Saturday 28 October 2023

Mike Heard - Derby County F.A. Cup Winners 1946

Derby County F.A. Cup Winners 1946
Mike Heard
15 cards

The artwork is by Phil Belshaw.

1.  James Law "Jim" Bullions
2.  John Thomas "Jack" Nicholas
3.  Vic Woodley
4.  Stuart McMillan
5.  Horatio Stratton "Raich" Carter
6.  Samuel Dickinson "Sammy" Crookes
7.  Leon Harry Leuty
8.  Walter Urban "Chick" Musson
9.  John Robert "Jack" Howe
10.  Jack Parr
11.  Dave Willis
12.  Peter Dermont Doherty
13.  John David "Jack" Stamps
14.  Reginald Frederick "Reg" Harrison
15.  Douglas "Dally" Duncan

Parkside Collectibles (USA) - 2023 NWSL KEEPR Rookie Shield Launch Redux

2023 NWSL KEEPR Rookie Shield Launch Redux
Parkside Collectibles
24x20 cards

Celebrate 24 of the league’s most impressive rookies from this past season with the 2023 Rookie Shield Launch Redux Set. Collect all 24 and earn a Alyssa Thompson Elite Redemption Award Card. The collection goes on sale on 30 October, 2023 at 17:00 PDT. There are a total of 24,000 cards available to buy, 1,000 per player, each with 20 different versions, all numbered to just 50 copies. I have used the Alexa Spaanstra cards to illustrate all the different designs as I don't think I'll be able to list all the different versions.

1.  Alexa Spaanstra (Kansas City Current)
2.  Ally Schlegel (Chicago Red Stars)
3.  Alyssa Thompson (Angel City FC)
4.  Ary Borges (Racing Louisville FC)
5.  Bruninha (NJ/NY Gotham FC)
6.  Chloe Ricketts (Washington Spirit)
7.  Emily Alvarado (Houston Dash)
8.  Emily Madril (Orlando Pride)
9.  Haley Hopkins (North Carolina Courage)
10.  Izzy D'Aquila (Portland Thorns FC)
11.  Jenna Nighswonger (NJ/NY Gotham FC)
12.  Kayla Fischer (Racing Louisville FC)
13.  Lena Silano (Washington Spirit)
14.  Madelyn Desiano (Houston Dash)
15.  Melanie Barcenas (San Diego Wave FC)
16.  Messiah Bright (Orlando Pride)
17.  Michelle Cooper (Kansas City Current)
18.  Olivia Wingate (North Carolina Courage)
19.  Penelope Hocking (Chicago Red Stars)
20.  Reyna Reyes (Portland Thorns FC)
21.  Ryanne Brown (OL Reign)
22.  Scarlett Camberos (Angel City FC)
23.  Shae Holmes (OL Reign)
24.  Sierra Enge (San Diego Wave FC)

Eintracht Braunschweig - Eintracht Braunschweig Autogrammkarten (2023-24)

Eintracht Braunschweig Autogrammkarten
Eintracht Braunschweig
35 cards

Anthony Ujah
Anton Donkor
Brian Behrendt
Danilo Wiebe
Fabio Kaufmann
Hasan Kurucay
Jan-Hendrik Marx
Jannis Nikolaou
Johan Gomez
Justin Duda
Keita Endo
Luc Ihorst
Marvin Rittmüller
Maurice Multhaup
Niko Kijewski
Rami Zouaoui
Rayan Philippe
Robert Ivanov
Robin Krauße
Ron-Thorben Hoffmann
Saulo Decarli
Sebastian Griesbeck
Tino Casali
Jens Härtel
Ronny Thielemann
Marc Pfitzner
Marcel Goslar
Florian Horn
Christian Degenhardt
Manfred ' Moppes ' Petz
Janning Michels
Florian Brand
Holm Stelzer
Christian Skolik
Berthold Schliwa

Topps - Match Attax 2023/24 (07) - JR-AN-JR-TAA - Player-Worn Jersey Relic

UEFA Club Competitions Match Attax 2023/24
499+ cards

Here is an illustrated checklist of the Player-Worn Jersey Relic, though there are still two missing at the moment, I'll update this post as and when images become available. Some cards are numbered and some are not. I've included images of the backs of the cards that are numbered, but I haven't been able to check the Nuno Mendes card to see if it numbered. David Alaba and Marco Reus may or may not be numbered, more on those when images are obtained.
The main checklist for this collection can be found here - Topps - UEFA Club Competitions Match Attax 2023/24 (05) - Checklist and the checklist for the 1st Edition is here - Topps - UEFA Club Competitions Match Attax 2023/24 (05) - Checklist - 1st Edition.
UPDATE (09-03-2024 19:05):  Scans of the David Alaba card added, thanks to a comment below.

ACF Fiorentina - ACF Fiorentina Photocard (1982-83)

ACF Fiorentina Photocard
ACF Fiorentina
? cards

I only know of one card to date but it's a little larger than most similar cards - 112mm x 170mm and has a blank back.

Alessandro Bertoni

A.H. & Co. (Hong Kong) - Garrison Parade Ground Hongkong

Garrison Parade Ground Hongkong
A.H. & Co.
Hong Kong
1 postcard

A postcard of a football match at the Garrison Parade Ground in Hong Kong.

335.  Garrison Parade Ground, Hongkong