Friday, 8 March 2013

Vanguard (D.C. Thompson) - Magic Photo


ZA10-4 - This Magic Photo is Presented with the Editor's Compliements
(44mm x 35mm)
Thompson, D.C. / Vanguard

Another collection I know almost nothing of. The item on the right is the little packet that the photo came in. I would be glad to hear from anyone who knows anything at all about this little collection. The last 8 items were found listed in a Cartophilic handbook, relating to this collection, so it's probably not all footballers or sportsmen.
H. Chambers (Liverpool)
E2.  Alan Morton (Rangers)

A1.  King Of The Jungle
B1.  The Polar Bear
C1.  A Sad Lot
D1.  Milking Gymnastics
E1.  His Only Pair
F1.  King Beaver
F2.  Hippo's little Yawn
F3.  Hullo Old Chap


  1. I think they are the free gifts given out with the first 8 issues of a short-lived DC Thomson comic called The Vanguard. It was launched in 1923 and I've been trying to find out about the first 8 issues and you may have greatly helped.....thanks!

    1. Yes, little is known about them though. The first eight issues ran from 13 October, 1923 to December, 1923. I don't think I've ever come across any of those first eight issues.


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