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Carta Mundi - Celtic F.C. Playing Cards (2004-05)

Celtic F.C. Playing Cards
Carta Mundi
54 cards

James Dragon has provided a checklist for this collection along with scans of a couple of cards.

A♣.  Pat Bonner (1988 Centenary Team)
2♣.  Anton Rogan (1988 Centenary Team)
3♣.  Chris Morris (1988 Centenary Team)
4♣.  Roy Aitken (1988 Centenary Team)
5♣.  Mick McCarthy (1988 Centenary Team)
6♣.  Peter Grant (1988 Centenary Team)
7♣.  Joe Miller (1988 Centenary Team)
8♣.  Paul McStay (1988 Centenary Team)
9♣.  Frank McAvennie (1988 Centenary Team)
10♣.  Andy Walker (1988 Centenary Team)
J♣.  Tommy Burns (1988 Centenary Team)
Q♣.  1988 Centenary Squad (1988 Centenary Team)
K♣.  Billy McNeill (1988 Centenary Team)

A♦.  David Marshall (Current Team)
2♦.  Stanislav Varga (Current Team)
3♦.  Stilian Petrov (Current Team)
4♦.  Jackie McNamara (Current Team)
5♦.  Neil Lennon (Current Team)
6♦.  Bobo Balde (Current Team)
7♦.  Juninho (Current Team)
8♦.  Alan Thomson (Current Team)
9♦.  Chris Sutton (Current Team)
10♦.  John Hartson (Current Team)
J♦.  Didier Agathe (Current Team)
Q♦.  Huddle (Current Team)
K♦.  Martin O'Neill (Current Team)

A♥.  Ronnie Simpson (Lisbon Lions)
2♥.  Jim Craig (Lisbon Lions)
3♥.  Tommy Gemmell (Lisbon Lions)
4♥.  Bobby Murdoch (Lisbon Lions)
5♥.  Billy McNeill (Lisbon Lions)
6♥.  John Clark (Lisbon Lions)
7♥.  Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone (Lisbon Lions)
8♥.  Willie Wallace (Lisbon Lions)
9♥.  Stevie Chalmers (Lisbon Lions)
10♥.  Bertie Auld (Lisbon Lions)
J♥.  Bobby Lennox (Lisbon Lions)
Q♥.  Celtic Park (Lisbon Lions)
K♥.  Jock Stein (Lisbon Lions)

A♠.  Ronnie Simpson (Greatest Ever Celts)
2♠.  Danny McGrain (Greatest Ever Celts)
3♠.  Tommy Gemmell (Greatest Ever Celts)
4♠.  Bobby Murdoch (Greatest Ever Celts)
5♠.  Billy McNeill (Greatest Ever Celts)
6♠.  Paul McStay (Greatest Ever Celts)
7♠.  Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone (Greatest Ever Celts)
8♠.  Kenny Dalglish (Greatest Ever Celts)
9♠.  Henrik Larsson (Greatest Ever Celts)
10♠.  Bertie Auld (Greatest Ever Celts)
J♠.  Bobby Lennox (Greatest Ever Celts)
Q♠.  Celtic 6 - Rangers 2 (Greatest Ever Celts)
K♠.  Jock Stein (Greatest Ever Celts)

Joker.  Hoopy Arms Raised (Black Ball)
Joker.  Hoopy Arms Out (Green Ball)


  1. Hi, I'm trying to get checklists for the 2004 set and the 2006 set. Can anyone help? Bob


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