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Ogden's Cigarettes - Football Caricatures


Football Caricatures
Ogden's Cigarettes
50 (30 footballers)

1.  J.W. Baker (Derby County)
2.  J. Bray (Manchester City)
3.  C.S. Britton (Everton)
4.  E.F. Brook (Manchester City)
5.  W. Copping (Arsenal)
6.  A. Geldard (Everton)
7.  R. Gurney (Sunderland)
8.  E.A. Hapgood (Arsenal)
9.  H. Hibbs (Birmingham)
10.  G.C. Male (Arsenal)
11.  R.W. Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)
12.  D.J. Astley (Aston Villa)
13.  W. Evans (Tottenham Hotspur)
14.  T.P. Griffiths (Middlesbrough)
15.  D.O. Jones (Leicester City)
16.  J.P. Murphy (West Bromwich Albion)   -   amended  -  from West Ham United
17.  W. O'Callaghan (Leicester City)
18.  C. Phillips (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
19.  R. Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
20.  J. Connor (Sunderland)
21.  Duncan (Derby County)
22.  H. Gallacher (Derby County)
23.  P. Gallacher (Sunderland)
24.  J. Jackson (Chelsea)
25.  A. Massie (Heart of Midlothian)
26.  C. Napier (Derby County)
27.  J. Coulter (Everton)
28.  D.K. Martin (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
29.  W. Mitchell (Chelsea)
30.  A.E.Stevenson (Everton)
31.  L. Adams (Castleford - Rugby League)
32.  S. Brogden (Leeds - Rugby League)
33.  G. Carmichael (Bradford Northern - Rugby League)
34.  D.M. Davies (Huddersfield - Rugby League)
35.  J.R.P. Dawson (Hull - Rugby League)
36.  W. Dingsdale (Warrington - Rugby League)
37.  A. Ellaby (Wigan - Rugby League)  -  ex Rotherham United
38.  B. Evans (Swinton - Rugby League)
39.  J. Feetham (Salford - Rugby League)
40.  A.E. Fiddes (Huddersfield - Rugby League)
41.  E. Herbert (Hull - Rugby League)
42.  M. Hodgson (Swinton - Rugby League)
43.  W. Little (Barrow - Rugby League)
44.  H. Lockwood (Halifax - Rugby League)
45.  E. Pollard (Wakefield Trinity - Rugby League)
46.  A.J. Risman (Leeds - Rugby League)
47.  J. Sherburn (Keighley - Rugby League)
48.  S. Smith (Leeds - Rugby League)
49.  J. Sullivan (Wigan - Rugby League)
50.  J. Walkington (Hunslet - Rugby League)

D.C. Thomson / The Hornet - Make Your Own Badges (booklet)

Make Your Own Badges (Booklet)
D.C. Thomson / The Hornet
1 booklet

This pad, with two staples at the top measured 21cm x 13cm and was given away free wit The Hotspur, issue no. 283, dated 28 January, 1939. By laying the special transferring paper on a piece of card and rubbing the back of the sheet with a coin it was possible to transfer the design to the card.

Badges for your Gang
Football Badges

Right Back
Left Back
Right Half
Centre Half
Left Half
Outside Right
Inside Right
Centre Forward
Inside Left
Outside Left

Lamberts of Norwich / Amalgamated Tobacco Corp. Ltd. (Mills Filtertips) - Football Clubs & Badges

Football Clubs & Badges
Lamberts of Norwich
Amalgamated Tobacco Corp. Ltd. (Mills Filtertips)

This set was issued by a variety of companies. Unfortunately I am unable to show you all the various back designs.

ASR-1-2 Football Clubs & Badges - Assembly House
Football Clubs & Badges - A.C.W. Francis - Grenada (West Indies)
Football Clubs & Badges - Plain grey back - Anonymous
Football Clubs & Badges - Text on back - Anonymous
JOH-060 / Football Clubs & Badges - Johnny Bunny (Medicines) - Malta
UNI-420 / Football Clubs & Badges - large size "Visit Universal Cig Card Co at Ideal Home Exhib…" - Universal Cigarette Card Co.
UNI-420 / UNT-1.5-5 Football Clubs & Badges - Universal Cigarette Card Co.
HOR-570-4 / HOM-3-4 Football Clubs & Badges - Horsley's Stores
STA-070 / SRM-2-4 Football Clubs & Badges - Stamp Corner, Doncaster
Football Clubs & Badges - Amalgamated Tobacco Corp. Ltd. (Mills Filtertips)

1.  West Bromwich Albion
2.  Aston Villa
3.  Manchester United
4.  Ipswich Town
5.  Birmingham City
6.  Burnley
7.  Arsenal
8.  Nottingham Forest
9.  Leeds United
10.  Luton Town
11.  Tottenham Hotspur
12.  Bolton Wanderers
13.  Sheffield Wednesday
14.  Newcastle United
15.  Blackpool
16.  Preston North End
17.  Manchester City
18.  Wolverhampton Wanderers
19.  Portsmouth
20.  Chelsea
21.  Colchester United
22.  Leicester City
23.  Sunderland
24.  Everton
25.  Norwich City

HOR-570-4 / HOM-3-4 Football Clubs & Badges - Horsley's Stores
8 cards only

1.  Birmingham City
2.  Colchester United
3.  Ipswich Town
4.  Leeds United
5.  Nottingham Forest
6.  Portsmouth
7.  Preston North End
8.  Wolverhampton Wanderers

MB Cards (Colombia) - Federación Colombiana de Futbol ~ Eliminatoria Sudamericana Brasil 2014

Federación Colombiana de Futbol ~ Eliminatoria Sudamericana Brasil 2014
MB Cards 

1.  David Ospina
2.  Juan Camilo Zuñiga
3.  Mario Yepes
4.  Luis Amaranto Perea
5.  Aquivaldo Mosquera
6.  Pablo Armero
7.  Edwin Valencia
8.  Carlos Sanchez
9.  Abel Aguilar
10.  Fredy Guarin
11.  Juan Guillermo Cuadrado
12.  Macnelly Torres
13.  James Rodriguez
14.  Jackson Martinez
15.  Falcao Garcia
16.  Teo Gutierrez
17.  Luis Fernando Muriel
18.  Carlos Bacca

Serie Legendas

L1.  Marcos Coll
L2.  Willington Ortiz
L3.  Arnoldo Iguaran
L4.  René Higuita
L5.  Carlos Valderrama
L6.  Freddy Rincon 
L7.  Faustino Asprilla
L8.  Ivan Ramiro Cordoba
L9.  Francisco Maturana

W.D. & H.O. Wills (Scissors Cigarettes) - Football Club Colours (1907)

Football Club Colours
W.D. & H.O. Wills (Scissors Cigarettes)

Aston Villa
Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Bradford City
Brighton & Hove Albion
Bristol City
Bristol Rovers
Burton United
Clapton Orient
Derby County
Gainsborough Trinity
Grimsby Town
Hull City
Leeds City
Leicester Fosse
Lincoln City
Luton Town
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Notts County
Nottingham Forest
Preston North End
Sheffield United
Sheffield Wednesday
Stockport County
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Woolwich Arsenal

F. & J. Smith - Football Club Records

Football Club Records
F. & J. Smith

UPDATE (22-07-2019 17:07):  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion "now with Notts County") has the results for 1914-15 on the back. It is likely that this set was actually issued after the set that includes the 1921-22 results, rather than in 1917. I have added the seasons of the results displayed on the back of the cards.

1.  D. Colman, O.H.M.S. (Aberdeen)
  -  1916-7
2.  J. Reid, O.H.M.S. (Airdrieonians)  -  1916-7
3.  H. Dainty (Ayr United)  -  1916-7
4.  A. McNair (Celtic)  -  1916-7
5.  W. McAndrew, O.H.M.S. (Clyde)  -  1916-7
6.  J.G. Rowan, O.H.M.S. (Dumbarton)  -  1916-7
7.  W. Hogg (Dundee)  -  1916-7
8.  W. Smith (Edinburgh Hibernians)  -  1916-7
9.  J. Robertson, O.H.M.S. (Falkirk)  -  1916-7
10.  W. Reid, O.H.M.S. (Glasgow Rangers)  -  1916-7
11.  J.S. Wright (Greenock Morton)  -  1916-7
12.  R. Mercer, O.H.M.S. (Heart of Midlothian)  -  1916-7
13.  J. Watson, O.H.M.S. (Hamilton Academicals)  -  1916-7
14.  A. Cunninghan, O.H.M.S. (Kilmarnock)  -  1916-7
15.  D. Mair (Motherwell)  -  1916-7
16.  W. Bullock (Partick Thistle)  -  1916-7
17.  E.S. Garvie, died of wounds (Queens Park)  -  1916-7
18.  F. Gibson (Raith Rovers)  -  1916-7
19.  W. O'Hagan, O.H.M.S. (St. Mirren)  -  1916-7
20.  J. Brownlie, O.H.M.S. (Third Lanark)  -  1916-7
21.  H. Hampton, O.H.M.S. (Aston Villa)  -  1914-5
22.  R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)  -  1916-7
23.  J. Smith, O.H.M.S. (Bolton Wanderers)  -  1916-7
24.  T. Little, O.H.M.S. (Bradford (Park Avenue))  -  1916-7
25.  R. Bond, O.H.M.S. (Bradford City)  -  1916-7
26.  P. Roney, O.H.M.S. (Bristol Rovers)  -  1914-5
27.  B.C. Freeman (Burnley)  -  1916-7
28.  V.J. Woodward, O.H.M.S. (Chelsea)  -  1916-7
29.  R. Spottiswood (Crystal Palace)  -  1916-7
30.  E. Scattergood (Derby County)  -  1915-6
31.  J.S. MacConnachie, O.H.M.S. (Everton)  -  1916-7
32.  K. Campbell, O.H.M.S. (Liverpool)  -  1916-7
33.  T. Browell (Manchester City)  -  1916-7
34.  W. Meredith (Manchester United, now with Manchester City)  -  1916-7
35.  T. Burrows, O.H.M.S. (Merthyr Town)  -  1913-4
36.  R.G. Williamson (Middlesbrough)  -  1914-5
37.  W. McCracken (Newcastle United)  -  1914-5
38.  J.G. Peart (Notts County, now with Leeds City)  -  1916-7
39.  C. Roberts (Oldham Athletic)  -  1916-7
40.  A.E. Knight, O.H.M.S. (Portsmouth)  -  1916-7
41.  J.T. Brittleton (Sheffield Wednesday)  -  1916-7
42.  J.E. Kitchen (Sheffield United)  -  1916-7
43.  A. Hollins, O.H.M.S. (Southampton)  -  1916-7
44.  C. Thomas (Sunderland)  -  1914-5
45.  H. Fleming, O.H.M.S. (Swindon Town)  -  1914-5
46.  F. Walden, O.H.M.S. (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  1916-7
47.  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion, now with Notts County)  -  1914-5
48.  C. Lewis, O.H.M.S. (Cardiff R.F.C.)  -  1913-4
49.  H. Uzzell (Newport R.F.C.)  -  1913-4
50.  J. Bancroft (Swansea R.F.C.)  -  1913-4

Gallaher Ltd. - British Champions of 1923

British Champions of 1923
Gallaher Ltd.
75 (2 football cards)

35.  London Caledonians
40.  Bolton Wanderers

Friday 7 February 2014

Ogden's Cigarettes - Captains of Association Football Clubs, & Colours


Captains of Association Football Clubs, & Colours
Ogden's Cigarettes

1.  C. Buchan (The Arsenal)

2.  F. Moss (Aston Villa)
3.  J. Gittins (Barnsley)
4.  F. Womack (Birmingham)
5.  H. Healless (Blackburn Rovers)
6.  W. Benton (Blackpool)
7.  J. Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
S.  J. Poole (Bradford City)
9.  J. Dawson (Burnley)
10.  W. Stage (Bury)
11.  J. Blair (Cardiff City)
12.  J. Harrow (Chelsea)
13.  A. Wood (Clapton Orient)
14.  G. Malcolm (Darlington)
15.  H. Thomas (Derby County)
16.  H. Hart (Everton)
17.  J. Torrance (Fulham)
18.  C. Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)
19.  M.T. O'Brien (Hull City)
20.  J. Baker (Leeds United)
21.  J. Duncan (Leicester City)
22.  D. McKinlay (Liverpool)
23.  C. Pringle (Manchester City)
24.  F. Barson (Manchester United)
25.  R.V. Freeman (Middlesbrough)
26.  F. Hudspeth (Newcastle United)
27.  W. Flint (Notts County)
28.  R.S. Wallace (Nottingham Forest)
29.  H. Grundy (Oldham Athletic)
30.  J. Martin (Portsmouth)
31.  W. Briscoe (Port Vale)
32.  T. Hamilton (Preston North End)
33.  W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
34.  F. Frogatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
35.  A.K. Campbell (Southampton)
36.  D. Hutchinson (South Shields)
37.  A. Waterall (Stockport County)
38.  R. McGregory (Stoke City)
39.  C.W. Parker (Sunderland)
40.  J. Sykes (Swansea Town)
41.  A. Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur)
42.  F. Reed (West Bromwich Albion)
43.  G. Kay (West Ham United)
44.  W. Caddick (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

W.D. & H.O. Wills - Association Footballers (Frame on back)


Association Footballers (Frame on back)
W.D. & H.O. Wills
50 cards

Association Footballers (Frame on back) - U.K. issue

Association Footballers (Frame on back) - Channel Islands issue
Association Footballers (Frame on back) - 1997 reprint by the Card Collectors Society

1.   D.J. Astley (Aston Villa)

2.  J.W. Barker (Derby County)
3.  J.M. Beattie Blackburn Rovers)
4.  S. Black (Plymouth Argyle)
5.  W. Boyes (West Bromwich Albion)
6.  C.S. Britton (Everton)
7.  E.F. Brook (Manchester City)
8.  H. Carter (Sunderland)
9.  J. Conner (Sunderland)
10.  J. Coulter (Everton)
11.  C. Craven (Grimsby Town)
12.  E. Drake (Arsenal)
13.  W. Evans (Tottenham Hotspurs)
14.  W. Furness (Leeds United)
15.  T. Graham (Nottingham Forest)
16.  J. Hallows (Bradford City)
17.  H.E. Hammond (Fulham)
18.  J. Hampson (Blackpool)
19.  E. Hapgood (Arsenal)
20.  T. Holley (Barnsley)
21.  J. Holliday (Brentford)
22.  R. Hollingworth (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
23.  J. Jackson (Chelsea)
24.  L.J. Jones (Coventry City)
25.  W. Jones (Birmingham)
26.  A.P. Lythgoe (Huddersfield Town)
27.  G. Maddison (Hull City)
28.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
29.  J. McIlwane (Southampton)
30.  J. McMenemy (Motherwell)
31.  W. Millership (Sheffield Wednesday)
32.  W. Mills (Aberdeen)
33.  J. Morton (West Ham United)
34.  G. Mutch (Manchester United)
35.  C. Napier (Derby County)
36.  J. Pickering (Sheffield United)
37.  E. Sandford (West Bromwich Albion)
38.  J. Simpson (Glasgow Rangers)
39.  S. Smith (Leicester City)
40.  R. Starling Sheffield Wednesday)
41.  W. Steel (Birmingham)
42.  R. Stuart (Middlesborough)
43.  E.J. Suggett (Bradford)
44.  E.J. Vinall (Norwich City)
45.  T. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
46.  S. Weaver (Newcastle United)
47.  D. Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
48.  R.W. Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)
49.  F. Worrall (Portsmouth)
50.  E.V. Wright (Liverpool)

Football Favourites Vol 2 No 1 - Footballers


Football Favourites Vol 2 No 1
17 photos

Being a 'one club' collector it's possible to go long periods without adding new items to my collection. From time to time, and now with the advent of eBay, becoming more prominent, is the sale of photos similar to the sort of 'cut out and collect' items that I've covered previously, that were popular in the years following World War Two. Each includes a biography to go along with the photo. They are pasted on to card and neatly cut out. I've always bought any Cardiff City ones I've come across, but never find out where they come from. I bought a magazine the other day that included a photo of Ron Stitfall and it's one I'd bought previously, as a 'card'. I thought I'd share this information along with a couple of scans of the pages in case others have something similar in their collections that currently reside in a section for unknown cards.

Large photos - 4 to a page (maximum)

W. Watson (Sunderland)

W. Bauld (Hearts)
R. Ryan (West Bromwich Albion)
W. Rees (Leyton orient)
E. Spicer (Liverpool)
W. Goffin (Aston Villa)
E. Brown (Southampton)
J. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)

Small Photos - 6 to a page (maximum)

E. Taylor (Newcastle United)

T. Berry (Hull City)
H. Goring (Arsenal)
R. Stitfall (Cardiff City)
W. Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur)
W. Hindmarsh (Portsmouth)
D. Murphy (Bolton Wanderers)
A. Cox (Sheffield United)
J. Carey (Manchester United)

Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards - Soccer Stars (Blue backs) (5)


Soccer Stars (Blue backs)
Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards 2009

The checklist is now complete. Trevor Cotterell kindly sent in details of the final card - no. 190..

1.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)

2.  Diego Maradona (Argentina v Belgium, 1982 World Cup)
3.  Paolo Rossi (Hellas Verona)
4.  Chris Lawler (Liverpool)
5.  John Mahoney (Stoke City)
6.  Kenny Hibbitt (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
7.  Ricardo Villa (Tottenham Hotspur)
8.  Mal Donaghy (Luton Town)
9.  Tony Woodcock (Arsenal)
10.  Osvaldo Ardiles (Tottenham Hotspur) and Socrates (Brazil)
11.  John Layton (Hereford United)
12.  Steve Foster (Luton Town)
13.  Clyde Best (West Ham United)
14.  Alex McLeish (Aberdeen)
15.  Roy Keane (Nottingham Forest)
16.  Archie Gemmill (Derby County)
17.  Colin Pates (Chelsea)
18.  Willie Irvine (Burnley)
19.  Roger Morgan (Tottenham Hotspur)
20.  Paul McGrath (Republic of Ireland)
21.  Jackie Milburn (Newcastle United)
22.  Garth Crooks (Stoke City)
23.  Chris Balderstone (Carlisle United)
24.  Ray Houghton (Crystal Palace)
25.  Martin Peters (Tottenham Hotspur)
26.  Luigi Riva (Italy)
27.  Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus)
28.  Ian Morgan (Queens Park Rangers)
29.  Ron and Allan Harris (Chelsea)
30.  Ian Callaghan (Liverpool)
31.  Gareth Southgate (Crystal Palace)
32.  Joe McLaughlin (Chelsea)
33.  Eddie Newton (Chelsea)
34.  John Barnes (Liverpool)
35.  Bobby Moore (Fulham)
36.  Bill McGarry (Huddersfield Town)
37.  Geoff Hurst (West Bromwich Albion)
38.  Len Cantello (West Bromwich Albion)
39.  Bobby Woodruff (Crystal Palace)
40.  Liam Brady (West Ham United)
41.  Alex Stepney (Manchester United)
42.  Colin Todd (Everton)
43.  Jimmy Greaves (West Ham United)
44.  John Phillips (Shrewsbury Town)
45.  Paddy Mulligan (Republic of Ireland)
46.  John Holsgrove (Sheffield Wednesday)
47.  Alan Robertson (Kilmarnock)
48.  Erich Schaedler (Hibernian)
49.  Willie Johnston (West Bromwich Albion)
50.  Sandy Kennon (Norwich City)
51.  John Charles (Leeds United)
52.  Alan Smith (Leicester City)
53.  Bruce Grobbelaar (Liverpool)
54.  Martin Peters (Sheffield United)
55.  Michael Laudrup (Denmark)
56.  Bobby Lennox (Celtic) and Jimmy Johnstone (Celtic)
57.  Mark Wallington (Leicester City)
58.  Pele (Santos)
59.  John Aldridge (Oxford United)
60.  David Cross (West Ham United)
61.  John Aldridge (Tranmere Rovers)
62.  Gerry Francis (Queens Park Rangers)
63.  Lawrie Maddern (Sheffield Wednesday)
64.  Tommy Docherty (Arsenal)
65.  Peter Shilton (Nottingham Forest)
66.  Derek Dougan (Northern Ireland)
67.  Roberto Baggio (Internazionale Milan)
68.  Igor Stimac (Derby County)
69.  Ronaldo (Internazionale Milan)
70.  Willie Morgan (Burnley)
71.  Mick Martin (Republic of Ireland)
72.  Norman Hunter (Bristol City)
73.  Trevor Anderson (Northern Ireland)
74.  Lawrie Madden (Charlton Athletic)
75.  Phil Dwyer (Cardiff City)
76.  Gary Bannister (Queens Park Rangers)
77.  John White (Tottenham Hotspur)
78.  David Clunie (Hearts)
79.  Andy Gray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
80.  Steve Heighway (Republic of Ireland)
81.  David Ginola (Newcastle United)
82.  Tommy Taylor (Manchester United)
83.  Mervyn Day (West Ham United)
84.  David Hodgson (Middlesbrough)
85.  Ian Storey-Moore (Nottingham Forest)
86.  Mike Milner (Hull City)
87.  Alan Ball (Philadelphia Fury)
88.  Gary Stevens (Everton)
89.  Fred Binney (Exeter City)
90.  Graham Rix (Arsenal)
91.  Danny McGrain (Celtic)
92.  Kerry Dixon (Chelsea)
93.  Alan Gilzean (Dundee)
94.  Ian Hutchinson (Chelsea)
95.  Steve Moran (Southampton)
96.  Alan Gowling (Bolton Wanderers)
97.  Paolo Di Canio (Sheffield Wednesday)
98.  Robert Lee (Charlton Athletic)
99.  Kevin Mabbutt (Crystal Palace)
100.  Don Masson (Queens Park Rangers)
101.  Mike England (Tottenham Hotspur)
102.  Alan Cork (Wimbledon)
103.  Jock Wallace (West Bromwich Albion)
104.  Tommy Tynan (Newport County)
105.  John Craggs (Middlesbrough)
106.  Alf Ramsey (Tottenham Hotspur)
107.  Trevor Francis (Detroit Express)
108.  Terry Cooper (Leeds United)
109.  Mark Walters (Aston Villa)
110.  Eddie McCreadie (Chelsea)
111.  Alec Jackson (West Bromwich Albion)
112.  Howard Wilkinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
113.  Marco  Tardelli (Italy)
114.  Ron Davies (Southampton, v Leicester City)
115.  David Rocastle (Arsenal)
116.  Julian Joachim (Leicester City)
117.  John Angus (Burnley)
118.  Clive Allen (Tottenham Hotspur)
119.  John Beresford (Newcastle United)
120.  Gary Shaw (Aston Villa)
121.  Mickey Droy (Chelsea)
122.  Liam Brady (Republic of Ireland)
123.  George Stewart (Hivernian)
124.  Garry Birtles (Nottingham Forest)
125.  George Best (Manchester United)
126.  Mitchell Thomas (Tottenham Hoitspur)
127.  Derek Fazackerley (Blackburn Rovers)
128.  Tommy Smith (Liverpool)
129.  Sammy Nelson (Northern Ireland)
130.  Don Givens (Republic of Ireland)
131.  Pat Stanton (Hibernian)
132.  Alan Harrington (Cardiff City)
133.  Johnny Hollins (Chelsea)
134.  Alan Ball (Vancouver Whitecaps)
135.  Trevor Francis Nottingham Forest)
136.  Joe Kinnear (Tottenham Hotspur)
137.  Bob Taylor (West Bromwich Albion)
138.  Steffen Freund (Tottenham Hotspur)
139.  Gordon Harris (Burnley)
140.  Bobby Tambling (Chelsea)
141.  David Young (Charlton Athletic)
142.  Glenn Roeder (Queens Park Rangers)
143.  Bobby Kellard (Crystal Palace)
144.  Roy Cheadle (Port Vale)
145.  Alan Mullery (Tottenham Hotspur)
146.  Roy Greaves (Bolton Wanderers)
147.  Alfie Biggs (Bristol Rovers)
148.  Peter Bonetti (Chelsea)
149.  Keith Gillespie (Newcastle United)
150.  Alan Hansen (Liverpool)
151.  Vince Grimes (Scunthorpe United)
152.  Willie Wallace (Hearts)
153.  Neil McNab (Manchester City)
154.  Tony McAndrew (Middlesbrough)
155.  Jimmy Greenhoff (Stoke City)
156.  Roberto Boninsegna (Internazionale Milan)
157.  Mark Aizlewood (Luton Town)
158.  Heoff Hirst (Stoke City)
159.  Martin Jol (West Bromwich Albion)
160.  Jackie Campbell (Partick Thistle)
161.  Jackie Graham (Brentford)
162.  Matt Woods (Blackburn Rovers)
163.  Phil Hoadley (Crystal Palace)
164.  Jimmy Case (Liverpool)
165.  Dennis Viollet (Manchester United)
166.  Tommy Preston (Hibernian)
167.  Duncan McKenzie (Chelsea)
168.  Peter Marinello (Arsenal)
169.  Eddie Thomson (Hearts)
170.  Ted Macdougall (AFC Bournemouth)
171.  Luigi Riva (Italy)
172.  Chris Waddle (Sunderland)
173.  John Hore (Exeter City)
174.  Johnny Giles (Republic of Ireland)
175.  Sammy Morgan (Northern Ireland) and Bobby Moore (England)
176.  Keith Weller (Leicester City)
177.  Sammy McIlroy (Northern Ireland)
178.  Bob Morton (Luton Town)
179.  Terry Hennessey (Birmingham City)
180.  Charlie George (Derby County)
181.  Stan Bowles (Brentford)
182.  Terry Venables (Chelsea)
183.  Tommy Taylor (Orient)
184.  Peter Gelson (Brentford)
185.  Graham Watson (Lincoln City)
186.  Tony Hateley (Aston Villa)
187.  Jimmy Milne (Heart of Midlothian)
188.  Gerry Gow (Bristol City)
189.  Derek Gougan (Leicester City)
190.  John Gidman (Aston Villa)   -   Thanks to Trevor Cotterell
191.  Mick Quinn (Newcastle United)
192.  Howard Kendall (Everton)
193.  Jim Scott (Hibernian)
194.  Jim Montgomery (Sunderland)
195.  Willie Bell (Leeds United)
196.  Jimmy Ryan (Luton Town)
197.  Jim McLean (Dunfermline Athletic)
198.  Mick Jones (Sheffield United)
199.  Jimmy Johnstone (Dundee)
200.  Hugh McIlmoyle (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Panini - Calciatori 2013-2014 (02) - Il Film del Campionato - La Corsa d'Inverno

Calciatori 2013-2014
865 stickers
128 page album

The first collection of V prefix stickers were issued on 27 January, 2014. I would like to thank antonello4210 for the photos.

Il Film del Campionato - La Corsa d’Inverno
--   Corriere dello Sport/Stadio e Tuttosport - 27 January, 2014 

V1.  Il Goal - Alessandro Florenzi (Roma)
V2.  Il Cannoniere - Giuseppe Rossi (Fiorentina)
V3.  La Sorpresa - Hellas Verona
V4.  La Saracinesca - Morgan De Sanctis (Roma)
V5.  L'emergente - Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo)
V6.  Campioni d'Inverno - Juventus
V7.  Alto Rendimento - Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli)
V8.  Campioni d'Inverno Serie Bwin - Palermo

W.D. & H.O. Wills - Irish Sportsmen

Irish Sportsmen
W.D. & H.O. Wills
50 (6 footballers)

This set includes a variety of Irish sportsmen, including Gaelic footballers, athletes, swimmers, jockeys, etc. but only six footballers, one of whom became a football administrator and referee.

3.  J. Bermingham (Dolphins)
4.  J.L. Brennan (Dublin Bohemians, Referee)
17.  Capt. H. Cannon (Dublin Bohemians)
18.  R. Fullam (ex Leeds and Bradford P.A.)
19.  W. Glenn (Shamrock Rovers)
26.  W. Lacey (Dublin Bohemians)

Stephen Mitchell & Co. - A Gallery of 1934

A Gallery of 1934
Stephen Mitchell & Co.
50 card (1 footballer)

A Gallery of 1934

39.  A. James (Arsenal)

Thursday 6 February 2014

Cohen, Weenen & Co. (Circus Girl Cigarettes) - Heroes Of Sport (2)


Heroes Of Sport
Cohen, Weenen & Co. (Circus Girl Cigarettes)
100 (48 Footballers)

I've had an e-mail from Peter, who is doing research on this collection, as well as the sets of Taddy cards that he provided details for previously. He has kindly sent in the illustrations for this update.
Since my previous article on these cards I've purchased a book called The Cigarette Card Issues of Godfrey Phillips and Associated Companies, published by The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain in 2008. Cohen, Weenen & Co. were acquired by Godfrey Phillips in 1929. 
The book lists all 100 subjects in this set - 6 Athletes, 19 Cricketers, 27 Cyclists and 48 Footballers. I have amended my original list to bring it in line with the CSGB checklist.

D. Allsop (Notts Forest)    -   updated
J. Banks (West Bromwich Albion)
Barker (English International)    -   updated
W.I. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
H. Boyd (Woolwich Arsenal)
A. Bradley (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Brash (Sheffield Wednesday)
Cathersmith (sic  -  C. Athersmith) (Aston Villa)    -   updated
Cayhill (Woolwich Arsenal) (sic - Obed Caygill (Millwall Athletic))  -  updated 22-05-2023
F.H. Crawshaw  (sic  -  T. Crawshaw) (Sheffeld Wednesday)    -   updated
H. Davis (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Devey (Aston Villa)
W. Dunlop    -   updated
M.E. Earp (Sheffield Wednesday)
Evans (Aston Villa)
M. Ferguson (Sunderland)    -   updated
J. Gillespie (Sunderland)
A. Hamilton (Sunderland)
J. Hernie (Sunderland)   -   likely to be John Harvey (Sunderland) - see comment below - thanks to Pat
T. Hislop (Stoke)
J. Hutchinson (West Bromwich Albion)
J. Jamieson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Jenkyns (Millwall)    -   updated
D. Jones (Bolton Wanderers)
H. Matthews (Woolwich Arsenal)
C. McGahey (Corinthians)
G. McGalachan
McGregor (Scottish International)
R. McNeil (Sunderland)
A. Montgomery (Bury)
W. Place (Junr.) (Bury)
Powell (Woolwich Arsenal)
W. Purviss (Small Heath)
H. Reay (Everton)
R.R. Sandilands (Old Westminsters)    -   updated
A. Scott  (Notts Forest)    -   updated
J. Sharp  (Preston North End)
Bosworth Smith (Oxford University)
G.O. Smith  (Corinthians)
S. Smith  (Aston Villa)
F. Spikesley  (Sheffield Wednesday)
Storer (Millwall)
G.F. Weldon (sic  -  G.F. Wheldon)  (Small Heath)    -   updated
W. Williams  (West Bromwich Albion)
F.G. Wyllie (Bury)


Below is the next part of my research. Let's start with the oldest sets - Cohen Weenen – Heroes of Sport (1897) & Ogden’s Guinea Gold (1899)
Checking out those early cards is almost impossible. Nothing is clear.
The first set published probably in 1897, the second one in 1899, but both are almost identical. I found nine scans of the same player inside both sets and ALL are just the same. Different frame but photo and description identical (see scan).

Your Cohen Weenen list has 49 cards (now amended to 48 - Alan), Ogden 45. Out of those numbers 35 players appeared in both sets. Probably with the same image. Considering names, dates, clubs etc., just 22 of that number are OK.

Dan Allsopp (Nottingham Forest) played for this club between 1892 and 1899. So, he could appeared on both cards  in 1897 and 1899 as a Forest player. The others are:
Charlie Attersmith (Aston Villa) 1890-1900
Jack Banks (West Bromwich Albion) 1893-1900
Richard Barker (Corinthians, English International), played for Corinthians between 1893 and 1899, winning his only England’s cap in 1895.
Billy Bassett (West Bromwich Albion) 1888-1898, 1898 relate to 1898-99 season, so it could be OK.
Alec Brady (Sheffield Wednesday) 1892-1898
Archie Brash (Sheffield Wednesday) 1894-97 and 1899
Tom Crawshaw (F.H.?) (Sheffield Wednesday) 1894-1907
Harry Davis (Sheffield Wednesday) 1892-1898
Jack Devey (Aston Villa) 1891-1901
Billy Dunlop (Sunderland) 1892-1898
Jack Earp (M.E.?) (Sheffield Wednesday) 1893-1899
Albert Evans (Aston Villa) 1896-1905
Matthew Ferguson (Sunderland) 1896-1901
Robert Gosling (Corinthians 1889-1899, England 1892-1895)
James Jamieson (Sheffield Wednesday) 1893-1898
Archie Montgomery (Bury) 1894-1904
Robert McNeill (not McNeil) (Sunderland) 1894-1900
Adam Scott (Nottingham Forest) 1892-1899
Gilbert (G.O.) Smith (Corinthians, England 1893-1901)
Steve Smith (Aston Villa) 1893-1900
Bill Williams (West Bromwich Albion) 1894-1900

The rest is unclear.

First those appearing within both sets.

Harry Boyd (Woolwich Arsenal) played for them between 1894 and 1896.
James Gillespie (Sunderland) 1890 and 1892-1896.
Andy Hamilton (Sunderland) played just 7 games in 1896-97 season.
Tom Hutchinson (not J. Hutchinson) (West Bromwich Albion) 1894-95.
Tommy Hyslop (not Hislop) (Stoke) 1894-1895 and 1898.
Caesar Jenkyns (Millwall) never played for Millwall. Around that period he played for Walsall 1897-1900. Perhaps a mistake between Millwall and Walsall?
Charles McGahey played mainly cricket. Football probably for Clapton maybe Corinthians.
Wally Place, Junior played for Burnley not Bury between 1893 and 1899, before moving to Woolwich Arsenal the following year.
William Purves (not Purviss) played for Small Heath 1893-1895.
Harry Reay played just one game for Everton in 1893-94, and later player for Southampton. Despite that he appeared on at least four cards of that period.
Jimmy Sharp (Preston North End) 1891-1895.
Fred Spiksley (not Spikesley) played for Sheffield Wednesday 1892-1902.
Tom Wylie (not F.G. Wyllie) played for Bury 1894-1896.

So we’ve got those 35 appeared in both series.

There is also place for two others but neither Cayhill (Woolwich Arsenal) or Hernie (Sunderland) ever played for those clubs. I think it could be Jock Caldwell and John Harvey (sometimes describe as Harvie) or J. Hernie of Corinthians. I’ve never seen those cards so can’t recognize them.

Harry Brandon (Sheffield Wednesday) is in the 1899 set, although he played for this club between 1892 and 1897. In 1897 set it’s A. Bradley of Wednesday. Maybe Brandon?

Other players are:

Cohen Weenen 1897 set

Di Jones (Bolton Wanderers) 1888-1897,
Harry Matthews (Millwall, not Woolwich Arsenal),
Joe Powell (Woolwich Arsenal) 1893-1896,
Rupert Sandilands (Old Westminsters),
Reginald Bosworth-Smith (Oxford University),
Harry Storer (Liverpool, not Millwall) 1895-1899,
Fred Wheldon (Aston Villa) 1896-1899.
Fegan, Field, McGalachan (?) and McGregor are rugby players.

Ogden's 1899 set

Johnny Campbell (Sunderland) 1890-1896,
Bob Chatt (Aston Villa) 1893-1897,
Teddy Doig (Sunderland) 1890-1903,
Billy Foulke (not Foulkes) of Sheffield United (not Wednesday) 1894-1904,
Donald Gow (Sunderland) 1891 and 1893-1896,
Jimmy Hannah (Sunderland) 1891-1896.
Gauld is a rugby player.

As a result both sets have 45 footballers.

The other problem is what are we looking for. Should it be a list of footballers who appeared on cards? Or maybe a list of those use to play football (who weren't regarded as footballers)? For instance in the Ogden set I’ve found Harry Daft of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. He played regular league football (141 games) for both Nottingham Forest and Notts County.

Regards, Peter