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D.C. Thomson / Adventure - THO-020/THO-62 Adventure Football Snapshot Album

THO-020/THO-62 Adventure Football Snapshot Album
D.C. Thomson / Adventure
32 page booklet, 36 stickers

1.  Newcastle United team with F.A. Cup -  M'Menemy, Richardson, McInroy, Davidson, Allen, Nelson, Weaver, Boyd, Lang, M'Kenzie, Fairhurst

2.  Jimmy Nelson & Fairhurst (Newcastle United)
3.  Rangers, Scottish Cup winners - McPhail, English, Meiklejohn (captain), Fleming
4.  Darwen, team to play Arsenal - wee Bert Proos (mascot), P.H. Quigley, N. Crompton
5.  Sheffield Wednesday v Spurs - Hooper, Millership (Sheffield Wednesday), Spiers, Poynton (Tottenham Hotspur)
6.  Hamilton v Rangers, Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Wright, Allan (Hamilton Academicals), English, Alan Morton (Glasgow Rangers)
7.  Dulwich Hamlet, Amateur Cup winners - E. Kail, H. Mosley, L.B. Morrish, C. Murray, R. Miles, A.J. Hugo, A.H. Hamer (captain), W.G. Goodlife, A. Aitken, H.S. Robbins, B.E. Osmond
8.  Newcastle United v Arsenal - McInroy, Davidson, M'Kenzie (Newcastle United), David Jack (Arsenal)
9.  West Bromwich Albion & Birmingham Captains, 1931 F.A. Cup Final - Glidden (West Bromwich Albion), Barkas (Birmingham)
10.  Dixie Dean (v Spain), Zamorra (Spain)
11.  Kilmarnock v Airdrie (Scottish Cup Semi-Final) - Aitken, Maxwell (Kilmarnock), Paterson (Airdrie)
12.  Kilmarnock v Airdrie - Paterson, Morrison (Airdrie), Maxwell (Kilmarnock)
13.  St Johnstone v Hibs (Scottish 2nd Division - McLaren, Ireland, Jack Wilson (St. Johnstone), Marshall (Hibernian)
14.  Queens Park Rangers v Leeds United - Pickett, Armstrong (Queens Park Rangers), Keetley (Leeds United)
15.  Prince of Wales meets Upton (Blackpool) - Ure, Grant, Tufnell, Wilkinson, Upton, Hampson, Douglas, Swalley, O'Donnell
16.  English Boys v Germany Boys
17.  Chelsea v Liverpool - Millington, Law (Chelsea), Barton, Bruton (Liverpool)
18.  Cardiff City v Fulham - Farquharson (Cardiff City), Newton (Fulham)
19.  Waring (Aston Villa - England v France)
20.  Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion - Wood, W.G. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion), Jones, Parker, Harper (Arsenal)
21.  West Bromwich Albion, 1931 FA Cup winners - Carter, W.G. Richardson, Wood, Glidden, Trentham, Magee, Sandford, Shaw
22.  Hamilton v Rangers, Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Wilson, Gray (Hamilton Academicals), Simpson, Hamilton (Glasgow Rangers)
23.  F.A. Cup Captains - Tom Parker (Arsenal), Jimmy Nelson (Newcastle United)
24.  Amateur International Trial - Victor Gibbins (England), R.S. Grant
25.  Fulham v Watford cup-tie - Newton (Fulham), Woodward (Watford)
26.  Ernie Blenkinsop (England) & Zamorra (Spain)
27.  Newcastle United v Arsenal - Allen, Lang (Newcastle United), Moss, Parker (Arsenal)
28.  Liverpool action shot - Longworth and goalie
29.  Newcastle United v Arsenal - Moss (Arsenal), Lang (Newcastle United)
30.  Arsenal v Leicester City - Bastin (Arsenal), M'Laren (Leicester City)
31.  Langford (Manchester City)
32.  Aston Villa players training - Beresford, Talbot, Wood, Houghton, Stephenson, Gibson, Walker
33.  Kildare v Kerry (All Ireland Final)
34.  Jimmy McMullen (Manchester City) with Marshall, Brook
35.  Spurs v Stoke - Taylor, Felton (Tottenham Hotspur), Liddle, Mawson (Stoke)
36.  Chelsea v Newcastle United Semi-Final - Miller, O'Dowd, Odell, Davidson (Chelsea), Ferguson, McMenemy (Newcastle United)

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