiroz
25.  Sanaldo Carvalho
77.  Andre Berenzon
99.  Matt Clare

A.G. Barr - Dream-Ball (2001-02)

A.G. Barr
50 cards

A collection of Scottish footballers, part of a competition where the idea was to create a team from the 50 Scottish players in the set that would have been good enough to beat England in the 1966 World Cup Final. These can also be found with the player photo cut down to the dotted lines.

Dream-Ball - cut to player photo
Dream-Ball - complete card

1.  Andy Goram
2.  Jim Leighton
3.  Alan Rough
4.  Ronnie Simpson
5.  John Grieg
6.  Billy McNeill
7.  Eric Caldow
8.  Tommy Gemmell
9.  Danny McGrain
10.  Sandy Jardine
11.  Martin Buchan
12.  Tom Forsyth
13.  Gordon McQueen
14.  Willie Miller
15.  Alex McLeish
16.  Alan Hansen
17.  Richard Gough
18.  Tom Boyd
19.  Colin Hendry
20.  Jim Baxter
21.  David Hay
22.  Dave Mackay
23.  Billy Bremner
24.  Archie Gemmell
25.  Graeme Souness
26.  Roy Aitken
27.  Gary McAllister
28.  Paul McStay
29.  Gordon Strachan
30.  John Collins
31.  Paul Lambert
32.  Craig Burley
33.  Stuart McCall
34.  Bobby Murdoch
35.  Pat Crerand
36.  John Wark
37.  Bobby Lennox
38.  Denis Law
39.  Jimmy Johnstone
40.  Willie Henderson
41.  Kenny Dalglish
42.  Alan Gilzean
43.  Joe Jordan
44.  Maurice Johnston
45.  Davie Cooper
46.  Ally McCoist
47.  Charlie Nicholas
48.  Eddie Gray
49.  Ian St John
50.  Peter Lorimer

Unknown issuer (Germany) - Euro 2008 (Quartett)

Euro 2008 (Quartett)
Unknown issuer
32 cards

A1. Italien
A2.  Deutschland
A3.  Frankreich
A4.  England
B1.  Griechenland
B2.  Spanien
B3.  Russland
B4.  Dänemark
C1.  Niederlande
C2. Tschechien  
C3. Schweden
C4.  Ungarn
D1.  Portugal
D2.  Türkei
D3.  Kroatien
D4.  Polen
E1.  Schweiz
E2.  Österreich  
E3.  Belgien
E4.  Serbien  
F1.  Schottland
F2.  Irland  
F3.  Nordirland
F4.  Wales  
G1.  Bulgarien
G2.  Rumänien  
G3.  Norwegen
G4.  Finnland  
H1.  Ukraine
H2.  Lettland  
H3.  Slowenien
H4.  Israel

Peel & Bowler - Football Crazy - Easter Egg Cards

Football Crazy - Easter Egg Cards
Peel & Bowler
6 cards

I've had pictures of these cards sitting on my desktop for months, I knew I recognised them but couldn't recall where they come from. I eventually posted them on the Vintage Football Card Group on Facebook. Luckily, William Maskery identified them as being cards from easter egg packaging and then I realised that I have the set in my database and here's the checklist.

Gary McAllister (Scotland)
Frank Lebouf (France)
Gianfranco Zola (Italy)
Alan Shearer (England)
David Beckham (England)
David Seaman (England)

Futera - Futera World Football Unique 2016 (07) - '1 of 1' Production Set - Sergio Agüero

Futera World Football Unique 2016 - '1 of 1' Production Set
120 base cards

The Sergio Agüero '1 of 1' Production Set.

1.  Certificate
2.  Printing Plate
3.  Gold parallel card - plain back
4.  Silver parallel card - plain back
5.  Paper - without foil
6.  Card back - plain back
7.  Clear Plastic film

Panini - Scotland (01) - First News

200 stickers

A new sticker collection, due out on 28 January, 2021.
UPDATE (09-01-2021 12:27):  Richard at corinthianseller has informed me that there are 200 stickers in the collection, including 24 special foil stickers.

B.A.B. - Soccer Dip

Soccer Dip
66 known, including variations

I have so many posts relating to stickers produced by B.A.B. and Northern Trancessories that I have decided to reduce the number when the opportunity presents itself. From now on, instead of adding additional posts when new stickers are discovered any new stickers will be added to this post, which will then be re-published. The shop display features 24 stickers but the Soccer Dip packet indicates that there are 38 different stickers. So far there are 44 teams featured, plus the F.A. Cup and another 19 variations. Only one variation has been recorded for each type, though some stickers have more than one difference. If you come across any stickers not featured here please get in touch.

Arsenal  -  White Fleur-de-lys
Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Charlton Athletic
Chelsea  -  Chelsea FC
Chelsea  -  Chelsea (Italics)
Coventry City  -  Blue Elephant
Coventry City  -  Blue Elephant with white tusk
Crystal Palace  -  9 Bands
Crystal Palace  -  7 Bands
Derby County  -  DCFC in White
Derby County  -  DCFC in Yellow
England  -  Lions with black outline
England  -  Lions without black outline
Everton  -  Everton Tower large
Everton  -  Everton Tower small
F.A. Cup
Glasgow Rangers
Huddersfield Town  -  Lower section of shield Blue
Huddersfield Town  -  Lower section of shield Pink
Ipswich Town
Leeds United  -  Yellow stars
Leeds United  -  White stars
Leicester City
Liverpool  -  Red background
Liverpool  -  Light Red background
Luton Town
Manchester City  -  City with black outline
Manchester City  -  City without black outline
Manchester United
Newcastle United  -  Bottom Castle in Red
Newcastle United  -  Bottom Castle in Yellow
Newcastle United  -  Bottom Castle in Blue
Nottingham Forest  -  Notts Forest
Nottingham Forest  -  Nottingham condensed
Nottingham Forest  -  Nottingham not condensed
Orient  -  Red background
Orient  -  Light Red background
Oxford United
Queens Park Rangers
Sheffield United
Sheffield Wednesday
Southampton  -  3 Red columns each side of Shield
Southampton  -  1 Red column each side of Shield
Stoke City
Swindon Town
Tottenham Hotspur  -  Trees on Right, Green
Tottenham Hotspur  -  Trees on Right, Orange
West Bromwich Albion  -  Coloured spots
West Bromwich Albion  -  Red spots
West Ham United  -  Grey-Blue background
West Ham United  -  Sky Blue background
West Ham United  -  Hammer handles shorter with Red tips   -   added 10-01-2021  -  thanks to Mark Hughesdon, Nigel Mercer
Wolverhampton Wanderers  -  Black shorts
Wolverhampton Wanderers  -  Gold shorts