Sunday 26 January 2014

Danckelman & Schrader / Cigarillos Londres (Uruguay) - Football Club Flags (Silks) (2)

Football Club Flags (Silks)
Danckelman & Schrader / Cigarillos Londres
27 silks

Bob from Norfolk has kindly supplied all the details for this collection - naming the issuer and supplying the checklist.

35.  Montevideo Central Football Club
37.  Montevideo Wanderers Football Club
38.  Montevideo River Plate Football Club
171.  Montevideo “Reformers” Football Club
172.  Montevideo Wanderers Football Club
173.  Montevideo Defensor Football Club
174.  Montevideo Club Atletico PeƱarol
175.  Montevideo Universal Football Club
176.  Montevideo Clun Nacional de Football
177.  Montevideo Central Football Club
178.  Montevideo River Plate Football Club
179.  Montevideo Bristol Football Club
180.  Montevideo Club Atletico Independencia
181.  Montevideo Centro Sportivo Oriental Focitos (Division Intermedia)
182.  Montevideo Belgrano Oriental F.C. (Division Intermedia)
183.  Montevideo Belgrano Football Club (Division Intermedia)
184.  Montevideo Dublin F. Club (Division Intermedia)
185.  Montevideo Uruguay Onward Football Club (Division Intermedia)
186.  Montevideo Charley F.C. (Division Intermedia)
187.  Montevideo Rampla Junior F. Club 1915 (Division Intermedia)
188.  Montevideo Club Atletico Cagancha 1915 (Division 3A Extra)
189.  Montevideo Triumph F.C. 1915 (Division Intermedia)
190.  Montevideo Libertad Football Club - Montevideo 1915 (Division Intermedia)
191.  Montevideo Sud America F. Club 1915 (Division Intermedia)
192.  Montevideo Ballor A.C. (Division Intermedia)
193.  Montevideo F. Club (Division 3A Extra)


  1. My D & S album, containing some forty sets and part sets, of these scarce cards was stolen whilst in the care of Movecorp Limited, of the West Midlands. I have successfully pursued a claim via Leicester County Court for my losses and, having proved the culpability of the company in question, am now commencing a criminal action against them.

    At the time of my loss, in 2016, it was impossible to find any reference to the Danckleman and Schraeder company or the cards they produced which was required by the Court in order to establish a value of my loss. Currently it appears that several traders and dealers have suddenly, since 2016, obtained a variety of these cards.

    Please be aware of these circumstances if you are offered any D & S cards.

    1. Hi John,

      I was very sorry to read about your problems. I hope you manage to resolve your problems.

      Kind regards,


    2. hola John, tenes fotos de tu album para compartir? He buscado informacion de D&S y no he tenido suerte. gracias, saludos


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