Saturday 3 October 2015

Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (17) - Olympique Lyonnais (01)

FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football ~ Olympique Lyonnais
856+ stickers

An incomplete checklist for the Olympique Lyonnais stickers. More information about the whole collection can be found here - Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (05).

T1.  Club Logo (Golden sticker)
T10.  Jérémy Morel
T11.  Maxime Gonalons
T12.  Gueïda Fofana
T13.  Anthony Lopes (small stickers)
T14.  Samuel Umtiti (small stickers)
T15.  Maxime Gonalons (small stickers)
T16.  Clément Grenier
T17.  Les Gones (Players Celebrating - part 1) - Team Photo
T18.  Les Gones (Players Celebrating - part 2) - Team Photo

Also included in the checklist, numbers unknown

Alexandre Lacazette
Claudio Beauvue

Snickers / Adidas - Adidas Predator Player

Adidas Predator Player
Snickers / Adidas
4 wrappers

Images of soccer stars could be found printed on the inside of special Snickers wrappers.

John Collins
Keith Gillespie
Paul Ince
Graeme Le Saux

Cadbury Bros. - Starfact (02)

Cadbury Bros.
9 cards (2 football)

John Levitt has tracked down card no. 7, leaving just card no. 10 to be identified.
UPDATE (03-10-2021 01:11):  The checklist is complete, there are only 9 cards in this collection.

1.  Westlife
2.  Ant and Dec
3.  Britney Spears
4.  David Beckham - Footballer
5.  Cat Deeley - TV presenter
6.  Jennifer Lopez
7.  Michael Owen
8.  Elijah Wood
9.  Sarah Michelle Gellar

Edward Vela - Hope Solo

Hope Solo
Edward Vela
1 card

This is known as an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) sketch card, though unlike some this is not a numbered limited edition.

Hope Solo

Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (16) - Packets

FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football ~ Packets
856+ stickers

Wila75 has provided scans of the German packet and I've managed to track down a few more. Some packets have a code on the edge of the packets, but I am ignoring them at the moment as it seems that a few packets in a box has a code printed on it.
UPDATE (06-10-2015):  French packet added.
UPDATE (18-10-2015):  Some amendments to the original listing, thanks to Wila75. I've also added the packet available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which has a Corfix label attached to the back.
UPDATE (18-10-2015 19:08):  Romanian packet added.
UPDATE (19-10-2015 11:48):  Brazilian packet added.
UPDATE (24-10-2015 14:12):  Turkish packet added - Green border with one dot •.

Belgium (Tin) - Yellow border, without barcode
Belgium, Greece Yellow border, with barcode
Green border, without barcode  -  Germany, UK
Green border, with barcode  -  Germany, UK
White border, with barcode
China -  with sticker on back (not shown)
Czech Republic, Slovakia - White border, Corfix label attached
Romania - Red border
Brazil - White border - Contém 5 cromos
Turkey - Green border - One •
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia - White border (not shown)  -  added 14-06-2021  -  thanks to Dragoslav Agbaba

I.P.C. Magazines / Scorcher & Score - I'm a ------- Fan Rosette


I'm a ------- Fan Rosette
I.P.C. Magazines / Scorcher & Score
1 sheet

This rosette and adhesive letters is similar to others give away with football magazines around this time. This sheet was given away with the 20 October, 1973 issue of Scorcher and Score.

I'm a ------- Fan Rosette

Friday 2 October 2015

Winning Moves / Top Trumps - 2014-15 World Football Stars - Who's the World's Best? (30 cards)

2014-15 World Football Stars - Who's the World's Best? (30 cards)
Winning Moves / Top Trumps
30 cards

A little while ago, I included details of a 12 card Top Trumps collection that was issued in India in two different versions, that was the mini version of 12 cards. This is the 30 card collection that was issued in two different formats -a Deluxe version in a cardboard box similar to the one the 12 card set was issued in, and a Super Deluxe version in a plastic flip case more familiar to UK collectors. I have to thank Mark Avenell for sending all the photos shown here for this illustrated checklist along with the title card and the reverse of one of the cards. I've also included photos of how the two formats were issued.

Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
Javier Mascherano (Argentina)
Sergio Agüero (Argentina)
Mesut Özil (Germany)
Maniel Neuer (Germany)
Wayne Rooney (England)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
Mario Balotelli (Italy)
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany)
Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
Thomas Müller (Germany)
Robin van Persie (Netherlands)
Eden Hazard (Belgium)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)
Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)
Leo Messi (Argentina)
Cesc Fábregas (Spain)
Alexis Sanchez (Chile)
Xavi Hernández (Spain)
Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
Neymar (Brazil)
Gareth Bale (Wales)
Luis Suarez (Uruguay)
Yaya Touré (Ivory Coast)
Thiago Silva (Brazil)
Franck Ribéry (France)
Paul Pogba (France)
James Rodríguez (Colombia)
Andrea Pirlo (Italy)
Arjen Robben (Netherlands)

Topps (Germany) - Match Attax Bundesliga 2015-2016 (03) - Club Einhundert

Match Attax Bundesliga 2015-2016
5 cards

The new collection is out next week. Here are the Club-Einhundert cards.

Yann Sommer (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
Jérôme Boateng (FC Bayern München)
Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund)
Karim Bellarabi (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)
Max Kruse (VfL Wolfsburg)

Match magazine - Footy Mad (02)

Footy Mad
Match magazine
96 stickers

Earlier today I published the checklist for this collection. I knew I had scans of all the sheets somewhere and I've managed to track them down, so here are the eight sheets and the listing for which stickers appear on each sheet. The only thing missing is actual issue dates.

UPDATE (02-10-2015 23:08):  Graham Bruton has kindly given me the issue dates, so I've shuffled them around a little to get the photos and the lists in the right order, swapping sheet 1 and sheet 2, and swapping sheet 7 and sheet 8 and then re-numbering them.

Footy Mad - sheet 1  -   issue dated 16 September, 1995

2.  Tim Flowers (Blackburn Rovers)

77.  Pierre van Hooijdoonk (Celtic)
78.  Neil Ruddock (Liverpool)
17.  Keith Gillespie (Newcastle United)
42.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
20.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
85.  David Platt (Arsenal)
55.  John Hendrie (Middlesbrough)
26.  Geoff Thomas (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
22.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
86.  Gary Kelly (Leeds United)
27.  Ashley Ward (Norwich City)

Footy Mad - sheet 2  -   issue dated 23 September, 1995

36.  Steve McManaman (Liverpool)

8.  Neville Southall (Everton)
71.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
29.  Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
32.  Uwe Rosler (Manchester City)
40.  Paul Gascoigne (Rangers)
59.  Nathan Blake (Sheffield United)
44.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
4.  Kevin Gallen (Queens Park Rangers)
50.  Mark Draper (Aston Villa)
11.  John Spencer (Chelsea)
41.  Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)

Footy Mad - sheet 3  -   issue dated 30 September, 1995

75.  Tommy Johnson (Aston Villa)

34.  Mark Hateley (Rangers)
37.  Datty Batty (Blackburn Rovers)
38.  Les Ferdinand (Newcastle United)
46.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
80.  David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday)
1.  Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
79.  Andy Cole (Manchester United)
66.  Justin Edinburgh (Tottenham Hotspur)
81.  John McGinlay (Bolton Wanderers)
31.  Ian Wright (Arsenal)
82.  Carlton Palmer (Leeds United)

Footy Mad - sheet 4
  -   issue dated 7 October, 1995

10.  Steve Bruce (Manchester United)

12.  Graeme Le Saux (Blackburn Rovers)
54.  David Unsworth (Everton)
53.  Gary Flitcroft (Manchester City)
30.  Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur)
49.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
96.  Trevor Sinclair (Queens Park Rangers)
18.  Rob Jones (Liverpool)
62.  John Hartson (Arsenal)
23.  Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa)
57.  Steve Howey (Newcastle United)
9.  Bryan Robson (Middlesbrough)

Footy Mad - sheet 5
  -   issue dated 14 October, 1995

84.  John Scales (Liverpool)

25.  Jason Dodd (Southampton)
63.  Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur)
88.  Shaka Hislop (Newcastle United)
74.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
15.  Carlton Palmer (Leeds United)
14.  Ian Nolan (Sheffield Wednesday)
47.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
67.  Jon Goodman (Wimbledon)
58.  Colin Cooper (Nottingham Forest)
51.  Daniele Dichio (Queens Park Rangers)
64.  Rob Jones (Liverpool)

Footy Mad - sheet 6
  -   issue dated 21 October, 1995

89.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)

19.  Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)
92.  Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
33.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
48.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
3.  Mark Bright (Sheffield Wednesday)
70.  Eddie Newton (Chelsea)
24.  Barry Horne (Everton)
69.  Keith Branagan (Bolton Wanderers)
61.  Simon Davies (Manchester United)
21.  Efan Ekoku (Wimbledon)
35.  Lee Sharpe (Manchester United)

Footy Mad - sheet 7  -   issue dated 28 October, 1995

28.  John Beresford (Newcastle United)

83.  Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
39.  Brian Laudrup (Rangers)
94.  Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton)
43.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
93.  David James (Liverpool)
60.  Nigel Martyn (Crystal Palace)
16.  Darren Eadie (Norwich City)
52.  Andy Sinton (Sheffield Wednesday)
5.  David Howells (Tottenham Hotspur)
68.  Nicky Summerbee (Manchester City)
56.  Ian Selley (Arsenal)

Footy Mad - sheet 8  -   issue dated 4 November, 1995

45.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)

72.  Brian McLaughlin (Celtic)
87.  Ian Rush (Liverpool)
76.  Warren Barton (Newcastle United)
95.  Paul Merson (Arsenal)
73.  Gary Speed (Leeds United)
91.  Dean Holdsworth (Wimbledon)
65.  Scott Oakes (Luton Town)
7.  Steve McManaman (Liverpool)
13.  David Phillips (Nottingham Forest)
90.  Anders Lampar (Everton)
6.  Denis Irwin (Manchester United)

Tobler Chocolate / Chocolat Tobler - Famous Footballers (7)

Famous Footballers
Tobler Chocolate
Chocolat Tobler
50 cards

Robert Scholes has very kindly sent in scans of his Chocolat Tobler card. A. Geldard (Bolton Wanderers) is no. 12 in R. & J. Hill's version of the Famous Footballers cards, but in this one he is no. 13.

It's been a while since I've included information on this set, so I've added the known checklist, with only 11 cards left to be identified.


2.  S. Crooks (Derby County)
3.  I. Hopkins (Brentford)
4.  G. Ashall (Coventry City )
5.  P. Grosvenor (Leicester City)
6.  John Smith (Manchester United)
7.  J. Barker (Derby County) 
9.  F. O'Donnell (Aston Villa)
10.  B. Nieuwenhuys (Liverpool)
11.  B. Sproston (Manchester City)
13.  A. Geldard (Bolton Wanderes)
15.  R. McPhail (Glasgow Rangers)
16.  J. Crayston (Arsenal)
17.  G. R. Mills (Chelsea)
19.  G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
20.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
21.  H. Hibbs (Birmingham City)
22.  D. Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
23.  P. Gallacher (Sunderland)
24.  J.  Morton (West Ham United)
25.  D. McCullouch (Brentford)
26.  A. Herd (Manchester City)
27.  G. Male (Arsenal)
28.  R. W. Starling (Aston Villa)
29.  V. Woodley (Chelsea)
31.  T.  Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
32.  G.W. Hall (Tottenham Hotspur)
36.  R. Dix (Derby County)
37.  S. Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
38.  A. Young (Huddersfield Town)
39.  H. Carter (Sunderland)
40.  T. Lawton (Everton)
41.  L. Goulden (West Ham United)
42.  E. J. Vinall (Luton Town)
43.  G. Mutch (Preston North End)
44.  A.E. Cattlin (Sheffield Wednesday)
45.  E. O'Callaghan (Fulham)
47.  G.C.P. Brown (Glasgow Rangers)
48.  E. Sandford (West Bromwich Albion)
49.  E.M. Glover (Grimsby Town)

Panini / Bandai - Panini Football League 2015/05 - PFL13 (01)

Panini Football League 2015/05 - PFL13
Panini / Bandai
116 cards

A new version of Panini Football League is out on 16 October in Japan. This collection includes a new section, named after ex-Cardiff City star Gary Medel - Pitbull. More news later.

Match magazine - Footy Mad

Footy Mad
Match magazine
96 stickers

The stickers were issued over a period of eight weeks with the sheet stapled around the cover of the magazine. Ryan Giggs was the big star at this time and there are eight stickers featuring him, with one appearing on each sheet.

1.  Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
2.  Tim Flowers (Blackburn Rovers)
3.  Mark Bright (Sheffield Wednesday)
4.  Kevin Gallen (Queens Park Rangers)
5.  David Howells (Tottenham)
6.  Denis Irwin (Manchester United)
7.  Steve McManaman (Liverpool)
8.  Neville Southall (Everton)
9.  Bryan Robson (Middlesbrough)
10.  Steve Bruce (Manchester United)
11.  John Spencer (Chelsea)
12.  Graeme Le Saux (Blackburn Rovers)
13.  David Phillips (Nottingham Forest)
14.  Ian Nolan (Sheffield Wednesday)
15.  Carlton Palmer (Leeds United)
16.  Darren Eadie (Norwich City)
17.  Keith Gillespie (Newcastle United)
18.  Rob Jones (Liverpool)
19.  Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)
20.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
21.  Efan Ekoku (Wimbledon)
22.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
23.  Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa)
24.  Barry Horne (Everton)
25.  Jason Dodd (Southampton)
26.  Geoff Thomas (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
27.  Ashley Ward (Norwich City)
28.  John Beresford (Newcastle United)
29.  Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
30.  Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur)
31.  Ian Wright (Arsenal)
32.  Uwe Rosler (Manchester City)
33.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
34.  Mark Hateley (Rangers)
35.  Lee Sharpe (Manchester United)
36.  Steve McManaman (Liverpool)
37.  Datty Batty (Blackburn Rovers)
38.  Les Ferdinand (Newcastle United)
39.  Brian Laudrup (Rangers)
40.  Paul Gascoigne (Rangers)
41.  Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)
42.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
43.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
44.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
45.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
46.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
47.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
48.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
49.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
50.  Mark Draper (Aston Villa)
51.  Daniele Dichio (Queens Park Rangers)
52.  Andy Sinton (Sheffield Wednesday)
53.  Gary Flitcroft (Manchester City)
54.  David Unsworth (Everton)
55.  John Hendrie (Middlesbrough)
56.  Ian Selley (Arsenal)
57.  Steve Howey (Newcastle United)
58.  Colin Cooper (Nottingham Forest)
59.  Nathan Blake (Sheffield United)
60.  Nigel Martyn (Crystal Palace)
61.  Simon Davies (Manchester United)
62.  John Hartson (Arsenal)
63.  Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur)
64.  Rob Jones (Liverpool)
65.  Scott Oakes (Luton Town)
66.  Justin Edinburgh (Tottenham Hotspur)
67.  Jon Goodman (Wimbledon)
68.  Nicky Summerbee (Manchester City)
69.  Keith Branagan (Bolton Wanderers)
70.  Eddie Newton (Chelsea)
71.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
72.  Brian McLaughlin (Celtic)
73.  Gary Speed (Leeds United)
74.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
75.  Tommy Johnson (Aston Villa)
76.  Warren Barton (Newcastle United)
77.  Pierre van Hooijdoonk (Celtic)
78.  Neil Ruddock (Liverpool)
79.  Andy Cole (Manchester United)
80.  David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday)
81.  John McGinlay (Bolton Wanderers)
82.  Carlton Palmer (Leeds United)
83.  Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
84.  John Scales (Liverpool)
85.  David Platt (Arsenal)
86.  Gary Kelly (Leeds United)
87.  Ian Rush (Liverpool)
88.  Shaka Hislop (Newcastle United)
89.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)
90.  Anders Lampar (Everton)
91.  Dean Holdsworth (Wimbledon)
92.  Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
93.  David James (Liverpool)
94.  Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton)
95.  Paul Merson (Arsenal)
96.  Trevor Sinclair (Queens Park Rangers)

Chewing-Gum Olympiad (France) - Equipe de Foot 1955-56


Equipe de Foot
Chewing-Gum Olympiad
32 known

A nice collection of cards though I'm not sure how many cards make up a complete set, 32 are listed here including two national teams.

UPDATE (26-10-2019 17:59):  Lists of club sides now seems complete, thanks to the comment and link left by Mr. Malabar.

1ère Division 


2ème Division

Le Havre
C.A. Paris
Stade Français

Equipes Nationales

Equipe de France (6 standing, 5 crouching, 2 rows)
Equipe de France (11 standing, 1 row)
Equipe d'Italie
Allemagne (West Germany)
Hongrie (Hungary)