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Taddy & Co. - Prominent Footballers (1913)


Prominent Footballers
Taddy & Co.
400 cards ?

This is the last of the three sets of Taddy's Prominent Footballers, and the rarest. The set probably contains between 400 and 435 cards. There are 28 teams included, many with 15 cards and it's presumed these lists are complete. There are some teams with smaller numbers of cards and it's possible that there is some scope for discovering new cards amongst these teams. Portsmouth has only 5 cards listed, Southampton has 7 and Manchester United only 11. 391 cards listed. If you know of any missing from this list, or any errors, please get in touch, a photocopy or scan would be useful too. There's only one back design this time, for London Mixture, a pipe tobacco.

Aston Villa

15 cards

J. Bache
T. Barber
A. Ducat
H. Edgley
H. Hampton
S. Hardy
J. Harrop
J. Leach
A. Lyons
A. Miles
W. Morris
C. Stephenson
C. Wallace
T. Weston
S. Whittaker

15 cards

W. Ball
J. Ballantyne
J. Bumphrey
E.A. Edwards
R. Gibson
S. Hauser
F.C. Hodges
A. McClure
A.W. Smith
A. Tinkler
W.B. Walker
F. Womack
A.E. Gardner
J.H. Hall
A. Reed

Blackburn Rovers
15 cards

W. Aitkenhead
W. Anthony
Alec Bell
G. Chapman
A. Crowell
J. Crabtree
Bob Crompton
J. Hodgkinson
E. Latheron
A. McGhie
A. Robinson
J. Simpson
P. Smith
T. Suttie
A. Walmsley

Bolton Wanderers
15 cards

H. Baverstock
A. Donaldson
J. Edmondson
J. Fay
J. Feebury
R. Glendenning
W. Jennings
E. Jones
G. Lillycrop
W.J. Rowley
J. Seddon
E. Sidlow
J. Smith
D. Stokes
E.T. Vizard

Bradford City
15 cards

I.  Boocock
R. Bond
F. Buckley
R. Campbell
J. Ewart
O. Fox
J. Hargreaves
J. McDonald
J. McIlvenny
F. O'Rourke
H. Torrence

Brighton & Hove Albion
13 known cards

J. Batey
W. Booth
T. Higham
W.H. Jones
A.E. Longstaff
F. Parlett
R. Routledge
F. Spencer
A.J. Tyler
C.G. Webb
R. Whiting
G. Wilcock
J. Woodhouse

Bristol City

15 cards

L. Banfield
T. Broad
W.Y. Brown
J. Harris
E. Howling
S. Irving
E. Jones
J. Kearns
A.J. Moss
J. Nicholson
J.B. Picken
Dick Reader
T. Ware
W. Wedlock
R. Young

12 known cards

W. Bridgman
H. Ford
H. Halse
J. Harrow
T. Logan
O.T. Marshall
J. Molyneux
J. Sharp
F. Taylor
R. Whittingham
J.E. Windridge
W.J. Woodward

Clapton Orient

14 known cards

W. Bower
R. Dalrymple
J. Dix
N. Evans
J. Forrest
H. Gibson
W. Hind
J.T. Johnston   -   amended 02-07-2017
W. Jonas
R. McFadden
F. Parker
Van den Eyden

Crystal Palace

15 cards

B.J. Bateman
H. Bright
H. Colcough
H. Collyer
W.C. Davies
H. Hanger
C. Hewitt
J. Hughes
Rev. K.R.G. Hunt
J. Johnson
E. Rhodes
E.A. Smith
R. Spottiswood
J. Whitley
E.W. York

15 cards

S. Chedgzoy
T. Fern
T. Fleetwood
A. Grenyer
G. Harrison
F. Jefferis
J. MacConnachie
H. Makepeace
F. Mitchell
T. Nuttall
W. Palmer
W. Stevenson
W. Wareing
L. Weller


15 cards

E. Charlton
E. Coquet
J. Houghton
H. Lee
A.W. Marshall
H. Pearce
A. Reynolds
H. Russell
J. Smith
W. Taylor
R. Templeton
J. Torrance
W. Walker
W. White
A. Wood

12 known cards

K. Campbell
R. Ferguson
W. Lacey
E. Longworth
H.C. Lowe
D. McKinley
A. Metcalf
T. Miller
J. Nicholl
R. Pursell
J. Sheldon
S. Speakman

Manchester City

15 cards

W. Bottomley
J.F. Cumming
J. Dorsett
E. Fletcher
W. Garner
A.J. Goodchild
W.A. Henry
J. Hindmarsh
F. Howard
E. Hughes
W.L. Jones
P. McGuire
W. Smith
H.G. Taylor
G.A. Wynn

Manchester United
11 known cards

R.H. Beale
A. Cashmere
T. Gripps
J. Hodge
A.H. Hooper
F. Knowles
G. Stacey
A. Turnbull
G. Wall
E. West
W. Woodcock


15 cards

J. Carr
W. Carr
H. Cook
J. Cook
S. Davidson
G. Elliott
R. Gillespie
J. Haworth
J. Hisbent
A. Jackson
G. Malcolm
J. Stirling
W. Tinsley
J. Walker
R.G. Williamson

13 known cards

J. Borthwick
H. Butterworth
W. Davis
R. Dilley
J. Fort
A. Garrett
J. Kirkwood
S. Lamb
R. Liddell
H. Moody
W. Sullivan
W. Voisey
J. Wilson


5 known cards

J. Armstrong
H. Buddery
F. Stringfellow
E. Thompson
J. Walls

Preston North End

13 known cards

Geo. Barlow

F. Broadhurst
T.A. Broome
Geo. Dawson
J. Ford
W. Hayes
W. Holbein
E. Holdsworth
C. Jones
J.L. Macauley
J. McCall
J. Morley
F. Osborn

Queens Park Rangers

15 cards

J. Birch
W. Draper
J. Gregory
D. Higgins
B. Ives
W. Matthews
J.B. Miller
A. Mitchell
G. Ovens
J. Pennifer
H. Pullem
W. Thompson
W. Wake
A. Whyman
J. Wilde

Sheffield United
15 cards

W.H. Brelsford
W. Cook
D.W. Davies
J.E. English
R.E. Evans
S.N. Fazackerley
W. Gillespie
H. Gough
H. Hall
F. Hawley
J.E. Kitchen
J.W. Revill
J. Simmons
A. Sturgess
G. Utley

Sheffield Wednesday
14 known cards

C. Brelsford
T. Brittleton
J. Burkinshaw
J. Campbell
J.E. Davidson
R. Glennon
J. Gill
S. Kirkman
D. McLean
R. McSkimming
G. Robertson
J. Spoors
A. Wilson
E. Worrall


8 known cards

L. Andrews
J. Blake
J. Denby
A. Hollins
S. Ireland
J. McAlpine
G. Stevenson

14 known cards

R. Best
C.M. Buchan
W. Cringan
C.A. Crossley
F. Cuggy
C.E. Gladwin
B. Hobson
G. Holley
H. Low
H. Martin
J. Mordue
H.M. Ness
L. Scott
C. Thomson

Swindon Town

14 known cards

W. Batty
T. Bolland
A. Bown
H. Fleming
C. Giles
F.B. Handley
A.A. Hasell
R.W. Jefferson
H. Kay
W. Lockhead
W. Silto
L. Skiller
W. Tout
F. Wheatcroft

Tottenham Hotspur

14 known cards

Bert Bliss
J. Cantrell
T. Collins
A. Grimsdell
'Tiny' Joyce
E.J. Lightfoot
H. Middlemiss
W.J. Minter
E. Newman
C.S. Rance
R. Steel
F. Walden
F. Webster
Finlay Weir

West Bromwich Albion

15/16 cards

A. Bentley
L. Bookman
S. Bowser
E. Edwards
H. Gregory
J. Houston   -   added  14-07-2017
R. McNeal   -  confirmation needed
F. Morris
H. Parkes
H. Pearson
J. Pennington
B. Shearman
J. Smith
A. Swift
A. Waterhouse
H. Wright   -  confirmation needed

West Ham United

15 cards

H. Ashton
W.L. Askew
D. Bailey
T. Brandon
F. Burton
G. Butcher
J. Casey
H. Caton
G. Hilsdon
J. Hughes
A.R. Leafe
S. Puddefoot
T. Randall
R. Whiteman
D. Woodwards

Woolwich Arsenal
10 known cards

R. Benson
C.S. Buckley
J. Flanagan
H.T.W. Hardinge
C. Lewis
J. Lievesley
A. McKinnon
J. Rutherford
P. Sands
J. Shaw

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