Friday, 31 January 2014

R. & J. Hill - Football Captains Series

Football Captains Series
R. & J. Hill

Two different versions, the front and back of the Spencer card is shown (the player on the left), the other card is Stevenson (Millwall).

Football Captains Series (23mm series title)
Football Captains Series (26mm series title)

41.  P. Sands (Woolwich Arsenal)
42.  Fryer (Fulham)
43.  Holford (Stoke)
44.  Stevenson (Millwall)
45.  Innerd (C. Palace)
46.  Spencer (Aston Villa)
47.  Parsonage (Brentford)
48.  Watson (Sunderland)
49.  R. Crompton (Blackburn)
50.  Clay (Bristol City)
51.  South African Rugby Team
52.  T. Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday)
53.  Buchan (Manchester City)
54.  Tait (Tottenham Hotspur)
55.  Alf Common (Middlesbrough)
56.  A. Buick (Portsmouth)
57.  Rugby
58.  A. Raisbeck (Liverpool)
59.  J.D. Taylor (Everton)
60.  H. Smith (Reading)

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