Saturday 9 March 2013

Grimsby Evening Telegraph - Town Stars

GRI-050 / ZJ9-18 - Town Stars
Grimsby Town F.C. / Grimsby Evening Telegraph
25 cards

Apparently these cards were given away with the Grimsby Town programme during the 1952/53 season. Very collectable and very rare. It seems to be a set of 25 cards, but it is possible that cards No. 4 and No. 15 weren't issued. The club played 23 home League games that season, but also played two games at home in the F.A. Cup. Any information on this would be much appreciated.

1.  H. Betmead (Centre Half)
2.  J. Maddison (Outside Left)
3.  G. Tweedy (Goalkeeper)
5.  T. Buck (Left Half)
6.  W. Cairns (Centre Forward)
7.  J. Cooper (Inside Left)
8.  A. Hall (Right Half)
9.  J. Hernon (Inside Left)
10.  W. Brown (Right Back)
11.  W. Galbraith (Left Back)
12.  H. Jacobson (Left Back)
13.  R. Scotson (Right Half)
14.  M. Holmes (Centre Forward)
16.  T. Briggs (Centre Forward)
17.  C. Wilson (Right Back)
18.  T. Coleman (Centre Forward)
19.  S. Lloyd (Outside Right)
20.  J. Carmichael (Centre Forward)
21.  J. Bestall (Inside Right)
22.  J. Bloomer (Inside Right)
23.  J. Hodgson (Left Back)
24.  D. McMillan (Centre Half)
25.  P. Johnston (Left Half)   -    amended   -   thanks to Chris Cole


  1. 4 and 15 were issued, though I don't know who they were. I was a Junior School at the time and definitely completed the set. Not that I have any now....

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for letting us know. Perhaps details of these two cards will come to light eventually.

  2. Number 25 is P. Johnston (Left Half). I'm missing numbers 4 and 9 as well.


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