Monday, 18 November 2019

Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op - TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques (11) - Illustrated Checklist

TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques
Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op
46 known

The first 35 plaques are the original ones from Ty-Phoo, the others are similar plaques and may or may not have been available from the Co-op. These additional plaques also include a couple of variations of clubs in the Ty-Phoo section (Nottingham Forest and Queens Park Rangers). The second Nottingham Forest plaque features an emblem that was first used in 1973, after the original Ty-Phoo offer but the Queens Park Rangers logo seems to be even later. All the images are the same width, except the Spurs one - it's so tall it looked too large to be shown alongside the others at the same width. Are there any more?
There are plenty of posts on the blog relating to Ty-Phoo cards, packets and plaques. Go to Index: T-Z to see them all.

Panini - Kellogg's Football Superstars (05) - Album

Kellogg's Football Superstars
Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Middle East, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom
60 stickers

This album originates from Spain, thanks to Gunther for alerting me to it's existence.

Mundicromo - Las Fichas de la Liga 2016 (02) - Error card - 0409

Las Fichas Quiz de la Liga 2016 - Campeonato Nacional de Liga 2015-2016 - Official Quiz Game Collection
666+ cards

Another error card from this collection.

0409.  Kelava (Granada C.F.)  -  card number missing
0409.  Kelava (Granada C.F.)