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Nostalgia Postcard Collectors Club / Iris Publishing - Yesterday's Britain 1890s - 1950s

Yesterday's Britain 1890s - 1950s
Nostalgia Postcard Collectors Club / Iris Publishing
1392 postcards

The postcards were always intended as collectors items - the reverse side containing details relating to the postcard image on the front. As such they are a wonderful study of social history. They cover many aspects of British life between the 1890s and 1950s, with a wide range of themes. I've also included two showing workers at Littlewoods Pools. The postcards are unnumbered, but they do include details of which set they come from. My guess is that there are probably 24 cards in each of 50 different sets.
UPDATE (04-03-2018 09:10):  Cavalier Stamps and Postcards has left a comment to say there are a total of 58 sets.
  1. March 1943 - Stanley Matthews in action for the RAF. Set 1. (Update: The game features Matthews appearing for the RAF against the Civil Defence in the first round of the Inter-Allied Services Cup at Leeds Road, Huddersfield. It’s instantly recognisable by the new scoreboard at the open-end. Placed on the Dalton Bank End terrace, this was possibly British football's first electronic scoreboard, a gift from the Dutch company Philips, who had a factory in Darwen and whose PSV Eindhoven team had close ties with Town. Thanks to Roger Pashby).
  2. London, August 1935. Tottenham Hotspurs' Washing Day. Set 1.
  3. Highbury, December 6th 1947 - Arsenal v Manchester City. Swift the England and Manchester City keeper, dives to make a brilliant save from Ronnie Rooke. Set 2.
  4. Football, March 1949. This cup-tie match between Backpool and Stoke City is at the Stoke City ground. Set 5.
  5. Blackpool, 1950's. Stanley Matthews with his wife and family. Set 9.
  6. Arsenal Football Supporters Club. Mr Greeno and his family drum up support for Away Games in December 1951. Set 9.
  7. Tottenham Hotspurs welcome Andy Duncan after paying Hull City a Record Transfer Fee of £5000. Set 9.
  8. Brentford, 1935. August 1935, Brentford playing at home against Huddersfield. Set 14.
  9. Arsenal football fans at Highbury in 1951.  The visitors were Glasgow Rangers. Set 43.
  10. F.A. Cup Final in 1953.  Stanley Matthews and victorious team mates after Blackpool's 4-3 win over Bolton Wanderers. Set 50.
  11. Wolverhampton Wanderers, 1908 - even though it states 1908 on the postcard, the team photo is of the 1893 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.A. Cup Winning side. Set 56 -  Set number added 04-03-2018
  12. F.A. Cup Final Players Clash, 1957. Wood of Manchester United and McParland of Aston Villa lie injured after a collision. Set 56 -  Set number added 04-03-2018
  13. F.A. Cup Final, 1958 - Manchester United v Bolton Wanderers
  14. Tottenham Hotspur, 1950-51
  15. George Camsell, Middlesbrough, c.1930
  16. Thousands of clerks check Football Pools at Littlewoods, Liverpool in 1954.
  17. Littlewoods Pools, 1954 - a worker sending coupons.


  1. Hi Alan, i can advise that the set number goes up to 57, maybe more, regards Denise

  2. There were 58 sets. We cover the full range at

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the number of sets, I'll update the information.




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