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Triunfo (Spain) - Magos del Balón - Campeonato de Liga 1962-63

Magos del Balón - Campeonato de Liga 1962-63
176 cards

Sadurní (C.F. Barcelona)
Pereda (C.F. Barcelona)
Olivella (C.F. Barcelona)
Gensana (C.F. Barcelona)
Gracia (C.F. Barcelona)
Ré (C.F. Barcelona)
Verges (C.F. Barcelona)
Segarra (C.F. Barcelona)
Garay (C.F. Barcelona)
Kocsis (C.F. Barcelona)
Rodri (C.F. Barcelona)
Pampols (R. Coruña)
Manin (R. Coruña)
Botana (R. Coruña)
Veloso (R. Coruña)
Revuelta (R. Coruña)
Alonso (R. Coruña)
Lariño (R. Coruña)
Dominguez (R. Coruña)
Bellón (R. Coruña)
Blanco (R. Coruña)
Amancio (R. Coruña)
Americo (C. Malaga)
Dalmau (C. Malaga)
Rovira (C. Malaga)
Sande (C. Malaga)
Bruna (C. Malaga)
Pipi (C. Malaga)
Vazquez (C. Malaga)
Portalés (C. Malaga)
Luna (C. Malaga)
Mendi (C. Malaga)
Pellicer (C. Malaga)
Manolin (C.F. Sevilla)
Maguregui (C.F. Sevilla)
Romero (C.F. Sevilla)
Santin (C.F. Sevilla)
Achucarro (C.F. Sevilla)
Antoniet (C.F. Sevilla)
Valero (C.F. Sevilla)
Aguero (C.F. Sevilla)
Campanal (C.F. Sevilla)
Areta (C.F. Sevilla)
Luque (C.F. Sevilla)
Corral (R. Betis)
Paqui (R. Betis)
Lasa (R. Betis)
Rios (R. Betis)
Luis (R. Betis)
Ansola (R. Betis)
Grau (R. Betis)
Muntaner (R. Betis)
Pallares (R. Betis)
Bosch (R. Betis)
Kuzman (R. Betis)
Las Heras (Elche C.F.)
Balderas (Elche C.F.)
Quirant (Elche C.F.)
Ansola (Elche C.F.)
Rodri (Elche C.F.)
Peporro (Elche C.F.)
Gonzalez (Elche C.F.)
Guerrero (Elche C.F.)
Gomez (Elche C.F.)
Romero (Elche C.F.)
Carcona (Elche C.F.)
Zamora (C.D. Mallorca)
Bolao (C.D. Mallorca)
Guillamon (C.D. Mallorca)
Navarro (C.D. Mallorca)
Mir (C.D. Mallorca)
Oviedo (C.D. Mallorca)
Loren (C.D. Mallorca)
Forteza (C.D. Mallorca)
Davoine (C.D. Mallorca)
Currucale (C.D. Mallorca)
Arque (C.D. Mallorca)
Goyo (Valencia C.F.)
Sendra (Valencia C.F.)
Nuñez (Valencia C.F.)
Socrates (Valencia C.F.)
Mestre (Valencia C.F.)
Piquer (Valencia C.F.)
Quincoces (Valencia C.F.)
Roberto (Valencia C.F.)
Rivelles (Valencia C.F.)
Recaman (Valencia C.F.)
Aveiro (Valencia C.F.)
Carmelo (A. Bilbao)
Merodio (A. Bilbao)
Orue (A. Bilbao)
Mauri (A. Bilbao)
Canito (A. Bilbao)
Aguirre (A. Bilbao)
Uribe (A. Bilbao)
Etura (A. Bilbao)
Echeverria (A. Bilbao)
Arteche (A. Bilbao)
Arieta (A. Bilbao)
Medinabeitia (A. Madrid)
Mendoca (A. Madrid)
Collar (A. Madrid)
Peiró (A. Madrid)
Chuzo (A. Madrid)
Calejo (A. Madrid)
Adelardo (A. Madrid)
Grifa (A. Madrid)
Revilla (A. Madrid)
Jones (A. Madrid)
Ramiro (A. Madrid)
Guerrica (C.A. Osasuna)
Serena (C.A. Osasuna)
Carlos (C.A. Osasuna)
Salvador (C.A. Osasuna)
Fuste (C.A. Osasuna)
Hormaeche (C.A. Osasuna)
Zubiaurre (C.A. Osasuna)
Ribada (C.A. Osasuna)
Egaña (C.A. Osasuna)
Recalde (C.A. Osasuna)
Sabino (C.A. Osasuna)
Estrems (R. Valladolid)
Morollon (R. Valladolid)
Mirlo (R. Valladolid)
Sole (R. Valladolid)
Ramirez (R. Valladolid)
Aramendi (R. Valladolid)
Molina (R. Valladolid)
Matitos (R. Valladolid)
Barrios (R. Valladolid)
Lesmes (R. Valladolid)
Rodilla (R. Valladolid)
Benegas (R. Cördoba)
Juanin (R. Cördoba)
Martinez (R. Cördoba)
Homar (R. Cördoba)
Navarro (R. Cördoba)
Simonets (R. Cördoba)
Lloren (R. Cördoba)
Costa (R. Cördoba)
Paz (R. Cördoba)
Miralles (R. Cördoba)
Riaji (R. Cördoba)
Araquistain (R. Madrid)
Daucik (R. Madrid)
Santamaría (R. Madrid)
Zarraga (R. Madrid)
Isidro (R. Madrid)
Marquitos (R. Madrid)
Pepillo (R. Madrid)
Gento (R. Madrid)
Di Stefano (R. Madrid)
Puskas (R. Madrid)
Felo (R. Madrid)
Caldetey (R. Oviedo)
Laurin (R. Oviedo)
Marigil (R. Oviedo)
Alarcón (R. Oviedo)
Girón (R. Oviedo)
Alvarez (R. Oviedo)
Paquito (R. Oviedo)
Toni (R. Oviedo)
Sande (R. Oviedo)
Artabe (R. Oviedo)
Lage (R. Oviedo)
Yarza (C.F. Zaragoza)
Isasi (C.F. Zaragoza)
Miguel (C.F. Zaragoza)
José Luis (C.F. Zaragoza)
Pallas (C.F. Zaragoza)
Torres (C.F. Zaragoza)
Marcelino (C.F. Zaragoza)
Seminario (C.F. Zaragoza)
Murillo (C.F. Zaragoza)
Reija (C.F. Zaragoza)
Alustiza (C.F. Zaragoza)

Panini - FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sticker Collection (31) - 172-191 - Iran

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sticker Collection 
682 stickers

Wila75 has provided scans of all the Iran stickers. The complete checklist can be found here - Panini - FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sticker Collection (11) - Checklist.

Ferrero (Duplo / Hanuta) - WM 2002

WM 2002
Ferrero / Duplo / Hanuta
42 stickers

This collection could be collected in an album or on a poster. It is impossible to tell the difference between the different versions once the stickers have been removed from the backing paper.

WM 2002 - Duplo
WM 2002 - Hanuta

1.  Oliver Kahn
2.  Jens Lehmann
3.  Carsten Ramelow
4.  Marko Rehmer
5.  Jens Nowotny
6.  Thomas Linke
7.  Christian Worns
8.  Frank Baumann
9.  Jorg Heinrich
10.  Sebastian Kehl
11.  Christian Ziege
12.  Dietmar Hamann
13.  Sebastian Diesler
14.  Lars Ricken
15.  Mehmet Scholl
16.  Jens Jeremies
17.  Bernd Schneider
18.  Michael Ballack
19.  Jorg Bohme
20.  Alexander Zickler
21.  Oliver Bierhoff
22.  Gerald Asamosh
23.  Carsten Jancker
24.  Oliver Neuville
25.  Miroslav Kloss
26.  Marco Bode
27.  Rudi Voller
28.  Michael Skibbe
29.  Oliver Kahn
30.  Carsten Ramelow
31.  Jens Nowotny
32.  Christian Worns
33.  Christian Ziege
34.  Dietmar Hamann
35.  Sebastian Diesler
36.  Mehmet Scholl
37.  Jens Jeremies
38.  Bernd Schneider
39.  Michael Ballack
40.  Oliver Bierhoff
41.  Gerald Asamoah
42.  Carsten Jancker

News Chronicle and Dispatch - (NEW-310/NFK-4) Pocket Portraits (04) - Reading F.C.

NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Pocket Portraits (Footballers)
News Chronicle and Dispatch
804 cards (10-15 per set)

Chris Lee has provided scans of an extra Reading card in the News Chronicle Pocket Portrait series. It has always been assumed there were 12 Reading cards in the set but Chris had heard rumours of another card and he eventually tracked it down. So there is a 13th card even though it doesn't have the News Chronicle Pocket Portrait banner across the top, the back is the same as the other Reading cards. The Ray Reeves card is shown for comparison. Check out Chris' superb website The Biscuitmen.

NEW-310-40 / NFK-4-40 Reading F.C. - dated 14th January

B. Kirkup

Topps - Match Attax 2017/2018 (124) - Error card - 83

Match Attax 2017/2018
500+ cards

An unusual card, the are plenty missing the gold foil but this one has got the gold foil and little else. 

83.  Victor Moses (Chelsea)  -  All-Rounder

Navarrete (Peru) - Copa Mundo Italia 90

Copa Mundo Italia 90
414 stickers

A second album from Navarrete for the Italia 90 tournament. I don't have a checklist for this collection.

Ferrero / Kinder Riegel - DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018

DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018
Ferrero / Duplo / Hanuta / Kinder Riegel
32 cards

These cards have just started to appear in Germany. The collection includes a "Your Team Card" with a code on the back that can be entered here - enabling the collector to create their own personal card. I only know of a few cards so far, I'll update the checklist as new information arrives.
UPDATE (07-04-2018 09:57):  The checklist for the base set of 32 cards is now complete though no further information has been added about the Gold cards, it's possible that all 32 cards can be found in the Gold version. As the cards are unnumbered I've listed the players by surname followed by Joachim Löw and his staff.
UPDATE (12-04-2018 15:18):  The checklist is now complete - 32 regular cards and 28 gold action cards.

DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018 - Portrait
32 cards

Jérôme Boateng
Julian Brandt
Emre Can
Julian Draxler
Matthias Ginter
Mario Gómez
Leon Goretzka
Mario Götze
İlkay Gündoğan
Jonas Hector
Mats Hummels
Sami Khedira
Joshua Kimmich
Toni Kroos
Bernd Leno
Shkodran Mustafi
Thomas Müller
Manuel Neuer
Mesut Özil
Marvin Plattenhardt
Antonio Rüdiger
Sebastian Rudy
Leroy Sané
Lars Stindl
Niklas Süle
Marc-André ter Stegen
Sandro Wagner
Timo Werner
Joachim Löw
Andreas Köpke
Thomas Schneider
Marcus Sorg

DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018 - Action - Gold
28 cards

Jérôme Boateng
Julian Brandt
Emre Can
Julian Draxler
Matthias Ginter
Mario Gómez
Leon Goretzka
Mario Götze
İlkay Gündoğan
Jonas Hector
Mats Hummels
Sami Khedira
Joshua Kimmich
Toni Kroos
Bernd Leno
Shkodran Mustafi
Thomas Müller
Manuel Neuer
Mesut Özil
Marvin Plattenhardt
Antonio Rüdiger
Sebastian Rudy
Leroy Sané
Lars Stindl
Niklas Süle
Marc-André ter Stegen
Sandro Wagner
Timo Werner

DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018 - Extra

Your Team Card

Panini - 2018 National Treasures Soccer (04) - Diego Maradona

2018 National Treasures Soccer 
Panini America
? base cards

Another sneak peek from Panini America.

National Treasures - A Class Of Their Own

Diego Maradona

VfL Osnabrück - VfL Osnabrück Autogrammkarten (2017-18)

VfL Osnabrück Autogrammkarten
VfL Osnabrück
30 cards

1.  Tim Paterok
2.  Marcel Ruschmeier
3.  Furkan Zorba
4.  Marcel Appiah
5.  Konstantin Engel
6.  Alexander Dercho
7.  Bashkim Renneke
8.  Bastian Schulz
8.  Utku Sen  -  not issued
9.  Halil Savran
10.  Christian Groß
11.  Marcos Álvarez
13.  Tim Danneberg
14.  Ahmet Arslan
15.  Jules Reimerink
16.  Marc Wachs
17.  Adam Sušac
18.  Robert Kristo
19.  Steffen Tigges
20.  Marc Heider
21.  Marius Gersbeck
22.  Leon Tigges
23.  Christian Bickel
25.  Emmanuel Iyoha
26.  Sebastian Klaas
27.  Kim Falkenberg
28.  Tim Möller
29.  Kamer Krasniqi
37.  Stephen Sama  -  not issued
Daniel Thioune
Merlin Polzin
Rolf Meyer

froggx / stick in (Austria) - SV Gottsdorf/Marbach/Persenbeug (2016-17)

SV Gottsdorf/Marbach/Persenbeug
froggx / stick in
300+ stickers

A locally issued album but I don't have a checklist.

Glasgow Rangers F.C. - Rangers Strikers (2011-12)

Rangers Strikers
Glasgow Rangers F.C.
12 scratch cards

I originally included five different sets of scratch cards in one post some years ago, but I've decided to do a little bit of housekeeping by cutting that post down to just one set of cards and then adding the other sets as separate posts over the next couple of days. 

Ally McCoist
Colin Stein
Ralph Brand
Jimmy Miller
Sam English
Mark Hateley
Derek Johnstone
Bob McPhail
Willie Thornton
Alex Venters
Alan Morton
Jimmy Smith

Friday, 6 April 2018

Barna (Spain) - Play Off (1986-87)

Play Off
228 stickers

Each player features on two stickers - one portrait and one action. Following on from the two stickers making up a team photo are the club President and Manager/Head Coach. This checklist has been provided by

1.  Escudo (Real Madrid)
2.  Camiseta (Real Madrid)
3.  Team Photo (Real Madrid)
4.  Team Photo (Real Madrid)
5.  Ramón Mendoza (Real Madrid)
6.  Beenhaker (E) (Real Madrid)
7.  Buyo (Real Madrid)
8.  Buyo (Real Madrid)
9.  Chendo (Real Madrid)
10.  Chendo (Real Madrid)
11.  Sanchis (Real Madrid)
12.  Sanchis (Real Madrid)
13.  Camacho (Real Madrid)
14.  Camacho (Real Madrid)
15.  Gallego (Real Madrid)
16.  Gallego (Real Madrid)
17.  Michel (Real Madrid)
18.  Michel (Real Madrid)
19.  Martín Vázquez (Real Madrid)
20.  Martín Vázquez (Real Madrid)
21.  Gordillo (Real Madrid)
22.  Gordillo (Real Madrid)
23.  Juanito (Real Madrid)
24.  Juanito (Real Madrid)
25.  Butragueño (Real Madrid)
26.  Butragueño (Real Madrid)
27.  Santillana (Real Madrid)
28.  Santillana (Real Madrid)
29.  Hugo Sánchez (Real Madrid)
30.  Hugo Sánchez (Real Madrid)
31.  Valdano (Real Madrid)
32.  Valdano (Real Madrid)
33.  Pardeza (Real Madrid)
34.  Pardeza (Real Madrid)
35.  Jankovic (Real Madrid)
36.  Jankovic (Real Madrid)
37.  Escudo (F.C. Barcelona)
38.  Camiseta (F.C. Barcelona)
39.  Team Photo (F.C. Barcelona)
40.  Team Photo (F.C. Barcelona)
41.  Jose Luis Nuñez (F.C. Barcelona)
42.  Terry Venables (E) (F.C. Barcelona)
43.  Zubizarreta (F.C. Barcelona)
44.  Zubizarreta (F.C. Barcelona)
45.  Gerardo (F.C. Barcelona)
46.  Gerardo (F.C. Barcelona)
47.  Migueli (F.C. Barcelona)
48.  Migueli (F.C. Barcelona)
49.  Julio Alberto (F.C. Barcelona)
50.  Julio Alberto (F.C. Barcelona)
51.  Urbano (F.C. Barcelona)
52.  Urbano (F.C. Barcelona)
53.  Moratalla (F.C. Barcelona)
54.  Moratalla (F.C. Barcelona)
55.  Víctor (F.C. Barcelona)
56.  Víctor (F.C. Barcelona)
57.  Caldiere (F.C. Barcelona)
58.  Caldiere (F.C. Barcelona)
59.  Roberto (F.C. Barcelona)
60.  Roberto (F.C. Barcelona)
61.  Pedraza (F.C. Barcelona)
62.  Pedraza (F.C. Barcelona)
63.  Hughes (F.C. Barcelona)
64.  Hughes (F.C. Barcelona)
65.  Lineker (F.C. Barcelona)
66.  Lineker (F.C. Barcelona)
67.  Marcos (F.C. Barcelona)
68.  Marcos (F.C. Barcelona)
69.  Carrasco (F.C. Barcelona)
70.  Carrasco (F.C. Barcelona)
71.  Archibald (F.C. Barcelona)
72.  Archibald (F.C. Barcelona)
73.  Escudo (R.C.D. Español)
74.  Camiseta (R.C.D. Español)
75.  Team Photo (R.C.D. Español)
76.  Team Photo (R.C.D. Español)
77.  Antonio Baró (R.C.D. Español)
78.  Javier Clemente (E) (R.C.D. Español)
79.  N´Kono (R.C.D. Español)
80.  N´Kono (R.C.D. Español)
81.  Job (R.C.D. Español)
82.  Job (R.C.D. Español)
83.  M. Angel (R.C.D. Español)
84.  M. Angel (R.C.D. Español)
85.  Iñaqui (R.C.D. Español)
86.  Iñaqui (R.C.D. Español)
87.  Golobart (R.C.D. Español)
88.  Golobart (R.C.D. Español)
89.  Francis (R.C.D. Español)
90.  Francis (R.C.D. Español)
91.  Zuñiga (R.C.D. Español)
92.  Zuñiga (R.C.D. Español)
93.  Orejuela (R.C.D. Español)
94.  Orejuela (R.C.D. Español)
95.  Orejuela (R.C.D. Español)
96.  Orejuela (R.C.D. Español)
97.  Lauridsen (R.C.D. Español)
98.  Lauridsen (R.C.D. Español)
99.  Soler (R.C.D. Español)
100.  Soler (R.C.D. Español)
101.  Gallart (R.C.D. Español)
102.  Gallart (R.C.D. Español)
103.  Pichi Alonso (R.C.D. Español)
104.  Pichi Alonso (R.C.D. Español)
105.  Pineda (R.C.D. Español)
106.  Pineda (R.C.D. Español)
107.  Valverde (R.C.D. Español)
108.  Valverde (R.C.D. Español)
109.  Escudo (Real Sporting)
110.  Camiesta (Real Sporting)
111.  Team Photo (Real Sporting)
112.  Team Photo (Real Sporting)
113.  Ramón Muñoz Fernández (Real Sporting)
114.  Diaz Novoa (Real Sporting)
115.  Ablanedo II (Real Sporting)
116.  Ablanedo II (Real Sporting)
117.  Espinoza (Real Sporting)
118.  Espinoza (Real Sporting)
119.  Esteban (Real Sporting)
120.  Esteban (Real Sporting)
121.  Jimenez (Real Sporting)
122.  Jimenez (Real Sporting)
123.  Cundi (Real Sporting)
124.  Cundi (Real Sporting)
125.  Ablanedo I (Real Sporting)
126.  Ablanedo I (Real Sporting)
127.  Joaquin (Real Sporting)
128.  Joaquin (Real Sporting)
129.  Mesa (Real Sporting)
130.  Mesa (Real Sporting)
131.  Jaime (Real Sporting)
132.  Jaime (Real Sporting)
133.  Marcelino (Real Sporting)
134.  Marcelino (Real Sporting)
135.  Tati (Real Sporting)
136.  Tati (Real Sporting)
137.  Eloy (Real Sporting)
138.  Eloy (Real Sporting)
139.  Villa (Real Sporting)
140.  Villa (Real Sporting)
141.  Flores (Real Sporting)
142.  Flores (Real Sporting)
143.  Negrette (Real Sporting)
144.  Negrette (Real Sporting)
145.  Escudo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
146.  Camiseta (R.C.D. Mallorca)
147.  Team Photo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
148.  Team Photo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
149.  Contesti (R.C.D. Mallorca)
150.  Lorenzo Serra Ferrer (E) (R.C.D. Mallorca)
151.  Ezaki (R.C.D. Mallorca)
152.  Ezaki (R.C.D. Mallorca)
153.  Mallo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
154.  Mallo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
155.  Amer (R.C.D. Mallorca)
156.  Amer (R.C.D. Mallorca)
157.  Chano (R.C.D. Mallorca)
158.  Chano (R.C.D. Mallorca)
159.  Izquierdo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
160.  Izquierdo (R.C.D. Mallorca)
161.  Bernal (R.C.D. Mallorca)
162.  Bernal (R.C.D. Mallorca)
163.  San José (R.C.D. Mallorca)
164.  San José (R.C.D. Mallorca)
165.  Orejuela (R.C.D. Mallorca)
166.  Orejuela (R.C.D. Mallorca)
167.  Luis García (R.C.D. Mallorca)
168.  Luis García (R.C.D. Mallorca)
169.  Bonet (R.C.D. Mallorca)
170.  Bonet (R.C.D. Mallorca)
171.  Magdaleno (R.C.D. Mallorca)
172.  Magdaleno (R.C.D. Mallorca)
173.  Higuera (R.C.D. Mallorca)
174.  Higuera (R.C.D. Mallorca)
175.  Hassan (R.C.D. Mallorca)
176.  Hassan (R.C.D. Mallorca)
177.  Trobiani (R.C.D. Mallorca)
178.  Trobiani (R.C.D. Mallorca)
179.  Pepe Bonet (R.C.D. Mallorca)
180.  Pepe Bonet (R.C.D. Mallorca)
181.  Escudo (Real Zaragoza)
182.  Camiseta (Real Zaragoza)
183.  Team Photo (Real Zaragoza)
184.  Team Photo (Real Zaragoza)
185.  Miguel Beltrán (Real Zaragoza)
186.  Luis Costa (E) (Real Zaragoza)
187.  Cedrún (Real Zaragoza)
188.  Cedrún (Real Zaragoza)
189.  Blesa (Real Zaragoza)
190.  Blesa (Real Zaragoza)
191.  Fraile (Real Zaragoza)
192.  Fraile (Real Zaragoza)
193.  García Cortés (Real Zaragoza)
194.  García Cortés (Real Zaragoza)
195.  Juliá (Real Zaragoza)
196.  Juliá (Real Zaragoza)
197.  Casuco (Real Zaragoza)
198.  Casuco (Real Zaragoza)
199.  Herrera (Real Zaragoza)
200.  Herrera (Real Zaragoza)
201.  Mejías (Real Zaragoza)
202.  Mejías (Real Zaragoza)
203.  Gúerri (Real Zaragoza)
204.  Gúerri (Real Zaragoza)
205.  Señor (Real Zaragoza)
206.  Señor (Real Zaragoza)
207.  J. Carlos (Real Zaragoza)
208.  J. Carlos (Real Zaragoza)
209.  Roberto (Real Zaragoza)
210.  Roberto (Real Zaragoza)
211.  Pineda (Real Zaragoza)
212.  Pineda (Real Zaragoza)
213.  Yañez (Real Zaragoza)
214.  Yañez (Real Zaragoza)
215.  Rubén Sosa (Real Zaragoza)
216.  Rubén Sosa (Real Zaragoza)

Play Off - Estadios

217.  Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madric CF)
218.  Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madric CF)
219.  Estadio Nou Camp (FC Barcelona)
220.  Estadio Nou Camp (FC Barcelona)
221.  Estadio de Montjuic (R.C.D. Español)
222.  Estadio de Montjuic (R.C.D. Español)
223.  El Molinón (Real Sporting)
224.  El Molinón (Real Sporting)
225.  Lluís Sitjar (R.C.D. Mallorca)
226.  Lluís Sitjar (R.C.D. Mallorca)
227.  La Romareda (Real Zaragoza)
228.  La Romareda (Real Zaragoza)