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F. & J. Smith (Cup Tie Cigarettes) - Footballers (1901)


F. & J. Smith (Cup Tie Cigarettes)
120 cards

This set is always referred to as a 1906 issue, but I have my doubts and think it may have been issued as much as five years earlier. Regarding the three cards shown here, New Brighton Tower lasted only five seasons, spending four of them in the Second Division of the Football League, before folding in 1901. Frank Becton's second spell at Deepdale last just one season - 1900-01, whilst Notts Forest's John Calvey left the club in 1903 for Millwall Athletic. Finally, Howard Spence's card makes reference to an England appearance in 1897.
UPDATE (20-09-2021 14:22):  Scott Leventhal has been in touch to state that Jack Bell (card number 71) was only at New Brighton Tower for one season - 1900-01.

1.  E. Needham (Sheffield United)
2.  A. King (Glasgow Celtic)
3.  J. Devey (Aston Villa)
4.  J. Robertson (Glasgow Rangers)
5.  J. Ross (Bury)
6.  D. McArthur (Glasgow Celtic)
7.  J. Campbell (Glasgow Celtic)
8.  R.G. Neil (Glasgow Rangers)
9.  J. McLuckie (Bury)
10.  W. Foulkes (Sheffield United)
11.  J. Settle (Everton)
12.  R. Boyle (Everton)
13.  E. Chadwick (Southampton St.Mary)
14.  J.W. Robinson (Southampton St.Mary)
15.  A. McMahon (Glasgow Celtic)
16.  S. Bloomer (Derby County)
17.  W. Bennett (Sheffield United)
18.  A. Millward (Southampton St.Mary)
19.  B. Battles (Glasgow Celtic)
20.  C.B. Fry (Corinthians)
21.  W. Balmer (Everton)
22.  H. Spencer (Aston Villa)
23.  A. Goodall (Derby County)
24.  S. Wolstenholme (Everton)
25.  D. Doyle (Glasgow Celtic)
26.  M. Dickie (Glasgow Rangers)
27.  J. Proudfoot (Everton)
28.  R. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
29.  N. Gibson (Glasgow Rangers)
30.  J. Drummond (Glasgow Rangers)
31.  A. Aitken (Newcastle United)
32.  D. Crawford (Glasgow Rangers)
33.  F. Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers)
34.  T. Wilkes (Stoke)
35.  J. Crabtree (Aston Villa)
36.  G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
37.  B. Plant (Bury)
38.  W. Orr (Glasgow Celtic)
39.  J. McPherson (Glasgow Rangers)
40.  T. Booth (Everton)
41.  D. Gardner (Newcastle United)
42.  R.S. McColl (Queen's Park)
43.  A. Smith (Glasgow Rangers)
44.  J. Campbell (Glasgow Rangers)
45.  W. Dunlop (Liverpool)
46.  G. Anderson (Kilmarnock)
47.  J. Reddie (Newcastle United)
48.  F. Spikesley (Sheffield Wednesday)
49.  R.C. Hamilton (Glasgow Rangers)
50.  A.G. Raisbeck (Liverpool)
51.  W.J. Oakley (Corinthians)
52.  R.E. Foster (Corinthians)
53.  J. Miller (Sunderland)
54.  T. Atherton (Partick Thistle)
55.  L.J. Iremonger (Notts County)
56.  W. Maxwell (Stoke City)
57.  F. Forman (Notts Forest)   -   amended from Arsenal; 01-03-2016   -    thanks to Auchinleckian
58.  N. Smith (Glasgow Rangers)
59.  R. McCartney (Leith)
60.  J.W. Sutcliffe (Bolton Wanderers)
61.  G. Hogg (Heart of Midlothian)
62.  I. Begbie (Leith)
63.  J.K. McDowall (Sec. Scottish FA)
64.  J. Calvey (Nottingham Forest)
65.  J. Oswald (Greenock Morton)
66.  D. Pearson (Greenock Morton)
67.  J. Atherton (Edinburgh Hibernian)
68.  C. Athersmith (Aston Villa)
69.  H. Wilson (Third Lanark)
70.  A. Evans (Aston Villa)
71.  J. Bell (New Brighton Tower)
72.  R. Barr (Third Lanark)
73.  H. Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday)
74.  D. Jones (Manchester City)
75.  H.P. Lipsham (Sheffield United)
76.  F. Wheldon (West Bromwich Albion)
77.  J. Reader (West Bromwich Albion)
78.  J. Sharp (Everton)
79.  A. Craig (Kilmarnock)
80.  P. Boyle (Sheffield United)
81.  T. Morren (Sheffield United)
82.  J. Long (Clyde)
83.  J. Wright (Sheffield Wednesday)
84.  R. Findlay (Glasgow Celtic)
85.  W. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
86.  B. Breslin (Edinburgh Hibernian)
87.  A. McCrombie (Sunderland)
88.  W. Goldie (Liverpool)
89.  R.C. Gosling (Corinthians)
90.  A.E. Priest (Sheffield United)
91.  A. Tait (Tottenham Hotspur)
92.  H. Erentz (Tottenham Hotspur)
93.  H. Matthews (Woolwich Arsenal)
94.  T. McLintock (Burnley)
95.  J. Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
96.  G. Livingstone (Glasgow Celtic)
97.  P. McBride (Preston North End)
98.  H. Thickett (Sheffield United)
99.  H. Banks (Aston Villa)
100.  E. Hughes (Tottenham Hotspur)
101.  G.A. Hedley (Sheffield United)
102.  G. Clawley (Tottenham Hotspur)
103.  F. Becton (Preston North End)
104.  J.E. Doig (Sunderland)
105.  A. McAlister (Sunderland)
106.  J. Taylor (Burnley)
107.  T. Morris (Tottenham Hotspur)
108.  L. Bell (Bolton Wanderers)
109.  J. Kirwan (Tottenham Hotspur)
110.  D. Copeland (Tottenham Hotspur)
111.  A. Brown (Tottenham Hotspur)
112.  J. Cameron (Tottenham Hotspur)
113.  T. Smith (Tottenham Hotspur)
114.  W. Beats (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
115.  C. Sagar (Bury)
116.  A. Whittaker (Blackburn Rovers)
117.  P. Somers (Blackburn Rovers)
118.  A. Gardner (Clyde)
119.  W.H. Johnson (Sheffield United)
120.  J.S. Fryer (Derby County)


  1. 1. Needham is Sheffield United not Wednesday

  2. #71 Jack Bell played less than 1 season at New Brighton Tower 1900-'01 which also supports your belief that this a 1901.


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