Monday, 4 January 2021

B.A.B. / Northern Trancessories - Scottish Football Clubs

Scottish Football Clubs
Northern Trancessories
Unknown number

Another sticker type similar to B.A.B. stickers, these have rounded sides. They feature Scottish clubs and have a drawing of a footballer in the centre, shown in club colours. I get photos when I can but cannot always get them in the quality I would like. Some look smaller at the top, but this is only because of the angle at which they were photographed, and all the stickers come to a sharp point at the bottom. The stickers are unnumbered so the list is numbered for reference purposes only (it's just easier to know how many stickers are listed).
UPDATE (04-01-2021 12:30):  I originally added this post on 21 May, 2013 and this is the first time it's been updated. Phil Wells has provided photos of a batch of stickers, with dark green backgrounds, except the Hibernian sticker, which has a light green background. This has enabled me to overhaul this post
  1. Aidrieonians
  2. Ayr United
  3. Clyde  -  green background
  4. Clyde  -  blue background
  5. Dundee
  6. Dunfermline Athletic
  7. Glasgow Rangers
  8. Heart of Midlothian
  9. Hibernian
  10. Kilmarnock
  11. Morton
  12. Raith Rovers
  13. St. Johnstone  -  green background - Blue shirt with white neck trim and cuffs, blue socks with white tops
  14. St. Johnstone  -  blue background - All Blue shirt, socks with blue and white hoops

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