Thursday 30 January 2014

St. Petersburg Cigarettes Co. Ltd. - Footballers

St. Petersburg Cigarettes Co. Ltd.
13 known

Athersmith (Aston Villa)
S. Bloomer (Derby County)
D. Calderhead (Notts County)
D. Cunliffe (Portsmouth)
Frank Forman (Notts Forest)
Fred Forman (Notts Forest)
Fraser (Newcastle United)
A. Goodall (Derby County)
Lewis (Notts County)
G. Morris (Notts Forest)
Settle (Everton)
H. Stringfellow (Portsmouth)
T. Wilkie (Portsmouth)


  1. The Steve Bloomer card is on the current Loddon auction site at an absolutely crazy price.

    1. Yes, it was estimated at 800 GBP - 1,200 GBP but it currently stands at 10,600 GBP after 28 bids. It will be interesting to see if it finished even higher with a couple of days to go.

    2. Has just sold for £25,900 plus commissions

    3. Yes, I was watching the auction. There were 2 or 3 bids completing every minute or so, then had to wait what seemed like ages before the final price for this appeared (though it was probably just 3 or 4 minutes). There were rumours it might have gone for £50,000+.

  2. Can asked were did you get the image from in 2014? It appears to be the same one from the auction today. Is that correct?

    1. It does seem to be the same image. When I started my blog I searched through many, many online auction archives and probably found it there but no idea where or when.

  3. it was bought and sold by the man who did Football Cards Collector Mag about 30 years back probably he will know more


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