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Anonymous - Footballers (Title case)


Footballers (Title case)


These cards are similar to the previous collection, issued some time in the late 1940's or early 1950's, but the players names on these are printed in Title case. Again, it seems most of the featured players are from Glasgow Rangers, although team names are not included on the cards.

Sammy Cox (Rangers)
Max Murray (Rangers)
Ian McColl (Rangers)
Billy Simpson (Rangers)
Johnny Prentice (Rangers)
Johnnie Hubbard (Rangers)
Derek Grierson (Rangers)
Willie Bauld (Hearts)
Jimmy Wardaugh (Hearts)
John Prentice (Hearts)
Johnny Little (Rangers)
Jimmy Walker (Hearts)
Willie Waddell (Rangers)
George Niven (Rangers)

Anonymous - Footballers (Upper case)

Footballers (Upper case) (54x77mm)

Unusual cards issued in Scotland, probably in the late 1940's or early 1950's. There's nothing on them to identify who produced them. The cards have a large white border, with the players names printed in upper case. So far, the only known cards are of Glasgow Rangers players. 

Alex Scott (Rangers)
Bobby Shearer (Rangers)
Harold Davis (Rangers)
Max Murray (Rangers)
Eric Caldow (Rangers)
Jim Hubbard (Rangers)
Don Kitchenbrand (Rangers)
Billy Simpson (Rangers)
George Niven (Rangers)
Ralph Brand (Rangers)
Sammy Baird (Rangers)

Grimsby Evening Telegraph - Town Stars

GRI-050 / ZJ9-18 - Town Stars
Grimsby Town F.C. / Grimsby Evening Telegraph
25 cards

Apparently these cards were given away with the Grimsby Town programme during the 1952/53 season. Very collectable and very rare. It seems to be a set of 25 cards, but it is possible that cards No. 4 and No. 15 weren't issued. The club played 23 home League games that season, but also played two games at home in the F.A. Cup. Any information on this would be much appreciated.

1.  H. Betmead (Centre Half)
2.  J. Maddison (Outside Left)
3.  G. Tweedy (Goalkeeper)
5.  T. Buck (Left Half)
6.  W. Cairns (Centre Forward)
7.  J. Cooper (Inside Left)
8.  A. Hall (Right Half)
9.  J. Hernon (Inside Left)
10.  W. Brown (Right Back)
11.  W. Galbraith (Left Back)
12.  H. Jacobson (Left Back)
13.  R. Scotson (Right Half)
14.  M. Holmes (Centre Forward)
16.  T. Briggs (Centre Forward)
17.  C. Wilson (Right Back)
18.  T. Coleman (Centre Forward)
19.  S. Lloyd (Outside Right)
20.  J. Carmichael (Centre Forward)
21.  J. Bestall (Inside Right)
22.  J. Bloomer (Inside Right)
23.  J. Hodgson (Left Back)
24.  D. McMillan (Centre Half)
25.  P. Johnston (Left Half)   -    amended   -   thanks to Chris Cole

Celtic Player Pool Production - Celtic Players

Glasgow Celtic Players
(89mm x 146mm)
Celtic Player Pool Production
Half-length colour photos of Celtic players with a printed autograph. There might be 16 in a complete set.
Jimmy Johnstone
Lou Macari
David Hay
Billy McNeill

Anonymous - Famous Footballers (Transfers)


Famous Footballers - Transfers
Unknown issuers
36 players

These were issued some time in the 1930s, but there is no reference to a publisher. The illustration on the left is as the transfer looks.

Bastin (Arsenal)   -   added 14-11-2022  -  thanks to Sean C.
Blackmore (Bolton)
Amos (Bury)
Gallacher (Chelsea)
Camsell (Middlesbrough)
Bradford (Southampton)

Ferguson (Swansea)

Friday 8 March 2013

Arsenal F.C. - 1930's Player Postcards (4)

Postcards from the 1938 collection

Arsenal F.C. - 1930's Player Postcards (3)


Arsenal Player Postcards
Arsenal F.C.
? postcards

Both these cards are from the 1935-36 collection.

Herbert Roberts
George Male

Vanguard (D.C. Thompson) - Magic Photo


ZA10-4 - This Magic Photo is Presented with the Editor's Compliements
(44mm x 35mm)
Thompson, D.C. / Vanguard

Another collection I know almost nothing of. The item on the right is the little packet that the photo came in. I would be glad to hear from anyone who knows anything at all about this little collection. The last 8 items were found listed in a Cartophilic handbook, relating to this collection, so it's probably not all footballers or sportsmen.
H. Chambers (Liverpool)
E2.  Alan Morton (Rangers)

A1.  King Of The Jungle
B1.  The Polar Bear
C1.  A Sad Lot
D1.  Milking Gymnastics
E1.  His Only Pair
F1.  King Beaver
F2.  Hippo's little Yawn
F3.  Hullo Old Chap

V.C.C. - Sportsmen and Other Notabilities


VAA-030 / Sportsmen and Other Notabilities
V.C.C., 71 Roman Road, London, E3

These are very rare cards, possibly because, as can be seen from what was printed on the back, that these cards could be redeemed for 'presents'. I'm showing the cricketer because I haven't got an illustration for the only other card I know of. As always, if you've got any further information, please get in touch.

17.  H. Bagge (Fulham)
36.  G. Buckston (Derbyshire - Cricket)



E. Wrench - Footballers 1st Series (02) - W. Barnes (West Ham United)

Footballers - 1st Series (Postcards)
E. Wrench Ltd.
36 postcards

2185.  W. Barnes (West Ham United)  -  Sheffield United kit  -  thanks to Paul

Rattler / Dazzler comics - Caricatures of Sportsmen

RAT-030 / Caricatures of Sportsmen
(40mm x 33mm)
Rattler / Dazzler comics
I know nothing about these comics and this photo is the only one I have seen of the cards in this collection.
1.  ?
2.  ?
3.  ?
44.  R.E.S. Wyatt (Cricket)
45.  Melbourne Inman (Snooker)
46.  ?
47.  ?
48.  ?
49.  ?
50.  ?
51.  Charles Buchan
52.  William Walker



Sheffield Star - Sheffield Footballers

Sheffield Footballers
Sheffield Star
Unknown number

Not a very good photo - apologies for that. These were issued by the Sheffield Star newspaper. They seem to be quite rare, I only know of those listed below. If you can add to the list or know how many were issued, please get in touch.

Ernest Toseland
Walter Millership
Albert Ashley
Horace Burrows
Ted Catlin (England kit)
Derek Goodfellow
Bill Fallon
Harry Hanford
Jackie Robinson


Gallaher Ltd. - Park Drive Cigarette Cases

Park Drive Cigarette Case (Plastic)
Gallaher Ltd.
24  plus

Not really Cartophilic, but collectable nonetheless. Did they produce one for your club?

No Team - Park Drive
Aston Villa F.C.
Birmingham City F.C.
Blackpool F.C.
Bolton Wanderers F.C.
Cardiff City F.C.
Chelsea F.C.
Derby County F.C.
Hull City F.C.
Middlesbrough F.C.
Leeds United F.C.
Liverpool F.C.
Manchester City F.C.
Manchester United F.C.
Nottingham Forest F.C.
Notts County F.C.
Preston North End F.C.
Queens Park Rangers F.C.
Sheffield United F.C.
Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
Southport F.C.
Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Walsall F.C.
West Bromwich Albion F.C.
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Monday 4 March 2013

Arsenal F.C. - 1930's Player Postcards (2)


Three more Arsenal F.C. postcards. Please note the players names are in the border below the picture, whereas the name on the previous postcard was printed in a small box inside the picture.

These are reproduced from the following website: ArsenalOneTwoFive

Glasgow Evening Citizen - Starpix (3)

Glasgow Evening Citizen - Starpix (2)

Glasgow Evening Citizen
1 poster

Jimmy Johnstone (Celtic)

Birmingham Evening Gazette - These Are Soccer Stars, New Series

These Are Soccer Stars, New Series
Birmingham Evening Gazette

Another of the very collectable newspaper issued from just after the Second World War. Supposedly a set of 58, there are 9 players missing from the checklist below. I'm always interested to hear from anyone who can fill in any gaps.

2. Jesse Pye (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
3. Joe Mercer (Everton)
4. Leon Leuty (Derby County)
5. Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
6. George Eastham (Blackpool)
7. Tommy Walker (Chelsea)
8. Kevin O'Flanagan (Arsenal)
9. Fred Ramscar (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
10. Albert Stubbins (Newcastle United)
11. Gerald McAloon (Brentford)
12. Leslie Compton (Arsenal)
13. Jim Pemberton (West Bromwich Albion)
14. Bryn Jones (Arsenal)
15. Arthur Turner (Colchester United)
16. Frank Swift (Manchester City)
17. R. Langton (Blackburn Rovers)
18. Ray Devey (Birmingham City)
19. Fred Betts (Coventry City)
20. G. Wharton (Portsmouth)
21. William Gorman (Brentford)
23. Neil Franklin (Stoke City)
24. Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
25. George Marks (Blackburn Rovers)
27. A.W. Fielding (Everton)
28. Len Shackleton (Newcastle United)
29. Fred Steele (Stoke City)
30. Jack Sankey (Northampton)
32. Jackie Robinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
33. Jimmy McAlinden (Portsmouth)
34. James Blair (Blackpool)
35. Frank Soo (Luton Town)
36. Sep Smith (Leicester City)
37. Jack Oakes (Charlton Athletic)
38. Dai Jones (Leicester City)
39. William Kidd (Chesterfield)
40. Stanley Matthews (Stoke City)
41. James Todd (Port Vale)
42. George Mountford (Stoke City)
44. M. Fenton (Middlesbrough)
45. George Antonio (Stoke City)
46. William Shankley (Preston North End)
47. Douglas Duncan (Luton Town)
48. George Drury (West Bromwich Albion)
49. A.H. Gibbons (Bradford Park Avenue)
50. George Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
53. Tom Finney (Preston North End)
56. Alex Herd (Manchester City)
57. C. Bicknell (West Ham United)
58. M. Dunkley (Manchester City)

Glasgow Evening Times - Wall-Pics

Glasgow Evening Times
Unknown number

Another Glasgow newspaper giving away prints of Footballers and Football Teams. No idea how many they issued and although I have the date as 1965 they might have been issued before or just after 1965.

Jim Baxter (Rangers F.C.)
Tommy Gemmell - Left Back - Celtic F.C.
Rangers F.C.

Glasgow Evening Citizen - Starpix (01) - Allan McGraw (Morton)

Glasgow Evening Citizen
10" x 7 1/2"
Unknown number

These sheets were given away with the Glasgow Evening Citizen newspaper during 1965, probably with the Saturday issue. It has always been my intention to go to Glasgow and track down copies of the original copies of the newspapers to see if they include these sheets.

1.  Jim Forest (Rangers)
2.  Willie Henderson (Rangers)
3.  Jim Baxter (Rangers)
4.  John Greig (Rangers)
6.  Davie Provan (Rangers)
7.  Jim Forrest (Rangers)
8.  R. Brand
14.  Billie Ritchie
Jim Kennedy (Celtic)
John Divers (Celtic)
Norrie Martin (Ranger)
Ronnie McKinnon (Rangers)
Willie Henderson & Willie Waddell (Rangers)
Denis Law
John Hughes (Celtic)
Alex Scott (Everton)
Brian McIllroy (Kilm) & Alex Hamilton (Dundee)
Allan McGraw (Greenock Morton)
Greenock Morton & Steve Chalmers (Celtic)
Alex Willougby (Rangers)
Dunfermline Athletic
Jimmy Johnstone (Celtic)
Bobby Murdoch (Celtic)
Jimmy Millar (Rangers)
Ian McMillan (Rangers)
George McLean (Rangers)
Ian Young (Celtic)
Eric Caldow (Rangers)

Arsenal F.C. - 1930's Player Postcards

Arsenal F.C. Player Postcards
Arsenal F.C. - Lambert Jackson, Photographer
Unknown number
These postcards were printed by Lambert Jackson, Photographer, 25 Holloway Arcade, N7; who was Arsenal F.C.'s official photographer. It's quite possible that these postcards were issued over a number of seasons during the 1930's.

After receiving further information it's been possible to identify which years some of these cards were issued.
Jones, L(eslie) .. .. ?
Jones, L(eslie) .. ..  1938
Jones, B(ryn) .. ..  1938
Roberts  .. .. 1936
Swindin, G(eorge) N.  ..  ..  ?
D. Roper
Hapgood  .. .. 1938
Bastin .. .. 1936
Bastin .. .. 1938
Drake .. .. 1938
Male  ..  ..  1936
Male  ..  ..  1938
James  .. .. 1936