Wednesday 29 January 2014

J.A. Pattreiouex (Casket Cigarettes / Trawler Cigarettes) - Footballers ~ FA / FB / FC series (2)

Footballers - FA / FB / FC series
J.A. Pattreiouex (Casket Cigarettes / Trawler Cigarettes)
96 in each series

Roger Pashby has been doing some research to try and tie down these cards to a specific year of issue, and I think he's done what he set out to do. The illustrations come from his website Huddersfield Town Cards and Stickers

I have never really ever sat down to check these cards as there always seem to be varying dates for the four series, but now that I have more time on my hands, it seems a sensible thing to do.

To begin with I need to refer you to David Thompson’s book ‘HALF-TIME’ which I’m sure that you will have. In my copy there is a page of corrections at the back which states "Pages 54-59 The Pattreiouex Famous Footballers, Football Teams and Footballers were all issued in the period 1922-23". Now quite how correct that is, I don’t know, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

The 'FA' series pretty much must be 1923 (and that’s where I have them) as card FA64 features the text “Taylor, Huddersfield goalie, clears against Bolton in the 3rd Round Cuptie” and that game was played in February 1923 (two games actually, as the first game was a 1-1 draw).

The FB set is much harder to date from my perspective as there are only three cards featuring Huddersfield Town players and they are all 'bland' details, not naming any specific game or even the opposition. I have those in 1923, probably because 'FC' MUST follow 'FB' but for no other reason!

I think that I can correct you on the 'FC' series which is very unlikely to be 1927. Card FC40 reads ‘Foster LB Spurs and J. Walter OR Huddersfield’; Joe Walter left Huddersfield Town for Taunton United in May 1925. He didn’t play against Spurs in the 1924-25 season, although he DID feature in both games of the two previous seasons. Having checked Spurs data on the web I can only find a Matt FORSTER who played full-back for Spurs between 1920 and 1929, so it MUST be him and a misprint to boot (rather like ‘Stevenson’ (sic)) but I don’t have access to any Spurs data which would tell me whether or not he played against Huddersfield Town in both of those two seasons.

The 'FC' is also probably 1923, not 1924! The clincher is that I have identified the Spurs goalie in card FC35. The text reads "Maddison, Spurs goalie, fists away Huddersfield shot" and I have discovered that George Maddison played only 40 games for Spurs, all in season 1922-23, so the photo was taken in December 1922 as both games against Huddersfield Town were played on consecutive weekends in mid-December!

So that’s good enough for me and I’m going to lump ‘FA’ to ‘FC’ all in 1923.

Me too!

I've already amended the issue date on the original checklists published a couple of days ago...

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