Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pan Bu (Spain) - Espana '82


Espana '82
Pan Bu
Unknown number of stickers

I've had an e-mail from Alain Gonzalez , who has sent in a picture of the stickers shown above...
Here you will find pictures of 4 stickers from 1982. I have little information about them and maybe you can help me or maybe some reader of your blog.
As you can see they are 4 stickers relating to the World Cup 1982 but also with Spanish clubs logos, it is very strange. "PAN - BU" was a Bakery company in Spain, Pan = Bread in Spanish, so the real name of the company was Bu Bakery. This company does not exist anymore.
The stickers are 7cm by 10 cm high. I suppose that they are commercial stickers, distributed with a bread product in 1982 but I have no more informations. I hope you will help me on this by publishing this picture on your blog and maybe someone will have the full story.
Can anyone help solve this little mystery?

Barcelona - F.C. Barcelona
Bilbao - Athletic Bilbao
Madrid - Atletico de Madrid
Sevilla - Sevilla F.C.

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