Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Orbis - Football


630 stickers

The stickers are numbered in groups, G1 to G54, D1 to D102, etc. I have to thank Neil Goulding for doing all the hard work in compiling this checklist. For the most part, just surnames though.

UPDATE (29-09-2015 18:52):  Nik Yeomans has very kindly sent me a copy of his spreadsheet for this collection which has allowed me to add all the christian names. He also had the players sorted by club and I'll include that checklist tomorrow.

Football - G prefix - Goalkeepers

G1.  Dave Beasant (Chelsea)
G2.  Bob Bolder (Charlton Athletic)
G3.  Pat Bonner (Glasgow Celtic)
G4.  Keith Branagan (Millwall)
G5.  Alec Chamberlain (Luton Town)
G6.  Steve Cherry (Notts County)
G7.  Tony Coton (Watford)
G8.  Mervyn Day (Leeds United)
G9.  Andy Dibble (Manchester City)
G10.  Fraser Digby (Swindon Town)
G11.  David Felgate (Bolton Wanderers)
G12.  Tim Flowers (Southampton)
G13.  Craig Forrest (Ipswich Town)
G14.  Peter Fox (Stoke City)
G15.  Steve Francis (Reading)
G16.  Terry Gennoe (Blackburn Rovers)
G17.  Tony Godden (Peterborough United)
G18.  Andy Goram (Hibernian)
G19.  Dean Greygoose (Crewe Alexandra)
G20.  Bruce Grobbelaar (Liverpool)
G21.  Bryan Gunn (Norwich City)
G22.  Jon Hallworth (Oldham Athletic)
G23.  Iain Hesford (Hull City)
G24.  Martin Hodge (Leicester City)
G25.  John Keeley (Brighton & Hove Albion)
G26.  Alan Knight (Portsmouth)
G27.  Jim Leighton (Manchester United)
G28.  John Lukic (Leeds United)
G29.  Alan Main (Dundee United)
G30.  Nigel Martyn (Crystal Palace)
G31.  Ludek Miklosko (West Ham United)
G32.  Campbell Money (St Mirren)
G33.  Stuart Naylor (West Bromwich Albion)
G34.  Tony Norman (Sunderland)
G35.  Steve Ogrizovic (Coventry City)
G36.  Steve Pears (Middlesbrough)
G37.  Steve Perks (Shrewsbury Town)
G38.  Gerry Peyton (AFC Bournemouth)
G39.  David Seaman (Arsenal)
G40.  Hans Segers (Wimbledon)
G41.  Peter Shilton (Derby County)
G42.  Ronnie Sinclair (Bristol City)
G43.  Henry Smith (Heart of Midlothian)
G44.  Theo Snelders (Aberdeen)
G45.  Neville Southall (Everton)
G46.  Nigel Spink (Aston Villa)
G47.  Steve Sutton (Nottingham Forest)
G48.  Eric Thorsvedt (Tottenham Hotspur)
G49.  Paul Tomlinson (Bradford City)
G50.  Simon Tracey (Sheffield United)
G51.  Chris Turner (Sheffield Wednesday)
G52.  Keith Welch (Rochdale)
G53.  Chris Woods (Glasgow Rangers)
G54.  Tommy Wright (Newcatle United)

Football - F prefix - Full-Backs

F1.  Gary Ablett (Liverpool)
F2.  Mickey Adams (Southampton)
F3.  Alan Ainscow (Rochdale)
F4.  John Anderson (Newcatle United)
F5.  Viv Anderson (Manchester United)
F6.  Mark Atkins (Blackburn Rovers)
F7.  John Bailey (Bristol City)
F8.  David Bardsley (Queens Park Rangers)
F9.  Andy Barlow (Oldham Athletic)
F10.  Earl Barrett (Oldham Athletic)
F11.  Jim Beglin (Leeds United)
F12.  Francis Benali (Southampton)
F13.  John Beresford (Portsmouth)
F14.  Gudni Bergsson (Tottenham Hotspur)
F15.  Brian Borrows (Coventry City)
F16.  Mark Bowen (Norwich City)
F17.  Darren Bradshaw (Newcatle United)
F18.  Tim Breaker (Luton Town)
F19.  George Burley (Motherwell)
F20.  David Burrows (Liverpool)
F21.  John Butler (Stoke City)
F22.  Cliff Carr (Stoke City)
F23.  Alexsey Cherennik (Southampton)
F24.  Gary Chivers (Brighton & Hove Albion)
F25.  Steve Clarke (Chelsea)
F26.  Chris Coleman (Swansea City)
F27.  Colin Cooper (Middlesbrough)
F28.  Ian Culverhouse (Norwich City)
F29.  Ian Dawes (Millwall)
F30.  Julian Dicks (West Ham United)
F31.  Lee Dixon (Arsenal)
F32.  Tony Dobson (Coventry City)
F33.  Mal Donaghy (Manchester United)
F34.  Tony Dorigo (Chelsea)
F35.  Greg Downs (Coventry City)
F36.  Keith Dublin (Brighton & Hove Albion)
F37.  Mike Duxbury (Manchester United)
F38.  Willie Falconer (Watford)
F39.  Mike Forsyth (Derby County)
F40.  Lee Fowler (Stoke City)
F41.  Kevin Gage (Aston Villa)
F42.  Bernie Gallacher (Aston Villa)
F43.  Gareth Hall (Chelsea)
F44.  Jamie Hewitt (Chesterfield)
F45.  Colin Hill (Sheffield United)
F46.  Andy Hinchcliffe (Manchester City)
F47.  Chris Hughton (Tottenham Hotspur)
F48.  John Humphrey (Charlton Athletic)
F49.  Dennis Irwin (Oldham Athletic)
F50.  Vaughan Jones (Bristol Rovers)
F51.  Roger Joseph (Wimbledon)
F52.  John Kay (Sunderland)
F53.  David Kerslake (Swindon Town)
F54.  Phil King (Sheffield Wednesday)
F55.  Brian Laws (Nottingham Forest)
F56.  Maurice Malpas (Dundee United)
F57.  Lee Martin (Manchester United)
F58.  Ally Mauchlen (Leicester City)
F59.  Neil McDonald (Everton)
F60.  Stewart McKimmie (Aberdeen)
F61.  Tosh McKinlay (Heart of Midlothian)
F62.  Simon Mills (Port Vale)
F63.  Scott Minto (Charlton Athletic)
F64.  Brian Mitchell (Bradford City)
F65.  Chris Morris (Glasgow Celtic)
F66.  Steve Mungall (Tranmere Rovers)
F67.  Stuart Munro (Glasgow Rangers)
F68.  Warren Neill (Portsmouth)
F69.  Roland Nilsson (Sheffield Wednesday)
F70.  David Norton (Notts County)
F71.  Gary Parkinson (Middlesbrough)
F72.  Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest)
F73.  John Pemberton (Crystal Palace)
F74.  Terry Phelan (Wimbledon)
F75.  Neil Pointon (Everton)
F76.  Chris Price (Aston Villa)
F77.  Mark Reid (Charlton Athletic)
F78.  Steve Richardson (Reading)
F79.  David Robertson (Aberdeen)
F80.  Anton Rogan (Glasgow Celtic)
F81.  Mel Sage (Derby County)
F82.  Kenny Sansom (Queens Park Rangers)
F83.  John Scales (Wimbledon)
F84.  Rab Shannon (Dundee)
F85.  Richard Shaw (Crystal Palace)
F86.  Alan Sneddon (Hibernian)
F87.  Glyn Snodin (Leeds United)
F88.  Ian Snodin (Everton)
F89.  Tony Spearing (Leicester City)
F90.  Steve Staunton (Liverpool)
F91.  Mel Sterland (Leeds United)
F92.  Gary Stevens (Glasgow Rangers)
F93.  Keith Stevens (Millwall)
F94.  Mark Stimson (Newcatle United)
F95.  Chris Sulley (Blackburn Rovers)
F96.  Mitchell Thomas (Tottenham Hotspur)
F97.  Brian Tinnion (Bradford City)
F98.  Pat Van Den Hauwe (Tottenham Hotspur)
F99.  Barry Venison (Liverpool)
F100.  Derek Whyte (Glasgow Celtic)
F101.  Nigel Winterburn (Arsenal)
F102.  Nigel Worthington (Sheffield Wednesday)

Football - D prefix - Defenders

D1.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)
D2.  Neil Aspin (Port Vale)
D3.  David Beaumont (Luton Town)
D4.  Carl Beeston (Stoke City)
D5.  Gary Bennett (Sunderland)
D6.  Peter Billing (Coventry City)
D7.  Paul Blades (Derby County)
D8.  Steve Bould (Arsenal)
D9.  David Bowman (Dundee United)
D10.  Tom Boyd (Motherwell)
D11.  John Brimacombe (Plymouth Argyle)
D12.  Steve Bruce (Manchester United)
D13.  Adrian Burrows (Plymouth Argyle)
D14.  Terry Butcher (Glasgow Rangers)
D15.  Ian Butterworth (Norwich City)
D16.  Colin Calderwood (Swindon Town)
D17.  Tommy Caton (Charlton Athletic)
D18.  Steve Chettle (Nottingham Forest)
D19.  Gordon Chisholm (Dundee)
D20.  Keith Curle (Wimbledon)
D21.  Jason Drysdale (Watford)
D22.  Paul Elliott (Glasgow Celtic)
D23.  Chris Fairclough (Leeds United)
D24.  Terry Fenwick (Tottenham Hotspur)
D25.  Steve Foster (Oxford United)
D26.  Paul Futcher (Barnsley)
D27.  Brian Gayle (Ipswich Town)
D28.  Gary Gillespie (Liverpool)
D29.  Jon Gittens (Swindon Town)
D30.  Dean Glover (Port Vale)
D31.  Richard Gough (Glasgow Rangers)
D32.  Alan Hansen (Liverpool)
D33.  Colin Hendry (Manchester City)
D34.  Rob Hindmarch (Derby County)
D35.  Graeme Hogg (Portsmouth)
D36.  Andy Holden (Oldham Athletic)
D37.  David Holdsworth (Watford)
D38.  Jeff Hopkins (Crystal Palace)
D39.  Gordon Hunter (Hibernian)
D40.  Glenn Hysen (Liverpool)
D41.  Brian Irvine (Aberdeen)
D42.  Peter Jackson (Bradford City)
D43.  Richard Jobson (Hull City)
D44.  Erland Johnsen (Chelsea)
D45.  Julian James (Luton Town)
D46.  Tony James (Leicester City)
D47.  Brian Kilcline (Coventry City)
D48.  Craig Levein (Heart of Midlothian)
D49.  Andy Linighan (Norwich City)
D50.  Gary Mabbutt (Tottenham Hotspur)
D51.  John McPhail (Sunderland)
D52.  Lawrie Madden (Sheffield Wednesday)
D53.  David Mail (Blackburn Rovers)
D54.  Ian Marshall (Oldham Athletic)
D55.  Alvin Martin (West Ham United)
D56.  Alan McDonald (Queens Park Rangers)
D57.  Darron McDonough (Luton Town)
D58.  Paul McGrath (Aston Villa)
D59.  Jim McInally (Dundee United)
D60.  Alex McLeish (Aberdeen)
D61.  Andy Melville (Leicester City)
D62.  Willie Miller (Aberdeen)
D63.  Nicky Mohan (Middlesbrough)
D64.  Kevin Moore (Southampton)
D65.  Kevin Moran (Blackburn Rovers)
D66.  Derek Mountfield (Aston Villa)
D67.  Tony Mowbray (Middlesbrough)
D68.  David Narey (Dundee United)
D69.  Kent Nielsen (Aston Villa)
D70.  David O'Leary (Arsenal)
D71.  Gary O'Reilly (Crystal Palace)
D72.  Russell Osman (Southampton)
D73.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
D74.  Paul Parker (Queens Park Rangers)
D75.  Craig Paterson (Motherwell)
D76.  Trevor Peake (Coventry City)
D77.  Nigel Pearson (Sheffield Wednesday)
D78.  John Polston (Tottenham Hotspur)
D79.  Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton)
D80.  Steve Redmond (Manchester City)
D81.  David Rennie (Bristol City)
D82.  Glen Roeder (Watford)
D83.  Lee Sandford (Stoke City)
D84.  Steve Sedgley (Tottenham Hotspur)
D85.  Lee Sharpe (Manchester United)
D86.  Tim Sherwood (Norwich City)
D87.  Peter Shirtliff (Sheffield Wednesday)
D88.  Craig Short (Notts County)
D89.  Brian Statham (Tottenham Hotspur)
D90.  Gary Stevens (Portsmouth)
D91.  Mick Stockwell (Ipswich Town)
D92.  Floyd Streete (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
D93.  Gary Strodder (West Ham United)
D94.  David Thompson (Millwall)
D95.  Andy Thorn (Crystal Palace)
D96.  Des Walker (Nottingham Forest)
D97.  Paul Warhurst (Oldham Athletic)
D98.  Dave Watson (Everton)
D99.  Shane Westley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
D100.  Steve Wood (Millwall)
D101.  Mark Wright (Derby County)
D102.  Eric Young (Wimbledon)

Football - M prefix - Midfielders

M1.  Greg Abbott (Bradford City)
M2.  Roy Aitken (Newcatle United)
M3.  Martin Allen (West Ham United)
M4.  Paul Allen (Tottenham Hotspur)
M5.  Gordon Armstrong (Sunderland)
M6.  Simon Barker (Queens Park Rangers)
M7.  David Batty (Leeds United)
M8.  Russell Beardsmore (Manchester United)
M9.  Ian Benbow (Hereford United)
M10.  Jim Bett (Aberdeen)
M11.  Paul Birch (Aston Villa)
M12.  Clayton Blackmore (Manchester United)
M13.  Paul Bracewell (Sunderland)
M14.  Mark Brennan (Middlesbrough)
M15.  Ian Brightwell (Manchester City)
M16.  Les Briley (Millwall)
M17.  Kevin Brock (Newcatle United)
M18.  John Bumstead (Chelsea)
M19.  Jimmy Case (Southampton)
M20.  Glenn Cockerill (Southampton)
M21.  John Collins (Hibernian)
M22.  Bobby Connor (Aberdeen)
M23.  Gordon Cowans (Aston Villa)
M24.  Ian Crook (Norwich City)
M25.  Alan Curbishley (Brighton & Hove Albion)
M26.  Paul Davis (Arsenal)
M27.  Alan Dickens (Chelsea)
M28.  Kevin Dillon (Newcatle United)
M29.  Keith Downing (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
M30.  Jason Dozzell (Ipswich Town)
M31.  Robbie Earle (Port Vale)
M32.  Ian Ferguson (Glasgow Rangers)
M33.  Kevin Francis (Derby County)
M34.  Steve Fulton (Glasgow Celtic)
M35.  Mike Galloway (Glasgow Celtic)
M36.  Paul Gascoigne (Tottenham Hotspur)
M37.  Eric Gates (Sunderland)
M38.  Brian Grant (Aberdeen)
M39.  Peter Grant (Glasgow Celtic)
M40.  Andy Gray (Crystal Palace)
M41.  Stuart Gray (Aston Villa)
M42.  Mickey Gynn (Coventry City)
M43.  Peter Haddock (Leeds United)
M44.  Nick Henry (Oldham Athletic)
M45.  Steve Hodge (Nottingham Forest)
M46.  Kevin Hodges (Plymouth Argyle)
M47.  Barry Horne (Southampton)
M48.  Ray Houghton (Liverpool)
M49.  Terry Hurlock (Millwall)
M50.  Paul Ince (Manchester United)
M51.  Darren Jackson (Dundee United)
M52.  Dale Jasper (Crewe Alexandra)
M53.  Vinnie Jones (Leeds United)
M54.  Chris Kamara (Leeds United)
M55.  Paul Kane (Hibernian)
M56.  Kevin Keen (West Ham United)
M57.  Andy Kennedy (Blackburn Rovers)
M58.  Paul Kerr (Middlesbrough)
M59.  Paul Lake (Manchester City)
M60.  Paul Lemon (Sunderland)
M61.  Ross MacLaren (Swindon Town)
M62.  Paul Mason (Aberdeen)
M63.  Gary McAllister (Leicester City)
M64.  Kevin McAllister (Chelsea)
M65.  Stuart McCall (Everton)
M66.  Alan McLoughlin (Swindon Town)
M67.  Steve McMahon (Liverpool)
M68.  Ted McMinn (Derby County)
M69.  Paul McStay (Glasgow Celtic)
M70.  Gary Megson (Manchester City)
M71.  Gary Micklewhite (Derby County)
M72.  Paul Miller (Wimbledon)
M73.  Mike Milligan (Oldham Athletic)
M74.  Gary Mills (Leicester City)
M75.  Jan Molby (Liverpool)
M76.  Paul Mortimer (Charlton Athletic)
M77.  Nayim (Tottenham Hotspur)
M78.  Peter Nicholas (Chelsea)
M79.  Steve Nicol (Liverpool)
M80.  Neil Orr (Hibernian)
M81.  Gary Owers (Sunderland)
M82.  Carlton Palmer (Sheffield Wednesday)
M83.  Alan Pardew (Crystal Palace)
M84.  Garry Parker (Nottingham Forest)
M85.  George Parris (West Ham United)
M86.  Andy Peake (Charlton Athletic)
M87.  Mike Phelan (Manchester United)
M88.  Dave Phillips (Norwich City)
M89.  Nick Pickering (Derby County)
M90.  Nicky Platnauer (Notts County)
M91.  David Platt (Aston Villa)
M92.  Gary Porter (Watford)
M93.  David Preece (Luton Town)
M94.  Paul Ramsey (Leicester City)
M95.  Nicky Reid (Newcatle United)
M96.  Peter Reid (Blackburn Rovers)
M97.  Ray Ranson (Manchester City)
M98.  Wesley Reid (Millwall)
M99.  Kevin Richardson (Arsenal)
M100.  Gareth Roberts (Hull City)
M101.  Bryan Robson (Manchester United)
M102.  Stewart Robson (West Ham United)
M103.  David Rocastle (Arsenal)
M104.  Vaughan Ryan (Wimbledon)
M105.  Vinny Samways (Tottenham Hotspur)
M106.  Lawrie Sanchez (Wimbledon)
M107.  Kevin Sheedy (Everton)
M108.  John Sheridan (Sheffield Wednesday)
M109.  David Smith (Coventry City)
M110.  Nigel Spackman (Glasgow Rangers)
M111.  Trevor Steven (Glasgow Rangers)
M112.  Gordon Strachan (Leeds United)
M113.  Paul Sweeney (Newcatle United)
M114.  Geoff Thomas (Crystal Palace)
M115.  Michael Thomas (Arsenal)
M116.  Rod Thomas (Watford)
M117.  Andy Townsend (Chelsea)
M118.  Neil Webb (Manchester United)
M119.  Ronnie Whelan (Liverpool)
M120.  Norman Whiteside (Everton)
M121.  Ray Wilkins (Queens Park Rangers)
M122.  Geraint Williams (Derby County)
M123.  Clive Wilson (Chelsea)
M124.  Danny Wilson (Luton Town)
M125.  Terry Wilson (Nottingham Forest)
M126.  Dennis Wise (Chelsea)

Football - W prefix - Wingers

W1.  Phil Barber (Crystal Palace)
W2.  John Barnes (Liverpool)
W3.  Peter Beagrie (Everton)
W4.  Dave Bennett (Sheffield Wednesday)
W5.  Kingsley Black (Luton Town)
W6.  Nigel Callaghan (Aston Villa)
W7.  Franz Carr (Nottingham Forest)
W8.  Jimmy Carter (Millwall)
W9.  Mark Chamberlain (Portsmouth)
W10.  Gary Crosby (Nottingham Forest)
W11.  Tony Daley (Aston Villa)
W12.  Robbie Dennison (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
W13.  Mark Ellis (Bradford City)
W14.  Wayne Fereday (Newcatle United)
W15.  Kevin Gallacher (Coventry City)
W16.  Mark Gavin (Bristol City)
W17.  Phil Gee (Derby County)
W18.  Dale Gordon (Norwich City)
W19.  John Hendrie (Leeds United)
W20.  Glyn Hodges (Watford)
W21.  Rick Holden (Oldham Athletic)
W22.  Tommy Johnson (Notts County)
W23.  Mark Kearney (Mansfield Town)
W24.  Mark Kelly (Portsmouth)
W25.  Robert Lee (Charlton Athletic)
W26.  Brian Marwood (Arsenal)
W27.  Eddie McGoldrick (Crystal Palace)
W28.  Pat Nevin (Everton)
W29.  Thorvaldur Orlygsson (Nottingham Forest)
W30.  Colin Pascoe (Sunderland)
W31.  Trevor Putney (Middlesbrough)
W32.  Brian Rice (Nottingham Forest)
W33.  Andy Sinton (Queens Park Rangers)
W34.  Stuart Slater (West Ham United)
W35.  Danny Wallace (Manchester United)
W36.  Rodney Wallace (Southampton)
W37.  Mark Walters (Glasgow Rangers)
W38.  Mark Ward (Manchester City)
W39.  David White (Manchester City)
W40.  Dane Whitehouse (Sheffield United)
W41.  Steve Wigley (Portsmouth)
W42.  Ian Wilson (Everton)

Football - S prefix - Strikers

S1.  Tony Agana (Sheffield United)
S2.  Clive Allen (Manchester City)
S3.  Malcolm Allen (Millwall)
S4.  Brett Angell (Stockport County)
S5.  Dalian Atkinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
S6.  Gary Bannister (West Bromwich Albion)
S7.  Kevin Bartlett (Notts County)
S8.  Peter Beardsley (Liverpool)
S9.  Darren Beckford (Port Vale)
S10.  Mark Bright (Crystal Palace)
S11.  Steve Bull (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
S12.  Frankie Bunn (Oldham Athletic)
S13.  Kevin Campbell (Arsenal)
S14.  Tony Cascarino (Aston Villa)
S15.  Lee Chapman (Leeds United)
S16.  Colin Clarke (Portsmouth)
S17.  Wayne Clarke (Manchester City)
S18.  Nigel Clough (Nottingham Forest)
S19.  John Colquhoun (Heart of Midlothian)
S20.  Terry Connor (Portsmouth)
S21.  Tony Cottee (Everton)
S22.  Garth Crooks (Charlton Athletic)
S23.  David Currie (Nottingham Forest)
S24.  Nick Cusack (Motherwell)
S25.  Peter Davenport (Middlesbrough)
S26.  Bobby Davison (Leeds United)
S27.  Brian Deane (Sheffield United)
S28.  Kerry Dixon (Chelsea)
S29.  Billy Dodds (Dundee)
S30.  Kevin Drinkell (Coventry City)
S31.  Gordon Durie (Chelsea)
S32.  Dariusz Dziekanowski (Glasgow Celtic)
S33.  Lars Elstrup (Luton Town)
S34.  Mark Falco (Queens Park Rangers)
S35.  John Fashanu (Wimbledon)
S36.  Robert Fleck (Norwich City)
S37.  Trevor Francis (Sheffield Wednesday)
S38.  Marco Gabbiadini (Sunderland)
S39.  Terry Gibson (Wimbledon)
S40.  Perry Groves (Arsenal)
S41.  Mick Harford (Derby County)
S42.  Martin Hayes (Glasgow Celtic)
S43.  Adrian Heath (Manchester City)
S44.  David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday)
S45.  David Howells (Tottenham Hotspur)
S46.  Mark Hughes (Manchester United)
S47.  Nigel Jemson (Nottingham Forest)
S48.  Mo Johnston (Glasgow Rangers)
S49.  Andy Jones (Charlton Athletic)
S50.  Tom Jones (Swindon Town)
S51.  David Kelly (Leicester City)
S52.  Alan Kernaghan (Middlesbrough)
S53.  Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton)
S54.  Gary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur)
S55.  Steve Livingstone (Coventry City)
S56.  Frank McAvennie (West Ham United)
S57.  Brian McClair (Manchester United)
S58.  Mark McGhee (Newcatle United)
S59.  Paul Merson (Arsenal)
S60.  Joe Miller (Glasgow Celtic)
S61.  Trevor Morley (West Ham United)
S62.  Paul Moulden (Oldham Athletic)
S63.  Ian Muir (Tranmere Rovers)
S64.  Andy Mutch (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
S65.  Garry Nelson (Brighton & Hove Albion)
S66.  Mike Newell (Everton)
S67.  Charlie Nicholas (Aberdeen)
S68.  Marc North (Leicester City)
S69.  Ian Olney (Aston Villa)
S70.  Ian Ormondroyd (Aston Villa)
S71.  Mixu Paatelainen (Dundee United)
S72.  Jimmy Quinn (West Ham United)
S73.  Mick Quinn (Newcatle United)
S74.  Niall Quinn (Manchester City)
S75.  Craig Ramage (Derby County)
S76.  Neil Redfearn (Oldham Athletic)
S77.  Cyrille Regis (Coventry City)
S78.  Paul Rideout (Southampton)
S79.  Stuart Ripley (Middlesbrough)
S80.  Andy Ritchie (Oldham Athletic)
S81.  Iwan Roberts (Watford)
S82.  John Robertson (Heart of Midlothian)
S83.  Mark Robins (Manchester United)
S84.  Robert Rosario (Norwich City)
S85.  Leroy Rosenior (West Ham United)
S86.  Ronny Rosenthal (Liverpool)
S87.  Darran Rowbotham (Exeter City)
S88.  Ian Rush (Liverpool)
S89.  Dean Saunders (Derby County)
S90.  Scott Sellars (Blackburn Rovers)
S91.  Trevor Senior (Reading)
S92.  Graeme Sharp (Everton)
S93.  Duncan Shearer (Swindon Town)
S94.  Teddy Sheringham (Millwall)
S95.  Bernie Slaven (Middlesbrough)
S96.  Alan Smith (Arsenal)
S97.  Gary Speed (Leeds United)
S98.  David Speedie (Coventry City)
S99.  Frank Stapleton (Blackburn Rovers)
S100.  Paul Stewart (Tottenham Hotspur)
S101.  Mark Stuart (Plymouth Argyle)
S102.  Bob Taylor (Bristol City)
S103.  Phil Turner (Notts County)
S104.  Willem Van Der Ark (Aberdeen)
S105.  Imre Varadi (Leeds United)
S106.  Paul Walsh (Tottenham Hotspur)
S107.  Roy Wegerle (Queens Park Rangers)
S108.  Steve White (Swindon Town)
S109.  Billy Whitehurst (Sheffield United)
S110.  Paul Wilkinson (Watford)
S111.  Gareth Williams (Aston Villa)
S112.  Paul Williams (Charlton Athletic)
S113.  Ian Wright (Crystal Palace)
S114.  Keith Wright (Dundee)

Football - MG prefix - Managers

MG1.  Ossie Ardiles (Swindon Town)
MG2.  Ron Atkinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
MG3.  Alan Ball (Stoke City)
MG4.  Dave Bassett (Sheffield United)
MG5.  Billy Bonds (West Ham United)
MG6.  Bobby Campbell (Chelsea)
MG7.  Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest)
MG8.  Steve Coppell (Crystal Palace)
MG9.  Arthur Cox (Derby County)
MG10.  Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
MG11.  Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
MG12.  Gerry Francis (Bristol Rovers)
MG13.  Bobby Gould (Wimbledon)
MG14.  George Graham (Arsenal)
MG15.  Colin Harvey (Everton)
MG16.  Don Howe (Queens Park Rangers)
MG17.  Joe Jordan (Bristol City)
MG18.  Howard Kendall (Manchester City)
MG19.  Lennie Lawrence (Charlton Athletic)
MG20.  Colin Lee (Watford)
MG21.  Alex MacDonald (Heart of Midlothian)
MG22.  Don Mackay (Blackburn Rovers)
MG23.  Jim McLean (Dundee United)
MG24.  Billy McNeill (Glasgow Celtic)
MG25.  Phil Neal (Bolton Wanderers)
MG26.  Chris Nicholl (Southampton)
MG27.  David Pleat (Leicester City)
MG28.  Ian Porterfield (Reading)
MG29.  Harry Redknapp (AFC Bournemouth)
MG30.  Joe Royle (Oldham Athletic)   -   sticker is numbered M30
MG31.  Jim Ryan (Luton Town)
MG32.  John Sillett (Coventry City)
MG33.  Alex Smith (Aberdeen)
MG34.  Denis Smith (Sunderland)
MG35.  Jim Smith (Newcatle United)
MG36.  Graeme Souness (Glasgow Rangers)
MG37.  Dave Stringer (Norwich City)
MG38.  Graham Taylor (Aston Villa)
MG39.  Colin Todd (Middlesbrough)
MG40.  Terry Venables (Tottenham Hotspur)
MG41.  Howard Wilkinson (Leeds United)
MG42.  Terry Yorath (Swansea City)

Football - RB prefix - Record Breakers

RB1.  Steve Archibald (Aberdeen)
RB2.  Paul Jonquin (Airdrieonians)
RB3.  George Armstrong (Arsenal)
RB4.  Andy Gray (Aston Villa)
RB5.  Simon Garner (Blackburn Rovers)
RB6.  Ted MacDougall (AFC Bournemouth)
RB7.  Danny McGrain (Glasgow Celtic)
RB8.  Mike Flanagan (Charlton Athletic)
RB9.  Bobby Tambling (Chelsea)
RB10.  Dave Clements (Coventry City)
RB11.  Jim Cannon (Crystal Palace)
RB12.  Kevin Hector (Derby County)
RB13.  Alan Gilzean (Dundee)
RB14.  Hamish McAlpine (Dundee United)
RB15.  Bobby Robertson (Dunfermline Athletic)
RB16.  Dixie Dean (Everton)
RB17.  Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
RB18.  Dave McPherson (Heart of Midlothian)
RB19.  Arthur Duncan (Hibernian)
RB20.  Mick Mills (Ipswich Town)
RB21.  Peter Lorimer (Leeds United)
RB22.  Gordon Banks (Leicester City)
RB23.  Ian Callaghan (Liverpool)
RB24.  Colin Bell (Manchester City)
RB25.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
RB26.  Barry Kitchener (Millwall)
RB27.  Andy Walker (Motherwell)
RB28.  Jackie Milburn (Newcatle United)
RB29.  Martin O'Neill (Norwich City)
RB30.  Bob McKinlay (Nottingham Forest)
RB31.  Roger Palmer (Oldham Athletic)
RB32.  John Aldridge (Oxford United)
RB33.  Mark Hateley (Portsmouth)
RB34.  Don Givens (Queens Park Rangers)
RB35.  John Greig (Glasgow Rangers)
RB36.  Ally McCoist (St Johnstone)
RB37.  Billy Thompson (St Mirren)
RB38.  Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)
RB39.  Joe Shaw (Sheffield United)
RB40.  Terry Paine (Southampton)
RB41.  Jim Montgomery (Sunderland)
RB42.  John Trollope (Swindon Town)
RB43.  Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
RB44.  Kenny Jackett (Watford)
RB45.  Tony Brown (West Bromwich Albion)
RB46.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
RB47.  Alan Cork (Wimbledon)
RB48.  Derek Parkin (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


  1. Your list of Forwards should read Full Backs with a prefix of FB to them.

  2. Hello again,
    Sorry the Full backs are with a F not FB.


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