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SAIM (Italy) - Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale (1962-63)

Album per Figurine in Plastica e Cartone
Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale
Campionati Mondiali di Calcio
Calciatori (1962-63)
184+3 x 3 cards

Steve Owens has provided a large amount of information and illustrations relating to this collection: 
This was a very ambitious set that was produced by a new Italian publisher in 1962. The cards were distributed in 3 types of packets (red, blue and white). They were also one of the first to distribute via vending machines. The manufacturer had planned on a 258 card set that would each be produced in 3 different formats, mounted on plastic, cardboard, and paper. All 3 types can be easily purchased in secondary markets. Only 184 of the planned 258 cards were ever issued. Strangely, it has also been discovered that there are 3 players that have 2 cards each (Salvadore, Rivera, Germano) with both regular and full-length portrait cards. With 258 cards planned x 3 formats each means there were 774 cards planned for the collection, but only 184 + 3  = 187  x 3 = 561 were ever released to the public. The link provided has a fantastic article that goes into great detail about the history of the set, the historical significance, and the failures - http://www.figurinecartonate.it/index.php/le-raccolte-siam/sportive/calciatori-1962-63/le-figurine-presentazione (though it's in Italian).
•  Type 1 cards are full colour cards with team in the upper left corner and the player name at the bottom. Cards have rounded corners and are mounted on plastic backs. Most backs are swirled colour (grey, blue, brown, pink). Plastic backs include the manufacturer name in raised letters. Size: 63mm x 93mm to edges of image. Distributed in red packets.
•  Type 2 cards are full colour cards with the team in the upper left corner and the player name at the bottom. Cards have square corners and were printed on cardboard. Cardboard colour may be grey to white. Some cards have the manufacturer name and address printed on the back while others are blank.  Each card however only appears in one variation of cardboard colour/printing, meaning you will never find a player with both blank back and with writing on the back. Size: 64mm x 94mm. Distributed in blue packets.
•  Type 3 cards are full colour cards with team in the upper left corner and the player name at the bottom. Cards have rounded corners and are printed on thin white paper. The backs are blank. These essentially appear identical to Type 1 but are not mounted on plastic. Size: 63mm x 93mm. Distributed in white packets.
A few notes of my own: 
•  I didn't really know which title to go with, the three different packets have different titles and all of them are different to the title on the album cover.
•  I have added scans of both the Santos cards, the first one shows Gylmar dos Santos Neves, the Brazilian goalkeeper, more commonly known as Gilmar, and the other is Nilton dos Santos.
•  I have also added the Brazil team photo, Pelé's name is not listed but he's in the photo, kneeling third from the right. The names printed on the team photo cards represent a typical team line-up, not a list of the players in the photo.
•  As previously noted by Steve, three players can be found with two different cards each, a regular card and a full-length portrait card, Da Pozzo (Genoa) is only available as a full-length portrait.
•  Coppa de Martino (being presented to Juventus' Salvadore) was a tournament for Serie A reserve teams. Juventus won it in 1959-60).
•  Blankflowers (Inghilterra) is meant to be Danny Blanchflower. The only problem is Blanchflower was a Northern Ireland international. But they used the wrong picture, the one on the card is a photo of Mel Hopkins, another Tottenham Hotspur player, but he's a Welsh international! SAIM (Italy) - Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale (1962-63) (02) - Blankflowers.

Galleria dei Campioni x 24 cards

Amarildo (Brasile)
Pelè (Brasile)  -  Brazil jersey, Santos badge
Santos (Brasile)
Santos (Brasile)
Blankflowers (Inghilterra)  -  (sic) Blanchflower - photo is Mel Hopkins (Wales)
Hichens (Inghilterra)
Altafini (Italia)
Buffon (Italia)
Ferrini (Italia)
Maldini (Italia)
Mattrel (Italia)
Mora (Italia)
Rivera (Italia)
Sivori (Italia)
Popovic (Jugoslavia)
Skoblar (Jugoslavia)
Del Sol (Spagna)
Di Stefano (Spagna)
Fele (Spagna)
Gento (Spagna)
Puskas (Spagna)
Santamaria (Spagna)
Suarez (Spagna)
Alleman (Svizzera)

Squadre Mondiali x 16 cards

Squadra (Argentina)
Squadra (Brasile)
Squadra (Bulgaria)
Squadra (Cecoslovacchia)
Squadra (Cile)
Squadra (Colombia)
Squadra (Germania)
Squadra (Inghilterra)
Squadra (Italia)
Squadra (Jugoslavia)
Squadra (Messico)
Squadra (Russia)
Squadra (Spagna)
Squadra (Svizzera)
Squadra (Ungheria)
Squadra (Uruguay)

Atalanta x 12 cards

Battara (Atalanta)
Colombo (Atalanta)
Cometti (Atalanta)
Da Costa (Atalanta)
Domenghini (Atalanta)
Gardoni (Atalanta)
Merenghetti (Atalanta)
Nielsen (Atalanta)
Olivieri (Atalanta)
Roncoli (Atalanta)
Rota (Atalanta)
Squadra (Atalanta)

Bologna x 11 cards

Bulgarelli (Bologna)
Capra (Bologna)
Fogli (Bologna)
Haller (Bologna)
Janich (Bologna)
Nielsen H. (Bologna)
Pascutti (Bologna)
Perani (Bologna)
Santarelli (Bologna)
Squadra (Bologna)
Tumburus (Bologna)

Catania x 9 cards

Bicchierai (Catania)
Corti (Catania)
Milan (Catania)
Morelli (Catania)
Prenna (Catania)
Rombaldelli (Catania)
Szymaniack (Catania)
Vavassori (Catania)
Vigni (Catania)

Fiorentina x 11 cards

Castelletti (Fiorentina)
Dell'Angelo (Fiorentina)
Gonfiantini (Fiorentina)
Hamrin (Fiorentina)
Malatrasi  (Fiorentina)
Marchesi (Fiorentina)
Milani (Fiorentina)
Petris (Fiorentina)
Robotti (Fiorentina)
Sarti (Fiorentina)
Seminario (Fiorentina)

Genoa x 5 cards

Bean (Genoa)
Da Pozzo (Genoa)  -  Full-Length Portrait
Firmani (Genoa)
Occhetta (Genoa)
Squadra (Genoa)

Inter x 0 cards

Juventus x 11 + 1 cards

Crippa (Juventus)
Del Sol (Juventus)
Emoli (Juventus)
Leoncini (Juventus)
Nicolè (Juventus)
Salvadore (Juventus)
Salvadore (Juventus)  -  Premiazione Coppa de Martino
Sarti (Juventus)
Sivori (Juventus)
Squadra (Juventus)
Stacchini (Juventus)

Lanerossi Vicenza x 0 cards

Mantova x 11 cards

Aleman (Mantova)
Cancian (Mantova)
Corradi (Mantova)
Giagnoni (Mantova)
Mazzero (Mantova)
Morganti (Mantova)
Negri (Mantova)
Pini (Mantova)
Recagni (Mantova)
Sormani (Mantova)
Squadra (Mantova)

Milan x 11 + 2 cards

Altafini (Milan)
David (Milan)
Germano (Milan)
Germano (Milan)  -  Full-Length Portrait
Ghezzi (Milan)
Maldini (Milan)
Pelagalli (Milan)
Pivatelli (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)  -  Full-Length Portrait
Sani (Milan)
Squadra (Milan)
Trapattoni (Milan)

Modena x 11 cards

Aguzzoli (Modena)
Bruels (Modena)
Cattani (Modena)
Cinesinho (Modena)
Conti (Modena)
Garzena (Modena)
Gaspari (Modena)
Goldoni (Modena)
Ottani (Modena)
Pagliari (Modena)
Tinazzi (Modena)

Napoli x 0 cards

Palermo x 5 cards

Calvani (Palermo)
De Robertis (Palermo)
Maggioni (Palermo)
Malavasi (Palermo)
Spagni (Palermo)

Roma x 12 cards

Squadra (Roma)
Angelilo (Roma)
Carpanesi (Roma)
Charles (Roma)
Corsini (Roma)
Cudicini (Roma)
Fontana (Roma)
Losi (Roma)
Manfredini (Roma)
Menichelli (Roma)
Orlando (Roma)
Pestrin (Roma)

Sampdoria x 6 cards

Battara (Sampdoria)
Bergamaschi (Sampdoria)
Da Silva (Sampdoria)
Toro (Sampdoria)
Vicini (Sampdoria)
Vincenzi (Sampdoria)

Spal x 6 cards

Bruschini (Spal)
Cervato (Spal)
De Souza (Spal)
Massei (Spal)
Micheli (Spal)
Squadra (Spal)

Torino x 12 cards

Bearzot (Torino)
Buzzacchera (Torino)
Cella (Torino)
Crippa (Torino)
Danova (Torino)
Ferrini (Torino)
Peirò (Torino)
Rosato (Torino)
Scesa (Torino)
Squadra (Torino)
Teneggi (Torino)
Vieri (Torino)

Venezia x 12 cards

Azzali (Venezia)
Bartù (Venezia)
Carantini (Venezia)
De Bellis (Venezia)
Frascoli (Venezia)
Grossi (Venezia)
Magnanini (Venezia)
Mencacci (Venezia)
Raffin (Venezia)
Santisteban (Venezia)
Squadra (Venezia)
Tesconi (Venezia)

SAIM (Italy) - Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale (1962-63) (02) - Blankflowers

Album per Figurine in Plastica e Cartone
Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale
Campionati Mondiali di Calcio 
Calciatori (1962-63)
184+3 x 3 cards

SAIM couldn't have got this card more wrong. Blankflowers is supposed to be Danny Blanchflower, they've got his name wrong, but on top of that, Danny Blanchflower is a Northern Ireland international. But the catalogue of errors doesn't end there, the photo actually shows another Tottenham Hotspur player - Mel Hopkins, but he's a Welsh international!

Blankflowers (Inghilterra)  -  photo is Mel Hopkins

Millwall F.C. - Millwall F.C. Autograph Cards (2012-13)

Millwall F.C. Autograph Cards
Millwall F.C.
27 cards

1.  David Forde
2.  Alan Dunne
3.  Danny Shittu
4.  Josh Wright
5.  Paul Robinson
6.  Liam Trotter
7.  Rob Hulse  -  not issued
7.  Darius Henderson
8.  Therry Racon
9.  John Marquis
10.  Nathan Tyson  -  not issued
11.  Shaun Batt
12.  Shane Lowry
13.  Benik Afobe  -  not issued
14.  James Henry
15.  Liam Feeney
16.  Mark Beevers  -  not issued
17.  Tamika Mkandawire
18.  Martyn Woolford  -  not issued
18.  Darren Ward  -  not issued
19.  Chris Taylor
20.  Andy Keogh
21.  Jack Smith
22.  Dany N'Guessan  -  not issued
23.  Steve Mildenhall  -  not issued
24.  Jake Goodman
25.  Adam Smith  -  not issued
26.  Nadjim Abdou
27.  Karleigh Osborne
28.  Scott Malone
29.  George Saville  -  not issued
30.  Aiden O'Brien
31.  Jermaine Easter  -  not issued
32.  Richard Chaplow  -  not issued
33.  Maik Taylor
39.  Sean St. Ledger  -  not issued
39.  Chris Wood
Zampa (Mascot)
Kenny Jackett (Manager)
Joe Gallen (Assistant Manager)

Wrigley (Netherlands) - Spaar de Eredivisie Clubstickers (1980-81)

Spaar de Eredivisie Clubstickers
18 cards

Club Emblem (AZ '67 - Alkmaar)
Club Emblem (A.F.C. Ajax - Amsterdam)
Club Emblem (Feyenoord - Rotterdam)
Club Emblem (P.S.V. - Eindhoven)
Club Emblem (FC Twente '65 - Enschede)
Club Emblem (Sparta - Rotterdam)
Club Emblem (M.V.V. - Maastricht)
Club Emblem (P.E.C. Zwolle - Zwolle)
Club Emblem (Willem II - Tilburg)
Club Emblem (Roda J.C. - Kerkrade)
Club Emblem (Go Ahead Eagles - Deventer)
Club Emblem (N.A.C. - Breda)
Club Emblem (FC Den Haag - Den Haag)
Club Emblem (FC Groningen - Groningen)
Club Emblem (N.E.C - Nijmegen)
Club Emblem (R.V. & A.V. Excelsior - Rotterdam)
Club Emblem (FC Utrecht - Utrecht)
Club Emblem (FC Wageningen - Wageningen)

Tempo (Italy) - Campionato del Mondo di Calcio (1966) (03) - Voronin/Scesterniev/Afonin

Campionato del Mondo di Calcio
358 cards

The cards on the left have the wrong images, the cards on the right have the correct images. I'm not sure who the player on the Albert Scesterniev is, it might be Valery Voronin but it's not the same image as the one on the Valery Voronin card.

Valentin Afonin (URSS)  -  picture is Albert Scesterniev 
Valentin Afonin (URSS)
Albert Scesterniev (URSS)  -  picture is Valery Voronin?
Albert Scesterniev (URSS)

Merlin - England 2004 (06) - Free Album - Star TV mag

England 2004
1 sticker

Star TV mag was a free magazine included with the Daily Star and this copy included a free England 2004 album.

Topps - Match Attax 2017/2018 (126) - Signed card - A3 - 319 - Nathaniel Chalobah

Match Attax 2017/2018
500+ cards

This signed A3 card of Nathaniel Chalobah was offered as a prize on Topps' social media platforms. I would expect the card to have the usual Topps holographic certification sticker attached when it is posted to the customer.

319.  Nathaniel Chalobah (Watford)

Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 1972-73 (05) - Fuori Raccolta - Lettere Adesive

Calciatori 1972-73
582 stickers

I've no idea how many of these 12-sticker sheets were created, I've listed all I've seen, anything that looks like a letter is listed as such (even if it's the number zero). They are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only. These must have come in handy for kidnappers ransom notes!

  1. 3, A, A, Z, I, O, II, B, N, C, Y, T
  2. 8, K, P, I, E, V, C, A, Gli, X, J, L
  3. A. 4, C, S, F, O, B, N, L, Tu, O, B
  4. A, 7, O, 1, C, O, E, ?, V, C, K, X
  5. A, R, 1, I, T, O, P, O, V, G, I, A
  6. B, E, Uno, I, 4,A, O, V, N, M, N, C
  7. C, E, Z, P, O, A, Io, Z, 3, M, T, Y
  8. C, J, I, 1, R, ?, O, A, W, Q, E, H
  9. C, O, E, I, A, Noi, O, M, D, I, R, 8
  10. C, S, 4, R, Gli, E, P, A, B. W, O, L
  11. E, E, 7, I, A, L, D, O, M. B. ?, G
  12. E, I, U, G, R, A, Q, Tu, S, O, O, I
  13. E, O, P, U, O, 2, F, S, A. M. D, I
  14. I, 6, C, G, O, A, I, Z, R, Una, E, S
  15. I, D, C, Una, V, Un, R, Q, C, R, M, P
  16. I, I, Io, M, C, A, E, O, A, E, 5, D
  17. I, L, Una, F, I, P, D, E, A, D, J, P
  18. I, P, A, U, M, E, Lo, E, 5, C, I, R
  19. Le, E, P, I, A, U, 6, S, O, M, K, O
  20. Le, O, E, A, B, P, 7, G, I, U, M, O
  21. O, 4, A, I, H, M, G, Noi, R, I, C, E
  22. O, 4, H, Q, E, A, T, I, R, O, S, N
  23. O, 6, A, P, D, E, F, N, S, II, S, G
  24. O, N, I, Q, A, Una, P, 6, I, C, L, T
  25. O, P, H, A, Lo, F, T, E, M, Z, 7, A, 
  26. O, T, R, Lo, A, 7, D, O, P, M, U, N
  27. O, U, A, P, I, E, Un, E, 3, R, M, C
  28. P, Una, R, O, O, E, A, 6, Y, N, I, B
  29. R, F, P, I, 2, O, Gli, O, A, V, B, M
  30. R, R, II, R, Io, L, S, Z, E, L, O, V
  31. S, I, L, Io, I, 4, E, C, G, P, U, C
  32. U, P, 3, M, Gli, A, E, I, T, C, P, Y
  33. U, X, O, F, 8, O, Voi, O, G, H, O, B
  34. Uno, M, P, I, C, R, 9, A, N, Z, E, U
  35. Y, Tu, E, I, W, L, I, E, C, 4, M, U
  36. Y, Tu, E, I, W, L, O, E, C, 4, M, A

Sticker Stars (Germany) - FV Horas 1910 (2019-20)

FV Horas 1910
Sticker Stars
350 stickers

A locally issued sticker album that I don't have a checklist for.

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - SV Wehen Wiesbaden Autogrammkarten (2019-20)

SV Wehen Wiesbaden Autogrammkarten
SV Wehen Wiesbaden
29 cards

1.  Lukas Watkowiak
2.  Dominik Franke
3.  Tobias Mißner
4.  Sascha Mockenhaupt
5.  Benedikt Röcker
6.  Tobias Schwede   -   not issued
7.  Maximilian Dittgen
8.  Phillip Tietz
9.  Manuel Schäffler
10.  Sebastian Mrowca
11.  Nicklas Shipnoski   -   not issued
13.  Jakov Medić
14.  Jules Schwadorf   -   not issued
15.  Paterson Chato
16.  Niklas Dams
17.  Daniel-Kofi Kyereh
18.  Jan Vogel   -   not issued
19.  Michel Niemeyer
20.  Moritz Kuhn
21.  Patrick Schönfeld
22.  Marvin Ajani
24.  Jeremias Lorch   -   not issued
25.  Jan Albrecht   -   not issued
26.  Marcel Titsch-Rivero
27.  Michael Guthörl
28.  Gökhan Gül
29.  Jan-Christoph Bartels
31.  Arthur Lyska
32.  Stefan Aigner   -   not issued
33.  Marc Wachs
34.  Stefan Lorenz   -   not issued
39.  Törles Knöll   -   not issued
40.  Giona Leibold
Rüdiger Rehm (Trainer)
Mike Krannich (Co-Trainer)
Christian Hock (Sportdirektor)
Sebastian Wagener (Fitness-Trainer)
Taunis (Mascot)

Monday 30 December 2019

Panini (Spain) - Real Madrid 98-99 (Photocards)

Real Madrid 98-99
105 photocards

1.  Real Madrid Club Emblem
2.  Santiago Bernabeu
3.  El Gran Coliseo Blanco (Stadium)
4.  Ciudad Deportiva
5.  Lorenzo Sans
6.  Junta Directiva
7.  Guus Hiddink
8.  Guus Hiddink
9.  Grande
10.  Simó
11.  Miguel Ángel (Entrenador)
12.  Acedo
13.  Pirri
14.  Del Bosque (Coordinator General)
15.  Chendo
16.  Merenguesi
17.  70.000 Socios
18.  1,300 Penas
19.  Mijatovic. Gol De Ora
20.  Campeon De Europa
21.  Raul - La Séptima
22.  Plantilla
23.  Liga 98-99
24.  Liga de Campeones 98'99
25.  A Por La Octava
26.  Calendario Liga
27.  Calendario Liga Campeones
28.  Ilgner
29.  Panucci
30.  Roberto Carlos
31.  Hierro
32.  Sanchis
33.  Redondo
34.  Raul
35.  Mijatovic
36.  Suker
37.  Seedorf
38.  Amavisca
39.  Ivan Campo
40.  Contreras
41.  Guti
42.  Morientes
43.  Jaime
44.  Jarni
45.  Karanka
46.  F. Sanz
47.  Savio
48.  Edgar
49.  Karembeu
50.  Eto'o
51.  Álvaro
52.  Rojas
53.  Álmansa
54.  Ilgner
55.  Panucci
56.  Roberto Carlos
57.  Hierro
58.  Sanchis
59.  Redondo
60.  Raul González
61.  Mijatovic
62.  Suker
63.  Seedorf
64.  Amavisca
65.  Ivan Campo
66.  Contreras
67.  Guti
68.  Morientes
69.  Jaime
70.  Jarni
71.  Karanka
72.  F. Sanz
73.  Savio
74.  Edgar
75.  Karembeu
76.  Eto'o
77.  Álvaro
78.  Rojas
79.  Álmansa
80.  Ilgner
81.  Panucci
82.  Roberto Carlos
83.  Hierro
84.  Sanchis
85.  Redondo
86.  Raul
87.  Mijatovic
88.  Suker
89.  Seedorf
90.  Amavisca
91.  Ivan Campo
92.  Contreras
93.  Guti
94.  Morientes
95.  Jaime
96.  Jarni
97.  Karanka
98.  F. Sanz
99.  Savio
100.  Edgar
101.  Karembeu
102.  Eto'o
103.  Álvaro
104.  Rojas
105.  Álmansa

Haake-Beck (Germany) - Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft England 1966

Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft England 1966
West Germany
22 beer mats

The beer mats are not numbered but the players have been listed in squad order.

1.  Hans Tilkowski
2.  Horst-Dieter Höttges
3.  Karl-Heinz Schnellinger
4.  Franz Beckenbauer
5.  Willi Schulz
6.  Wolfgang Weber
7.  Albert Brülls
8.  Helmut Haller
9.  Uwe Seeler
10.  Sigfried Held
11.  Lothar Emmerich
12.  Wolfgang Overath
13.  Heinz Hornig
14.  Friedel Lutz
15.  Bernd Patzke
16.  Max Lorenz
17.  Wolfgang Paul
18.  Klaus-Dieter Sieloff
19.  Werner Krämer
20.  Jürgen Grabowski
21.  Günther Bernard
22.  Josef Maier

Topps - (TOH-7-2) Footballers - Scottish - Red Back (1978-79) (02) - Uncut Sheet

(TOH-7-2) Footballers - Scottish - Red Back
132 cards

An uncut sheet of 66 cards sold by Topps Vault a while ago.

Tempo (Italy) - Campionato del Mondo di Calcio (1966) (02) - Anzor Kavazashvili

Campionato del Mondo di Calcio
358 cards

Two different versions of the Anzor Kavazashvili card. He was a goalkeeper so I presume the red shirt variety came first and then they realised their error and produced an amended version with a black shirt. 

Anzor Kavazashvili (URSS)  -  red shirt
Anzor Kavazashvili (URSS)  -  black shirt

Topps - Premier League 2010 (03) - Match of the Day Free Album

Premier League 2010
462 stickers

Free magazine and sheet of stickers given away with issue number 94 of Match of the Day magazine dated 12-18 January, 2010.