Wednesday 5 November 2014

D.C. Thomson / The Hornet - Gallery of Sport (1963)

Gallery of Sport
D.C. Thomson / The Hornet
17 comic covers

The first edition of The Hornet was issued on 14 September, 1963. The next 17 covers of the comic included cartoons entitled Galley of Sport. They included a large cartoon on the front page and the comic strip continued on the back page of the comic. They are unnumbered and are numbered and are listed here in issue number order.

1.  -
2.  Three Fights at Broken Hill (Boxing)
3.  F.A. Cup Final, 23 April, 1932, Arsenal v Newcastle United
4.  All-Black Day at Cardiff, 1905
5.  Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber
6.  Gordon Smith (Hibs, Dundee)
7.  The Wakefield Kicker (Rugby League)
8.  Cesare Maestra (Mountaineering)
9.  Daan Bekker v Stoffell Willemse (Boxing)
10.  Gypsy’s Curse - Derby County
11.  Tazio Nuvolari (Motor Racing - 1963)
12.  Glasgow Rangers F.C.
13.  Ingamar Johansson (07-12-63)
14. Tom Simpson (1963 Bordeaux-Paris Cycle Race)
15.  The team of Past Masters - Stanley Matthews (Stoke City v Huddersfield Town)
16.  Flt.Lt. Mitchell (The Cresta Run)
17.  Ken Norris (Round the Houses, Sao Paulo)
18.  Battlers from Bangor City (v Napoli)

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