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D.C. Thomson / Adventure - THO-020/THO-62 Adventure Football Snapshot Album

THO-020/THO-62 Adventure Football Snapshot Album
D.C. Thomson / Adventure
32 page booklet, 36 stickers

1.  Newcastle United team with F.A. Cup -  M'Menemy, Richardson, McInroy, Davidson, Allen, Nelson, Weaver, Boyd, Lang, M'Kenzie, Fairhurst

2.  Jimmy Nelson & Fairhurst (Newcastle United)
3.  Rangers, Scottish Cup winners - McPhail, English, Meiklejohn (captain), Fleming
4.  Darwen, team to play Arsenal - wee Bert Proos (mascot), P.H. Quigley, N. Crompton
5.  Sheffield Wednesday v Spurs - Hooper, Millership (Sheffield Wednesday), Spiers, Poynton (Tottenham Hotspur)
6.  Hamilton v Rangers, Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Wright, Allan (Hamilton Academicals), English, Alan Morton (Glasgow Rangers)
7.  Dulwich Hamlet, Amateur Cup winners - E. Kail, H. Mosley, L.B. Morrish, C. Murray, R. Miles, A.J. Hugo, A.H. Hamer (captain), W.G. Goodlife, A. Aitken, H.S. Robbins, B.E. Osmond
8.  Newcastle United v Arsenal - McInroy, Davidson, M'Kenzie (Newcastle United), David Jack (Arsenal)
9.  West Bromwich Albion & Birmingham Captains, 1931 F.A. Cup Final - Glidden (West Bromwich Albion), Barkas (Birmingham)
10.  Dixie Dean (v Spain), Zamorra (Spain)
11.  Kilmarnock v Airdrie (Scottish Cup Semi-Final) - Aitken, Maxwell (Kilmarnock), Paterson (Airdrie)
12.  Kilmarnock v Airdrie - Paterson, Morrison (Airdrie), Maxwell (Kilmarnock)
13.  St Johnstone v Hibs (Scottish 2nd Division - McLaren, Ireland, Jack Wilson (St. Johnstone), Marshall (Hibernian)
14.  Queens Park Rangers v Leeds United - Pickett, Armstrong (Queens Park Rangers), Keetley (Leeds United)
15.  Prince of Wales meets Upton (Blackpool) - Ure, Grant, Tufnell, Wilkinson, Upton, Hampson, Douglas, Swalley, O'Donnell
16.  English Boys v Germany Boys
17.  Chelsea v Liverpool - Millington, Law (Chelsea), Barton, Bruton (Liverpool)
18.  Cardiff City v Fulham - Farquharson (Cardiff City), Newton (Fulham)
19.  Waring (Aston Villa - England v France)
20.  Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion - Wood, W.G. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion), Jones, Parker, Harper (Arsenal)
21.  West Bromwich Albion, 1931 FA Cup winners - Carter, W.G. Richardson, Wood, Glidden, Trentham, Magee, Sandford, Shaw
22.  Hamilton v Rangers, Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Wilson, Gray (Hamilton Academicals), Simpson, Hamilton (Glasgow Rangers)
23.  F.A. Cup Captains - Tom Parker (Arsenal), Jimmy Nelson (Newcastle United)
24.  Amateur International Trial - Victor Gibbins (England), R.S. Grant
25.  Fulham v Watford cup-tie - Newton (Fulham), Woodward (Watford)
26.  Ernie Blenkinsop (England) & Zamorra (Spain)
27.  Newcastle United v Arsenal - Allen, Lang (Newcastle United), Moss, Parker (Arsenal)
28.  Liverpool action shot - Longworth and goalie
29.  Newcastle United v Arsenal - Moss (Arsenal), Lang (Newcastle United)
30.  Arsenal v Leicester City - Bastin (Arsenal), M'Laren (Leicester City)
31.  Langford (Manchester City)
32.  Aston Villa players training - Beresford, Talbot, Wood, Houghton, Stephenson, Gibson, Walker
33.  Kildare v Kerry (All Ireland Final)
34.  Jimmy McMullen (Manchester City) with Marshall, Brook
35.  Spurs v Stoke - Taylor, Felton (Tottenham Hotspur), Liddle, Mawson (Stoke)
36.  Chelsea v Newcastle United Semi-Final - Miller, O'Dowd, Odell, Davidson (Chelsea), Ferguson, McMenemy (Newcastle United)

Kick! magazine - Pro Footy Game

Pro Footy Game
Kick! magazine

Not really cards, but in a couple of decades time, if you came across these as a collector of trade cards and cigarette cards, you'd probably add them to your collection. Available with the current issue of Kick! magazine (February 2014). The magazine also includes a 16 pages booklet called Kick! 100 Memorable Moments.

Garteh Bale (Wales)
Steven Gerrard (England)

Topps - Match Attax 2008-09 (06) - World Championships 2009

Match Attax 2008-09
360 base cards

The Regional Heats and Regional Finalist card from the 2009 Match Attax World Championships.

2009 World Championship - Regional Heat (Bronze)
2009 World Championship - Regional Finalist (Silver)
2009 World Championship - Regional Champion (Gold)

Manchester United F.C. - Commemorative Engraved Plaque


Commemorative Engraved Plaque
Manchester United F.C.
Unknown number

Created for corporate guests at Manchester United home games, the silver plaques are trade card size and feature a former Old Trafford player on one side, and details of the fixture on the other. Unfortunately, my scanner shows the silver as black. I don't have information for four of the earlier games from this season. Can anyone help?

26-08-2013 v. Chelsea.  ?
17-09-2013 v. Bayer 04 Leverkusen.  Alex Stepney
14-09-2013 v. Crystal Palace.  ?
25-09-2013 v. Liverpool .  ?
28-09-2013 v. West Bromwich Albion.  Denis Law
19-10-2013 v. Southampton.  ?
23-10-2013 v. Real Sociedad.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
26-10-2013 v. Stoke City.  Mark Hughes
29-10-2013 v. Norwich City.  Nobby Stiles
10-11-2013 v. Arsenal.  Roy Keane
04-12-2013 v. Everton.  George Best
07-12-2013 v. Newcastle United.  Ruud van Nistelrooy
10-12-2013 v. Shakhtar Donetsk.  Pat Crerand
21-12-2013 v. West Ham United.  Steve Coppell
01-01-2014 v. Tottenham Hotspur.  Bryan Robson
05-01-2014 v. Swansea City.  Duncan Edwards
11-01-2014 v. Swansea City.  Tony Dunne
22-01-2014 v. Sunderland.  Roger Byrne
28-01-2014 v. Cardiff City.  Arthur Albiston
09-02-2014 v. Fulham.  Andy Cole
16-03-2014 v. Liverpool.  ?
25-03-2014 v. Manchester City.  ?
29-03-2014 v. Aston Villa.  ?
26-04-2014 v. Norwich City.  ?
03-05-2014 v. Sunderland.  ?
06-05-2014 v. Hull City.  ?

Anonymous (like Barratt) - ZJC-110-2/ZJ5-39-2 Footballers

ZJC-110-2/ZJ5-39-2 Footballers
Anonymous (like Barratt)
26 known

ZJC-110-2/ZJ5-39-2a  Footballers - name in capitals - team in upper and lower case
ZJC-110-2/ZJ5-39-2b  Footballers - name and team in capitals

J.T. Atkin (Derby County)
H. Bagge (Fulham)
E. Beeson (Wycombe Wanderers)  - a
J. Birch (Queens Park Rangers)
R. Butler (Bury)
F. Gough (Sheffield)  - a
F. Graham (Millwall)
J.H. Hill (Burnley)
P. Hopkins (Hartlepool)
W. Jennings (Luton Town)
J. Kerr (Brentford)
A. Layton (Stockport County)
J. Lythgoe (Norwich City)
R. McDonald (Tottenham Hotspur)
F. Penn (Fulham)
E. Pilkington (Oldham Athletic)
D. Raitt (Dundee)  - b
E.R. Robson (Portsmouth)
E. Sims (Stockport)
W.H. Smith (Huddersfield Town)  - a
A. Thain (Chelsea)
D. Tremelling (Birmingham)
F. Walden (Tottenham Hotspur)
H.A. White (Arsenal)
T. Wilson (Huddersfield Town)  - a
F. Womack (Birmingham)  - a

ZJC-110-2 / ZJ5-39-2a - Footballers - errors/varieties

T. Wilson (Huddersfield Town) - correct
T. Wilson (Huddesfield Town) - missing 'r' in Huddersfield   link

J.A. Pattreiouex - Celebrities in Sport


Celebrities in Sport
J.A. Pattreiouex
50 (6 footballers)

1.  W.R. Dean (Everton)

2.  J.H. Hill (Burnely)
6.  R. Pym (Bolton Wanderers)
11.  H. Gallacher (Newcastle United)
16.  J. McMullan (Manchester City)
21.  R. Kelly (Huddersfield Town)

W.D. & H.O. Wills - Famous Footballers (1914 - Star Cigarettes/Scissors Cigarettes)


Famous Footballers
W.D. & H.O. Wills

Two different back designs, though I haven't been able to find a trademark version to display here.

Famous Footballers (Star Cigarettes/Wills trademark back)

Famous Footballers (Scissors Cigarettes back)

1.  J. Smith (Bolton Wanderers)

2.  A.E. Knight (Portsmouth)
3.  R. Lindley (Burnley)
4.  T.W. Boyle (Burnley)
5.  W. Nesbit (Burnley)
6.  R. Downs (Barnsley)
7.  T. Bamford (Burnley)
8.  W. Lacey (Liverpool)
9.  H. Fleming (Swindon Town)
10.  J. McCall (Preston)
11.  E. Mosscrop (Buenley)
12.  G. Utley (Sheffield United)
13.  E. Longworth (Liverpool)
14.  D. McKinley (Liverpool)
15.  R. MacFadden (Clapton Orient)
16.  W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
17.  J. Lyons (Aston Villa)
18.  W. Watson (Burnley)
19.  J. Rutherford (Woolwich Arsenal)
20.  G. Elliot (Middlesbrough)
21.  B. Hodgson (Burnley)
22.  J. Cantrell (Tottenham Hotspur)
23.  C. Roberts (Oldham Athletic)
24.  S. Hardy (Aston Villa)
25.  R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
26.  K. Campbell (Liverpool)
27.  R. Ferguson (Liverpool)
28.  J. Sheldon (Liverpool)
29.  T. Miller (Liverpool)
30.  A. Reynolds (Fulham)
31.  F. Walden (Tottenhan Hotspur)
32.  C. Thomson (Sunderland)
33.  W. MacLeod (Leeds City)
34.  R. Steel (Tottenhan Hotspur)
35.  J. Nicholl (Liverpool)
36.  R. Pursell (Liverpool)
37.  D. McLean (Sheffield Wednesday)
38.  A. Metcalf (Liverpool)
39.  W. Meredith (Manchester United)
40.  J.G. Peart (Notts County)
41.  B.C. Freeman (Burnley)
42.  K. Hunt (Crystal Palace)
43.  D. Taylor (Burnley)
44.  W.C. Wallace (Aston Villa)
45.  G. Halley (Burnley)
46.  W. Lowe (Newcastle United)
47.  R.W. Sewell (Burnley)
43.  T. Fairfoul (Liverpool)
49.  T.E. Fern (Everton)
50.  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)

Friday 31 January 2014

D.C. Thomson / Victor - THO-229 Football Favourites in Action (2)

THO-229 Football Favourites in Action
D.C. Thomson / Victor

Roger Pashby, who runs the Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers website, has kindly sent in scans of all the pages of this booklet.

Cover.  Uncaptioned.

page 2. and 3.  In their Countries Colours

Alex Scott (Scotland), Harry Gregg (Ireland)

Hodgkinosn (England), Ken Leek (Wales)
Joe Baker (England), Saskic (Yugoslavia)
Jimmy McIlroy (Ireland)
John Charles (Wales), Connelly (England)
Ron Flowers (England)

page 4.  Star Saves

Gordon West (Everton)

Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)
Bill Brown (Spurs)
Lawrie Leslie (West Ham)

page 5.  A Keeper's Lot Is Not A Happy One!

Smith (West Brom), Sidebottom (Aston Villa)

Noel Dwyer (Swansea)
Bonetti (Chelsea), Kinsey (Charlton)
Tony Millington (West Brom)

pages 6 and 7.  Football Ballet

Gaskell (Manchester United v West Ham United)

Bill Brown (Tottenham Hotspur)
Wales v West Brom
Graham Leggat (Fulham) v West Ham
Else (Blackburn) v Fulham
Ramallet (Spain)

page 8.  Wing Wizards

Stan Matthews (Stoke City and England)

Terry Medwin (Tottenham Hotspur and Wales)
Davie Wilson (Rangers and Scotland)
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United and England)

page 9.  Mighty Atoms

Bobby Cox (Dundee)

Willie Henderson (Rangers)
Billy Bingham (Everton)
Bobby Collins (Leeds United)

pages 10 and 11.  Up For The Cup!

1962 Scottish Cup Final - Kerrigan (St. Mirren), Ritchie (Rangers)

1960 F.A. Cup Final - Deeley (Wolves) v Blackburn
1962 F.A. Cup Final - Blanchflower (Spurs) v Burnley
Wembley '59 - Thomson (Notts Forest) v Luton
1962 F.A. Cup Final - Smith (Spurs), Blacklaw (Burnley)

pages 12 and 13.  Up Go The Heads!

Luis Del Sol (Real Madrid to Juventus)

Gerry Hitchens (Aston Villa to Internazionale Milan)
Jimmy Greaves (A.C. Milan to Spurs)
Denis Law (Torino to Manchester United)
Gregg (Ireland), Brand (Scotland)
Arsenal v Blackpool
Vava (Brazil) v Czechoslovakia

pages 14 and 15.  World Cup Stars

Garrincha (Brazil)

Hans Schafer (West Germany)
Ferenc Puskas (Real Madrid) v Eintracht Frankfurt
Ponedelnik (Russia) v Argentina
Populhar (Czechoslovakia)
Raymond Kopa (Rheims and France)

page 16.  Training Tricks

West Ham

Grosics (Hungary)
Kevan (West Brom)
Bobby Smith (Spurs)

page 17.  They Captained Their Countries

Vic Crwoe (Aston Villa and Wales)

Danny Blanchflower (Spurs and Ireland)
Eric Caldow (Rangers and Scotland)
Johnny Haynes (Fulham and England)

pages 18 and 19.  They Shall Not Pass!

Uncaption - a wall at a free kick

Cavem (Portugal), Armfield (England)
Uncaption - Wolves
Keyworth (Leicester), Fantham (Sheffield Wednesday)
Bert Trautmann (Manchester City) v Arsenal
Eastham (Arsenal) v Birmingham

Back Cover.  Uncaptioned - England v Wales

Stuart Williams, Alan Harrington, Jack Kelsey (Wales), Ron Flowers (England)

Taddy & Co. - Prominent Footballers (1907) (2)


Prominent Footballers
Taddy & Co.
595 cards (475 football, including 15 F.A. officials)

I have heard from Peter, a collector and football historian who has an interest in Taddy's Prominent Footballers cards.
Your list is a bit different to mine, so I would like to confront our sets. I like to treat FA officials and rugby players as subsets, so on my list there is 460 players names. 31 clubs x 15 players = 465 cards. For some reasons New Brompton and Wolves sets have 13 cards and Nottingham Forest 14. It makes 460.
I have added Peter's comments to each of the club subsets. There are a few players added that are missing from the original list. You can find the original list here: Taddy & Co. - Prominent Footballers (1907)

Aston Villa
15 players
My list is identical to yours.

J. Bache  -  Grapnel
C.L. Buckley  -  Grapnel
J. Cantrell  -  Imperial
R. Codling  -  Grapnel
W. Garratty  -  Grapnel
W. George  -  Imperial
L. Greenhalgh  -  Imperial
A. Hall  -  Imperial
H. Hampton  -  Grapnel
A. Leake  -  Imperial
J. Logan  -  Imperial
F. Miles  -  Imperial
C. Millington  -  Grapnel
H. Spencer  -  Grapnel
J. Walters  -  Imperial

Blackburn Rovers
15 players
Blackburn set is totally from team photo of 1907-08. I’ve never seen those four cards (****) but, I can imagine how they looks having the team picture.

E. Bracegirdle  -  Imperial
W. Bradshaw  -  Imperial
J. Cameron  -  Imperial
A. Cowell  -  Grapnel
R. Crompton  -  Grapnel   ****
W. Davies  -  Grapnel   ****
R. Evans  -  Grapnel
Griffiths  -  Grapnel
A.E. Houlker  -  Imperial
E. Latherton  -  Imperial
J. Martin  -  Grapnel
W. McIver  -  Imperial   ****
J. Robertson  -  Grapnel   ****
A. Whittaker  -  Imperial
S. Wolstenholme  -  Grapnel

Bolton Wanderers
15 players
There is some mystery with this set. I found two different portraits of Wattie White. There is no Bolton Wanderers set in 1908 (with footnote), so it has to be another version of 1907 set. (Update: the second illustration is false - there is only one Wattie White card). I have not seen the John Boyd card.

J. Baverstock  -  Grapnel
J. Boyd  -  Imperial   ****
R. Clifford  -  Imperial
D. Davies  -  Grapnel
J. Edmonson  -  Imperial
A. Gaskell  -  Imperial
S. Greenhalgh  -  Grapnel
S. Marsh  -  Grapnel
J. McEwan  -  Grapnel
A. Owen  -  Grapnel
A. Sheppard  -  Imperial
J. Slater  -  Imperial
J. Stanley  -  Grapnel
D. Stokes  -  Imperial
W. White  -  Grapnel

Bradford City
15 players
Just the same.

A. Bartlett  -  Grapnel
C. Campbell  -  Grapnel
W. Clarke  -  Grapnel
S. Farren  -  Grapnel
G. Handley  -  Imperial
H. Hanger  -  Imperial
S. Higginson  -  Imperial
J. McDonald  -  Imperial
J. McLean  -  Grapnel
J. Millar  -  Grapnel
W. Muir  -  Imperial
T. O'Rourke  -  Imperial
G. Robinson  -  Imperial
W. Smith  -  Grapnel
A. Wise  -  Imperial

Brighton & Hove Albion
15 players
I didn't have Hugh McDonald.

W. Anthony  -  Grapnel
A. Archer  -  Grapnel
R. Beale  -  Grapnel
J. Gregory  -  Imperial
J.H. Hall  -  Grapnel
A. Hulme  -  Imperial
R. Joynes  -  Imperial
H. Kent  -  Imperial
A.E. Longstaff  -  Grapnel
J. Lumley  -  Imperial
H. MacDonald  -  Grapnel
W. McDonald  -  Imperial
D. Ronaldson  -  Imperial
T. Turner  -  Imperial
R. Wombwell  -  Grapnel

Bristol City   -   updated
15 players
I think you’ve missed this club. I don't have the Fred Connelly card.

A. Annan - Imperial
H. Clay - Imperial
F. Connelly - Grapnel
L. Copestake - Grapnel
J. Cottle - Imperial
W. Demmery - Grapnel
S. Gilligan - Grapnel
P. Hanlin - Grapnel
F. Hilton - Grapnel
R. Marr - Grapnel
W. Maxwell - Imperial
A. Spear - Imperial
F. Stanifroth - Grapnel
W. Wedlock - Imperial
R. Young - Imperial

Cardiff (Rugby)
15 players

15 players

E.L. Birnie  -  Imperial
W. Bridgeman  -  Grapnel
W. Bridgeman  -  Imperial
N. Fairgray  -  Imperial
J.L. Frost  -  Grapnel
G. Henderson  -  Grapnel
G. Henderson  -  Imperial
G. Hilsdon  -  Grapnel
G. Hilsdon  -  Imperial
G. Key  -  Grapnel
G. Key  -  Imperial
J. Kirwan  -  Grapnel
J. Kirwan  -  Imperial
F. Lyons  -  Grapnel
F. Lyons  -  Imperial
R. Mackie  -  Imperial
R. McRoberts  -  Grapnel
M. Moran  -  Imperial
M. Moran  -  Grapnel
J. Stark  -  Grapnel
J. Stark  -  Imperial
R. Whiting  -  Grapnel
J.E. Windridge  -  Grapnel
J.E. Windridge  -  Imperial

Devonport Albion (Rugby)
15 players

Durham City  (Rugby)
15 players


15 players

W. Abbott  -  Imperial
R. Balmer  -  Imperial
W. Balmer  -  Imperial
H. Bolton  -  Grapnel
J. Crelley  -  Grapnel
H.P. Hardman  -  Imperial
H. Makepeace  -  Imperial
J. McConnachie  -  Grapnel
F.W. Rouse  -  Grapnel
W. Scott  -  Grapnel
J. Settle  -  Imperial
J. Sharp  -  Imperial
J.D. Taylor  -  Grapnel
A. Winterhalder  -  Imperial
A. Young  -  Grapnel

15 players

F. Bevan  -  Imperial
A. Collins  -  Grapnel
R. Dalrymple  -  Imperial
A. Fraser  -  Grapnel
J. Fryer  -  Grapnel
W. Goldie  -  Imperial
J. Hogan  -  Imperial
A. Hubbard  -  Grapnel
T. Leigh  -  Imperial
A. Lindsay  -  Imperial
W. Morrison  -  Grapnel
H. Ross  -  Grapnel
L. Skene  -  Imperial
T. Threlfall  -  Grapnel
A. Wilkes  -  Imperial

Hull City
15 players
I missed the Tot Hedley and Martin Spendiff cards.

G. Browell  -  Grapnel
D. Gordon  -  Grapnel
E. Hall  -  Imperial
G.T. Hedley  -  Imperial
J. McQuillan  -  Imperial
E. Neave  -  Imperial
W.S. Robinson  -  Grapnel
E. Roughley  -  Imperial
Joe Shaw  -  Grapnel
John Shaw  -  Imperial
H. Simmon  -  Grapnel
Jack Smith  -  Imperial
Joe Smith  -  Grapnel
M. Spendiff  -  Grapnel
A. Temple  -  Grapnel

Ireland (Rugby)
15 players

Leeds City
15 players

J. Alfred  -  Grapnel
H. Bromage  -  Grapnel
J. Freeborough  -  Imperial
J.F. Hargreaves  -  Imperial
J. Henderson  -  Imperial
T. Hynds  -  Grapnel
R.W. Jefferson  -  Imperial
H. Kay  -  Imperial
J. Kennedy  -  Grapnel
J. Lavery  -  Grapnel
McLeod  -  Imperial
D.B. Murray  -  Grapnel
G.F. Parnell  -  Imperial
J. Thorp  -  Imperial
J. Whitley  -  Grapnel

15 players

J. Bradley  -  Grapnel
J. Cox  -  Grapnel
W. Dunlop  -  Imperial
J. Gorman  -  Grapnel
S. Hardy  -  Grapnel
J. Hewitt  -  Imperial
J. Hughes  -  Imperial
G. Latham  -  Imperial
J. Parkinson  -  Grapnel
M. Parry  -  Imperial
A. Raisbeck  -  Grapnel
R. Robinson  -  Imperial
P. Saul  -  Imperial
A. West  -  Imperial
C. Wilson  -  Grapnel

Manchester United
15 players

J. Bannister  -  Grapnel
A. Bell  -  Grapnel
W. Berry  -  Grapnel
H. Burgess  -  Imperial
R. Duckworth  -  Grapnel
R. Holden  -  Imperial
A. Menzies  -  Imperial
W. Meredith  -  Grapnel
H. Moger  -  Imperial
J. Picken  -  Grapnel
C. Roberts  -  Grapnel
A. Turnbull  -  Imperial
J. Turnbull  -  Imperial
G. Wall  -  Imperial
H. Williams  -  Grapnel

15 players

A. Aitken  -  Imperial
S. Aitken  -  Grapnel
W. Barker  -  Imperial
S. Bloomer  -  Grapnel
W. Brawn  -  Imperial
R. Brown  -  Grapnel
A. Campbell  -  Grapnel
A. Common  -  Imperial
J. Thackeray  -  Imperial
J. Tomlin  -  Grapnel
J. Tyldsley  -  Imperial
J. Watson  -  Imperial
F. Wilcox  -  Grapnel
T. Williamson  -  Imperial
T. Wilson  -  Grapnel

New Brompton
13 players
I’ve never seen the H.J. Slater card. In my list there is a place for H. Powell. Maybe it’s from 1908 set.

W.B. Floyd  -  Grapnel
D. Fullerton  -  Grapnel
J. Hartley  -  Imperial
E.A. Harvey  -  Imperial
J. Hopkins  -  Grapnel
G.H. Lloyd  -  Grapnel
W. Marriott  -  Grapnel
J. Martin  -  Grapnel
F. Mavin  -  Imperial
J. Pickering  -  Grapnel
H. Rowbotham  -  Imperial
H.J. Salter  -  Imperial   -   amended (typo)   -   Thanks to Matthew Zubrot
S. Smith  -  Imperial

Newcastle United
15 players

W. Appleyard  -  Imperial
J. Carr  -  Grapnel
A. Gardner  -  Imperial
A. Gosnell  -  Grapnel
J. Howie  -  Grapnel
J. Lawrence  -  Imperial
J. McClarence  -  Imperial
A. McCombie  -  Grapnel
W. McCracken  -  Grapnel
P. McWilliam  -  Grapnel
R. Orr  -  Imperial
J. Rutherford  -  Grapnel
J. Soye  -  Grapnel
F. Speedie  -  Imperial
C. Veitch  -  Imperial

Newport (Rugby)
15 players

New Zealand (Rugby)
15 players

Norwich City
15 players
I have no George Lamberton card.

T. Allsopp  -  Grapnel
W. Bushell  -  Imperial
H. Hutchison  -  Grapnel
A. Jones  -  Grapnel
G. Lamberton  -  Imperial
A. Livingstone  -  Imperial
J. McEwan  -  Grapnel
R. Muir  -  Imperial
G. Newlands  -  Imperial
W. Rayner  -  Imperial
P. Roney  -  Grapnel
W. Smith  -  Imperial
F. Thompson  -  Imperial
E. Wagstaffe  -  Grapnel
R. Whiteman  -  Grapnel

Notts Forest
14 players
I don't have the Bill Hooper card.

J. Armstrong  -  Imperial
W. Dudley  -  Imperial
Gibson  -  Imperial
A.W. Green  -  Imperial
W. Hooper  -  Imperial
E. Hughes  -  Grapnel
J.H. Linacre  -  Grapnel
G.H. Maltby  -  Grapnel
T. Marrison  -  Grapnel
A.G. Morris  -  Imperial
G. Needham  -  Grapnel
H.J. West  -  Imperial
H. Whitchurch  -  Grapnel
G. Wolfe  -  Grapnel

15 players

M.W. Allman  -  Imperial
J. Bellamy  -  Grapnel
T. Birtles  -  Grapnel
T. Bowman  -  Grapnel
A. Buick  -  Imperial
F. Clipstone  -  Grapnel
W. Cooper  -  Grapnel
H. Digweed  -  Imperial
W. Kirby  -  Imperial
E. McDonald  -  Grapnel
G. Philip  -  Imperial
W. Smith  -  Imperial
H. Thompson  -  Grapnel
R. Walker  -  Grapnel
D. Wilson  -  Imperial

Preston North End
15 players
Looks OK. Although I missed three - George Barlow, Jack Bell and Arthur Lockett.

G.H. Barlow  -  Imperial
J. Bell  -  Grapnel
R. Bond  -  Grapnel
J. Carlin  -  Grapnel
J. Derbyshire  -  Grapnel
J. Hunter  -  Imperial
A. Lockett  -  Imperial
W.J. Lyon  -  Imperial
P. McBride  -  Grapnel
P. McBride  -  Imperial
J. McLean  -  Grapnel
T. Rodway  -  Imperial
W. Sanderson  -  Grapnel
P.J. Smith  -  Grapnel
H. Stringfellow  -  Imperial
H. Stringfellow  -  Grapnel
J. Wilson  -  Imperial

Queens Park Rangers
15 players
You missed the Arthur Walker card.

W. Barnes  -  Grapnel
S. Downing  -  Imperial
S. Downing  -  Grapnel
J. Fidler  -  Grapnel
A. Gittins  -  Imperial
A. Gittins  -  Grapnel
E. Hitchcock  -  Imperial
E.H. Linott  -  Imperial
J. MacDonald  -  Grapnel
J. MacDonald  -  Imperial
J. McLean  -  Grapnel
A. Mitchell  -  Imperial
A. Rogers  -  Imperial
C. Shaw  -  Grapnel
C. Shaw  -  Imperial
S.H. Sugden  -  Grapnel
A. Walker - Imperial    -   updated
J. White  -  Grapnel
W. Yenson  -  Grapnel
W. Yenson  -  Imperial

15 players

F. Bartholomew  -  Imperial
J. Boden  -  Grapnel
E. Coquet  -  Imperial
D. Dougal  -  Grapnel
F. Edgeley  -  Grapnel
E. Gee  -  Imperial
A. Hallworth  -  Imperial
J. Mack  -  Imperial
C. Mainds  -  Grapnel
C. McGhie  -  Grapnel
W. Minter  -  Grapnel
T. Pennington  -  Imperial
T. Rodger  -  Imperial
H. Smith  -  Imperial
W. Walker  -  Grapnel

Richmond R.F.C.
15 players

Sheffield United
15 players
I have no Alonzo Drake card. Charles and Harry Johnson are different players, like the Wilkinsons.

R. Benson  -  Grapnel
E.W. Bluff  -  Grapnel
W. Bromage  -  Grapnel
Brown  -  Imperial
A. Drake  -  Grapnel
Johnson - with moustache  -  Grapnel
Johnson - without moustache  -  Imperial
J. Lang  -  Imperial
J. Leivesley  -  Grapnel
H.B. Lipsham  -  Grapnel
J. McGuire  -  Imperial
M. Mellors  -  Imperial
E. Needham  -  Imperial
B. Wilkinson  -  Imperial
W. Wilkinson  -  Grapnel

15 players

J. Bainbridge  -  Grapnel
E. Bell  -  Imperial
T. Burrows  -  Imperial
G. Costello  -  Grapnel
H. Glover  -  Grapnel
H. Hardley  -  Grapnel
F. Harrison  -  Imperial
A. Hodgkinson  -  Imperial
F. Jeffries  -  Imperial
J. Johnson  -  Imperial
J. Lewis  -  Grapnel
F. Mouncher  -  Grapnel
J. Robertson  -  Grapnel
G. Smith  -  Imperial
F. Thorpe  -  Imperial

15 players

S. Allen  -  Grapnel
Bonthron  -  Imperial
A. Bridgett  -  Imperial
Brown  -  Imperial
T. Daykin  -  Imperial
W. Hogg  -  Grapnel
G. Holley  -  Grapnel
G. Jarvie  -  Grapnel
Low  -  Imperial
A. MacIntosh  -  Grapnel
J. McGhie  -  Imperial
S. Raybould  -  Grapnel
E. Rhodes  -  Imperial
T.S. Tait  -  Imperial
R. Ward  -  Grapnel

Swansea (Rugby)
15 players

Swindon Town
15 players
I don't have Frank Heppinstall.

D. Aitken  -  Imperial
C. Bannister  -  Imperial
P. Chambers  -  Imperial
F. Fenton  -  Imperial
H. Fleming  -  Grapnel
J. Gill  -  Grapnel
F. Heppinstall  -  Imperial
J. Johnston  -  Grapnel
J. Kidd  -  Grapnel
A.S. Ling  -  Grapnel
H. Lyon  -  Imperial
G. Rushton  -  Grapnel
W. Tout  -  Grapnel
J. Walker  -  Imperial
F. Warburton  -  Grapnel

Tottenham Hotspur
15 players
There is no John Watson card on your list. 

W. Bull  -  Grapnel
W. Bull  -  Imperial
J. Darnell  -  Grapnel
J. Darnell  -  Imperial
J.A. Gray  -  Grapnel
J.A. Gray  -  Imperial
E. Hughes  -  Grapnel
E. Hughes  -  Imperial
W.D. McNair  -  Grapnel
W.D. McNair  -  Imperial
T. Morris  -  Grapnel
T. Morris  -  Imperial
J.E. Pass  -  Grapnel
J.E. Pass  -  Imperial
J. Reid  -  Grapnel
J. Reid  -  Imperial
H. Stansfield  -  Grapnel
H. Stansfield  -  Imperial
A. Tait  -  Grapnel
A. Tait  -  Imperial
J. Walton  -  Grapnel
J. Walton  -  Imperial
J. Watson  -  Grapnel   -  updated
J. Watson  -  Imperia   -  updated
J.G. Whitbourn  -  Grapnel
J.G. Whitbourn  -  Imperial
A. Whyman  -  Grapnel
A. Whyman  -  Imperial
V.J. Woodward  -  Grapnel
V.J. Woodward  -  Imperial

West Bromwich Albion
15 players

R. Bourne  -  Imperial
F. Buck  -  Grapnel
T. Dilly  -  Imperial
J. Evenson  -  Grapnel
G. Garrett  -  Imperial
Hayward  -  Imperial
W.C. Jordan  -  Imperial
J. Manners  -  Grapnel
H. Pearson  -  Imperial
J. Pennington  -  Grapnel
E. Pheasant  -  Grapnel
A. Randle  -  Imperial
F. Shinton  -  Grapnel
J. Stringer  -  Grapnel
D. Walker  -  Imperial

West Ham United
15 players

T. Allison  -  Imperial
F. Blackburn  -  Grapnel
D. Clark  -  Grapnel
A. Featherstone  -  Grapnel
W. Grassam  -  Imperial
A. Harwood  -  Grapnel
L. Jarvis  -  Imperial
G. Kitchen  -  Grapnel
T. Lee  -  Grapnel
D. Lindsay  -  Imperial
F. Pierey  -  Imperial
H. Stapley  -  Grapnel
A. Taylor  -  Imperial
W. Wildman  -  Imperial
R. Young  -  Imperial

Wolverhampton Wanderers
13 players

A. Bishop  -  Imperial
Collins  -  Grapnel
G. Hedley  -  Imperial
K.R.G. Hunt  -  Grapnel
K.R.G. Hunt  -  Imperial
J. Jones  -  Imperial
J.H. Jones  -  Imperial
A. Lloyd  -  Grapnel
A. Lloyd  -  Imperial
T. Lunn  -  Grapnel
J. Pedley  -  Grapnel
W. Radford  -  Imperial
J. Shelton  -  Grapnel
J. Shelton  -  Imperial
S. Ward  -  Imperial
W. Wooldridge  -  Grapnel

Woolwich Arsenal
15 players
Also OK.

J. Ashcroft  -  Grapnel
J. Ashcroft  -  Imperial
J. Bigden  -  Grapnel
J. Bigden  -  Imperial
J. Coleman  -  Grapnel
J. Coleman  -  Imperial
A. Cross  -  Grapnel
A. Cross  -  Imperial
J. Dick  -  Grapnel
J. Dick  -  Imperial
A. Ducat  -  Grapnel
A. Ducat  -  Imperial
A. Freeman  -  Grapnel
A. Freeman  -  Imperial
A. Gray  -  Grapnel
A. Gray  -  Imperial
P. Kyle  -  Grapnel
P. Kyle  -  Imperial
H.G. Lee  -  Grapnel
H.G. Lee  -  Imperial
R. McEachrane  -  Grapnel
R. McEachrane  -  Imperial
J. Mordue  -  Grapnel
J. Mordue  -  Imperial
D. Neave - Grapnel
D. Neave - Imperial
P.R. Sands - Grapnel
P.R. Sands - Imperial
J. Sharp  -  Grapnel
J. Sharp  -  Imperial

F.A. officials
15 players

J.J. Bentley, Esq  -  Imperial
Robert Cook, Esq  -  Grapnel
C. Crump, Esq  -  Grapnel
Alfred Davis, Esq  -  Imperial
R.P. Gregson, Esq  -  Grapnel
Rev. J.T. Hales  -  Imperial
A.G. Hines, Esq  -  Imperial
C.J. Hughes, Esq  -  Imperial
Rt Hon. Lord Kinnaird  -  Grapnel
J. Lewis, Esq  -  Imperial
W. McGregor, Esq  -  Grapnel
W. Pickford, Esq  -  Grapnel
G. Wagstaffe Simmons, Esq  -  Grapnel
H. Walker, Esq  -  Grapnel
D.B. Woolfall, Esq  -  Grapnel