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Baileys Agencies (Sunnyvale) - (SUN-450/SUST-1) Sunnyvale Cigarette Card Book ~ Football Series

SUN-450/SUST-1 Sunnyvale Cigarette Card Book ~ Football Series (booklets)
Baileys Agencies (Sunnyvale)
16 footballers

These are usually found cut to single cards rather than as complete booklets or complete sheets. Some players feature twice, as both a portrait and action shot. The illustration above shows how the pages were stapled together in booklet form.

Booklet 1

1.  Johnny Carey (Ireland)
3.  Billy Steel (Scotland)
5.  Bryn Jones (Wales)
7.  Archie McAuley (Scotland)
9.  Wilf Mannion (England)
11.  Stan Mortensen (Portrait) (England)
13.  Tommy Lawton (England)
15.  Frank Swift (England)

Booklet 2

2.  Neil Franklin (Action) (England)
4.  Peter Doherrty (Ireland)
6.  Ivor Powell (Wales)
8.  Stan Mortensen (Action) (England)
10.  Stanley Matthews (England)
12.  Dr. Kevin O'Flanagan (Ireland)
14.  Dennis Compton (England)
16.  Neil Franklin (Portrait) (England)

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  1. I have the Doherty card in this set. I also have a paper transfer which uses exactly the same image, even down to the italicised capitals in white. I have always attributed this to Sunnyvale too; do you know anything about these transfers?


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