Thursday 30 January 2014

J.A. Pattreiouex - Sports Trophies

Sports Trophies
J.A. Pattreiouex
50 (1 football)

At the time of compiling this I have been unable to find an illustration of the card. I haven't found this card so I'm illustrating this article with a couple of other cards from the set, so you'll have some idea of what it looks like.
UPDATE (14-09-2021 18:39):  I've added a checklist, though it's still incomplete (numbers 33, 39 and 44 are missing) and I have to thank Pat for prompting me to track down scans of the F.A. Cup card on eBay. The date of issue has been amended from 1931 to 1925-26 as it mentions the current Cup holders as being Sheffield United, winners in 1925).

1.  Barbican Plate for Coursing
2.  R.A.F.  Inland Area Golf Championship
3.  Rugby Challenge Cup
4.  The Metropolitan Challenge Cup (Rowing)
5.  The "Daily Telegraph" Challenge Cup
6.  The Grand Challenge Cup (Rowing)
7.  Olympic Games Marathon Racing Trophy
8.  The King’s Shield
9.  Grand Military Cup
10.  International Horse Show Gold Cup
11.  Polytechnic Marathon Trophy
12.  Grand National Steeplechase Trophy
13.  The Waterloo Cup for Coursing
14.  Richmond Royal Horse Show Cup
15.  Royal Aero Club Cup
16.  American Yachting Cup
17.  Sculling, Cup presented to Ernest Barry
18.  Billiards Final presented to Willie Smith
19.  The Queen's Gold Cup (Horse Racing)
20.  Cycling Challenge Cup
21.  Challenge Cup presented to winner of Gentelman's Singles Hard Court Tennis Tournament held at Henley
22.  The Barbican Cup (Coursing)
23.  Baseball Cup
24.  Mitchell-Sullivan Championship Belt (Boxing)
25.  Bolingbroke Cup presented at the Sussex County Coursing Meeting
26.  The American Golf Challenge Trophy
27.  Football Association Cup
28.  The Ascot Gold Cup (Horse Racing)
29.  The Davis Cup (Tennis)
30.  The Ashburton Shield (Shooting)
31.  Ashes Urn
32.  The Open Golf Championship Cup
34.  Henley Regatta Trophy (Rowing)
35.  Bisley Trophy (National Rifle Association)
36.  Olympic Sports (Bronze Medal)
37.  Professional Lawn Tennis Championship (Tennis)
38.  National Rifle Association Shooting Trophy
40.  Yachting The New Gold Cup presented by The King for Handicap Race. Cowes Regatta
41.  King’s Coronation Cup (Polo)
42.  The Wingfield Sculls (Sculling)
43.  Lawn Tennis Championship Cup (Tennis)
45.  Gordon Bennett Cup
46.  Talbot Cup
47.  Calcutta Cup
48.  Muratti Cup (Cycling)
49.  Manchester Cup
50.  Ashton Gold Golf Trophy


  1. Hi Alan, I expect you've found a copy of the FA Cup card by now, but if not you're very welcome to copy the images from here:

    1. Thanks Pat,

      It's been a long time since I've been on that site, I'm not sure if I ever had a login, but you've prompted me to track down the card on eBay. Thanks for your help.


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