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Carta Mundi - Celtic F.C. Playing Cards (2004-05)

Celtic F.C. Playing Cards
Carta Mundi
54 cards

James Dragon has provided a checklist for this collection along with scans of a couple of cards.

A♣.  Pat Bonner (1988 Centenary Team)
2♣.  Anton Rogan (1988 Centenary Team)
3♣.  Chris Morris (1988 Centenary Team)
4♣.  Roy Aitken (1988 Centenary Team)
5♣.  Mick McCarthy (1988 Centenary Team)
6♣.  Peter Grant (1988 Centenary Team)
7♣.  Joe Miller (1988 Centenary Team)
8♣.  Paul McStay (1988 Centenary Team)
9♣.  Frank McAvennie (1988 Centenary Team)
10♣.  Andy Walker (1988 Centenary Team)
J♣.  Tommy Burns (1988 Centenary Team)
Q♣.  1988 Centenary Squad (1988 Centenary Team)
K♣.  Billy McNeill (1988 Centenary Team)

A♦.  David Marshall (Current Team)
2♦.  Stanislav Varga (Current Team)
3♦.  Stilian Petrov (Current Team)
4♦.  Jackie McNamara (Current Team)
5♦.  Neil Lennon (Current Team)
6♦.  Bobo Balde (Current Team)
7♦.  Juninho (Current Team)
8♦.  Alan Thomson (Current Team)
9♦.  Chris Sutton (Current Team)
10♦.  John Hartson (Current Team)
J♦.  Didier Agathe (Current Team)
Q♦.  Huddle (Current Team)
K♦.  Martin O'Neill (Current Team)

A♥.  Ronnie Simpson (Lisbon Lions)
2♥.  Jim Craig (Lisbon Lions)
3♥.  Tommy Gemmell (Lisbon Lions)
4♥.  Bobby Murdoch (Lisbon Lions)
5♥.  Billy McNeill (Lisbon Lions)
6♥.  John Clark (Lisbon Lions)
7♥.  Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone (Lisbon Lions)
8♥.  Willie Wallace (Lisbon Lions)
9♥.  Stevie Chalmers (Lisbon Lions)
10♥.  Bertie Auld (Lisbon Lions)
J♥.  Bobby Lennox (Lisbon Lions)
Q♥.  Celtic Park (Lisbon Lions)
K♥.  Jock Stein (Lisbon Lions)

A♠.  Ronnie Simpson (Greatest Ever Celts)
2♠.  Danny McGrain (Greatest Ever Celts)
3♠.  Tommy Gemmell (Greatest Ever Celts)
4♠.  Bobby Murdoch (Greatest Ever Celts)
5♠.  Billy McNeill (Greatest Ever Celts)
6♠.  Paul McStay (Greatest Ever Celts)
7♠.  Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone (Greatest Ever Celts)
8♠.  Kenny Dalglish (Greatest Ever Celts)
9♠.  Henrik Larsson (Greatest Ever Celts)
10♠.  Bertie Auld (Greatest Ever Celts)
J♠.  Bobby Lennox (Greatest Ever Celts)
Q♠.  Celtic 6 - Rangers 2 (Greatest Ever Celts)
K♠.  Jock Stein (Greatest Ever Celts)

Joker.  Hoopy Arms Raised (Black Ball)
Joker.  Hoopy Arms Out (Green Ball)

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