Wednesday 5 February 2014

Gallaher Ltd. - Famous Footballers (Brown backs)


Famous Footballers (Brown backs)
Gallaher Ltd.

1.  J. Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
2.  W. Clunas (Sunderland)
3.  H. Healless (Blackburn Rovers)
4.  H. Storer (Derby County)
5.  F. W. Kean (Sheffield Wednesday)
6.  J. Duncan (Leicester City)
7.  C.M. Buchan (Arsenal)
S.  D. McKinlay (Liverpool)
9.  J.H. Hill (Burnley)
10.  H. Hart (Everton)
11.  F.W. Reed (West Bromwich Albion)
12.  W.H. Walker (Aston Villa)
13.  W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
14.  F. Womack (Birmingham City)
15.  C. Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)
16.  W.  Stage (Bury)
17.  F.C. Keenor (Cardiff City)
18.  S.M. Bishop (Leicester City)
19.  H. Gallacher (Newcastle United)
20.  J.E. Elkes (Tottenham Hotspur)
21.  R.S. Wallace (Nottingham Forest)
22.  J. Priestley (Chelsea)
23.  J. McMullan (Manchester City)
24.  L.F. Oliver (Fulham)
25.  W. Birrell (Middlesbrough)
26.  G.C. Harkus (Southampton)
27.  W. Ashurst (West Brom. Albion)
28.  J. Maddock (Port Vale)
29.  M. Gilhooley (Bradford City)
30.  L.H. Baker (Barnsley)
31.  T. Greaves (Darlington)
32.  W.R. Wainscoat (Leeds United)
33.  A. Wood (Clapton Orient)
34.  J.J. Hardy (Grimsby Town)
35.  J. Sykes (Swansea Town)
36.  S. Binks (Blackpool)
37.  R.M. Eggo (Reading)
38.  H. Wilson (South Shields)
39.  F. Barson (Manchester United)
40.  J. Martin (Portsmouth)
41.  S. Wynne (Oldham Athletic)
42.  M. Bell (Hull City)
43.  R. McGee (Ards)
44.  D.J. Addis (Cliflonville)
45.  H. Burnison (Distillery)
46.  S. Moore (Belfast Celtic)
47.  S. Bierne (Linfield)
48.  W. Moore (Glentoran)
49.  W.G. Brown (Glenavon)
50.  C. Fergie (Larne)


  1. Number 27 is a variety card

    1. Hi,

      I had the wrong team in this checklist. I know he can be found in the Green back set as a Notts County player. Can he also be found in this Brown back set as a Notts County player as well as a WBA player?



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