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Philip Neill - (028) Arsenal Double Legends of 1970/71


028 Arsenal Double Legends of 1970/71
Philip Neill
15 cards

1.  Bob Wilson
2.  Bob McNab
3.  Pat Rice
4.  Frank McLintock
5.  Peter Simpson
6.  Peter Storey
7.  Ray Kennedy
8.  George Graham
9.  John Radford
10.  Charlie George
11.  George Armstrong
12.  Eddie Kelly
13.  Jon Sammels
14.  John Roberts
15.  Bertie Mee

Unknown issuer - UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League
Unknown issuer
Argentina, China, Costa Rica
Unknown number

I've dated these as 2013-14 just because a similar collection of cards focuses on the 2014 World Cup. I may be wrong, Paul Scholes is wearing Manchester United's 2010-11 kit and both Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs are wearing the 2011-12 kit. As with the World Cup cards, I've seen these offered for sale from Argentina and China.

Messi (Lionel) (FC Barcelona)
Alexis Sanchez (FC Barcelona)
Frank Lampard (Chelsea)
Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)
Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus)
Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
Ozil (Mesut) (Real Madrid)
Pepe (Real Madrid)   -   La Liga back   -   thanks to Ike348
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Baltimore Blast / The Great Cookie - Baltimore Blast (1988-89)


Baltimore Blast
The Great Cookie
21 cards

Following the demise of the North American Soccer League, much of the football in the United States moved indoors. Baltimore Blast at this time were an indoor football team - what we now call Futsal.

Kenny Cooper (Coach)

Jim Pollihan (Asst Coach)
2.  Desmond Armstrong
4.  John Karpovich
6.  Ken Fogarty
7.  Billy Ronson
8.  Mike Sweeney
9.  Stan Koziol
12.  Kai Haaskivi
13.  David Byrne
14.  Rusty Troy
15.  Mike Agnew
17.  Tim Wittman
18.  Domenic Mobilio
19.  Freddie Thompson
20.  Mark Mettrick
21.  Carl Valentine
22.  Bruce Savage
24.  Glenn Carbonara
30.  Slobo Ilijevski
31.  Scott Manning

Panini - FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 (04) - Update stickers - Brazil

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 - Update stickers (Brazil)
9 stickers

Dani ele has sent in photos of the update sheet of Brazilan players issued at the time of the World Cup in South Africa


Thiago Silva
Michel Bastos
Julio Baptista

Trebor Ltd. - Pop & Soccer All-Star Ring


Pop & Soccer All-Star Ring
Trebor Ltd.
12 photos (6 Footballers)

Should I be showing this here? Probably not. By sending off for the ring you get 12 photos - six pop stars and six footballers. I've no idea which footballers were included, after 40 years I don't expect anyone does. This advert comes from 'Tammy and June' comic, dated 2 November, 1974. It was also featured in 'Whizzer and Chips', also dated 2 November, 1974.

As the advert mentions the All-Star belt, I thought I'd add that the belt includes photos of six footballers, perhaps the same footballers that are available for the ring? Those players are:

Trevor Brooking

Pat Jennings
Jim McCalliog
Don Rogers
Tommy Smith
Mike Summerbee

Look in magazine - All-Star Stickers (1987)


All-Star Stickers
Look in magazine
1 sheet

A sheet of 12 stickers, including one of Gary Lineker, given free with issue no. 49 of Look-in magazine, dated 28 November, 1987 - a week after the sheet that was featured recently.

Timothy Dalton
Gary Lineker
Shaking Stevens
Kim (Mel & Kim)
David Bowie
Delroy Pearson (5-Star)
Lorraine Pearson (5-Star)
Doris Pearson (5-Star)
Shirlie (Pepsi & Shirlie)
Rick Astley

Cleveland Petrol - CLE-340 / CMA-2 Golden Goals (2)


CLE-340 / CMA-2 Golden Goals
Cleveland Petrol
41 stickers

A contemporary advert about this collection (The Rover, 16 September, 1972), along with the album and one of the packets the stickers came in. You can find the original checklist - Cleveland Petrol - CLE-340 / CMA-2 Golden Goals

Bimbo Cards (Mexico) - Las Selecciones Mundialistas Argentina

Las Selecciones Mundialistas Argentina
Bimbo Cards
16 Postcards

A set of 16 cards in a special album. Three cards are foil versions of the regular cards.

Marcelo Bielsa

Gabriel Batistuta
Gabriel Batistuta (Foil)
Hernan Crespo
Diego Simeone
Diego Simeone (Foil)
German Burgos
Juan Pablo Sorin
Fabian Ayala
Walter Samuel
Ariel Ortega
Ariel Ortega (Foil)
Claudio Lopez
Javier Zanneti
Sebastian Veron
Nelson Vivas

Friday 7 November 2014

Monty Gum - Euro Cup (1984)


Euro Cup
Monty Gum
100 cards

This set was probably issued in a number of countries around Europe. Can anyone confirm where these might have been issued? I'd like to thank Paul Bowditch for allowing me to his card to illustrate this checklist. Check out Paul's website Rookie Soccer Cards 

1.  Team Photo (Denmark)

2.  Bertelsen (Denmark)
3.  Jesper Olsen (Denmark)
4.  Busk (Denmark)
5.  Kjaer (Denmark)
6.  Laudrup (Denmark)
7.  Mats Olsen (Denmark)
8.  Lerby (Denmark)
9.  Simonsson (Denmark)
10.  Nielsen (Denmark)
11.  Landesen (Denmark)
12.  Bergrean (Denmark)
13.  Team Photo (Yugoslavia)
14.  Radanovic (Yugoslavia)
15.  Zoran Vujovic (Yugoslavia)
16.  Zlatko Vujovic (Yugoslavia)
17.  Susic (Yugoslavia)
18.  Svilar (Yugoslavia)
19.  Simovic (Yugoslavia)
20.  Ivan Gudelj (Yugoslavia)
21.  Katanec (Yugoslavia)
22.  Peruzovic (Yugoslavia)
23.  Petrovic (Yugoslavia)
24.  Team Photo (Portugal)
25.  Chalana (Portugal)
26.  Eurico (Portugal)
27.  Manuel Fernandez (Portugal)
28.  Sleu (Portugal)
29.  Lima Perreira (Portugal)
30.  Costa (Portugal)
31.  Pietra (Portugal)
32.  Carlos Manuel (Portugal)
33.  Nene (Portugal)
34.  Bento (Portugal)
35.  Team Photo (Romania)
36.  Gabor (Romania)
37.  Cristian (Romania)
38.  Muntenau (Romania)
39.  Ticleanu (Romania)
40.  Moraru (Romania)
41.  Balaci (Romania)
42.  Stefanescu (Romania)
43.  Negrila (Romania)
44.  Lung (Romania)
45.  Boloni (Romania)
46.  Camataru (Romania)
47.  Team Photo (Spain)
48.  Zamora (Spain)
49.  Ufarte (Spain)
50.  Carasco (Spain)
51.  Arconada (Spain)
52.  Santillana (Spain)
53.  Esteban (Spain)
54.  Victor (Spain)
55.  Alonso (Spain)
56.  Gamancho (Spain)
57.  Marcos (Spain)
58.  Sanchez (Spain)
59.  Juan Jose (Spain)
60.  Team Photo (France)
61.  Castaneda (France)
62.  Tresor (France)
63.  Six (France)
64.  Lacombe (France)
65.  Rocheteau (France)
66.  Lopez (France)
67.  Bossis (France)
68.  Michel Platini (France)
69.  Zimako (France)
70.  Janvion (France)
71.  Giresse (France)
72.  Soler (France)
73.  Baratelli (France)
74.  Battiston (France)
75.  Tigana (France)
76.  Team Photo (West Germany)
77.  Schumacher (West Germany)
78.  Briegel (West Germany)
79.  Allofs (West Germany)
80.  Bonhof (West Germany)
81.  Hansi Muller (West Germany)
82.  Flohe (West Germany)
83.  Zimmermann (West Germany)
84.  Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (West Germany)
85.  Dietz (West Germany)
86.  Kaltz (West Germany)
87.  Forster (West Germany)
88.  Cullmann (West Germany)
89.  Team Photo (Belgium)
90.  Vanden Reijcken (Belgium)
91.  M. Millecamps (Belgium)
92.  Vercauteren (Belgium)
93.  Ceulemans (Belgium)
94.  Van der Elst (Belgium)
95.  Plessers (Belgium)
96.  Coeck (Belgium)
97.  Pfaff (Belgium)
98.  Meeuws (Belgium)
99.  L. Millecamps (Belgium)
100.  Gerets (Belgium)

Perfetti Gum - International Stars (02)

International Stars
Perfetti Gum
20 Footballers

Back in May 2013 I posted a short piece relating to the above card that had been sent in by Mark Avenell. He didn't recognise the card and neither did I. Nigel Mercer has finally solved the problem and you can see all 20 football cards on his website - Monty Gum, International Stars, 1965/66. The complete set includes other sporting personalities as well as other subjects such as film stars.

UPDATE (07-04-2019 19:11):  This post was originally published as a Monty Gum issue but Carl Wilkes has confirmed that this collection of 100 International Stars (20 footballers, 12 stars of other sports and 68 film stars) was only issued by Perfetti Gum in Italy in 1967. Even though it looks like a Monty Gum set it was never issued by Monty Gum. I have now amended this post to reflect this new information. You can find the full Perfetti Gum checklist here - Perfetti Gum - International Stars (05).

(Florian) Albert (Hungary)
(Jose) Altafini (Brazil & Italy)
Amancio (Spain)
(Georgi) Asparuhov (Bulgaria)
(Franz) Beckenbauer (West Germany)
(Bobby) Charlton (England)
(Igor) Chislenko (U.S.S.R.)
(Nestor) Combin (France)
(Walter) Corbo (Uruguay)
Eusebio (Portugal)
(Jimmy) Greaves (England)
(Helmut) Haller (West Germany)
(Denis) Law (Scotland)
(Sandro) Mazzola (Italy)
(Bobby) Moore (England)
Pele (Brazil)
(Gianni) Rivera (Italy)
(Karl-Heinz) Schnellinger (West Germany)
(Luis) Suárez (Spain)
(Paul) Van Himst (Belgium)

Topps - Merlin's Premier League 2015 Official Sticker Collection (01)


Merlin's Premier League 2015 Official Sticker Collection 
544 stickers

Out on 18 December, 2014.

V.A.V. (Italy) - Figurine Calcio (1960-61)

Figurine Calcio (1960-61)
341 stickers

This set includes stickers of John Charles and Eddie Firmani, who played for Charlton Athletic, as well as a number of players whose sons became Italian stars of the 21st Century. Gianluigi Buffon's father in goal for Inter and Paolo Maldini's father Cesare in the Milan side.

1.  Buffon (Inter)
2.  Picchi (Inter)
3.  Fongaro (Inter)
4.  Zaglio (Inter)
5.  Guarnieri (Inter)
6.  Bolchi (Inter)
7.  Bicicli (Inter)
8.  Firmani (Inter)
9.  Angelillo (Inter)
10.  Lindskog (Inter)
11.  Corso (Inter)
12.  Cudicini (Roma)
13.  Fnotana (Roma)
14.  Stucchi (Roma)
15.  Pistrin (Roma)
16.  Losi (Roma)
17.  Giuliano (Roma)
18.  Ghiggia (Roma)
19.  Lojacono (Roma)
20.  Manfredini (Roma)
21.  Schiaffino (Roma)
22.  Selmosson (Roma)
23.  Sattolo (Sampdoria)
24.  Vincenzi (Sampdoria)
25.  Marocchi (Sampdoria)
26.  Bergamaschi (Roma)
27.  Bernasconi (Sampdoria)
28.  Vicini (Sampdoria)
29.  Mora (Sampdoria)
30.  Ocwirk (Sampdoria)
31.  Brighenti (Sampdoria)
32.  Skoglund (Sampdoria)
33.  Cucchiaroni (Sampdoria)
34.  Vavassori (Juventus)
35.  Burelli (Juventus)
36.  Sarti (Juventus)
37.  Emoli (Juventus)
38.  Cervato (Juventus)
39.  Colombo (Juventus)
40.  Nicole' (Juventus)
41.  Boniperti (Juventus)
42.  John Charles (Juventus)
43.  Sivori (Juventus)
44.  Stacchini (Juventus)
45.  Ghezzi (Milan)
46.  Maldini (Milan)
47.  Zagatti (Milan)
48.  Liedholm (Milan)
49.  Salvadore (Milan)
50.  David (Milan)
51.  Vernazza (Milan)
52.  Galli (Milan)
53.  Altafini (Milan)
54.  Rivera (Milan)
55.  Barison (Milan)
56.  Sarti (Fiorentina)
57.  Robotti (Fiorentina)
58.  Castelletti (Fiorentina)
59.  Micheli (Fiorentina)
60.  Orzan (Fiorentina)
61.  Marchesi (Fiorentina)
62.  Hamrin (Fiorentina)
63.  Montuori (Fiorentina)
64.  Da costa (Fiorentina)
65.  Milan (Fiorentina)
66.  Petris (Fiorentina)
67.  Pin (Padova)
68.  Blason (Padova)
69.  Cervato (Padova)
70.  Barbolin (Padova)
71.  Azzini (Padova)
72.  Moro (Padova)
73.  Tortul (Padova)
74.  Rosa (Padova)
75.  Milani (Padova)
76.  Celio (Padova)
77.  Crippa (Padova)
78.  Santarelli (Bologna)
79.  Rota (Bologna)
80.  Pavinato (Bologna)
81.  Cappa (Bologna)
82.  Tumburus (Bologna)
83.  Fogli (Bologna)
84.  Perani (Bologna)
85.  Bulgarelli (Bologna)
86.  Vinicio (Bologna)
87.  Campana (Bologna)
88.  Renna (Bologna)
89.  Bugatti (Napoli)
90.  Greco II (Napoli)
91.  Schiavone (Napoli)
92.  Bodi (Napoli)
93.  Mialich (Napoli)
94.  Posio (Napoli)
95.  Di Giacomo (Napoli)
96.  Gratton (Napoli)
97.  Pivatelli (Napoli)
98.  Del Vecchio (Napoli)
99.  Tacchi (Napoli)
100.  Gaspari (Catania)
101.  Michelotti (Catania)
102.  Giavara (Catania)
103.  Grani (Catania)
104.  Zannier (Catania)
105.  Ferretti (Catania)
106.  Macor (Catania)
107.  Biagini (Catania)
108.  Calvanese (Catania)
109.  Prenna (Catania)
110.  Morelli (Catania)
111.  Battara (Vicenza)
112.  Capucci (Vicenza)
113.  Savoini (L.R. Vicenza)
114.  Zoppelletto (L.R. Vicenza)
115.  Garzena (L.R. Vicenza)
116.  Bonifaci (L.R. Vicenza)
117.  Conti (L.R. Vicenza)
118.  Menti (L.R. Vicenza)
119.  Siciliano (L.R. Vicenza)
120.  Puja (L.R. Vicenza)
121.  Pinti (L.R. Vicenza)
122.  Soldan (Torino)
123.  Scesa (Torino)
124.  Gerbaudo (Torino)
125.  Bearzot (Torino)
126.  Lancioni (Torino)
127.  Balleri (Torino)
128.  Cella (Torino)
129.  Mazzero (Torino)
130.  Gualtieri (Torino)
131.  Ferrini (Torino)
132.  Crippa (Torino)
133.  Lovati (Lazio)
134.  Lo Buono (Lazio)
135.  Del Gratta (Lazio)
136.  Carradori (Lazio)
137.  Janich (Lazio) - No number on sticker
138.  Fumagali (Lazio)
139.  Mariani (Lazio)
140.  Pozzan (Lazio)
141.  Rozzoni (Lazio)
142.  Ferrario (Lazio)
143.  Bizzari (Lazio)
144.  Magnanini (Bari)
145.  Romano (Bari)
146.  Mupo (Bari)
147.  Mazzoni (Bari)
148.  Seghedoni (Bari)
149.  Tagnin (Bari)
150.  Catalano (Bari)
151.  Erba (Bari)
152.  Virgili (Bari)
153.  Conti (Bari)
154.  Rossano (Bari)
155.  Boccardi (Atalanta)
156.  Griffith (Atalanta)
157.  Roncoli (Atalanta)
158.  Pelagalli (Atalanta)
159.  Gardoni (Atalanta)
160.  Gasperi (Atalanta)
161.  Zavaglio (Atalanta)
162.  Maschio (Atalanta)
163.  Nova (Atalanta)
164.  Magistrelli (Atalanta)
165.  Longoni (Atalanta)
166.  Matteucci (Spal)
167.  Bozzao (Spal)
168.  Valade' (Spal)
169.  Riva (Spal)
170.  Catalani (Spal)
171.  Ganzer (Spal)
172.  Novelli II (Spal)
173.  Massei (Spal)
174.  Taccola (Spal)
175.  Corelli (Spal)
176.  Morbello (Spal)
177.  Bertossi (Udinese)
178.  Del Bene (Udinese)
179.  Valenti (Udinese)
180.  Giacomini (Udinese)
181.  Sassi (Udinese)
182.  Segato (Udinese)
183.  Birgnoni (Udinese)
184.  Tinazzi (Udinese)
185.  Meroi (Udinese)
186.  Menegotti (Udinese)
187.  Canella (Udinese)
188.  Dreossi (Reggiana)
189.  Martiranonna (Reggiana)
190.  Calvani (Reggiana)
191.  Corsi (Reggiana)
192.  Zennaro (Reggiana)
193.  Fantuzzi (Reggiana)
194.  Tribuzio (Reggiana)
195.  Sardei (Reggiana)
196.  Greatti (Reggiana)
197.  Catalani (Reggiana)
198.  Ogliari (Reggiana)
199.  Recchia (Parma)
200.  Panaro (Parma)
201.  Polli (Parma)
202.  Neri (Parma)
203.  Sentimenti V (Parma)
204.  Carrano (Parma)
205.  Calzolari (Parma)
206.  Salomoni (Parma)
207.  Giurini (Parma)
208.  Luosi (Parma)
209.  Lulich (Parma)
210.  Bibacco (Venezia)
211.  Grossi (Venezia)
212.  Ardizzon (Venezia)
213.  Tesconi (Venezia)
214.  Carantini (Venezia)
215.  Frascoli (Venezia)
216.  Danieli (Venezia)
217.  Casarotti (Venezia)
218.  Calegari (Venezia)
219.  Raffin (Venezia)
220.  Farinelli (Venezia)
221.  Piccoli (Genoa)
222.  Corradi (Genoa)
223.  Becattini (Genoa)
224.  Beraldo (Genoa)
225.  Carlini (Genoa)
226.  Pique (Genoa)
227.  Bolzoni (Genoa)
228.  Occhetta (Genoa)
229.  Bean (Genoa)
230.  Pesaola (Genoa)
231.  Frignani (Genoa)
232.  Zappetti (Messina)
233.  Kirkmayer (Messina)
234.  Stucchi (Messina)
235.  Radaelli (Messina)
236.  Bosco (Messina)
237.  Spagni (Messina)
238.  Bredesen (Messina)
239.  Landoni (Messina)
240.  Alicata (Messina)
241.  Fraschini (Messina)
242.  Ciccolo I (Messina)
243.  Ciceri (Verona)
244.  Grava (Verona)
245.  Fassetta (Verona)
246.  Zamperlini (Verona)
247.  Begalli (Verona)
248.  Morin (Verona)
249.  Corso (Verona)
250.  Cera (Verona)
251.  Cosma (Verona)
252.  Pacco (Verona)
253.  Fontanesi (Verona)
254.  Anzolin (Palermo)
255.  De Bellis (Palermo)
256.  Sereni (Palermo)
257.  Ferri (Palermo)
258.  Grevi (Palermo)
259.  Malavasi (Palermo)
260.  Sacchella (Palermo)
261.  Bernini (Palermo)
262.  Fantini (Palermo)
263.  Mosca (Palermo)
264.  Morosi (Palermo)
265.  Luison (Triestina)
266.  Bernard (Triestina)
267.  Brach (Triestina)
268.  Larini (Triestina)
269.  Marangon (Triestina)
270.  De Grassi (Triestina)
271.  Trevisan (Triestina)
272.  Rebizzi (Triestina)
273.  Demeina (Triestina)
274.  Sadar (Triestina)
275.  Fortunato (Triestina)
276.  Negri (Mantova)
277.  Morganti (Mantova)
278.  Cancian (Mantova)
279.  Tarabbia (Mantova)
280.  Pini (Mantova)
281.  Longhi (Mantova)
282.  Del Negro (Mantova)
283.  Giagnoni (Mantova)
284.  Uzzecchini (Mantova)
285.  Gianmarinaro (Mantova)
286.  Chiricallo (Mantova)
287.  Brotto (Brescia)
288.  Martini (Brescia)
289.  Ratti (Brescia)
290.  Magri (Brescia)
291.  Ferrazzi (Brescia)
292.  Turra (Brescia)
293.  Fogar (Brescia)
294.  Venturi (Brescia)
295.  Cella (Brescia)
296.  Favalli (Brescia)
297.  Albini (Brescia)
298.  Stefani (Alessandria)
299.  Nardi (Alessandria)
300.  Melideo (Alessandria)
301.  Snidero (Alessandria)
302.  Bercellino (Alessandria)
303.  Soncini (Alessandria)
304.  Vanara (Alessandria)
305.  Vitali (Alessandria)
306.  Fanello (Alessandria)
307.  Migliavacca (Alessandria)
308.  Bettini (Alessandria)
309.  Di Tommaso (Livorno)
310.  Ferni (Livorno)
311.  Cappellino (Livorno)
312.  Perni (Livorno)
313.  Varglien (Livorno)
314.  Belloni (Livorno)
315.  Ghiadoni (Livorno)
316.  Baldi (Livorno)
317.  Gratton (Livorno)
318.  Turatti (Livorno)
319.  Risos (Livorno)
320.  Balzarini (Modena)
321.  Cattani (Modena)
322.  Agostinelli (Modena)
323.  Ottani (Modena)
324.  Aguzzoli (Modena)
325.  Goldon (Modena)
326.  Venturelli (Modena)
327.  Mangiarotti (Modena)
328.  Colangelo (Modena)
329.  Cignani (Modena)
330.  Bolognesi (Modena)
331.  Colombo (Cagliari)
332.  Tiddia (Cagliari)
333.  Gerbaudo (Cagliari) - No name on the sticker
334.  Serradimigni (Cagliari)
335.  Spinosi (Cagliari)
336.  Loriga (Cagliari)
337.  Falchi (Cagliari) - No name on the sticker
338.  Busetto (Cagliari) - No name on the sticker
339.  Rossi (Cagliari)
340.  Gagliardi (Cagliari)
341.  Congiu (Cagliari)

Topps - Topps KICK - Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game (2)

Topps KICK - Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game

I cam across some more of these recently. As I said previously, I don't have an iPad or an iPhone so I can't collect these (which is probably a good thing), but I wondered if these is any sort of checklist available as a text file or a spreadsheet? There seem to be so many of these - Craig Bellamy is number 1115, and the game now incorporates the Bundesliga and MLS.
Is there any interest in trying to compile a checklist?

????.  Daniel Gabbidon (Crystal Palace)
????.  Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)  -  Gold
????.  Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)  -  Great Goals
????.  Jordan Mutch (Queens Park Rangers)  -  Silver
1115.  Craig Bellamy (Cardiff City) - Old School

Lionel Messi signs for Upper Deck

Lionel Messi signs for Upper Deck

This week Upper Deck have revealed five items of autographed memorabilia this week. The cheapest is a $999 'Colors of the Game' photo limited to just 50 pieces, while his Barcelona autographed Tegata handprint is limited to just 20 and sells for $7,499. Follow this link for more information
Hopefully this will mean that autographed Lionel Messi cards will be popping up in Upper Deck card collections....

Navarrete - Munich 74

Munich 74
256 stickers

These stickers are similar to the F.K.S. stickers issued for the 1974 World Cup collection. I don't have sticker numbers for this collection though.

Franz Beckenbauer (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Paul Breitner (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Heinz Flohe (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Jurgen Granowski (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Uli Hoeness (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Jupp Heynckes (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Horst Hottges (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Wolfgang Kleff (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Horst Koppel (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Erwin Kremers (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Sepp Maier (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Gerd Muller (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Gunter Netzer (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Wolfgang Overath (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Berti Vogts (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)
Wolfgang Weber (Alemania Occ. - West Germany)

Wolfgang Blochwitz (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Bernd Bransch (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Jurgen Croy (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Peter Ducke (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Joachim Fritsche (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Hans-Jurgen Kreische (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Lothar Kurbjuweit (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Reinhardt Lauck (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Wolfram Lowe (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Klaus Sammer (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Wolfgang Seguin (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Jurgen Sparwasser (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Joachim Streich (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Eberhardt Vogel (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Konrad Weise (Alemania Or. - East Germany)
Manfred Zapf (Alemania Or. - East Germany)

Norberto Alonso (Argentina)
Roque Avallay (Argentina)
Ruben Ayala (Argentina)
Agustin Balbuena (Argentina)
Angel Bargas (Argentina)
Miguel Brindisi (Argentina)
Daniel Carnevali (Argentina)
Enrique Chazarreta (Argentina)
Carlos Guerini (Argentina)
Ramon Heredia (Argentina)
Vicente Pernia (Argentina)
Ramon Ponce (Argentina)
Antonio Rosl (Argentina)
Roberto Telch (Argentina)
Jorge Troncoso (Argentina)
Enrique Wolff (Argentina)

Attila Abonyi (Australia)
Adrian Alston (Australia)
Ray Baartz (Australia)
Branko Buljevic (Australia)
Ernie Campbell (Australia)
Col Curran (Australia)
Jim Fraser (Australia)
Jimmy Mackay (Australia)
Jim Milisavljevic (Australia)
Ray Richards (Australia)
Jimmy Rooney (Australia)
Manfred Schaefer (Australia)
Doug Utjesenovic (Australia)
Johnny Warren (Australia)
John Watkiss (Australia)
Peter Wilson (Australia)

Carlos Alberto (Brazil)
Clodoaldo (Brazil)
Dario (Brazil)
Dirceu Lopes (Brazil)
Edu (Brazil)
Jairzinho (Brazil)
Luis Pereira (Brazil)
Leao (Brazil)
Leivinha (Brazil)
Marco Antonio (Brazil)
Paulo Cesar (Brazil)
Piazza (Brazil)
Renato (Brazil)
Rivelno (Brazil)
Vaguinho (Brazil)
Ze Maria (Brazil)

Stefan Aladjov (Bulgaria)
Christo Bonev (Bulgaria)
Georgi Denev (Bulgaria)
Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Jordan Filipov (Bulgaria)
Rumen Goranov (Bulgaria)
Kiril Ivkov (Bulgaria)
Dobromir Jetchev (Bulgaria)
Bojil Kolev (Bulgaria)
Kiril Milanov (Bulgaria)
Dimitar Penev (Bulgaria)
Stefan Staikov (Bulgaria)
Ivan Stoyanov (Bulgaria)
Zonio Vassilev (Bulgaria)
Voin Voinov (Bulgaria)
Ivan Zafirov (Bulgaria)

Sergio Ahumada (Chile)
Antonio Arias (Chile)
Carlos Caszeley (Chile)
Rogelio Farias (Chile)
Mario Galindo (Chile)
Rafael Gonzalez (Chile)
Leonel Herrera (Chile)
Alfonso Lara (Chile)
Adolfo Nef (Chile)
Juan Olivares (Chile)
Guillermo Paez (Chile)
Alberto Quintano (Chile)
Carlos Reinoso (Chile)
Juan Rodriguez (Chile)
Francisco Valdez (Chile)
Leonardo Veliz (Chile)

Billy Bremner (Escocia - Scotland)
George Connelly (Escocia - Scotland)
Kenny Dalglish (Escocia - Scotland)
Don Ford (Escocia - Scotland)
David Harvey (Escocia - Scotland)
David Hay (Escocia - Scotland)
Jim Holton (Escocia - Scotland)
Tommy Hutchinson (Escocia - Scotland)
Ally Hunter (Escocia - Scotland)
Sandy Jardine (Escocia - Scotland)
Joe Jordan (Escocia - Scotland)
Denis Law (Escocia - Scotland)
Peter Lorimer (Escocia - Scotland)
Danny McGrain (Escocia - Scotland)
Willie Morgan (Escocia - Scotland)
Jimmy Smith (Escocia - Scotland)

Fritz Andre (Haiti)
Arsene Auguste (Haiti)
Claude Barthelemy (Haiti)
Pierre Bayonne (Haiti)
Jean Claude Desir (Haiti)
Serge Sucoste (Haiti)
Guy Francois (Haiti)
Henri Francillon (Haiti)
Formose Gilles (Haiti)
Ernst Jean Joseph (Haiti)
Mario Leandre (Haiti)
Wilner Nazaire (Haiti)
Wilmes Piqueham (Haiti)
Roger St Vil (Haiti)
Emmanuel Sanon (Haiti)
Philippe Vorbe (Haiti)

Jan Van Beveren (Holanda - Holland)
Johan Cruyff (Holanda - Holland)
Arie Haan (Holanda - Holland)
Wim van Hanegem (Holanda - Holland)
Barry Hulshoff (Holanda - Holland)
Rinus Israel (Holanda - Holland)
Piet Keizer (Holanda - Holland)
Rene van der Kerkhof (Holanda - Holland)
Rudi Krol (Holanda - Holland)
Aad Mansveld (Holanda - Holland)
Gerrie Muhren (Holanda - Holland)
Johan Neeskens (Holanda - Holland)
Rob Rensenbrink (Holanda - Holland)
Johnny Rep (Holanda - Holland)
Piet Schrijvers (Holanda - Holland)
Wim Suurbier (Holanda - Holland)

Pietro Anastasi (Italia - Italy)
Mauro Bellugi (Italia - Italy)
Romeo Benetti (Italia - Italy)
Tarcisio Burgnich (Italia - Italy)
Fabio Capello (Italia - Italy)
Luciano Castellini (Italia - Italy)
Franco Causio (Italia - Italy)
Giorgio Chinaglia (Italia - Italy)
Giacinto Facchetti (Italia - Italy)
Sandro Mazzola (Italia - Italy)
Francesco Morini (Italia - Italy)
Paolini Pulici (Italia - Italy)
Luigi Riva (Italia - Italy)
Gianni Rivera (Italia - Italy)
Luciano Spinosi (Italia - Italy)
Dino Zoff (Italia - Italy)

Miroslaw Bulzacki (Polonia - Poland)
Leslaw Cmikiewicz (Polonia - Poland)
Kazimierz Deyna (Polonia - Poland)
Jan Domarski (Polonia - Poland)
Robert Gadocha (Polonia - Poland)
Jerzy Gorgon (Polonia - Poland)
Zbigniew Gut (Polonia - Poland)
Zygmunt Kalinowski (Polonia - Poland)
Zdzislaw Kapka (Polonia - Poland)
Henryk Kasperczak (Polonia - Poland)
Jerzy Kraska (Polonia - Poland)
Grzegorz Lato (Polonia - Poland)
Wlodzimierz Lubanski (Polonia - Poland)
Adam Musial (Polonia - Poland)
Antoni Szymanowski (Polonia - Poland)
Jan Tomaszewski (Polonia - Poland)
Bjorn Andersson (Suecia - Sweden)
Ove Grahn (Suecia - Sweden)
Roland Grip (Suecia - Sweden)
Ronnie Hellstrom (Suecia - Sweden)
Kent Karlsson (Suecia - Sweden)
Ove Kindvall (Suecia - Sweden)
Bo Larsson (Suecia - Sweden)
Sven-Gunnar Larsson (Suecia - Sweden)
Benno Magnusson (Suecia - Sweden)
Leif Malberg (Suecia - Sweden)
Jan Olsson (Suecia - Sweden)
Jan Olsson (Suecia - Sweden)
Sten Palsson (Suecia - Sweden)
Roland Sandbeg (Suecia - Sweden)
Staffan Tapper (Suecia - Sweden)
Conny Torstensson (Suecia - Sweden)

Alberto Cardaccio (Uruguay)
Walter Corbo (Uruguay)
Luis Cubilla (Uruguay)
Gustavo de Simone (Uruguay)
Victor Esparrago (Uruguay)
Julio Cesar Gimenez (Uruguay)
Mario Gonzalez (Uruguay)
Ildo Maneiro (Uruguay)
Juan Masnik (Uruguay)
Denis Milar (Uruguay)
Julio Montero-Castillo (Uruguay)
Fernando Morena (Uruguay)
Walter Olivera (Uruguay)
Hector Santos (Uruguay)
Nestor Soria (Uruguay)
Luis Ubinas (Uruguay)

Jovan Acimovic (Yugoslavia)
Dusan Bajevic (Yugoslavia)
Nemad Bjekovic (Yugoslavia)
Vladislaw Bogicevic (Yugoslavia)
Dragan Dzajic (Yugoslavia)
Dragan Holcer (Yugoslavia)
Jurica Jerkovic (Yugoslavia)
Josip Katalinski (Yugoslavia)
Petar Krivokuca (Yugoslavia)
Enver Maric (Yugoslavia)
Blagoje Paunovic (Yugoslavia)
Miroslav Pavlovic (Yugoslavia)
Ilija Petkovic (Yugoslavia)
Ljubisa Rajkovic (Yugoslavia)
Dragslav Stepanovic (Yugoslavia)

Bwanga Tshimen (Zaire)
Kalambay Otep'a (Zaire)
Kazadi Mwamba (Zaire)
Kakoko Etepe (Zaire)
Kembo Uba Kemo (Zaire)
Kibonge Mafu (Zaire)
Kidumu Mantenu (Zaire)
Lobilo Boba (Zaire)
Mana Mambwene (Zaire)
Mavuba Mafuila (Zaire)
Mayanga Maku (Zaire)
Mukombo (Zaire)
Mwepu Ilunga (Zaire)
Ndaye Mulamba (Zaire)
Ngoie Sendwe (Zaire)
Ntumba Kalala (Zaire)