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D.C.Thomson / The Wizard - THO-385 / THO-252 Great Captains

THO-385 / THO-252  Great Captains
D.C.Thomson / The Wizard

Usually found cut to single cards, some cut better than others, but these cards were originally issued as a single sheet with the 10 October, 1970 edition.

1.  Bobby Moncur (Newcastle United)
2.  Tony Book (Manchester City)
3.  Ron Harris (Chelsea)
4.  Mike Bailey (Wolves)
5.  Brian Labone (Everton)
6.  Billy McNeil (Celtic)
7.  Alan Mullery (Spurs)
8.  John Grieg (Rangers)
9.  Jimmy Nicholson (Huddersfield Town)
10.  Billy Bremner (Leeds United)
11.  Peter Dobing (Stoke City)
12.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)

I.P.C. Magazines / Tiger & Speed - Tiger and Speed Cup Chart 1981-82

Tiger and Speed Cup Chart 1981-82
I.P.C. Magazines / Tiger & Speed
1 poster

A free gift given away with the 15 August, 1981 edition of Tiger & Speed. As you may have noticed I've also decided to include details of various items given away as free gifts with various comics, story papers and magazines. Some have been included in Cartophilic Society indicies and some have not.

Tiger and Speed Cup Chart 1981-82

Kellogg's - Republic of Ireland - World Cup USA 94 (Corn Flakes)

Republic of Ireland - World Cup USA 94
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Republic of Ireland

Measuring 78 x 58mm. A Pop-up card. The player pops up in the middle, whilst the stand reveals all the players statistics. The reverse of the card shows world cup facts along with pictures. These cards pop up to make a stand. The player pops up in the middle, whilst the stand reveals all the players stats.
UPDATE (09-02-2018 22:02):  A few players were listed out of sequence, thanks to John Levitt for spotting the error.

1.  Packie Bonner / Brazil (Pele, Carlos Alberto)
2.  Alan Kelly / Maradona
3.  Eddie McGoldrick / Cameroon
4.  John Aldridge / Hungary 1954   -   amended   -   thanks to John Levitt
5.  Steve Staunton / North Korea
6.  Denis Irwin / England   -   amended   -   thanks to John Levitt
7.  Terry Phelan / Argentina 1978
8.  Niall Quinn / Gordon Banks 1970
9.  Tony Cascarino / Butragueno
10.  David O'Leary / West Germany   -   amended   -   thanks to John Levitt
11.  David Kelly / Penalty Shootouts
12.  Alan Kernaghan / Irish Republic   -   amended   -   thanks to John Levitt
13.  Paul McGrath / Mario Zagallo (Brazil)
14.  John Sheridan / Opening 0-0 draws
15.  Kevin Moran / Sweden 1958
16.  Ray Houghton / Mexico   -   amended   -   thanks to John Levitt
17.  Andy Townsend / Bulgaria
18.  Roy Keane / World Cup Trophy   -   amended   -   thanks to John Levitt
19.  Alan McLoughlin / Players sent off
20.  Gary Kelly / North Korea

Kellogg's - KEL-290 / KEO-3 International Soccer Stars

KEL-290 / KEO-3  International Soccer Stars

A small set of just 12 cards in a traditional style, there was also an album available to collect the cards, with Johnny Haynes on the cover.

1.  J. Armfield
2.  J. Baker
3.  R. Charlton
4.  B. Douglas
5.  R. Flowers
6.  J. Greaves
7.  J. Haynes
8.  M. McNeil
9.  B. Robson
10.  R. Smith
11.  R. Springett
12.  P. Swan

Panini (Japan) - Panini Football League (PFL04) (2)

Panini Football League (PFL04)
Panini Japan / Bandai
146 cards

PFL04 should be out on 9 November. Here's an updated, though incomplete checklist.
PFL05 is already in preparation, but I don't have a release date yet.

PFL04 001/146.  Christian Abbiati (AC Milan) クリスティアン·アッビアーティ
PFL04 003/146.  Cristian Zaccardo (AC Milan) クリスティアン・ザッカルド
PFL04 005/146.  Kevin-Prince Boateng (AC Milan) ケヴィン·プリンス·ボアテング
PFL04 006/146.  Riccardo Montolivo (AC Milan) リッカルド・モントリーボ
PFL04 013/146.  Claudio Marchisio (Juventus FC) クラウディオ・マルキジオ
PFL04 016/146.  Nicolas Anelka (Juventus FC) ニコラ・アネルカ
PFL04 019/146.  Walter Samuel (FC Internazional Milan) ワルテル・サムエル
PFL04 021/146.  Zdravko Kuzmanović (FC Internazional Milan) ズドラフコ・クズマノビッチ
PFL04 024/146.  Antonio Cassano (FC Internazional Milan) アントニオ·カッサーノ
PFL04 029/146.  Daniele De Rossi (AS Roma) ダニエレ・デ・ロッシ
PFL04 034/146.  Gerard Pique (FC Barcelona) ジェラール・ピケ
PFL04 036/146.  Xavi Hernandez (FC Barcelona) シャビ・エルナンデス
PFL04 040/146.  Pedro Rodriguez (FC Barcelona) ペドロ·ロドリゲス
PFL04 043/146.  Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) セルヒオ・ラモス
PFL04 046/146.  Luka Modric (Real Madrid) ルカ・モドリッチ
PFL04 047/146.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) クリスチアーノ・ロナウド
PFL04 062/146.  Tom Cleverley (Manchester United) トム・クレバリー
PFL04 063/146.  Javier Hernandez (Manchester United) ハビエル·エルナンデス
PFL04 064/146.  Robin van Persie (Manchester United) ロビン·ファン·ペルシ
PFL04 069/146.  Marko Veratti (Paris Saint-Germain) マルコ・ベッラッティ
PFL04 070/146.  Lucas Moura (Paris Saint-Germain) ルーカス・モウラ 
PFL04 071/146.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint-Germain) 
PFL04 074/146.  Edu Dracena (Santos FC) エドゥ·ドラセナ
PFL04 084/146.  Juan Roman Riquelme (CA Boca Juniors) ファン・ロマン・リケルメ
PFL04 089/146.  Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern München) マヌエル·ノイアー
PFL04 092/146.  Javi Martinez (FC Bayern München) ハビ・マルティネス
PFL04 093/146.  Xherdan Shaqiri (FC Bayern München) ジェルダン・シャキリ
PFL04 097/146.  Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) マッツ·フンメル
PFL04 102/146.  Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund) ロバート·レヴァンドフスキ
PFL04 105/146.  Bernd Leno (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) ベルント・レノ
PFL04 117/146.  Christian Eriksen (Ajax Amsterdam) クリスチャン·エリクセン
PFL04 122/146.  Francisco Rodriquez (Club América) フランシスコ·ロドリゲス


PFL04 129/146.  Daniel Alves (FC Barcelona) ダニエウ・アウベス
PFL04 130/146.  Pepe (Real Madrid) ペペ
PFL04 131/146.  Jordi Alba (FC Barcelona) ジョルディ・アルバ
PFL04 132/146.  Juan Ramon Riquelme (CA Boca Juniors) ファン・ロマン・リケルメ 
PFL04 133/146.  Mesut Ozil (Real Madrid) メスト・エジル
PFL04 134/146.  David Villa (FC Barcelona) ダビド·ビジャ
PFL04 135/146.  Andre Schurrle (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) レヴァークーゼン・シュールレ
PFL04 136/146.  Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund) マルコ・ロイス
PFL04 137/146.  Ezequiel Lavezzi (Paris Saint-Germain) エゼキエル·ラベッシ


PFL04 138/146.  Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus FC) ジャンルイジ・ブッフォンを
PFL04 139/146.  Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) イケル・カシージャスを
PFL04 140/146.  Javier Zanetti (FC Internazionale Milan) ハビエル・サネッティを
PFL04 141/146.  David Albelda (Valencia CF) ダビド・アルベルダを
PFL04 142/146.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) ライアン・ギグスを


PFL04 143/146.  Jorge Campos (Mexico) ホルヘ・カンポス
PFL04 144/146.  Ruud Gullit (AC Milan) ルード・フリット
PFL04 145/146.  Hidetoshi Nakata (AS Roma) 中田 英寿 
PFL04 146/146.  Franz Beckenbauer (FC Bayern Munchen) フランツ・ベッケンバウアー

Friday 1 November 2013

Nabisco / Shredded Wheat - Footballer Transfers

Footballers - Transfers
Nabisco / Shredded Wheat ?
9 known

Issued around 1970, these are transfers attached to a backing card. They measure 127mm x 76mm. They may have been issued with Shredded Wheat and I know of 9 so far. I'm not sure if this is a complete checklist.

Leighton James (Burnley)
John Hollins (Chelsea)
Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
Kevin Hector (Derby County)
Allan Clarke (Leeds United)
Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
Willie Morgan (Manchester United)
Malcolm MacDonald (Newcastle United)
Mick Channon (Southampton)

D.C. Thomson / Rover & Wizard - THO-015/THO-222 Ace Album of Britain's Football Stars

THO-015/THO-222 - Ace Album of Britain's Football Stars
D.C. Thomson / Rover & Wizard
12 large stickers

4 sheets of large stickers given away with the Rover & Wizard story paper. They were heavily gummed, so iot's difficult to find them in unused condition, bcause of they were left inside the paper and amount of dampness would ensure the stickers stuck to the pages of the paper.

Ace Album of Britain's Football Stars - Sheet 1
 - issued 16 November, 1963

Denis Law (Manchester United)
Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
Gerry Byrne (Liverpool)

Ace Album of Britain's Football Stars - Sheet 2 - issued 23 November, 1963  -  Thanks to Roger Pashby

Mike England (Blackburn Rovers)
Willie Henderson (Rangers)
Mike O'Grady (Huddersfield Town)

Ace Album of Britain's Football Stars - Sheet 3
 - issued 30 November, 1963

Billy McNeil (Celtic)
Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
Gordon Banks (Leicester City)

Ace Album of Britain's Football Stars - Sheet 4
 - issued 7 December, 1963

Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
Dave Gibson (Leicester City)
Bobby Tambling (Chelsea)

D.C. Thomson / Rover & Wizard - Top Teams of 1964

Top Teams of 1964
D.C. Thomson / Rover & Wizard
1 booklet

This 20 page booklet was given free with the 24 October edition of the Rover & Wizard comic.

D.C. Thomson / Champ - Footballers

D.C. Thomson / Champ
24 cards, 2 sheets of 12 cards

24 football cards issued in two sheets, given away free with the second and third issues of Champ.

Footballers (Sheet 1) - 2nd issue - 03 March, 1984

David Narey (Dundee United)

Tony Morley (West Bromwich Albion)
Sammy Lee (Liverpool)
Peter Shilton (Southampton)
Frank Stapleton (Manchester United)
Ian Rush (Liverpool)
Paul McStay (Glasgow Celtic)
John Barnes (Watford)
Graeme Souness (Liverpool)
Terry Butcher (Ipswich Town)
Kevin Keegan (Newcastle United)
Trevor Francis (Sampdoria)

Footballers (Sheet 2) - 3rd issue - 10 March, 1984

Glenn Hoddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
Pat Nevin (Chelsea)
Tony Woodcock (Arsenal)
Arthur Graham (Manchester United)
Ian Stewart (Queens Park Rangers)
Nick Pickering (Sunderland)
Gordon Strachan (Aberdeen)
Peter Barnes (Leeds United)
Charlie Nicholas (Arsenal)
Cyrille Regis (West Bromwich Albion)
Bryan Robson (Manchester United)

Boys' World - Soccer Extra

Soccer Extra
Boys' World
1 booklet

A football supplement given free with Boys' World in 1963.

D.C. Thomson / Champ - Super Soccer Slide Guide ~ Spot The Soccer Stars / 20 Season Football Fact File

Super Soccer Slide Guide - Spot The Soccer Stars / 20 Season Football Fact File
D.C. Thomson / Champ
1 item

A not unfamiliar format for a free gift, with a sliding insert with various windows in the cover to see details about the selected player, given away free with the first ever issue of Champ, on 25 February, 1984. These are the players featured on this one:

1.  Alan Devonshire
2.  Kenny Dalglish
3.  Bryan Robson
4.  Glenn Hoddle
5.  Graeme Souness
6.  Charlie Nicholas
7.  Peter Shilton
8.  Paul McStay
9.  Tony Woodcok
10.  Frank Stapleton
11.  Gordon Strachan
12.  Trevor Francis
13.  Ian Rush
14.  Terry Butcher
15.  Bruce Grobbelaar
16.  Willie Miller
17.  Kenny Sansom
18.  Steve Archibald
19.  Norman Whiteside
20.  Peter Nicholas

Thursday 31 October 2013

City Magazines / Striker magazine - Dial-a-Striker disc

Dial-a-Striker disc
City Magazines / Striker magazine

This disc was given away with the first ever issue of Striker on 16 January, 1970. There are 22 strikers featured on this disc. Their photos appear on the front as you turn the disc around. Details of the player, his club, the clubs nickname, their home ground at it's capacity are shown on the back.

Alan Clarke (Leeds United)
Alun Evans (Liverpool)
Joe Royle (Everton)
John Radford (Arsenal)
Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ron Davies (Southampton)
Geoff Hurst (West Ham United)
Brian Robson (Newcastle United)
Jeff Astle (West Bromwich Albion)
George Best (Manchester United)
Mick Hill (Ipswich Town)
Colin Bell (Manchester City)
Frank Casper (Burnley)
Alan Warboys (Sheffield Wednesday)
Derek Dougan (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
George Mulhall (Sunderland)
Ian Storey-Moore (Nottingham Forest)
Peter Dobing (Stoke City)
Neil Martin (Coventry City)
Kevin Hector (Derby County)
Cliff Jackson (Crystal Palace)

Topical Times - TOP-170-3/TOA-17-1-38 Stars of To-Day (Miniature Panel Portraits) (2)


TOP-170-3/TOA-17-1-38 - Stars of To-Day (Miniature Panel Portraits)
Topical Times

There was a special album produced to house these cards.

Kick! magazine - Kicksters Footy Game


Kicksters Footy Game
Kick! magazine
32 cards

Although I state the collection consists of 32 cards, it is made up of 2 cards of each of 15 players, a 'How to Play' card and another card of Scoreboard Counters (16 small footballs to be cut out and used in the game). Given free with the November issue of Kick! magazine (issue no. 97), out this week.


van Persie

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Topps (China) - Match Attax 2013/14

Match Attax 2013/14
224 cards + 1 LE

This is the Chinese edition of the this season's Match Attax collection. The cards are available in a number of countries in Asia, including Malaysia, but it's possible the Chinese edition might be different. I'd like to thank M.A.N. De Maker for supplying all this information.

1.  Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal) 
2.  Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal) 
3.  Per Mertesacker (Arsenal) 
4.  Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal) 
5.  Mikel Arteta (Arsenal) 
6.  Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) 
7.  Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)    Star Player
8.  Mezut Özil (Arsenal) 
9.  Theo Walcott (Arsenal) 
10.  Lukas Podolski (Arsenal) 

11.  Bradley Guzan (Aston Villa) 
12.  Ciaran Clark (Aston Villa) 
13.  Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa) 
14.  Jores Okore (Aston Villa) 
15.  Matthew Lowton (Aston Villa) 
16.  Aleksander Tonev (Aston Villa) 
17.  Ashley Westwood (Aston Villa) 
18.  Karim El Ahmadi (Aston Villa) 
19.  Andreas Weimann (Aston Villa) 
20.  Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) 
21.  Christian Benteke (Aston Villa)    Star Player

22.  David Marshall (Cardiff City) 
23.  Andrew Taylor (Cardiff City) 
24.  Mark Hudson (Cardiff City) 
25.  Steven Caulker (Cardiff City) 
26.  Peter Whittingham (Cardiff City) 
27.  Don Cowie (Cardiff City) 
28.  Bo-Kyung Kim (Cardiff City) 
29.  Gary Medel (Cardiff City) 
30.  Craig Bellamy (Cardiff City)    Star Player
31.  Frazier Campbell (Cardiff City) 
32.  Andreas Cornelius (Cardiff City) 

33.  Petr Cech (Chelsea) 
34.  Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea) 
35.  David Luiz (Chelsea) 
36.  John Terry (Chelsea) 
37.  Frank Lampard (Chelsea)    Star Player
38.  Eden Hazard (Chelsea) 
39.  Oscar (Chelsea) 
40.  Juan Mata (Chelsea) 
41.  Samuel Eto'o (Chelsea) 
42.  Fernando Torres (Chelsea) 

43.  Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) 
44.  Adrian Mariappa (Crystal Palace) 
45.  Daniel Gabbidon (Crystal Palace) 
46.  Joel Ward (Crystal Palace) 
47.  Jonathan Williams (Crystal Palace) 
48.  Mile Jedinak (Crystal Palace) 
49.  Yannick Bolasie (Crystal Palace) 
50.  Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) 
51.  Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace) 
52.  Marouane Chamakh (Crystal Palace)    Star Signing
53.  Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) 

54.  Tim Howard (Everton)    Star Player
55.  Phil Jagielka (Everton) 
56.  Sylvian Distin (Everton) 
57.  Leighton Baines (Everton) 
58.  James McCarthy (Everton) 
59.  Gareth Barry (Everton) 
60.  Steven Pienaar (Everton) 
61.  Kevin Mirallas (Everton) 
62.  Romelu Lukaku (Everton) 
63.  Arouna Kone (Everton) 

64.  Maarten Stekelenburg (Fulham)    Star Signing
65.  Fernando Amorebieta (Fulham) 
66.  Brede Hangeland (Fulham) 
67.  Sascha Riether (Fulham) 
68.  Scott Parker (Fulham) 
69.  Steve Sidwell (Fulham) 
71.  Adel Taarabt (Fulham) 
71.  Darren Bent (Fulham) 
72.  Damien Duff (Fulham) 
73.  Bryan Ruiz (Fulham) 
74.  Dimitar Berbatov (Fulham)

75.  Allan McGregor (Hull City) 
76.  James Chester (Hull City) 
77.  Curtis Davies (Hull City) 
78.  Maynor Figueroa (Hull City)    Star Signing
79.  Paul McShane (Hull City) 
80.  Sone Aluko (Hull City) 
81.  Ahmed Elmohamady (Hull City) 
82.  Tom Huddlestone (Hull City) 
83.  Robert Koren (Hull City) 
84.  Yannick Sagbo (Hull City) 
85.  Danny Graham (Hull City) 

86.  Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) 
87.  Daniel Agger (Liverpool) 
88.  Glen Johnson (Liverpool) 
89.  José Enrique (Liverpool) 
90.  Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool)    Star Player
91.  Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) 
92.  Victor Moses (Liverpool) 
93.  Iago Aspas (Liverpool) 
94.  Luis Suarez (Liverpool) 
95.  Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) 

96.  Joe Hart (Manchester City) 
97.  Matija Nastasic (Manchester City) 
98.  Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) 
99.  Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) 
100.  Jesus Navas (Manchester City) 
101.  David Silva (Manchester City) 
102.  Fernandinho (Manchester City)    Star Signing
103.  Yaya Toure (Manchester City) 
104.  Alvaro Negredo (Manchester City) 
105.  Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) 

106.  David De Gea (Manchester United) 
107.  Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 
108.  Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United) 
109.  Patrice Evra (Manchester United) 
110.  Shinji Kagawa (Manchester United) 
111.  Michael Carrick (Manchester United) 
112.  Tom Cleverley (Manchester United) 
113.  Danny Welbeck (Manchester United) 
114.  Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) 
115.  Robin van Persie (Manchester United)    Star Player

116.  Tim Krul (Newcastle United) 
117.  Fabricio Coloccini (Newcastle United)
118.  Steven Taylor (Newcastle United) 
119.  Davide Santon (Newcastle United) 
120.  Mathieu Debuchy (Newcastle United) 
121.  Yohan Cabaye (Newcastle United) 
122.  Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle United) 
123.  Hatem Ben Arfa (Newcastle United) 
124.  Loïc Rémy (Newcastle United)    Star Signing
125.  Papiss Cissé (Newcastle United) 

126.  John Ruddy (Norwich City) 
127.  Sebastien Bassong (Norwich City) 
128.  Javier Garrido (Norwich City) 
129.  Martin Olsson (Norwich City) 
130.  Leroy Fer (Norwich City) 
131.  Anthony Pilkington (Norwich City) 
132.  Nathan Redmond (Norwich City) 
133.  Wesley Hoolahan (Norwich City) 
134.  Robert Snodgrass (Norwich City) 
135.  Gary Hooper (Norwich City) 
136.  Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich City)   Star Signing

137.  Artur Boruc (Southampton) 
138.  Luke Shaw (Southampton) 
139.  Dejan Lovren (Southampton) 
140.  Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton) 
141.  Victor Wanyama (Southampton)    Star Signing
142.  Adam Lallana (Southampton) 
143.  Morgan Schneiderlin (Southampton) 
144.  Gastón Ramírez (Southampton) 
145.  Pablo Daniel Osvaldo (Southampton) 
146.  Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) 
147.  Rickie Lambert (Southampton) 

148.  Asmir Begovic (Stoke City)    Star Player
149.  Geoff Cameron (Stoke City) 
150.  Robert Huth (Stoke City) 
151.  Ryan Shawcross (Stoke City)   
152.  Erik Pieters (Stoke City)
153.  Steven N'Zonzi (Stoke City) 
154.  Jermaine Pennant (Stoke City) 
155.  Charlie Adam (Stoke City) 
156.  Marko Arnautovic (Stoke City) 
157.  Peter Crouch (Stoke City) 
158.  Jonathan Walters (Stoke City) 

159.  Kieran Westwood (Sunderland) 
160.  John O'Shea (Sunderland) 
161.  Wes Brown (Sunderland) 
162.  Modibo Diakite (Sunderland) 
163.  Craig Gardner (Sunderland) 
164.  Adam Johnson (Sunderland) 
165.  Cabral (Sunderland) 
166.  Emanuele Giaccherini (Sunderland)    Star Signing
167.  Fabio Borini (Sunderland) 
168.  Jozy Altidore (Sunderland) 
169.  Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) 

170.  Michel Vorm (Swansea City) 
171.  Ashley Williams (Swansea City) 
172.  Chico Flores (Swansea City) 
173.  Ángel Rangel (Swansea City) 
174.  Ben Davies (Swansea City) 
175.  Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea City) 
176.  Wayne Routledge (Swansea City) 
177.  Pablo Hernández (Swansea City) 
178.  Jonathan De Guzman (Swansea City) 
179.  Michu (Swansea City)   Star Player
180.  Wilfred Bony (Swansea City) 

181.  Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)    Star Player
182.  Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur) 
183.  Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur) 
184.  Younès Kaboul (Tottenham Hotspur) 
185.  Sandro (Tottenham Hotspur) 
186.  Paulinho (Tottenham Hotspur) 
187.  Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspur) 
188.  Érik Lamela (Tottenham Hotspur) 
189.  Jermain Defoe (Tottenham Hotspur) 
190.  Roberto Soldado (Tottenham Hotspur)

191.  Ben Foster (West Bromwich Albion)
192.  Gareth McAuley (West Bromwich Albion) 
193.  Jonas Olsson (West Bromwich Albion) 
194.  Liam Ridgewell (West Bromwich Albion) 
195.  Diego Lugano (West Bromwich Albion) 
196.  James Morrison (West Bromwich Albion) 
197.  Scott Sinclair (West Bromwich Albion)    Star Signing
198.  Stephan Sessegnon (West Bromwich Albion) 
199.  Youssouf Mulumbu (West Bromwich Albion) 
200.  Nicolas Anelka (West Bromwich Albion) 
201.  Matej Vydra (West Bromwich Albion) 

202.  Jussi Jääskeläinen (West Ham United) 
203.  Razvan Rat (West Ham United) 
204.  Joey O'Brien (West Ham United) 
205.  James Collins (West Ham United) 
206.  Winston Reid (West Ham United) 
207.  Stewart Downing (West Ham United)    Star Signing
208.  Mark Noble (West Ham United) 
209.  Kevin Nolan (West Ham United) 
210.  Joe Cole (West Ham United) 
211.  Mohamed Diamé (West Ham United) 
212.  Andy Carroll (West Ham United) 

Man of the Match

213.  Santi Cazorla (Arsenal)
214.  Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea)
215.  Kevin Mirallas (Everton)
216.  Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)
217.  David Silva (Manchester City)
218.  Shinji Kagawa (Manchester United)
219.  Hatem Ben Arfa (Newcastle United)
220.  Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur)

Hundred Club

221.  Joe Hart (Manchester City)
222.  David Luiz (Chelsea)
223.  Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
224.  Robin van Persie (Manchester United)

Limited Edition

Eden Hazard (Chelsea) (Gold)

Topps - Match Attax 2013/14 (11) - Master card

Match Attax 2013/14
445 cards + 6x3 LE's

Pete Holland (pholla65) has kindly supplied photos of the Master card. They can only be obtained by beating Topps' Match Attax champion in competitions organised during the Match Attax Tour.

Stoke City F.C. / Signal SmokeBusters - Stoke City F.C. 2004/05


Stoke City F.C. 2004/05
Stoke City F.C. / Signal SmokeBusters

A collection of 20 stickers, limited to 250 of each. There was also a wallchart produced to collect the stickers on, which can be seen in the above photograph.


Littlewoods Sports Log - Intimate Interviews

Intimate Interviews
Littlewoods Sports Log

Another cut-out from the Littlewoods Sports Log magazine.

8.  Geordie Maddison (Hull City) - 27-03-1937
9.  Bob Gurney (Sunderland) - 03-04-1937
10.  Bob Melaniphy (Cardiff City) - 10-04-1937
11.  T.P. Griffiths (Aston Villa) - 17-04-1937
12.  Willie Edwards (Leeds United) - 24-04-1937
18.  Jackie Bestall (Grimsby Town) - 25-09-1937
19.  Bob Salmond (Portsmouth) - 02-10-1937

J. John Masters & Co. Ltd. - MCAE-2-1 Footballing Winners

MCAE-2-1 Footballing Winners
J. John Masters & Co. Ltd.

These are cut from matchboxes. Though they are more vaulable if you keep the whole sleeve. It includes a competition to fly to America to watch the New York Cosmos (Pele's club).

1.  Jimmy Armfield
2.  Gordon Banks
3.  Raich Carter
4.  Bobby Charlton
5.  Jack Charlton
6.  Terry Cooper
7.  Tom Finney
8.  Jimmy Greaves
9.  Geoff Hurst
10.  Nat Lofthouse
11.  Wilf Mannion
12.  Bobby Moore
13.  Alan Mullery
14.  Bert Williams
15.  Ray Wilson
16.  Billy Wright

D.C. Thomson / Victor - Soccer Star Badge


Soccer Star Badge
D.C. Thomson / Victor

The 18 September, 1982 edition of Victor included a free Soccer Star Badge and a sheet of 12 stickers. It wasn't the first time that D.C. Thomson had produced badges like this (but more of that later). You could then attach the player of your choice to the badge, as the comic says 'pop-in colour pics of your Favourite Footballers'.

Paul Mariner

Davie Cooper
Kenny Dalglish
Ray Wilkins
Dave Provan
Pat Jennings
Glenn Hoddle
Trevor Francis
Peter Shilton
Kevin Keegan
Cyrille Regis
Tony Morley